Paws Delivers!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

     Paws has himself a very busy weekend. Starting about 8:00 yesterday morning, Paws headed out to deliver a dozen roses, a PawSox ball cap and tickets to a game for all the lucky significant others for Valentines Day!


          Paws surprised many when he showed up where they work and gave them the goods!  Many times getting a peck on the cheek to reward the messenger! 


Paws kiss

         Paws would arrive at the home or the work place of the recipient of the fantastic gifts and shower them with the gifts sent by someone who loved them. 

Paws delivers

           The roses put smiles on all the faces of those who were presented with the goodies, and that’s what Paws loves to do…




       Paws really enjoys when he gets to deliver at a school so he can not only hand over the roses, but also meet the youngsters!


Paws school

       Happy Valentines Day from all of us who are……………..”Here For You!”

       Love hearing from you                                         

        Yours in Baseball,

         Rick Medeiros



What’s “Levo” Up To?


Greeting PawSox Fans!

The history of the Pawtucket Red Sox Radio Broadcaster moving on up is nothing short of Spectacular! Here is the list posted on the PawSox website when Jeff “Levo” Levering was hired by the Milwaukee Brewers to fill in on some road games for the iconic Bob Ueker on selected road games and to handle the Brewers social media.

The broadcasting legacy began in earnest in 1989, when, after two seasons calling games for the PawSox, Gary Cohen was hired by the New York Mets. He was followed by Don Orsillo (Boston Red Sox, 2001), Dave Flemming (San Francisco Giants, 2004), Andy Freed (Tampa Bay Rays, 2005), Dave Jageler (Washington Nationals, 2006), Aaron Goldsmith (Seattle Mariners, 2013) and Jeff Levering (Milwaukee Brewers, 2015). And this track record of success isn’t just limited to Major League Baseball. In 2011, Dan Hoard was hired by the Cincinnati Bengals after six seasons with the PawSox, and in 2013, Bob Socci joined the New England Patriots broadcast team after just one year in Pawtucket.

Levo was hired by the PawSox for the 2013 season edging out about 150 top-notch broadcasters. The Levo family celebrated with an awesome looking cake for the “New Voice of the PawSox!”


Levo fit right in with the PawSox Family with his quick wit, friendliness and overall impressive knowledge of sports. One thing that I really liked about him was his remarkable ability to know the name of every minor league team in the country. I would test him on a daily basis after checking the internet for some weird team names and he was literally 100% with his answers and it was baffling! How did he know this?

There were times I thought I had him stumped, but he came through…Here’s a few examples…”Hey Levo, Batavia” He’d swiftly reply, “MuckDogs.”


“Levo, I got you this time for sure….Fort Wayne?”    Again without hesitation, “Tin Caps!” Are you kidding?  Who would know this?



“Yo Levo, Gotcha this time…Biloxi”  He would chuckle and tell me, “Shuckers!”


“Ok, how ’bout this one……..Modesto”  Reply, “Nuts”



It was humorous and frustrating at the same time. Levo has a good sense of humor and we enjoyed some great yuks. His humor was quite evident on St. Patrick’s Day…



And of course Christmas…



I gave Levo a call last evening to offer congratulations on his new role for the Brewers. Brewers Radio Broadcaster Joe Block will be heading to work the booth for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Levering will now work alongside the legendary Bob Uecker…



You could hear the excitement in his voice. Beyond him being a great dude, he is a bundle of talent. Not only is he a fantastic baseball broadcaster, he also does basketball. Last season he did some TV basketball games, and received rave reviews. This basketball season he will be broadcasting 20 Big Ten games and 10 Big East games on Fox Family. He told me that recently he did the #1 Villanova game and it was very exciting.


During his time with the PawSox, he was very active with the Fans. He took the time to answer every email, and made himself available for every community event. Here he joins Season Ticket Holders the Souza’s…



Through all the talent and success of this young gent, what he really, really loves is being a husband and a father. I remember when Levo came to work one day and announced that he was going to be a father! He was so thrilled that he was going to be a dad.

His wife, Ashley, joined him at the ballpark one day to take a bunch of photos…In the stands…

preg 2

And on the berm were just a couple they took….



Once Brock came into the world, Levo took him to visit the staff. A scraping infant lad destined for greatness. He really loves being a dad to “BrockStar!”


