Say Cheese! Taking the PawSox Team Photo!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

   The PawSox play their last game on the road tonight against the Gwinnett Braves and will be back home tomorrow night to take on the Yankees Triple A Team, Scranton RailRiders. 

    The PawSox had a great road trip. So far the PawSox lead the International League with the best road record at 37-28! Not counting tonight’s game. which they hopefully win, this road trip they are 6-1 and that’s pretty awesome. 1 game back and 2 games up in the wild card. Playoffs? Playoffs?

    I predict the PawSox will play some post-season ball. Get your play-off tickets now!  They are on sale right now! Call to reserved your seats at 401-724-7300


   Tomorrow night the homestand starts with the first 4,000 fans getting an awesome looking PawSox Cap……….Take a look at this baby!  It’s really a nice lid..

Cap Model


      Saturday is once again the free youth clinic so gather up the kids and have a ball.



     To continue with the fun for the whole family, on Sunday is the Annual PawSox FanFest! The day starts off with a Vintage baseball game starting at 11:00 am. Followed by the PawSox game and then the PawSox  FanFest!
 There will be inflatables for the kids to enjoy.

Fan Fest


     A Live band, free samples from a truckload of vendors…



     Player autographs, free hot dogs…a Free Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! It truly doesn’t get any better…

FanFest overview



       Recently the PawSox had the Team Photo taken. It was a rainy morning and everyone was hoping the rain would stop not only to play the game, but also to take the team photo. Credit the terrific grounds crew for having a great draining field. Still some of the players seem a bit apprehensive to set foot on the warning track. 




    The players lug the chairs to the outfield…


Chairs out


       Henry Owens, Matt Barnes and Anthony Ranaudo chat it up while waiting..

3 Amigos



        Dalier Hinojosa shows Deven Marrero where the camera is..





     Pitcher John Ely needs a couple of “hair minutes.”

Ely Hair



     The Tag Team that would win any title Bryce Brentz and Ryan Roberts


Ryan & Bryce



    Coach Bruce Crabbe hams it up for the camera


Crabbe Tongue



      Getting ready…


     Ok, ready? Smile and look at the camera. Wait!  Ok not everyone was looking at the camera.

Many looking around

       Ok ready?  Say Cheese!  Wait let’s do it again…Travis Shaw was looking up…

Travis Shaw Looks up



        Ok, again……Ready?  Wait Garin Cecchini is not looking.

Cecchini turned


      Ok, finally we got it!  



          Now its time to lug all the chairs back.

Hauling back

Returning chairs




      Hope to see you this weekend and throughout the entire homestand…..Come cheer on the PawSox to another championship and you can see we are all…………….”Here For You!”

      Love hearing from you             

     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros 




Jeffery Osborne Softball Classic was…….Classic! Great Pictures!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Last evening the PawSox had their 5 game winning streak snapped by the Gwinnett Braves down in Georgia losing 4-3.

    They play tonight and tomorrow night at Cool Ray Field in Lawrenceville, GA and you can listen to the game on 920 WHJJ as they take on the Gwinnett Braves.

The PawSox remain just one slim game behind the Syracuse Chiefs and are looking to start a brand new winning streak.. The team comes back to McCoy on Friday to begin a homestand and the first 4,000 fans will receive a PawSox Baseball Cap sponsored by Rhode Island Lottery and WEEI.




On Sunday almost 8,000 people filled McCoy to see some legends from the world of sports and entertainment! The stadium had to be transformed from a baseball to a softball field. The groundscrew built a full temporary fence.



The fence looked awesome!

Metal fence



     The crowd forms outside the Main Gate and Season Ticket Holders Turtle and Yahoo are ready to head in and Yahoo gives us all a wave!



As expected there was a large crowd waiting for autographs outside the Clubhouse Red Carpet…(Actually it was a bunch of extra-large orange-colored City of Pawtucket saw horses that substituted the red carpet.) The clubhouse was all set up for the West

West clubhouse


And the East…

East clubhouse

My phone rang for the first player was arriving. The Black SUV pulled up in front of the clubhouse and out stepped Earvin “Magic” Johnson. You see these guys on TV and never really realize how big they are until you’re standing next to them. Not only is he 6’9″ but he is a full tall guy weighing in about 260 or so. He was very much accommodating with signing autographs.

