Winter Ball at a Casino!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

If you’re reading this that means a couple of things..1) So far you have survived the “Blizzard of 2015.”   2)  You currently have power.  Thats two good things and I thank you for taking the time to read the blog.

New Englanders have a certain way in dealing with Blizzards. As soon as we see the warning, we prepare!


Blizzard map


We head to the market in droves   Stocking up on milk, eggs and bread, Should we be homebound for a few days and with electricity, we can use that milk, bread and eggs to live on French Toast for days! Just a couple of ticks before 11:00 pm last night, PawSox Team President Mike Tamburro sent out a Staff email to advise the office would be closed today and wished us all well. 



Despite some snow over the weekend some of the PawSox Staff took part in the Red Sox Winter Weekend at Foxwoods Casino. What luck!  Baseball and Poker under one roof!



What an awesome event! There was so much going on. Throughout the ballrooms in the Fox Towers was baseball. It was very well attended. I had a chance to speak with people who came from Baltimore, South Carolina, New York, Maine, there was even a family from Tampa Florida that used to live in Dedham and moved to Florida 4 years ago but remain loyal Sox Fans.

I would like to thank professional photographers, Louriann Mardo the Official Photographer for the PawSox and Michael Ivins and Billie Weiss from the Boston Red Sox for the fantastic shots. (I also took some shots on my own. I’m quite sure you can tell the difference)

As stated it was very well attended. Even the hallways were crowded with Sox Fans.



One of the very popular events was the Red Sox Town Hall hosted by NESN

red sox nesn

The players and coaching staff were on hand….Sox team

Also, Red Sox ownership, from left, CEO Larry Lucchino, Chairman Tom Werner, Principal Owner John Henry, GM Ben Cherington and Manager John Farrell were on stage for the Town Hall Meeting.



They all fielded questions from the crowd


There was also a session of ’75 the Magical Season with Louie Tiant, Jim Rice, Bill “Spaceman” Lee, Carlton Fisk and Fred Lynn



Of course when The Spaceman is involved there’s going to be some great laughs…



During one of the panel discussions, Garin Cecchini jokes around with Mookie Betts


betts and cecchini

There was a Family Feud event

family feud


Justin Masterson and NESN Broadcaster Steve Lyons square off to play The Feud!

masterson lyons


The Kung Fu Panda Pablo Sandoval was there and posed for pictures. There were plenty of Panda Hats.




The Panda also took a couple of selfies

Panda selfie

They had Golden Gloves on display…

Gold gloves


Including the one won by Dwight Evans

dewey glove


They had Silver Bats and Cy Young awards.  This young fella seems impressed with all the hardware.

Boy looking gloves



       It was a fantastic display



     There was plenty for the youngster to do. A small baseball field was built with Center Field being a long way out there. They set up batting-tee inside a netted cage to see how far you could hit it. (This shot is from behind the tee)

Green monster


      The fielders could then try to catch the ball and there wasn’t much room for a hit to fall in…



         However, one young fella figured he wouldn’t bother keeping the ball in the field and drove a home-run over the highest point of the Center Field wall! The staff working the area said it was the only ball hit that cleared the highest part of the wall. They all chuckled and one of the staff commented, “It would have cleared another couple of feet. The young fella who crushed the ball was Logan, and the crowd gave him a nice round of applause and cheers. You must bear in mind it was a Whiffle Ball!   An amazing feat.  Is Logan the next Power Hitter in the big leagues?  Time will tell.  Just in case, if Logan becomes a Major League Star I will already have a picture of him with his Dad Dave, his brother Ryan and Logan (R)  Impressive!  You heard of the Logan Express? Meet Logan Impress! 


Homerun Kid




          Fans could also take a shot at stealing home. They had a digital clock to record the time it took to get from third base to home plate. I was going to give it a try but asked the staff if the had a sun dial that could record my time.


Stealing home



        There was so much to see and do. There was an enormous crowd to watch Dustin Pedroia play Ping Pong against Tom Werner



    As stated. the crowd was enormous to try to get a glimpse 

dustin ping pomg


      Xander Bogaerts also played some Ping Pong…

xander pong


    And got a hug from a fan for an autograph.




     Mookie Betts also signed autographs…       




       In one of the rooms they held auditions for those who wanted to sing the National Anthem prior to a game at Fenway Park. One of the contestants, Anna knocked it out of the park with her rendition of the song. Hopefully, we will have a chance to see her talent at Fenway.




          One of the judges in the background is Michelle Brooks-Thompson who is a singer from Connecticut and also appeared on The Voice, 




      NESN reported live from the event. Tom Caron chatted with Red Sox Manager John Farrell.





Tom caron and skip


    And also with Jerry Remy…

Caron Remy



        And of course the PawSox were there representing with Paws and The Governors’ Cup joined by Sheri Gay the wife of the President of the Wareham Gatemen of the Cape Cod League.