A great photo!



The true Family man…


Levo fam


      Congrats again Jeff and we wish you all the best! You look good in the booth! Whats the chances of changing the name of Levis Landing, out in right field, to Levo’s Landing?  



         If you’re ever in the area on your travels, be sure to stop by and say hi! We will all be…………….”Here For You!”

        Love hearing from you                                                

       Yours in Baseball,

       Rick Medeiros


There Once was a Truck in Pa’Trucket


     Greetings PawSox Fans!

     Although there were some light snow flurries with the temp just hovering around 35 degrees this afternoon, (Wednesday) Spring was in the air and Fans gathered in front of the Ticket Office to await the arrival of the Red Sox equipment truck heading to Fort Meyers, Florida. Some of the PawSox young Fans took a little bit of a recess and headed across the street to check out the truck, and of course, say Hi to Paws and Sox!





        The adults took a break from work, and wanted to be here when the truck arrived. While waiting, Baseball theme music played over the outside speakers and Fans were clapping, singing and swaying as they sipped some complimentary Hot Chocolate. The truck arrived just around 1:15 blowing the air-horn and the Fans cheered!

Truck coming


          The Fans loved it! 



     Driver Al Hartz waved to the large crowd as they were channting…”AL-AN, AL-AN, AL-AN!


Al waving


                 Al spent some time speaking with the media about the journey..

       Paws climbed in the driver’s seat. However, after learning there wasnt any Igloos in Florida, Paws and Sox decided to ride out the winter right here in New England. 



       The media spoke with Sox Fan Tom McDonough,(Even after recent back surgery, he wanted to see the truck)  Tom is very active in the Rhode Island Reds Heritage Society and sang the National Anthem when they had their outing here. I spoke with Tom and he told me, “Rick, I was going to go to Fenway for Truck Day, but when I heard it was coming here I was happy because it saved me a trip!”  Thanks Tom!


      Since a lot of the young fans were doing the Dab, Paws and Sox joined them. Unfortunately, its unlikely that Cam Newton, QB for the Carolina Panthers, will be doing it anytime soon.

The Dab

          There was also a special surprise during the event. Some of the Staff wore the red shirts under their coats until the unveiling. A young fan was selected from the crowd and was asked if she could correctly identify the color of the new jersey, she would win one. She was allowed to ask the crowd for help and about 97% were saying RED!  The Staff opened their coats to reveal the new jerseys. Carl Goody Goodreau and Sam Sousa joined all the others and look quite nifty! As of right now, the red will be worn by the players for every Friday game.



      Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien spoke with the press about the event and was very pleased at how many people came to be part of it. 



                  Al opened the back of the truck to show the Fans what it looked it. Paws and Sox then bid Al safe travels, and helped close the doors…


            The Pawtucket Police Escort would lead this 54 foot mega monster on its way! 



          It was truly an awesome time. Seeing and chatting with the Fans we miss during the winter, we don’t get to see them much, was very nice.   PawSox Senior Vice President and General Manager Dan Rea reminded everyone how many days left for Opening Night…




          There is always something going on at McCoy. Make certain you check early and often! Or give us a call at 401-724-7300….We will be…..”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                                 

     Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 


The Truck is Heading to Ft Myers via McCoy!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

      Despite the snow, gusting wind and cold temps, Spring is closing in! In just 57 days, the gates will open at McCoy Stadium for Opening Night on April 7th!

        Checking the PawSox website at you will see that the Equipment Truck will be leaving Fenway Park to head to Fort Myers, Florida on Wednesday, February 20th. On the way down, the truck will make a stop at McCoy Stadium,


truck day


      Just in case you missed the release, here you go:

The Boston Red Sox Spring Training equipment truck will make a stop at McCoy Stadium this Wednesday, February 10 at 1 pm, as PawSox fans welcome and then send the truck on its way to JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, FL.

The truck will be loaded in Boston starting at roughly 7 am and take off on its 1,480-mile trip from Fenway Park around noon.


The vehicle will travel some 45 miles down the road and make a brief detour for its first-ever stop at McCoy Stadium, with fans of all ages invited to take photos, partake in other activities, and celebrate the long-awaited onset of spring. At approximately 1:30 pm, the truck will head back on the road to continue its journey south.

