Red Sox Rollin’ Rally!

       Greetings PawSox Fans!

       Hope everyone is enjoying their Championship weekend. Did you remember to turn your clocks back an hour or were you showing up earlier than you should? The Red Sox turned their clock ahead a whole year going from worst to first and yesterday they celebrated with a victory parade. Due to prior commitments I was unable to make it. However, I did scour the web looking for pictures and stories. With the help of, NESN and the Huff Post I found some great photos. Boarding the Duck Boats the Red Sox toured around Boston:

Cartoon duck boat


      It truly was amazing to go from worst:

Bobby V (2)


To First:


Farrell w trophy

      As I stated in a previous post, I have been a fan of our local teams since I was 8 years old. The Red Sox were my favorite team. As an “older” Red Sox fan we had to endure heartache, frustration and sometimes even anger. As a Sox fan you needed to be loyal and hang tough with the Sox. One of the favorite sayings throughout Red Sox Nation was, “Wait ’till next year!”  That year never came until 2004 in grand style in a historic comeback over the Yankees and sweeping the Cards. When I saw this photo I did have mixed emotions. You feel a bit envious and a bit happy. The younger Sox fans haven’t had to endure the tests of loyalty with the Sox. The kid is 11 years old and already has been to 8 Victory Parades!  Does’nt seem fair.


      Last season while the Red Sox finish last, the PawSos won the Governors’ Cup. This season the PawSox fell just a bit short in a very exciting championship series that the Durham Bulls won. It did take a while for the sting of losing The Cup went away, but the sting has been replaced with happiness with the parent club winning the World Series. Not only did former PawSox players like Lester, Buchholz and Pedroia but also the coaching staff. Former PawSox Manager Torey Lovullo is now a bench coach with the Red Sox.


     And of course First Base coach for the Red Sox who led the PawSox to the Governors’ Cup Championship in 2012, Arnie Beyeler.


There are some estimates that had the crowd for the Sox parade at two million. By looking at the photos, it doesn’t appear that number is too far off.

parade crowd

       The Duck Boats took to the Charles River lined with more fans.

Duck Water

     Confetti was flying and made for a fantastic picture.


        It was nothing like the Miami Heat victory parade.

Heat parade

       Its been reported that Red Sox Pitcher Jake Peavey actually bought the Duck Boat he was riding in! He tweeted that he bought it and plans on keeping it in the family for a long time.  Aah, the life of a professional baseball player!

duck boat

Here is the tweet from Peavey:

Wow what a special day! Thank u all from the bottom of my heart! & yes the boat is now mine & hopefully in the family forever!

       After being traded to the Red Sox, Peavey also bought a cigar store indian. NESN had the story:

     Jake Peavy purchased a little Indian statue during the Red Sox’ West Coast road trip near the end of August. The Sox had just lost two of three to the Yankees at Fenway Park, and Peavy sensed that the club needed a pick-me-up. In stepped the statue, which Peavy apparently had a conversation with before purchasing on his way to the park one day in San Francisco. Because the story of the good luck charm is so elaborate, so unique and so awesome, let’s just have Peavy tell it. Here’s what Peavy told the media in St. Petersburg on Monday.

    “We went through a rough stretch there where we lost two of three in Toronto. We had to go home for just a weekend series. Things got ugly there Sunday night and we ended up losing the series to the Yankees. The guys who travel with us on a daily basis understand that the travel was ridiculous.

   “We went out to San Francisco, and things were just kind of it wasn’t that same attitude. And the travel had kind of worn us down. I was walking to the field on the day of my start and walked past a smoke shop, a tobacco/liquor store, I guess — something to that effect. “And I’m Indian, my heritage is American-Indian. And I walked by and saw just in the glass window this fellow looking at me. And I looked at him and he looked at me. And I just kept walking, I took a few more steps, and I kind of looked back and he was still looking at me. And he said, ‘Am I not one of the boys? Look at me, I’m your people.’ I said, ‘You know what, you are one of the boys.’ I did a U-turn and I went in and asked how much he cost. There was no price tag on him. I told the guy there was a price tag on everything in life. “We did some negotiating, and I carried him on to the ballpark and brought him in.

  We had some guys banged up at the time. Came up with some elaborate story about how he had some healing spirit, so he started in the training room, getting some guys right. And he made his first appearance that night in San Francisco, or that day, and we ended up losing that game that I pitched. “And we had a serious team talk with him, and told him if he didn’t show up tomorrow with a little bit better attitude and show us his powers, then we were going to have to lose him on the plane ride to L.A. But he showed up in a big way, Douby (Felix Doubront) pitched well that day, and we took him to L.A.

    He showed up for us there in L.A, we won that big series, he got on the flight back with us. “His wardrobe has grown. I don’t know if you know, but he’s holding some cigars in his hand, and those are celebratory cigars, when we do hopefully reach our goal, we’re going to smoke those cigars that he’s got in the box. But now he’s got a couple of jerseys on. He helped Jacoby [Ellsbury] get back from his injury, because Jacoby has got some Indian in him. They had a good talk. He got Jacoby back for us. He’s got a beard now, he grew out a beard to get on the same page as the rest of the guys. There he is, chief. He’s going to ride on my Duck Boat if we win the World Series.”

     The indian had a place in the Red Sox Clubhouse.


        Of course they had to modify the indian for the playoffs!


Beard indian

          It was indeed a cast of characters that worked together as a team. The long scruffy beards were funny to see. I do wonder how many have shaved it off by now.

      There was an emotional time during the parade when the team stopped by the finish line of the Boston Marathon bombing. Johhny Gomes placed the trophy on the finish line along with the 617 Red Sox jersey. (617 is the area code)  

Finish line trophy

             Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester was quoted as saying that this is the most fun team he ever played with. Perhaps the Red Sox organization are looking at things like the late Herb Brooks did. Coach Brooks coached the 1980 Miracle USA Hockey team that went on to win the gold medal. He didn’t want all the best players, he wanted a team that played together as one unit. Whatever the case, the Boston Red Sox are the 2013 World Series Champions!  Boston Strong! I would like to say Thank You to our brave men and women who do their best to provide safety for every American to play and watch the game we love.


      Its only 151 days until the PawSox opening night! Come on by for a Greet and Seat Monday through Friday 9-4. Have a coffee or a soft drink and check out all the ticket options we have. 2014 promises to be a very exciting year for all Red Sox teams. Dont miss any part of it! We’ll be there and like always………………………”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you!                         

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros


Great blog. I was laughing until tears fell.

Linda LeTellier Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant


Great story re: Peavy and the cigar store Indian

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