Gay cup

    Before heading to dinner with Lou, my driving partner and The Spaceman Bill Lee met in the lobby where we met the Truesdale family who drove down from Maine for the event. A very nice family that Lee spent some time chatting with. 



       It was a nice event, on many levels. Another upcoming event that is always fun is the Annual PawSox Hot Stove Party. There is absolutely no cost for the event and even the food and drink is free! Come meet the members of the new coaching staff and players will be there to sign some autographs. Dont miss this event on February 7th, from 11:00 to 1:30  Season ticket holders are allowed entrance at 10:30.

     Along with Manager Boles and Hitting Coach Rich Gedman, Pitcher Cool Keith Couch is scheduled to be at the Hot Stove.  Cool Keith was the starting pitcher for game 7 against the Durham Bulls when we won the Governors’ Cup. It was only his second game in Triple A ball.

    As he was waiting in the van to head back to the hotel after game 6 I asked him if he was ready for game 7. He calmly looked at me with a little smile and said, “I’m ready for this. I want this.”  Hence the name, Cool Keith. 




      Make sure to save the date for the Hot Stove, Right at McCoy Stadium, the home of the PawSox and the Governors’ Cup! Tickets will be on sale on the day of the Hot Stove and you’ll be able to pick the seats you want! You can even test drive your seats by going into the stadium with a staff and checking out the seats you want for the 2015 season!

    We’re all looking forward to a team with a lot of talented prospects playing at McCoy for the 2015 season. Be part of it! Cheer on your home team to defend The Cup! We will be cheering them on and we will be…………..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                      

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 




Hot Stove Party! It’s Heating Up and Deflating Footballs!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

     First I would like to thank all of those who submitted a prediction for the Pats vs. Colts game. I forgot to announce in the  last blog the winner of the Predict the Score for the Pats vs. Colts game. Dave T. of Carver, MA with a prediction of Pats 40–Colts 10 was the closest! He won a Big Papi Bobblehead, a PawSox T-Shirt and a canvas print of McCoy Stadium. However, more importantly, Bragging Rights! Well done Dave…

     For the last few days all we have heard about what the media dubbed as “Deflate Gate.” I’m sick of hearing about it! If they deflated the balls was it against the rules?  Yep. Without a doubt. Did it really make a difference in the game?  I don’t think so, especially when it was learned the footballs were properly inflated for the 2nd half when the Patriots lit it up! Make a decision, dish out the punishment if there was wrongdoing, and move on. Every major new network is talking about it. Comedy channels are spoofing it. Regardless how it turns out, the Haters will Hate and the Lovers will Love. They may have a new penalty in the NFL……Unnecessary Softness:


   Never did I think that AIR would be such a huge issue. We breath AIR everyday to keep us alive, so lets not discuss AIR anymore. Even Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman with the long hAIR said it wasnt a big deal. 

Super Bowl Media day

    Former Cowboys Quarterback Troy Aikman took the opposite stand and said it wasnt fAIR.



        Some say that the Patriots are now damaged beyond repAIR but a lot of folks disagree saying that the team will be ready to play and will do so with flAIR. As fans we love our team and we are passionate. We embrace our teams with a love affAIR! 




      The Patriots will be ready to go when they take the field when then they dress in their pads and uniform and tie up their pAIR of cleats. The coin flip will happen and they’ll call it in mid-AIR. They may use some other trick plays that will make the Seahawks head spin like Linda BlAIR. 

    Now we all know that Brady and his wife Gisele are multimillionAIRes and if they win they will celebrate dancing like Ginger Rogers and Fred AstAIRe! Grab your snacks, a nice cold drink and sit in your comfy easy-chAIR and enjoy the Big Game and enough with all this talk about AIR!

   The date has been set for the Annual PawSox Hot Stove Party! On February 7th from 11:00 to 1:30ish McCoy Stadium will open the front gates to grant you free admission to a boatload of fun and excitement. 




    Paws and Sox will be there!


PawSox logo


         There will be a question and answer session and autograph session

hot stove collage


      The Hot Stove is always a fun time…There will be soft drinks, snacks and of course those great tasty Hot Dogs! Remember, it’s free! 



        Dont forget, our Season Ticket Holders get Early Admittance at 10:30 am and will enter via the clubhouse entrance. The players and coaching staff will be announced throughout the coming days so stay tuned! 

       Paws and Sox will be at Foxwoods tomorrow for the Foxwoods Baseball Winter Wonderland. The Governors’ Cup will also be there. We will be at the Fox Tower Premier Ballroom. Just ask any Foxwoods Staff and they will point you in the right direction. 

    Remember to stay tuned for who will be at The Hot Stove!  Mark the date we look forward to seeing you PawSox Fans and for the new Fans make sure to introduce yourself! Everyone knows that we are……………..”Here For You!”  