He then headed into the clubhouse and in no time he was dressed and headed onto the field to loosen up a bit with Jeffery Osborne.

Magic Jeff Catch


Magic took time to sign some memorabilia, including a couple of Axis Bats.

Magic signs bat


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar arrived a short while later, as well as so many others. One after another the celebrities continued showing up. Michele Kwan, John Tudor, Actor and Actress Dondre and Salli Whitfield, Ty Law, Sammy Morris, Coach Cooley, Chris Tucker, Steve Grogan, Smokey Robinson, Cedric the Entertainer, and on and on and on….They came pouring in.

Michelle Kwan got some batting tips from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar






Cedric the Entertainer and Tiny Tavares from the Band Tavares greet each other…

Cedric and Tiny Tavares

The lineup is awesome!


        The West Dugout has some serious talent…that include, Magic, Kareem, James Worthy!


The West Team does not intimidate Steve Grogan eyeing the competition across the diamond.




Michelle Kwan signs some autographs pre-game…

Kwon (2)


Oil Can Boyd is having a Ball!


Oil Can

Michaela Johnson from the Rhode Show poses with her own, personalized bat…


     Dondre Whitfield and wife Salli take it all in…Hollywood comes to McCoy!

  Dondre and wife

    The tall first baseman Kareem keeps his eye on the ball and ESPN’s Doris Burke is out by an eyelash…



Doris Burke tag

   Providence College Coach Cooley looks very determined to not allow the runner back to 2nd base….



   Smokey Robinson yuks it up with Jeffery Osborne



Smokey Yukking



 And pulls on his new cap…

    Smokey Cap

        With some basketball hoops around the on-deck circle, Magic, Kareem, James Worthy and others try the Sky Hook..

Magic hook


    Jabbar hook


     James Worthy attempts some free-throws…



      Chris Tucker was hilarious in the outfield.Signing autographs and doing some Michael Jackson moves

Tucker (2)



      Tucker even posed for a selfie…

tucker selfie

      Newly inducted into the Hall of Fame, Ty Law took some free-throws/

Ty Law


     Tucker, Cedric, Johnny Gill, Smokey and Jeffery Osborne sand a great rendition of Take me out to the Ballgame!




Chris Tucker, Cedric, Johnny Gill, Smokey and Jeffery Osborne

Chris Tucker, Cedric, Johnny Gill, Smokey and Jeffery Osborne

     After a see-saw battle and a tied score, The East won the game with a Walk Off Homerun by Sammy Morris!


Morris game winner Morris Celebrate


 Magic was very outgoing, very friendly and thanked all the fans for coming…

Magic wingspan


     Thanks to you, the Fans that attended this charity event. The PawSox were able to not only add some to the PawSox Charitable Trust, but the organization donated $50,000 to the Jeffery Osborne Foundation.






    At the start, everyone took a team photo


Team pic



       It was a good night considering how quickly this came together, and will only improve in the future! Thanks to all the fans who came out to make this all possible. All the funds raised will stay right here in the State of Rhode Island to help so many different causes.

     Dont forget to check out for all the promotions coming to McCoy the next homestand. It starts Friday with a series against the Scranton RailRiders, the Triple A Affiliate of the New York Yankees!

    Above you see the team picture. Recently the PawSox had their 2014 Team Picture taken and you have to see how its done in an upcoming blog! 

    See you at the nest homestand, and even if you are a Yankee fan, we will still be……………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                    


    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros

A Plethora of Celebs Heading to McCoy…..For a Great Cause!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The PawSox played last night for the first time at the new BB&T Stadium home of the Charlotte Knights, and got their first win at the park making a comeback for the 8-6 final score. They had a day game today continuing their winning ways beating the Knights 11-8.  Everyone reports the stadium is absolutely beautiful and judging by all the photos I’ve seen, I agree…

New Stadium



It certainly looks like an awesome stadium, however, I do you have a  special place in my heart for the old stadium. It’s where in 2012 the PawSox won the Governors’ Cup. I remember so vividly standing in the area behind home plate with Team President Mike Tamburro and GM Lou Schwechheimer waiting for the game to end. In the 7th inning with the PawSox holding a substantial lead over the Knights, they wheeled down the Governor’s Cup right to the area where we were standing. It was then that I gently patted The Cup and said, “You’re going to love Rhode Island!”

