What’s in a Name?

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Is everyone gearing up for the holidays? This is a time of year where you get a chance to see the full spectrum of the human race. You have those who love this time of year, and those who absolutely despise it. Once we get past Thanksgiving, some shift into overdrive until Christmas while others Throttle back, and count the dreadful days for good ol’ Santa Claus.

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away and you’ll enjoy some nice family time. I’s a time of year for seeing aunts, uncles, cousins and good friends that you don’t see as much as you’d like. Around the table for lunch or dinner for Thanksgiving, talk at some point will turn to sports. With the Red Sox winning the World Series and the Pats coming back to beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

A wager was made between PawSox Director of Hospitality Lauren “Boomer” Dincecco and Ticket Manager Anthony “A.J.” Lewis for the Pats game. Boomer is a season ticket holder for the Patriots and loves the game. Her knowledge of the game of football is incredible and will hold her own with any debate on football. Its often said that Boomer Esiason has a great football mind, hence Lauren was nicknamed, Boomer.


She picked her love Tom Brady and the Patriots, and A.J. who loves his Peyton Manning went of course with the Broncs! The wager was, whoever lost would have to wear the opposing team’s jersey. Needless to say, it wasnt a happy day for A.J.


Boomer and AJ are of course nicknames. We all know people with nicknames, perhaps everyone in our own families. I have an Uncle Moose, a cousin Peachy and Cuddles. Growing up I knew the older guys named, Boogie, Za Za, Skinny, Scully, Mano, Joe Duck, Joe Monk, and so many others. Nick names are also part of sports. In New England the most famous nick name ig Big Papi or just Papi.

Papi bat

We have many nicknames on the PawSox Staff. I have some nicknames, that really can’t be printed here. Some examples of my nicknames are the ones given to me by someone who is being rowdy and obnoxious in the stands and get ejected. They often give me several nicknames as they leave the stadium, also usually followed up by waving goodbye but not using all their fingers.  The ushering staff has those same nicknames at times when moving people from seats they don’t belong in. Nicknames are all in fun.

I remember when I first started here and someone told me to go see Whitey…I wonder who Whitey was. It was Matt White..the same happened when they told me, “Get with Brads on that.” I didn’t know we had a Brads that worked here…it was Jeff Bradley. Gywnnie of course is Mike Gwynn. Willy is John Wilson and PawSox Broadcaster Jeff Levering is Levo.

When PawSox Team Trainer Greg Barajas was here, he was talking about some guy named “Skid.” Someone asked him a question and he said that he had talked to Skid about and Skid said it was ok. I was confused again because I know we didn’t have anybody named Skid on our staff. Greg told me it was Jim Rowe the Trainer for Boston who is now Medical Operations Coordinator. Jim “Skid” Rowe. Now that’s kinda cool!


Nick names are part of all sports. How many people actually know that Trot Nixons first name is Christopher?


There have been some funny ones like Bill “Spaceman” Lee!


Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd is quite a character….(His teenage son worked here for a summer and we called him “The Oil Stick” because like his dad, was tall and lanky.)

oil can

And who can ever forget the late Mark ‘The Bird” Fidrych?

The bird

The 2013 PawSox had a few of their own with nicknames:

Manager Gary Discarsina became simply, Discar (Dee-Sar)


Xander Bogaerts was Boogey (Bo-Ge)


Ryan Lavaranway was Varny.


Brock Holt….BrockStar!


Brandon Snyder was simply Snyde.


One of my favorites was Russ “The Fridge” Perry…


There were some cool nick names that I really liked……for example……Clyde “The Glide” Drexler…



      Doctor J  Julius Erving!  I loved watching this guy play!

Dr J

       There were two catchers with the nickname Pudge:

        Carlton Fisk


       Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Pudge


        The Red Sox had Two Pede’s

         Pedro Martinez.


   And Dustin Pedroia..


      The Bruins had two Thorny’s

                       Joe Thornton…

Joe T

     And Shawn Thornton…




                 As we get together to celebrate Thanksgiving with Family and Friends remember that even the Turkey has a nickname. There is Tom Turkey.

Tom turkey

     And there is Dinner or Lunch Turkey!



        With just 128 short days until Opening Night here at McCoy it’s time to talk turkey and get your tickets for the 2014 season. Sitting around the table enjoying the fine meal, make sure to yap about the exciting 2013 North Division Champion Pawtucket Red Sox! Take them all out to a game. Tell everyone the PawSox wish them all the best Thanksgiving ever and that if anyone needs some help with the leftovers, we are………”Here For You!”
Love hearing from you!                                        rickm@pawsox.com
Yours in Baseball,
Rick Medeiros


thanks rick, this blog was very entertaining and informational. i never knew about the nicknames though i knew about yours, lol. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!!!!!!

Happy TG Day Cousin

Richie, same to you! Thanks! Please give everyone my best!

I’m not easily impedsser. . . but that’s impressing me!🙂

Nice article Rick. You are one talented guy. Happy holidays to you Rick

Lewis, Thanks a ton……All the best to you and your family for the holidays! The door is always open for you!

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