   Love hearing from you                         

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 

Breaking News! Levo Gets the Call!

Greeting PawSox Fans!

It is with mix emotions that I break the news that PawSox Broadcaster Jeff “Levo” Levering has got the call to the Bigs! Levo will be the play-by-play guy for select games for the Milwaukee Brewers. Levo will be working with Hall of Fame Broadcaster Bob Ueker and Joe Block on the Brewers Radio Network.

The reason for the mixed emotions is I will personally miss the guy. He had a great sense of humor, could do almost every Disney character voice and was always positive an upbeat. Besides his broadcasting duties Levo will also provide content for the Brewers online, social and new media channels that will keep him very busy.

In typical PawSox fashion, Levo didn’t hang around very long with us. In recent history many PawSox Broadcaster headed to the Big Leagues. Don Orsillo with the Red Sox, Dave Flemming now with the San Francisco Giants, Andy Freed with the Tampa Bay Rays, Dave Jageler the Washington Nats, Dan Hoard the Cincinnati Bengals, Aaron Goldsmith with the Mariners (I didn’t want to use the city name because the Pats will be playing them) and Bob Socci now with the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS.

Levo did offer up a statement for a press release:

“I am thrilled beyond words to be joining the Milwaukee Brewers Broadcast Team as well as their talented front office,” said Levering.  Being part of a radio booth that features the legendary Bob Uecker and Joe Block is a tremendous honor, and a responsibility that I don’t take lightly.”

“I am also honored to continue the legacy started by my predecessors on moving from the press box at McCoy Stadium to the major leagues,” added Levering.  “I can’t say enough great things about everyone with the PawSox for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful organization for the past two years. And to cap my experience in Pawtucket with a 2014 Governors’ Cup Championship is something I will always cherish.”





Team President Mike Tamburro added to the Press Release:

“Jeff Levering is a talented and accomplished young broadcaster who, in his two seasons with us certainly left his mark with fans of PawSox Baseball – calling our run to the 2014 Governors’ Cup Championship,” said PawSox President Mike Tamburro.  “The PawSox family wishes him the very best in his new position with the Milwaukee Brewers.  Jeff takes his rightful place in the long line of PawSox broadcasters who have graduated to the major leagues.”

Recently Levo traveled out to Milwaukee to meet with Bob Ueker for dinner. When Levo got back he said it was tremendous and Bob Ueker was a funny guy as expected. As word gets out that he is heading to The Bigs Levo spends some time on the phone with some well wishers and his mom calls and you can see the delight of the new Big League Broadcaster!


Please visit my PawSox Blogging Brothers 45 Miles from Fenway blog and wish him well. Levo, I wish you all the best success!

The fans will miss you as well. You always found time for the Fans and co-workers…..You have said it before that you were always…….”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                     

   Yours in Baseball.

   Rick Medeiros 


Are You Ready for Some Football! Make Your Prediction

Greetings PawSox Fans!

This evening the New England Patriots take on the Indianapolis Colts at Gillette Stadium..with a scheduled kickoff at 6:40…(Just in case you didn’t know)

But how can you link the Pats with the PawSox on a PawSox blog? As a sports fan in New England its an exciting time when your teams are in the playoffs.

Follow this, in 2012 the Triple A All-Star Game was hosted by the Buffalo Bisons. On that team was PawSox Catcher Ryan Lavarnway, PawSox Pitcher Justin Germano and a Coach was Arnie Beyeler, then Manager of the PawSox.

During the All-Star events there was the Celebrity Home-Run Derby. The winner of that Derby was Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski……..The PawSox are now linked with the Pats!






It should be a very exciting game. One sportswriter dubbed the Game The Young (Luck) and The Restless (Brady)  Brady is restless to win another ring. The Gronk is a force to be reckoned with and he’s a lot of fun to watch. At times its humorous to watch him drag players who attempted to tackle him. The Gronk keeps his eye on the prize…



What’s you prediction for the game? Lets make this a contest. email me your predictions for the game. Who will win and what the final score will be. The closet will win a prize. In case of a tie(s) there will be a tie breaker to determine the winner. All emails must be in no later than 6:35 pm this evening.I will start with mine: Pats win 28-17

A few years ago while in Indianapolis for the PawSox vs.Indianapolis Indians game I visited The Colts home field Lucas Oil Stadium. While on the field I put a Special Secret “Whammy” on it……….Hopefully it carries over to Gillette.



Lets go Pats! Get ready for Phoenix and win it all! Then we can concentrate on the PawSox defending The Cup in 2015.

  In Foxboro this evening you will hear the cheers from all the Pats Fans! You can always count on the New England fans to be passionate and loyal to their teams! The Celts, Bruins, Pats,Red Sox and PawSox fans really support their teams! We will always be cheering for our teams and always being………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you and email your predictions       

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 




A Couple of Local Guys Win Awards!


 Greetings PawSox Fans!