     It’s that area at the bottom of the net in the center. Thats where we watched the final out through the plexiglass window. After that final out it was like racehorses leaving the gate and we all went on the field!.


Old Knight


  Of course all fans know what happen next….It was a great celebration!



    On Sunday, many will be celebrating seeing their favorite stars…Just in case you have been living under a rock and/or don’t have a radio or TV the inaugural Jeffery Osborne Celebrity Softball Classic will be held here at McCoy Stadium on Sunday, August 10.  Gates open at 4:30 and the game starts at 6:00 to watch this star-studded event!



         During our meeting on Wednesday we headed out to the dugout and Osborne surveyed the field.



     This East vs. West matchup should be incredible fun!  Scheduled to be on the field with live mics in hand are Sinbad…..



     And Cedric the Entertainer……




       Scheduled to play for the West is Magic Johnson…



      Going for the long ball…Kareem Abdul Jabbar




        Teaming up again with friend Magic Johnson…James Worthy



Smokey Robinson will be on hand, and rumor has it he will team up with Jeffery Osborne for a duet…









           For the east Former Red Sox pitcher John TudorTudor


            New England Patriot Garin Veris 






       And Former Pats QB, Steve Grogan



           And Peter Brock










         Former Red Sox Pitcher Oil Can Boyd…

oil can



       Come on out to the ballpark on a beautiful Sunday Eve. It’s a great charity with all the money raised stays right here in Rhode island!

    Come see Rhode Islander Jeffery Osborne and all his buddies! There will be so many celebrities gathered in Rhode Island that it will certainly make Osborne sing!




       Tickets are still available and priced the same as a regular game…There is also VIP Meet & Greet tickets for just $50! You have to be kidding! Come on out to a ball game…See McCoy Stadium transferred into a softball field. Maybe you’ll even be able to get your hands on one of these babies…..







       See you at the game and you’ll see everyone………….”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                


     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros 

It was Exciting and Paws had Some Repair Work!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

Tomorrow morning the PawSox head to the airport to fly out to Charlotte, North Carolina to take on the Charlotte Knights in their brand new stadium and then they travel about 3.5 hours further south to Gwinnett, Georgia to play the Braves.

The most recent homestand was full of excitement. The long anticipated arrival of one of the top pitching prospects Henry Owens and catcher Blake Swihart held Columbus to just 2 hits as Owens kept the hitters off-balance. The crowd loved it and there is always something special about watching an athletes debut.

Souza photo

Souza photo


The always popular PawSox T-Shirt night was again a success with a large crowd waiting to get their shirt.


YIKES!  It’s a good thing the lines always go quickly to get in!

Long line


       When fans came through the gate they were treated to a free high quality PawSox T-Shirt….Boxes and boxes of them!

Shirt boxes


     The Larson Family love theirs!



       There was a game where a tortoise over 100 years old paid a visit from the Southwick Zoo



     There was a visit from Captain Underpants!

Capt Undies


      On Sunday even the Little Sisters of the Poor ran the bases!


Running nuns



      Also during the last homestand the beloved Paws Statue had to undergo some surgery. The artist who made Paws arrived to perform what he described as Tommy John Surgery. However, the sculptor of Paws was Michael Higgins who owns Magic Garden.



     I have known Michael for many years and always call him Higgy. Some artist use a brush and canvas, some use clay. Some use a hammer and chisel with stone and some even use ice. Higgy uses wood and chain saws!

Higgy 2


         To prepare Paws for his new left arm, Higgy had to remove the old one and remove all the wood tendons, ligaments and muscle. (Caution: Graphic photo)




      Even with his left arm gone, Paws kept smiling.



        Higgy made a brand new arm back at his Magic Garden shop. The new arm weighs in at just about 300 pounds! The new arm has to be measured for the right fit and Ron helps throughout the whole procedure.



      He then cleans the area to ensure the new limb and Paws fit together as one




Armpit trim



      Even cleaning the rod (steel bone) the arm will be placed on…

Arm prep 2


     With great precision the center of the new arm is measured…and drilled while Ron tries to hold onto the new arm.




       Now comes the daunting task of getting the new arm up around 12 feet!