For the 18th straight year, Milford, MA native Al Hartz will drive the 53-foot truck, which will carry an assortment of baseball equipment and supplies, including: 20,400 baseballs; 1,100 bats; 200 pairs of batting gloves and helmets; 300 pairs of pants; and 60 cases of sunflower seeds. The celebration of Truck Day has been a Red Sox tradition since 2003 and signals the unofficial start of Spring Training. Moving services are provided by New England Household Moving & Storage.

     I spoke with the trucking company’s Operation’s Manager Kevin, earlier and he chuckled that he should hire a press agent to field all the calls about the trip. He explained that the 53 foot tractor trailer will arrive at Fenway Park at around 7:00 in the morning and a crew about 6 will get the truck loaded with all the equipment. Kevin advised that it takes about 5 hours to get everything loaded and then Alan jumps in the cab for the long haul to Fort Myers, Florida, almost 1,500 miles south. 

    As mentioned above, Alan has been driving the truck for the last 18 years! However, this year there will be a little bit of a detour leading Alan into the parking lot of McCoy Stadium. The truck will be there about 1:oo pm and leave about 1:30. 



    Truck Day has been quite an event at Fenway every year, and this year the PawSox will have it right at McCoy. 

truck crowd


       Alan will continue his journey to Fort Myers and is scheduled to arrive at Jet Blue Park on Saturday to unload the truck.



jet blue


        During Alan’s journey, he must adhere to the strict Department of Transportation rules and guidelines. Alan sleeps in the sleeper cab of the truck and will take in some nourishment, hen continues on his way, well rested, fed and fresh!  

After dropping off all the contents of the truck at Jet Blue Park, Alan will get loaded with some household goods to be returned northbound.

       So make plans to head to McCoy on Wednesday to bid a safe journey for to Alan and the truck. I have been sworn to secrecy that there will be a surprise for all attending the event! Grab a bag lunch, head to McCoy and join all the Fans for this first time event at McCoy!  There may be others, but you can always say you were at the first! We will be there! You know it…………Say it…………..We will be…………………”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                                     

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros



Paws Visits some Young Fans!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Hey, how bout this New England weathah? Fuggeddaboudit! It was snowing heavily in P’tuckit today!

    It’s actually quite fun living in Rhode Island. Yesterday when I drove to the ball park it was around 54 degrees, today, snow! Keeps it interesting indeed!

    Yesterday, Paws warmed a lot of hearts when he headed to Boston to visit the Boston Children’s Hospital. He met with a lot of youngsters and took photos with them, like this cute young lady who gives everyone the thumbs up…



            Paws got to meet a lot of the families…




          He took to the airways. Paws really knows his way around electronics…



      However, since he only knows how to communicate with Paws Language, Special Assistant to the President and General Manager, Joe Bradlee, translated for him over the speakers that are all around in the Children’s area. 


     Paws truly loves and appreciates all his Fans! Paws and Sox now have their own Twitter account and will be tweeting all around the region. Sign into Twitter and follow Paws and Sox through all their adventures! Although Paws and Sox enjoy the snow a great deal, they are looking for the start of the 2016 season and let everyone know they will be……………..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                                  

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros






Seeing Your Shadow!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

   Yesterday was Groundhog Day. It’s the day we learn if we will have a an early Spring or a longer Winter.


       It’s also the day that the movie Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray, cable TV plays the movie all day.


There are conflicting reports about Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania failed to see his shadow indicating an early Spring.


      Staten Island Chuck in New York and General Beau Lee in Georgia agree with Phil, predicting and early Spring, but Milltown Mel II in New Jersey saw his shadow and predicted a longer Winter. 



           I’m going to go with Phil and an early Spring. In about a couple of weeks, the Red Sox head south for Spring Training and we anxiously await Opening Day!  On Groundhog Day the PawSox Staff had a shadow…The shadow was students from Saint Raphael School just a few blocks from the ball park, who would “shadow” us for a few hours. 

    The group of students that were involved were great to talk with and listen to their goals and answer their questions. It was an awesome group of young adults that certainly made Saint Raphael proud. They posed with Staff member Manager of McCoy Enterprises and Internship Coordinator Grace Eng who led the effort along with Senior Vice President and General Manager Dan Rea.