     A couple of local guys with close ties to the PawSox have received awards from the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association. Brendan McGair was voted Rhode Island Sportswriter of the Year and Ken Bell was voted Rhode Island Sportscaster of the Year.

     Ken Bell, Sportscaster for ABC 6 can often be found at McCoy Stadium covering the PawSox. He is a very well liked Sportscaster by the coaching staff, players, friends and colleagues. 



      Ken is also very active in the community. He spends time assisted living and hospital venues, social events, schools and more. Ken even finds time to  read to kids. The award is well deserved!   Congrats Ken!






      During the PawSox Season Bredan McGair can be found working in the press box for at least 60 out of the 72+ playoff games writing for the Pawtucket Times and The Call. This is the third time Brendan has won the award. He went back-to back in 2010 and 2011. He’s a guy that really loves his job. He stopped by today after returning from the Boston Red Sox Rookie Program and he met with them at The Bubble at Harvard Stadium. Here is the media release for the program.


BOSTON, MA—The Red Sox 2015 Rookie Program starts today at Fenway Park. Ten of Boston’s top prospects will take part in the week-long program, which focuses on easing their transition into becoming major league players with the Red Sox.

Four of the participants saw major league action with the Red Sox in 2014: outfielder/infielder Mookie Betts, outfielder Rusney Castillo, left-handed pitcher Edwin Escobar, and right-handed pitcher Heath Hembree. Left-handed pitchers Brian Johnson and Eduardo Rodriguez, infielder Sean Coyle, outfielder Henry Ramos, and catcher Blake Swihart were all members of the organization for all or part of 2014, while right-handed pitcher Zeke Spruill was acquired by the club in December.

The program includes two workouts daily that emphasize conditioning and strength training as well as concentration on fundamentals. In addition, the players are attending a number of seminars that will focus on the assimilation into major league life on and off the field. They will also visit Jimmy Fund patients and will paint murals at the Curley K-8 School in Boston alongside members of the Red Sox Scholars program.

A number of individuals will speak to the group, including Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer Sam Kennedy, Executive Vice President/General Manager Ben Cherington, manager John Farrell, hitting coach Chili Davis, pitching coach Juan Nieves, bullpen coach Dana LeVangie, members of the organization’s mental skills and medical departments, and several major league players.

      When Brendan stopped by he sat by my desk and I asked him about the program.


      He told us it was awesome and the PawSox will have a very talented team on the field for the 2015 season. I asked him what was his prediction for the starting lineup when the PawSox start the season on the road in Lehigh Valley against the Iron Pigs. Here is his prediction to start the season for the PawSox:

Pitcher: Henry Owens….He does add, it could also be Matt Barnes or Brian Johnson


Catcher: Blake Swihart




  First Base: Travis Shaw



  Second Base Sean Coyle


 Third Base Garin Cecchini



     Shortstop Devon Morrero





  Left Field Bryce Brentz



       Brendan said there are too many options to predict Center and Right Fields. 

       Brendan told me that program is very interesting and the players love it. They went to a Celtics game against the Hawks the other night and said they had a great time. He said that he spoke with Pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez who told him, ” Last season with the PawSox during the playoff I worked with Pitching Coach Rich Sauveur and he told me that its like the same league with different hitters. I’m very proud to be with these guys like Owens and Johnson.”

     They had fantastic guest speakers and former players also spoke with all of them. The program is designed to assist them with the transition to the Boston Red Sox and all players agree it’s a real good one.

    Thanks Brendan for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat for a bit. We look very forward to seeing Ken and you here often during the 2015 season. A couple of Big Time Award Winners will fit right in with the Governors’ Cup Winners!   See youse guys here……….you can count on us being………..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you               

  Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros    



A Legendary Scout Passes….


Greetings PawSox Fans!

      It is with great sadness that I share with you the passing of an awesome guy often at McCoy Stadium. A couple of days ago I learned that legendary Scout for the Seattle Mariners Bill Kearns passed away on New Years Day.     Bill earned a degree at Tufts and their news staff wrote the following:

       William Kearns, Major League Baseball’s 2013 Scout of the Year and a member of the Seattle Mariners organization since its inception in 1976, died on Jan. 1. He was 93.

    As a player and a scout, he was part of professional baseball for nearly 70 years. He remained an active scout with the Mariners until his death, attending more than 200 games a year as well as spring training.

      He served in the Navy during World War II and was present during the signing of the peace treaty in Tokyo Bay. In 1948, Kearns was signed as a shortstop by Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey, who is best known for breaking MLB’s color barrier by signing Jackie Robinson and for helping to build the modern-day minor league farm system. Kearns played shortstop for four years in the Dodgers’ minor leagues, completing his Tufts degree during the off-seasons. Among his teammates were the future big league players Al Campanis, Carl Erskine, Bobby Bragan, Norm Larker and Cal Abrams.