Arm lift



    Slowly but surely they make the transition….








Arm lift (2)



     Almost there!


Arm on rod

        Higgy and Ron get the new wing in position and Paws smiles broadly!


Paws Ready



        Higgy adds the final cosmetic touches and Paws is back to normal!




     Paws is ready to welcome all visitors to McCoy Stadium once again!

Paws Ready


      Paws has open arms to welcome every fan!  He stands ready to pose for all the photos you want! Paws looks forward to seeing you on August 10th for the Jeffery Osborne Softball Celebrity Classic…….It will be incredible! Off the hook!  Awesome!  and followed by a Fireworks Spectacular!

  Get your tickets now!  Call or go online but make sure to get your tickets! Stay tuned for more valuable information and who is scheduled to attend. Come take a photo with Paws before the event on the 10th he has open arms showing that he is always………..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                  

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros  

Throw Back… All-Star Game 2004! Part III

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    The PawSox had a nice run of winning 11 straight games and battling their way to almost the top of the division before dropping the last two in Moosic, Pennsylvania against the Scranton RailRiders. Like they say, All good things must come to an end. However, when the end came the PawSox were just two games behind the Syracuse Chiefs. The PawSox return to their home-turf tomorrow evening to take on the Chiefs in this very important 3 game series. 

    Tomorrow night is also Ladies Night…Throughout the entire concourse,  tables will be set up with hair salons, nail, massages and so much more showing off their wares and giving away free samples, coupons and treat yourself to a free massage. When the ladies exit they will be given a rose. (while supply lasts.) It’s also Peanut Allergy Free Night. A night where peanut products are safely tucked away and none are sold. Fans are reminded to not bring any peanuts into the stadium. All bags will be checked and security will not allow any peanuts in the stadium. Hopefully the PawSox start a new streak and take over the top spot. 

   Come cheer on New England’s favorite minor league team. Great seats are still available but act quick. Check out and buy your ticket(s) right in the comfort of your own home. Pick out your seats and you can even print your tickets right at home! Or you can choose to call and speak with one of us who will assist you in any way. What ever way you decide to do it, make sure you’re onboard with the PawSox for this upcoming homestand. 

    This is the last part of the 2004 Triple A All-Star Game that the PawSox hosted and has been the talk of baseball ever since. Although it was 10 years ago, it’s still fresh in our minds. It was awesome that the PawSox organization gave not only the players All-Star Rings, but also handed some over to the staff! Fantastic looking bling!






      You already know about the Fan Fest that took place on Tuesday with the concerts, autographs and all the other plethora of exhibits, but it continued well into the evening. Down City Providence was hopping!  The Spectacular Rhode Island State House was ready for the All-Stars and their families for a VIP reception.



State House




  The Dixieland Band makes their way into the State House to provide some quality entertainment.


Dixie Band



        The State House was set up for a gathering where the players, their families and dignitaries could mingle and have a little something to eat.






          Have a little something more the eat…





         And just in case you wanted a little bit more before dinner………Yep, there was more!  




       After the magnificent event at the State House everyone moved down to the Water Front. The entire All-Star Team were given torches to light up the All-Star Water-Fire. PawSox All-Star Earl Synder loved his!

Earl Torch



      So did Earl’s Teammate and All-Star And Dominique…



      Justin Morneau who played for the Twins during the 2014 season was on the All-Star Team and took part in the lighting.



      It made quite an impressive sight. PawSox Team President standing aside Team Owner Ben Mondor had his own torch.



        Great photo-op!

Torches 2

          Although hard to see, International League President Randy Mobley started lighting the Water-Fire. The baskets have baseball bats in them giving them a cool look.


Waterfire Randy



        It was a unforgettable night that everyone enjoyed. Even if you never watched a sporting event in your life, it was something that mere words cannot describe. 

     The All-Star Luncheon was another event that occurred during the 3 days. The late Johnny Peskey, The late Dom DiMaggio and Bobby Doerr were the guests of honorTeam Book


      Sean McDonough was the host speaking with the three…

Teammates (2)




      The late Mr. Ben Mondor, the PawSox Team owner looked on with pride as the leader of the 3 day event. 



