Henry Takes the Hill and a Lot Going on at McCoy!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The PawSox game is underway against the Rochester Red Wings at Frontier Field tonight (Monday) and you should be listening to Jeff and Josh calling the game on the radio, or checking out the PawSox website where you can follow along pitch by pitch via game day or click on listen. Here is the listing of the radio stations carrying the PawSox games.

PawSox Radio Network
920 AM WHJJ* Providence, RI
1340 AM WNBH New Bedford, MA
1380 AM WNRI Woonsocket, RI
1230 AM WBLQ# Westerly, RI
1320 AM WARL# Attleboro/Pawtucket
830 AM WCRN# Worcester, MA
1480 AM WSAR# Fall River, MA
1490 AM WMRC# Milford, MA
970 AM WESO# Sturbridge, MA
96.3 FM WEEI# Cape Cod
105.3 FM WPKZ# Fitchburg, MA
1320 AM WCVR# Randolph, VT
106.5 FM WCFR# Springfield, VT
* Flagship # Limited Basis

Although the season is still in the infant stage, broadcaster Jeff and Josh seem to be clicking and call a great game. Make sure to tune in and give these guys a listen.




Last nights game was a nail biter that went 12 innings. In the bottom of the 9th there were three straight walks and then an RBI ground out to tie the game. The PawSox scored a couple in the top of the 12th and Justin Henry came in to pitch! Thats right, Henry came in to pitch! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I never knew that Henry could pitch. I thought there was a mix up with the uniform numbers. Then it was said that this is the first game Henry pitched in his career. (Last time he pitched was in high school)

Henry had a 1-2-3 Inning to close out the game for the save and only tossed 6 pitches. He has now played every position, except catcher, in his professional career. Congrats Justin! Well done!



You never know what you’ll see at a PawSox game, that’s what makes it so much fun and exciting. As the weather now finally breaks it’s time for baseball. After the 4 game stint in Rochester the PawSox return home on Friday, April 18th to play the Buffalo Bisons once again on our home turf. Friday Family Four-Pack is in play during the 2014 season. Check this out. 4 tickets, 4 drinks, 4 bags of chips and 4 hot dogs all for $44.00! When was the last time you had a family night out that was that affordable? $44 bucks gets you a ball-park dinner and a chance to see the hottest prospects in baseball and lest we forget, parking at McCoy Stadium is always free! (Fine Print: The Family Fun Pack is only available by phone. 401-724-7300)

4 Pack


On Saturday the 19th after your Friday ball-park dinner, it’s a Double-Header and in between games it’s the PawSox Candy Hunt! The event this season sponsored by Vistar will have the most candy you probably will see in your life spread out on the field. There really isn’t much hunting, the youngsters bend down and pick it up! They love it! Its like Trick or Treating without the costumes or the walking. Make sure you bring your camera for some priceless photos.



There is no game on Sunday, then the PawSox continue their series on Monday with Dollar Menu Mondays. Its becoming a very popular day of the week to enjoy ball-park fare for just a buck! Check out the menu.



         Mark down April 25th on your calendar to be at the PawSox game. All three World Series Trophies will be at McCoy for the fans to enjoy and take photos with, and after the game the first Fireworks Spectacular of the year! Visit pawsox.com for all info and to buy your tickets. During school vacation, a PawSox game is the best idea for your entertainment dollar. Affordable and a boatload of fun! Don’t miss a game! Come early and come often and see how we are all……………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                        rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 


Rick – we love watching Justin. We met his charming wife (who was out on the berm taking pictures during a game last year) and his adorable daughter – great people, and very much down to earth! And great representatives of all “baseball people.”

You are very correct indeed. Justin is truly a fan favorite and all around good guy. He is a great baseball player to top it all off. I agree with you 100%

Thanks very much for reading, I really do appreciate it.


Wow! Talk about a posting knnickog my socks off!

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