     At Tufts, he was a three-sport star, and in 1983, he received the Jumbo Club Award, which recognizes those who embody the spirit of athletics at Tufts.

    Kearns started scouting part-time for the Dodgers in 1953, while teaching mathematics and coaching basketball at Somerset and Weymouth high schools in Massachusetts. He later was inducted into the Massachusetts State High School Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame.

     He also scouted part-time for the Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals, before Lou Gorman, the scouting director for the Royals, was hired as the first general manager of the Seattle Mariners expansion team. Kearns was one of Gorman’s first hires, in May 1976—even before the franchise had a name, logo and team colors.

      “He was the ultimate gentleman, very dapper and very respectful,” Jeff Scott, the Mariners’ former assistant director of player development, told “He was so polite, but he had strong opinions, and when he spoke up, you knew he was dead set on something. Everybody in the game respected him.”

       The Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation presented Kearns with the George Genovese Award for Achievement in Scouting in 2007. When he was honored as a Scout of the Year at the MLB Winter Meetings in December 2013, Kearns said, “I have no regrets when I think of all the time I’ve spent in this great game.”



     Bill attended many, many games throughout the years at McCoy. For the last 15 years that I’ve been here I saw Bill sitting behind  home plate in section 7 during his scouting duties. With his stopwatch in one hand and a radar gun in the other.  After the pitch and the result from the batter he would write swiftly in his ever-present notebook and sit ready for the next pitch. 

     Everyone knew him. Other scouts would chat and laugh with him. Players would shake his hand and introduce themselves he was indeed a friendly guy and really loved the game.  Although 90+ years old he would walk up and down the stairs with ease. He would give you a smack on the arm and say. Hey. how you doing.” and you’d realize that even in his 90’s he still could pack a punch. It was reported that Bill didn’t feel well in the middle of the night and drove himself to the hospital and while there suffered a bursted aorta. 

    In 2013 Kearns was one of Major League Baseball’s Scout of the Year. In this photo Bill is on the far right doing an interview about winning the award.

Bill interview 

      I have had an interest in WWII since I first heard about it when I was a very young boy. Every time I meet a WWII Veteran I thank them and want to just chat with them as long as possible to hear all their stories. Unfortunately, as the years pass so do many of our brave men and women of WWII. To learn that Bill who has accomplished so much, was at the signing of the Peace Treaty at Tokyo Bay. Japan Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the surrender form….


Japan Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu


          General Douglas MacArthur adds his signature. This was such a moment in history, and to think this was only part of what Bill Kearns lived!




        Our PawSox family will all miss Bill and his smiling face. 



       Bill loved the game and loved the fans and all the people of the game. Like he said in the Tufts article, “I have no regrets when I think of all the time in this great game!” Rest in Peace, you will be missed but never forgotten!

     Bill would spend time chatting with fans who he got to know over the years. Always smiling and energetic. 

    Baseball is a great game! A PawSox game is a Great experience!  Come enjoy it and see that we are “Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                             

  Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros  














Your 2015 PawSox Coaching Staff


Greetings PawSox Fans!

`Hopefully everyone is staying warm and toasty as we all endure Old Man Winter. Like we say here in Rhode Island, “Its freaking wicked cold!” However, things will heat up shortly with the PawSox Annual Hot Stove event at McCoy. Keep a check on for the date and also as soon as I know the date, you will know.

The Coaching Staff for the 2015 PawSox season has been announced. Manager Kevin Boles returns to Skipper the PawSox towards back-to-back Governors Cup Championships. In his first season Boles did an excellent job as Manager. For the last three years the PawSox played in the Governors’ Cup finals. In 2012 led by Skipper Arnie Beyeler they won The Cup beating Charlotte.

In 2013 Manager Gary DiSarcina led the team to the finals where they were beat by the Durham Bulls. Last season headed by Boles the favor was returned and the PawSox returned The Cup to Rhode Island where it belongs after beating the Durham Bulls in some of the best baseball games that we ever saw.

Last season the PawSox were able to get into the playoffs by winning the 143rd game out of 144 to clinch the Wild Card making it 4 years in a row the PawSox were in the playoffs. During the season there were 66 different players and Boles had used an amazing 150 different line-ups for the batting order, that does not include the starting pitcher! Welcome back Skipper!

Bruce Crabbe will also be returning as a coach. Bruce has been with the Red Sox organization for the past 10 years. He was the Manager of the Lowell Spinners in 2012-12. In 2011 Crabbe was the Skipper for the Salem Red Sox and was the hitting Coach for the Wilmington Blue Rocks. From 1995-1997 Crabbe was a coach and director of player development of the Colorado Silver Bullets, a professional women’s baseball team.





Boles and Crabbe will do their best to keep The Cup here by winning the 2015 season.