      When done, the Teammates received a long-lasting standing ovation…

Standing O 2




Standing O




     The three took time to sign autographs…





Autograph Legends



            With all the excitement taking place, there was still the actual game to play between the International League All-Stars vs. the Pacific Coast League All-Stars. Fans were out in force fishing for autographs. 





       The vast majority of players from the Pacific Coast League have never been to McCoy and found the “Fishing” was rather cool.

Fishing 2


     Former Major League player, Manager and current TV broadcaster for the Blue Jays,  Buck Martinez even signed for the fans…



       Long time season ticket holders, the Dalton family was there cheering on their favorite PawSox player. Fast forward 10 years and that young girl holding the sign has matured into an attractive young lady and is a PawSox employee!






      Mr. Ben Mondor and Gov. Don Carcieri look on from the dugout




Ben & Gov (2)



       PawSox Catcher Andy Dominique accommodates some fans wanting autographs.




        And what would and All-Star Game be without food?



food 2 (3)




        And of course some good drink!

Track Drink



       It was such a fantastic 3 days to showcase the State of Rhode Island. It was an event that many in the baseball world still talk about today! Was it hard work and very time-consuming? Yes indeed! However, like everything the PawSox do, it’s always first class.It was a first class event with first class players and first class fans! 

     Come see for yourself! Join all of us cheering on the PawSox for another long winning streak…Dont miss the family fun and affordable prices and know that we are always…………….”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                           

   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros 

History was Made & All-Star 2004..Part Two

Greetings PawSox Fans!

It’s another great day with the sun shining, and it’s shining a little bit bright on PawSox Country as history was made last evening in Moosic, Pennsylvania home of the Scranton RailRiders. The PawSox were the train that kept on Rollin’ knocking the RailRiders off the tracks beating them 10-2.

With the win, history was made with the PawSox winning 10 straight games for the first time in franchise history. With the impressive streak the PawSox move behind division leading Syracuse by only 1.5 games! With every win, the sun shines brighter, food tastes better, colors become more colorful and of course the Fans love it!

Last night the RailRiders had a Christmas in July promotion. The team wore “Ugly Christmas Sweater” uniform tops. They certainly lived up to their name!


Now, my plan was to write about the Triple A All-Star game hosted by the PawSox 10 years ago in 2004 in 3 parts. However, as we research the pictures kept in the archives of the PawSox on discs, it does become a challenge. So I have decided to spread it out a bit as we find new photos and think of what happened during those fantastic 3 days.

On the second day of the event it was a gigantic Fan Fest spreading through Down City Providence from the then Fleet Skating Rink to the State House. Although it was the month of the July the weather did not co-operate. It was overcast and at time drizzling with always the threat of rain. There is no doubt that the weather did hamper the event, however, many fans enjoyed the festivities.

Everyone made the best of it with hours of entertainment…



El Tiante Louie Tiant and John Tudor were there signing autographs…


El Tianti

The entire All-Star Team took part in the event signing a truck load of autographs..

Players graphing


Players graph


Including the PawSox All-Stars Earl Snyder (L)  and Pitcher Tim Kester…

Synder and Kester


Along with PawSox All-Star Catcher Andy Dominique…




Down at the Fleet Skating Center there were many music groups playing free concerts. Despite the weather many fans came for the fun..Fleet ctr

Hanson crowd


There was a lot of talent playing…




Including the Hanson Brothers who were a big hit…



When one band was done, another one would play on one of the three stages that were set up along the parcels of land that sprawled along downtown. Of course, 10 years later and that land is now home too many big buildings including the GTECH Building



The middle stage also had entertainment..



In the evening the Doug Flutie Band played on the stage just across from the State House. They were awesome!



There was plenty of All-Star souvenirs available..

Pawsox stuff for sale



There was also a spectacular display of every teams jersey, ball cap, logo and a bunch on history about the team. The pictures truly do not do it justice. Every single team in Triple A baseball had one. Credit the remarkable talent of the operations and grounds crew staff who built every one of these. It was tedious work, however, Matt, Mick, Dave and others built and delivered these for all the fans to enjoy.



Shirts 2


They were a Hit!


Shirts fans



Another popular exhibit was the Budweiser Clydesdale. They really lay it out there! They literally build a semi-barn. They went to a local garden store and bought bushes, flowering plants, mulch, soil and even laid down some new sod and then built these stalls to house these gentle monsters!






