Hanging with BobbleHead Will

Greetings PawSox Fans!

      Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving…..Now that it has passed the Christmas songs start playing, Christmas lights go up, and the malls and stores are all a little more crowded. Christmas is now just 24 days away and the PawSox Opening Night is just 123 days! However, the team store and ticket office are open 9-4 Mon-Fri for now. Gift certificates are also available. The team store has been stocked with a plethora of new and throwback apparel.

     Did any of you take part in the infamous Black Friday? There is always some news report about fights, people getting trampled, shoppers breaking things. At some mall there was a big melee and also fights in Wal-Mart. Its been whispered that the big store may change its name on Black Friday to Brawl-Mart!

   To swing by the stores and see that long line of people waiting is truly astounding. However, there are those who make a family outing of it, they bring their chairs, food and drink and spend some family time and have made a tradition out of it. 

   You have to wonder how a celebrity and/or sports star does their shopping. What would it be like to have Big Papi strolling through the mall? Where does Brad Pitt shop? We must remember they are humans just like you and I. What is it like to be a member of the 2013 Boston Red S ox after winning the World Series. What better way to get an answer than from BobbleHead Will Middlebrooks. As you know in the past I have spent some time with BobbleHead Will, and again spent a few days with him. 

    Just like the rest of us BH Will needs laundry done. He drops his off.


     Goes grocery shopping.


           BH Will searches for the perfect Yam. 


        Checks his eggs to make sure none are cracked.


       BH Will uses the register conveyor belt as a people mover!


        Shopping makes BH Will hungry so he stops by for some fast food…



         BH Will also went to a Providence Bruins game at the Dunk, he really wanted to take the Zamboni for a spin.


     He had a great vantage point for the pre-game warmup.


       BH Will enjoyed the game from the penalty box with the hardworking gentlemen of the AHL Off-Ice officials. (Will is in the middle of the picture)

Penalty Box

    He was allowed to borrow an Official AHL Patch, complete with a Jolly Rancher. 


      He was also allowed to work the time clock.


             BH Will wanted to feel what is was like to sit in the penalty box…


        He even took to the ice to stand on the Red Line for a photo!


        Before the game was over, BH Will gave an interview about the 2013 Red Sox season with the Z-Man.


               Over the weekend Will had some friends over for a friendly game of poker. BH Pedroia, Youk, Papelbon, Wakefield and even Mr. Potato Head had a great time.


        Before the guys showed up, BH Will honed his poker skills playing Xbox Poker..


            So as you can see pro athletes do a lot of the normal things that we all do! Of course there are exceptions, like when Jake Peavey bought the Duck Boat he rode in for the World Series Parade. That can certainly be a valid argument of not being an everyday purchase. I wondered how he would get it home? Well, since it was over a 1,200 mile drive to Alabama, it was trucked there.

Duck Boat (2)

       Soon after Peavey had the Duck Boat home he tweeted a picture…

 Jake Peavy        ✔  @JakePeavy_44   Follow  Duckboat gettin it's first introduction to the Falls!

Jake Peavy ✔ @JakePeavy_44
Duckboat gettin it’s first introduction to the Falls!

      There is a common thread that runs through the fabric of being from New England………regardless of what team you love or hate, a game at McCoy Stadium is a Fantastic experience. People come from not only around the country, but around the world! The PawSox have a true fan from the UK!  This fine young man is named Toby and his mom and dad have brought him to McCoy and to Fenway Park! I met Toby and his family at both venues. I know they are loyal readers of the blog, so I hope all is well with “Youse Guys.” 

       So now we all get ready for the Christmas season, and the entire staff prepares for the 2014 season. Like Santa himself, we are always……………….”Here For You!” 

Love hearing from you!                               rickm@pawsox.com

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros 

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Great to see Will enjoying the off season.We hope to get over next Year.but will be in contact before christmas.love the blog and will send you some info to show cricketers can be as eccentric as baseball players.

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