The PawSox will welcome New England’s own Rich Gedman from the Portland Sea Dogs as the new Hitting Coach switching places with last year’s Hitting Coach Dave Joppie who returned to Portland. Gedman is a native of Worcester, Massachusetts and played for Boston 1o years. I have met and spoke with Gedman several times throughout the years at charity events and he is a very cordial guy.

Gedman was a catcher for the Red Sox and played in all 14 post season games in 1986 and hit .357 with a home run in the ALCS against California and smashed another homer in the World Series against the Mets. During that same year Gedman caught the game that Roger Clemens recorded 20 strikeouts.






2014 Pitching Coach Rich Sauveur left the PawSox after last season to pursue a job in the Major Leagues. I spoke with Rich earlier today after he got done playing golf down in Florida. He was in a good mood since he played a good game and told me that he’s in Florida visiting his mom.

Rich lives just a few miles from Buford, Georgia where the Gwinnett Braves play. Rich told me that he is strongly considering taking a year off and enjoying time with his family. He told me he is really enjoying some family time and over the holidays took a cruise to the Bahamas with his wife. They have an awesome 6-year-old boy who will always keep you laughing. The young fella spends time in the clubhouse when his wife traveled to be with Rich.

   The players love the kid and I recall last season when he came out of the clubhouse running to his mom and was excited to tell her they have a player named Cheech! (Refering to Garin Cecchini) 

    Rich told me that the PawSox are the place to be to coach in the minor leagues. He told me, “I will miss all you guys. Mike (Tamburro) does a great job of running a ballclub and the fans are the best that I have ever seen. I loved everything about working with the PawSox and made some lifelong friends through my years in the Red Sox organization.” We wish you all the best Savy!

    Taking over the Pitching Coach duties is Bob Kipper. Kipper lives in South Carolina and has been the Pitching Coach for the Portland Sea Dogs for the last five season. He has been with the Red Sox organization for 17 years and has worked with all the Sox pitching prospects. Welcome aboard, we look forward to meeting you.


    Despite the weather, things are heating up as the pieces for the 2015 PawSox come together. It’s sure to be a fun and exciting season! McCoy will be opened 9-5 with the Team Store getting all the newest gear in daily. Come visit the Team Store and get the tickets for the games you want. We have PawSox gear, tickets, Suites, BBQ’s. Terrace Party Area, Birthday Parties, etc..All of this is……….”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                                     

   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros 



Where are They Now?…………… Sean Danielson

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Hope everyone is surviving this cold snap! Hate is a very strong word that should be reserved for only things you have a total disdain for. Let me go on record to say that I hate this cold weather! I have a habit of checking the temp each morning I wake up, and today when i saw the big O as in zero degrees it was so tempting to just hop back under the covers and wait for warmer weather. To make matters worse, the TV weather reported that the wind-chill will cause temps to drop below zero!

   We must all stay focused and remember that the PawSox Annual Hot Stove party is just around the corner, (date to be determined) and then Spring Training……By that time baseball chat will fill the air and McCoy Stadium will wake up from its hibernation and be ready to greet the fans!

    During the holidays I had a chance to speak via phone with former PawSox Outfielder Sean Danielson. Sean played for the PawSox during the 2008 and 2009 season. He loved the game, loved his teammates and loved the fans. Sean had quite the fan club and the young fans loves how he would spend time with them after games and signing autographs. He lives in the Houston, Texas area and still enjoys baseball, either playing or teaching.

     Several years ago Sean along with his childhood friend and 2 time world series champion Hunter Pence and Hunters brother opened the Hunter Pence Baseball Academy in Houston. Sean told me they he and Hunter have been friends since they were 10 years old. Sean did enjoy talking baseball with the kids and its no wonder that he ended up teaching them the game that he loves so much. (Sean is the middle guy)



    Sean is very happy for his childhood friend Hunter and shares in the happiness that Hunter is a two-time World Series Champion with the San Francisco Giants.



    Also on the 2014 Giants team was Red Sox 3rd Baseball Pablo “The Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval…Showing off the BLING!



      Sean was not a giant man but he could flat-out play. He had one of the best arms I ever seen earning him the nickname Shooter and his toughness earned him the name Spike. He answers to either one.


Sean Card 2


Sean card



    Sean is very happily married to the woman of his dreams, the very beautiful Ashley.

Sean model



   Sean was loved by his teammates because of his great sense of humor and his tough play style. Between the lines he was a pit bull who hated to lose and would play his heart out. Off the field Sean was that guy who was the first to sign up to go visit a children’s hospital, or help out with the PawSox Free Youth clinics and every other chance he could go out into the community to meet with PawSox fans young and old. 

    In 2009 he was awarded the Sullivan Tire Spirit Award for his work in the community. He shared the award with one of his favorite teammates, roommate, travel mate and his friend from Connecticut Jeff Natale. Add Bubba Bell and you have your three amigos. Natale had a pretty good radio show interviewing other players on “At Bat with Nat.”  He still keeps in contact with Nat and lives close to Bubba and they still spend time together. 