They have Clydesdale Staff tending to these horses 24 hours a day. They feed them, wash them, brush them and pamper them and it was really cool to see how well these beautiful horses are cared for.





There was a very humorous time with the Clydesdales. As stated earlier the exhibit is staffed 24 hours a day. It was about 2 in the morning and I was meeting with the security company people assigned to keep an eye on everything for the duration of the event. There were about 10 security people who worked the overnight shift.

While speaking with the security people I heard a loud clop clop clop and when I looked there was a huge Clydesdale running down the street in front of Uno’s at Providence Place Mall!  Chasing the horse and quite a distance behind was one of the staff that was watching them.

I had one of those four-seater ATV type vehicles and helped to take pursuit of this runaway horse! Luckily a couple of police cruisers were in the area and blocked the road with their lights flashing and a Mounted Police Officer rode his horse next to the escaped Clydesdale. subsequently the horse was returned to its house without incident or injury……… anyone.

The supervisor who oversees the staff of the Clydesdale ripped into the guy for letting the horse escape. The reason was this. A very attractive lady around the same age as the staff watching the horses had pleaded with him to let her inside one of the cages so she could take a picture with it.

Well, the guy couldn’t resist the charm of the young lady and opened the gate and attempted to get the horse out. Well, the horse must have felt it would be a good time to go for a little jog and seized the moment and took off. It appeared the horse was smiling as he was led back into his stall.

There certainly was a lot going on all day and all night with much more to come! Be sure to check back often and lets cheer on the PawSox winning streak………We are here at home waiting to be……………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you               

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros


Lets Make History!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

      The PawSox have a chance to make history tonight! They have a 9 game winning streak heading into tonight’s game against the Scranton RailRiders…The Triple A Affiliate of the Yankees. In the history of the franchise they have never won 10!  They can do that tonight!    

     The game is underway!  No matter where you are, tune in and Cheer on the PawSox!


                Lets Go PAWSOX!  We are all cheering you on and…………”Here For You!”




Pawsox logo



      Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros

The Swinging Sponsors!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

After a rain delay to start the game last night for the PawSox in Allentown, Pennsylvania against the Iron Pigs, the game was suspended in the bottom of the 4th due to more rain. Listening to the broadcast you could hear Jeff Levering and Josh Maurer gasp as a huge bolt of lighting struck near the field. They then announced the homeplate umpire was waving his arms to halt the game and the tarp was brought out to cover the field, and it was never uncovered for the remainder of the night and the game was suspended with the PawSox clinging to a 3-2 lead. The game resumes tonight at 6:05 followed by a 7 inning game. Lets Go PawSox!

Yesterday was batting practice for our season ticket holders, and today we welcomed all the sponsors to get into the cage and hack away. The sponsors check in at the clubhouse entrance and pick up their Official PawSox T-shirt and Cap. Mike and his Son Jonah from Benny’s check in before heading into the clubhouse to change and then out to the field.

Dad Mike and Jonah Benny's Store


Out on the field all the sponsors are greeted on the Huge Videoboard…For Sponsor Appreciation Day!

Video board

     Alexandra is on hand to tape all the action…


    The hitters step into the cage to face the mighty high-powered Pitching Machine with Ann handling the pitching.

Ann Pitch

Jack really takes some cuts and we all wonder where all that power comes from.



      Its like power hitting runs in the family and Jack’s big brother Alex makes some hard contact into the field.

Alex Millar

       Of course these youngsters are growing so require some nourishment. Under the shade of the Red Tent they enjoy lunch together.

Alex and Jack


       Also enjoying lunch are some of our sponsors from Cardi’s…(That hamburger doesn’t stand a chance against that guy on the right!)

Cardi's Crew



        Joining others under the shade and chowing down is a crew from another sponsor Tru-Green…

Tru Green Team




      Back on the field, the short-stop position is very well covered!



          Attempting to get a view of what it would look like turning a double play, I have one of the short-stops flip me the ball. (It took several takes to get the ball in the air for the photo) Not only was my foot off the bag on second base, the runner heading for first was able to grab a hot dog and get back to the bag before my rocket toss arrived.

ball flip



         On a pop fly many in the field would converge to make the grab. 




