Keeping it Clean…and a Bus Ride to McCoy


Greetings PawSox Fans!

   With the first homestand over, and the PawSox ending it 4-3 it could be considered successful because the team is over .500. The team bus just left heading to Buffalo to take on the Bison’s for Four Games and then off to Rochester to play four against the Red Wings. Meanwhile back home here our weather is surely going to improve.

   The PawSox return home on April 18th to slug it out with Buffalo in some great warm weather without any type of precipitation. During this homestand the PawSox did play through some rainy and chilly nights but the fans were still cheering on their beloved 2014 PawSox!

   It has been a fun week seeing all the returning season ticket holders, welcoming the new season ticket holders and meeting a lot of the fans that came through the turnstiles the last several days. The bands have been awesome, the youngsters have enjoy testing their luck and skill with the free interactive inflatables. 

   The games have been exciting watching some of the hottest prospects in all of baseball playing on historic McCoy Stadium field.On that field there is grass, dirt and sometimes blood. You’ll see a player slide headfirst and when he gets up, the front of his uniform is dirty. Remember when former Red Sox Steve “Psycho” Lyons dove head first into first base after laying down a bunt and decided to clean his uniform a bit right on the field? 

    It’s a cold hard fact that baseball uniforms get dirty, very dirty at times. However, the follow day the uniforms are sparkling clean and with the PawSox white uniforms, bright white once again. How is that possible? Well its a lot of hard work and a little bit of technology. 

      Once in the clubhouse, the players toss their uniforms into a large rolling hamper. Towels in another and their personals (undergarments) in another. The question is how do they keep track of what stuff is theirs? How do the clubhouse guys know what garments belong to who? The answer is the laundry loop. The Laundry loop is just that, a loop that snaps together. The loop has the player’s name and/or number on it so everyone can tell who the owner is. The secure loops are tossed into the washer and then the dryer and after being dried all the garments are hung or folded in the players locker. They have a special place to put the socks. All the underwear, t-shirts, sliding pants, etc…are secured on the loop. Visiting clubhouse manager Myles holds up one of the loops. 




The clubhouse crew then do their magic. Clubhouse Manager Goody wheels out the gray barrel, fills it with water at a very, very high temp.The laundry room at McCoy Stadium is absolutely the best. State of the Art. The Clubhouse Crew do piles and piles of laundry every day.

Laundry overview



       In the hot water Goody mixes in some protein powder…

Protein powder


      The pants and jerseys go into the special barrel making uniform soup…

Uniform Soup



         Goody then scrubs every dirty uniform with a brush to remove the stains.




      And scrubs some more…



     The uniforms are then tossed in the washer, and all the combination of cleaners, softeners, etc are automatically pumped into the washers via the tubes by the settings. The big buckets of these liquids sit near the washers. 




         The pumps activate how much gets dispensed into each washer…

Close Up Soap


      Settings are different for the uniforms….which require “heavy washing.”

Heavy soil


       While the personals require just a regular washing.



      The uniforms already look cleaner!



      The personals are then tossed into the dryers…Literally tossed! The washers and dryers face each other and the clubhouse guys have a system of just pulling them out of the washer and tossing them into the dryer.


Switch dryer



         Myles even demonstrates the No-Look toss! Rarely is a stitch of clothing dropped.

No Look


     The empty dryer is checked throughly to ensure there are no stray socks or anything escaped the loop.

Checking dryer


       The process is repeated over and over again until every piece of clothing is washed and hung up in the proper lockers of both teams. The bathrooms and showers are totally cleaned, the carpets vacuumed, cleats cleaned, helmets polished and everything is in place before Goody and Myles leave for the night to do it all again the next game. 

     You have to come to McCoy and enjoy the atmosphere of a PawSox game. Now that the season is underway, soon summer will be upon us. Its easier than ever to get to a PawSox game. All the construction is done and all roads lead to McCoy Stadium! Even RIPTA Bus has partnered with the PawSox to provide Express Service right to the ball park on Sundays!

    On Sunday I met Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blocklyn who found the bus was a great way to get to a game.




       They found it very easy and were happy they didn’t have to drive…

Bus II



       Here is the info:

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) announced that they will offer express bus service to Pawtucket Red Sox (PawSox) baseball games every Sunday this season. 

RIPTA will offer express bus service from Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence to McCoy Stadium for their Sunday games beginning Sunday, April 6, 2014 and throughout the rest of the season.

The “PawSox Game Bus” will serve the following scheduled Sunday game dates: 

Sunday, April 6th – 1:05pm game 
Sunday, May 4th – 1:05pm game
Sunday, May 18th – 1:05pm game
Sunday, June 8th – 1:05pm game
Sunday, June 15th – 1:05pm game
Sunday, June 29th – 1:05pm game
Sunday, July 20th – 1:05pm game
Sunday, August 3rd – 1:05pm game
Sunday, August 17th – 1:05pm game
Sunday, August 31st – 6:05pm game

The PawSox Game Bus will begin at Kennedy Plaza picking up PawSox fans at Bus Stop P at 12:30pm for the 1:05pm games. On August 31, 2014 the PawSox will play at 6:05pm; the PawSox Game Bus will leave from Bus Stop P at 5:30pm. The PawSox Game Bus will leave McCoy Stadium 20 minutes after the game ends and return to Kennedy Plaza Bus Stop P. Passengers will be dropped off and picked up in the McCoy Stadium parking lot. Regular one way fare is $2.00. 

The PawSox are working closely with RIPTA to ensure a high level of awareness for this service to McCoy Stadium and plan to continue to promote the service to fans during each game. 

For schedules and more information, passengers may call 401-781-9400, or visit 

For more information on the Pawtucket Red Sox, please visit

      It’s easy to get to a PawSox game in every way! We love to see you here and love to prove that we are all……”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                            

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros



Thanks for the pics. of the workers behind scenes keeping our PawSox players looking good! Good job!

Yahoo! They do a great job. Most fans never get a chance to see all the work these clubhouse guys do



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