    One of the best thing I will always remember about Sean was the games he played, He had games for pitchers, position players and everyone. He brought Rock, Paper, Scissors to a whole new level. He had Warden, Bear Hunter and Cop, Ninja, Bear to name just 2 of the long list. They were absolutely hilarious. 

     Here’s an example of the Hunter, Bear, Warden.  The Warden Beats the Hunter by arresting him. The Hunter shoots the Bear, and the Bear Eats the Warden.  Sean and Bubba Bell demonstrate it. First you stand back to back and count to three.

Sean Game


        On the count of three you quickly choose who youre going to be…Here Sean is the Hunter vs. Bubba the Bear!  Looks like Sean won this one!  You must remember that part of the game is you have to make the sounds!  If you choose the Bear you must growl loudly. As the Hunter you must vocalize the Hunters gun Boom Boom Boom!  The Warden would yell you are under arrest!

   Sean game 2


      This quite handsome fella is madly in love with his wife. Every time he speaks about her he beams with happiness. He told me they have talked about starting a family soon.

sean 2


        Thanks for your time Sean, I really do appreciate it. We all wish you the best of luck in the future and from all off us here please give Ashley all out best. 

         If you email some of your other game we will be sure to share some of them. Keep smiling and keep swinging for the fences!  



       Hopefully next season I will mail you a Boston Red Sox World Series Champion shirt and just as important, a PawSox Governors’ Cup Back-to-Back shirt!    

      We’re all looking forward to warmer weather and Opening Night Starting next the PawSox will be open from 9-5 giving you that extra hour to swing by the box office after work and grab your tickets. You can also order online or just give us a call and we can take your order right over the phone. Whatever makes it easy for you because as you know was are always………..”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                                        

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 

Sled Hockey! Truly an Inspiration!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

     It is absolutely amazing at how fast the Holidays went by and Monday its back to work.

    After the Polar Bear Plunge blog I received an email from PawSox section 9 Season Ticket holder Rich Nadeau along with several pictures of him taking the Penguin Plunge at Salty Brine Beach.  Somehow I accidentally deleted the pictures. I saw that he was wearing a “Shortie Wetsuit” so I emailed him back telling him it didn’t count if you wear a wet suit. He was quick to reply that at least he went in, and then quickly followed that up with another about how it was a lot easier standing on the beach taking photos instead of going in the freezing water. I had to take on the chin and returned a simple email to him…….Touche

    I am not one of those for outside winter sports. I do love ice hockey inside an arena where its warm. I had absolutely no interest in taking the Polar Bear plunge despite Rick Nadeua getting one up on me.

   However, many years ago while at the Newport Athletic Club playing racquetball, they had a cold plunge that you jump in. It’s a big cylinder filled with ice-cold water. There is actually ice cubes floating on the top of it.

   After a shower I saw guys jump in, scream and jump out after getting fully submerged. At the encouragement of my friends I jumped in this ice-cold cylinder and went under. At first I thought it was a never-ending pit! It felt like stinging bees and it was very difficult to catch your breath. When my head popped out of the water my friends were gathered around laughing while I wonder how to get out of this thing.

   After pulling myself out it was a mad dash to the sauna to warm up. So the question is this…Did Mr. Nadeau really get one up on me? He had a wet suit and how much time did he spend in the water? We will see if we can get a response from him.  

    As the years pass and we get older it just seems like the cold bothers up more and more. We used to play pond hockey for hours and the cold never bothered us. Now the mere thought of it makes me shiver.

    During the Holidays I saw a posting from a friend of mine who posted a picture of him playing pond hockey. I sent him a text message to call me when he had a chance and he called a short while later.

    I first met Nourm several years ago when the PawSox were in Toledo to play the Mud Hens. It was my first time at the stadium and the game was about to get underway. I walked from the hotel across the street and ended up going in a door where I met Nourm for the first time. I let him know that a ass had been left for me, where can I pick it up? He then directed me to go to the ticket window located at the furthest other end of the stadium.

   I asked this young fella if I could cut through and he told me that no one is allowed in the area without a pass. He was very polite, professional and handled it very well. He then uttered just to let you know, “I love the Mud Hens and the Yankees and I hate the Red Sox!”  Of course my next question was if I was a Yankee fan would he let me through and he just smiled. I really liked this kid. Everyone that came through those doors met Nourm and was greeted with a friendly smile and directions. What could I do? I would have to hoof it back to the ticket office to get my pass.

   When no one was around we jokingly trashed talked each other about duking it out. You see, Nourm has been confined to a wheelchair since birth. You cant help but love this guy! I wanted to know more about sled hockey from the Guardian of the Door!