      One of the best parts of the day was Matt from our APG Security Company. Matt spent the season telling me how he was going to crush a home-run! I told him that he wouldn’t even come close. He continued to tell me that he is going to use an aluminum bat and plunk some over the fence. He was willing to bet me anything. In hindsight I should have bet him!    The BEST he got into one landed ONLY about 40 feet from the warning track!




       Also from APG Security was Matt (No relation) He was able to get into a few, but never really came anywhere near blasting one out of the park.He did however have that home-run follow through look. 





            Julie headed in and made some great contact. She had that look of determination…

Julie batting



       I think it would be a good idea to have every player shave their number into their hair! It would make it so much easier for the kids getting autographs to be able to identify them. It works for Jackson #4 and Jacob #22

Number heads


       Before leaving the group from Cardi’s took an awesome photo in front of their sign…

cardis sign


       Listening to the PawSox game on 920 AM WHJJ they held the IronPigs to just 2 hits winning 7-2! The streak continues! The second game is just getting underway and will be a 7 inning game. Although a bit overcast at McCoy it was a nice day and when the breeze blew, it cooled everything down. Lets hope the PawSox dont cool down and make it 9 in a row! 

     The team gets back home on Wednesday and we have some giveaways and some special promotions. Check out for everything you need to know and then give us a call at 401-724-7300 and we can answer any question you may have. Take me out to the ball game………….Take me out to McCoy where everyone is…………….”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                     

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 




Swing Batter Batter, Swing Batter Batter, Swing!



Greetings PawSox Fans!

Today was a hot and humid day, and the PawSox continue to be Hot and Humid on the road sweeping the Syracuse Chiefs the two games they played closing out their short series with a 9-3 win last evening. After the game they loaded the bus and headed to the Valley….To Allentown, Pennsylvania to take on the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

The game had a rain delay to start the game but are presently underway with the PawSox jumping out to a quick lead. While I listen to the game on 920 am WHJJ I really think that Jeff Levering and Josh Maurer really do an awesome job broadcasting the game. Will Middlebrooks crushed a bomb and the PawSox bats added  some more runs to take a 3-0 lead in the 4th. While listening to the game I heard that former PawSox player Nate Spears now plays for the IronPigs. Nate was a fan favorite and resides in Connecticut…


The PawSox Season Ticket Holders were swinging for the fences today for the Annual Season Ticket Holder Batting Practice…


The fans had a chance to take some hacks inside the cage with Ticket Manager A.J. Lewis working the pitching machine.



I stood in the infield during the batting and got a fantastic view of what it must be like to have those balls screaming towards you in a professional baseball game.



The Season Ticket Holders also had a chance to take to the field and play some defense. A hard shot down the left field line took an ugly bounce off the bag and just tipped off Frank’s glove. He gave it a great effort!


They all worked up an appetite and were treated to hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken with some soft drinks. Big Al and Yahoo took to the shade and enjoyed the day.



Although on the DL with a hurt wing, Season Ticket Holder Rick Nadeau showed up in support of his friends!  This guy is a gamer!


Everyone had a fun day! I didn’t witness anyone blast one out of the park but it was an awesome time anyway.

The game against the IronPigs just went into another rain delay and the tarp was brought out to cover the field. Hopefully the PawSox pull it out and make it 8 games in a row!

Cheer on your PawSox! Come out to a game! Check all the upcoming promotions and special events at or you can purchase tickets to any game over the phone by calling 401-724-7300.

Pick a game, get your tickets. it’s that easy! Park for free, pick up the tickets from the friendly staff and enter into the PawSox world of great family fun and entertainment.

Dance to the music and you may get on the Huge Video Board. Meet Mascots Paws and Sox and have them pose for pictures with you and the kids! Come early and often to see that we are all……………..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you       

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 

Back in Time to the 2004 All-Star Game at McCoy!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

The PawSox continue their winning ways beating the Syracuse Chiefs in Syracuse last night 4-3 making it 6 games in a row, the result from a home-run blast to start off the 9th inning. Syracuse was unable to plate a run in the 9th giving the PawSox a win and a shot at some post season action and a chance for another ring.

The PawSox finish up their brief time in Syracuse tonight and then head over to Lehigh Valley to try to keep the streak alive.  Dont forget to listen to the game on 920 AM WHJJ or one of the stations in your area starting at 7:00pm.