    He plays for the Toledo Walleye Sled Hockey Team and play their games at the Ice House not fare from Fifth Third Field, the home of the Toledo Mud Hens. Toledo also has the Toledo Walleye ECHL hockey team an affiliate to the Detroit Red Wings. Detroit is just about an hour away from the stadium.

    Sled Hockey is played for those with disabilities. The sleds themselves are quite interesting. The players get strapped into the sled.



   The players use two hockey sticks and on the end are these ice picks so they can manuever around the ice…




     Of course the hockey sticks are shorter.





   Quite the sport indeed! The USA Sled Hockey Team was voted the best in 2014 Paralympics Games in Sochi.



   Check out Team USA Sled Hockey………Awesome!



Our guy Nourm looks pretty good suited up ready to have at it!  This game is outside!!




   Nourm, keep up the great work and your positive attitude. If ever you decide to drop the mitts and slug it out during a game, remember not to take a run at a Sox fan………We are tough! If you ever get a chance,  stop by McCoy Stadium and have your picture taken with the 2014 Governors’ Cup. You can pick up some tickets and we can direct you to go all around McCoy Stadium to get in.  Happy New Year and All the Best, we will always be right………….Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                                


Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros


Happy New Year and Santa Paws at the Beach With the Polar Bears!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Happy New Year to all, and we wish you great health, great food and great yuks! Hopefully everyone enjoyed a fun a safe New Years Eve. Personally I went to see a friends band who played in Newport and it was a fun crowd although very crowded. As I sat there with  my friends we decided to have our own version of Dancing with the Stars and judge couples by their moves.

Now let it be known that back in the day I could really cut a rug, however, as the years passed it became a lot easier to sit back and watch others and repair the rug if need be.  We all realized that as the night goes on the dancers moves get wilder and bolder and as the dancing progresses to wild gyrations the loud singing from the dancers start as  they start singing word for word screaming in their partners faces like they were on a stage show in Las Vegas. Now this is gender neutral and both men and women indulge in this type of behavior. People having an awesome time as the near year approaches.

On the large, flat screen TV’s throughout the place, Times Square is on and its a couple of minutes until the new year. People wearing hates, light up glasses and multiple bead necklaces were warming up the noise makers. They had balloons that were going to drop from the ceiling at the stroke of midnight and my plan was to get a picture of the balloons dropping on everyone.

It was midnight!  The sounds of noise makers filled the air and the balloons fell. At the exact moment that I had my camera phone and snapped the shot a couple danced right in front of me and smooched!  This was my first photo for the New Year…



2015 was now here. In the morning it was the annual Polar Bear Plunge down at 1st beach in Newport to Benefit A Wish Come True. Each year one of the “Wish Kids” is selected as the Kid of the Day. Today it was Ryan who had lymphoma. It’s the last time for the time for Santa Paws as he changes back to just plain Paws and tucks the Santa Hat away for the year.

Paws and I arrive at the beach just around 10am. The temp is a very brisk 25 degrees with the strong wind blowing off the water chilling you to the bone. The beach is empty and only the volunteers are here.



The Plunge is scheduled for 12 noon and people start to arrive, including Ryan and his family who posed for a picture with Paws.  Ryan is on the left with his family, Paws and the Wish Bear.

ryan family



A Navy Seal took a photo with Paws…



Some people decided to enjoy some time laying on the beach catching some rays





A Sox Fan wanted to take a photo with Paws…



The beach started to fill up with those who would be taking the New Year’s dip…


This guy dressed up for The Plunge making it a “Black Tie Affair.”

Box tie



A couple of the Polar Bears pose with Ryan. The guy on the right, Bryan has been taking the plunge for the last 34 years! On the left, Charlie is in his 9th year.






Joseph, a member of the Penguins usually take the plunge at Roger Wheeler Beach in Narragansett said that he wanted to join the Polar Bears this year as a representative of The Penguins.



The Former Newport Mayor was there sporting his awesome ‘stache…



        Santa Paws gives everyone a wave before he leads the way…


 20150101_115806 (2)

Santa Paws takes some time to pose with more fans…

IMG_5189 IMG_5201


He then leads the way to the frigid ocean…

leading (2)


It’s then a mad dash for the water!

mad dash


      I can only imagine hot cold it is as they come out of the water…



      Mission accomplished and everyone had a great time. Ryan told me that his wish was to spend a weekend in New York and go to see his favorite football team, the New York Giants! When I asked why the Giants, he explained that his dad was from New York and they have always been Giants fans. Ryan said it was a blast and he got to meet a lot of the team, had great seats and enjoyed 4 days in New York City with his whole family! Another Wish Granted! We wish you all the best Ryan and look forward to seeing you at a PawSox game.

     On Monday McCoy Stadium is open for business and we’ll hit the ground running filling all your ticket orders for the 2015 season as the PawSox defend The Cup…….Dont hesitate! Pick your games from our schedule that’s online at or give us a call at 401-724-7300…..Count on us being…………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you             

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 



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