The weather is now finally in our favor as we head into the second half of the season. The All-Star break was last week and the players that weren’t playing in the game had a chance to spend time with their families and friends. As you can tell by the schedule its very rare the players have a day off.

During the All-Star break we usually discuss the time the PawSox hosted the event back in 2004. It’s indeed hard to believe that 10 years have passed so quickly.

What an event it was! Every staff person will tell you all the hard work that went into hosting the event. PawSox General Manager Lou Schwechheimer reminded me a couple of days ago that the PawSox began planning the event 18 months prior to the actual dates of the event.

There were meetings once a week for more than a year to be sure that it would be the best All-Star game Triple A Baseball has ever seen.

The Late Team Owner Ben Mondor wanted to showcase the State of Rhode Island and McCoy Stadium and no one was disappointed. I remember the Providence Journal article praising the event and quoting many Team Presidents and owners as being the best All-Star Game they ever attended.

There were meetings with government and local law enforcement agencies to be certain to keep everyone safe. There were meetings with concert promoters for the entertainment that would be playing around downtown Providence in different locations. There were meetings with the PawSox Staff to ensure the fan experience would be the best ever. I swear sometimes there were meetings about meetings!  It was really awesome to be part of something like this. It was both exciting and exhausting, but well worth it.

The best way to re-live the event I believe would be in three parts taking it day by day. As you all know I don’t have much skill as a writer, however, I can post pictures with the best of them. We dug into the archives of the days of the event and with the help of fellow staff they were all a big help in not only finding great photos, but also identifying some of the folks.

It all began on Monday, July 12th. The players arrived all during the day and checked into the hotel(s). Scheduled for the evening was both the Players and Celebrity Home-Run Derby. The media arrived throughout the day. The batting cage was set up to get in some practice swings.

Media Frenzy


The Celebrity Home-Run Derby would pit DiMaggio Team against Pesky Team. Johnny Pesky was there and met with his team.


Dom DiMaggio took to the field to support his team.


Both teams look fantastic with a plethora of talent on each side!


DiMaggios's Team


Pesky's Team

Pesky has Doug Flutie and Dwight Evans

evans and flutie

DiMaggio counters with Dave Koza who knocked in the winning run in the World Record Longest Game.



Former Red Sox 1st baseman Frank Malzone is on hand and chatting with Rhode Islander and Baseball Legend Executive Roland Hemond in the dugout.


Malzone Ronald Hemond

Bobby Doerr met up with his former teammates Pesky and DiMaggio. I love this photo! Over two hundred years old between them!


There is a whole bunch of baseball knowledge in those chairs! Another great photo!

Teammates 2

You remember that Boy Band that was a teen sensation years ago, the New Kids on the Block? Well Joey McIntyre (far right) Not only was a member of Pesky Team…

New Kids


He also sang the National Anthem…

Mac Anthem

Before the slugging started, King Jaffe Joffer from Coming to America, a.k.a. James Earl Jones recited his famous Field of Dreams speech.



Earl Jones 2


Earl Jones

Mr. Ben Mondor with Dom and Oil Can Boyd get ready for the slugfest.

Ben & Dom

When it was all said and done, the winner of the Celebrity Home-Run Derby was none other than Bill “Spaceman” Lee!

Spaceman win


And for the All-Star Team, the big time slugger from the Seattle Mariners organization Bucky Jacobsen. He blasted a shot over the center field building that almost landed in Central Falls!


It was a great event. A concert by the Rhode Island Philharmonic had to be cancelled due to the rain. It was a bit disappointing, but a good time was had by all. It was another good time at McCoy.

There were three days of so much to see and do! The only way the PawSox organization knows how to do things. Always thinking of the fans! It’s truly not just an empty slogan but a way of life instilled in each of us from day one about the fan being the most important commodity.

Tomorrow is our Season Ticket Holder Batting Practice. They love it and swing for the fences. Wonder how many will actually put one out of the yard? They will enjoy some hot dogs and soft drinks and swing away! One of the many benefits of being a season ticket holder!

There is always something fun going on at McCoy. Come see for yourself…Go to or give us a call at 401-724-7300 and join the fun! Like always, we are always……………”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you         

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros





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