             The young men and women had goals that varied. Some wanted to work in sports. A few set their sights on playing in the NBA. There was some who wanted law enforcement, physical therapy, sports trainer, finance, and all were dedicated to achieve their goal. The students spent some time in the ticket office, learning the inner workings of how tickets are ordered and processed. Please note that Account Executive Nicole does her best Cam Newton “Dab” impression.

Ticket Office

            Was her impression any good? Throughout the day, the students had some fun giving it a try.

The Dab


           They spent some time with Vice President of Sales and Sponsorships Michael Gwynn…


      They had a chance to hang out with Grace who gave them a complete tour of  McCoy Stadium…


Grace w


                    They had lunch with some of the Staff and had a great time.



           I also had a chance to meet them, and found they were very goal oriented, polite and well spoken. There is little doubt that these students will attain their dreams. In the short time we spent with them, you could see their dedication to hard work, education and an unrelenting desire to succeed!


          Thanks to all the students who spent some of your day with us. Again, you did St. Rays proud. We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you at the ball park for some games. Be sure to say Hi to all of us and count on us being………..”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                            

     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros




Happy Birthday Jackie Robinson!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

First lets congratulate the students of Bryant University for all their hard work in their project to enhance the Fans experience at the ball park. It was a very, very tight race, and when the final count was tallied, Group B won the contest. A job well done by everyone!  Here are the winner with their two-story building!

Hall of Fame


On Saturday, The PawSox opened the clubhouse to local youth to have lunch and celebrate the birthday of the late great Jackie Robinson, who would have turned 97 years old yesterday on the 31st of January.



Earlier in the day I headed to Boston to pick up two remarkable gentlemen to transport to McCoy. Thats when I met Frank Jordan, Special Advisor to the Red Sox and Judge Milton Wright an attorney who was subsequently appointed as a Judge due to his work ethic and no-nonsense approach. Judge Wright spent almost 20 years on the bench in Boston.

In chatting with them on the ride, they had dedicated their lives to helping the youth to lead a productive and prosperous life. There was no hidden agenda, no empty slogans, just flat-out caring for the youth. They spoke of the times of what it was like dealing with racism everyday. Both came from very humble beginnings and through hard work, determination and heart, they both are enjoying their lives and want to instill the right values and beliefs in every youth.

When we arrived at the ball park everything was ready to go. Everyone had a full belly from the outstanding Ball Park Lunch that was served…



The program began with Judge Wright belting out one of the best renditions of the National Anthem that you have ever heard. He grew up with music, and at a very young age his talent was obvious. He would sing at church with his family and to make some extra money the family would sing on the street corner. A booming, crisp voice..



Next up was Dick Flavin Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox. He recited an awesome Jackie Robinson poem that he authored. I encourage you to Google his name and enjoy some of his poems..


PawSox Team President Dr Charles Steinberg spoke of what it would be like if African-Americans weren’t allowed to play now.  Pacific Coast League President Branch Rickey III looked on. Steinberg asked the crowd who was their favorite player. Most of the youth declared it was David “Big Papi” Ortiz. Steinberg continued on that Big Papi came through big time in the last three Red Sox World Series titles and if Papi wasnt allowed to play just because of the color of his skin would have been a travesty and perhaps the Red Sox do not win the three titles.

Dr Charles and Branch


Steinberg then took his three World Series rings out of his pocket and put them on, held his hand up while joyfully saying that without Papi, perhaps he doesn’t get the rings…

Charles rings


The kids loved it, looking on in awe at three World Series rings…

Male student


Former Red Sox Outfielder and current Player Development Consultant for the Sox talked about what he faced as a young ball player trying to make it to the big leagues. He discussed going to eat at a restaurant with some of his white teammates. He explained, “I sat down with my teammates and a waitress came over and politely said that they don’t serve blacks here. He said that wasnt the exact words she used and I was embarrassed and humiliated and I waited outside in the car while my teammates ate their meal. It was a horrible feeling.”

Tommy Harper

Steinberg introduced Branch Rickey III whose Grandfather Branch Rickey the President and General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson to his professional baseball contract on April 19th, 1947…

Signing contract


         Rickey III explained what Robinson had to endure as he played for the Dodgers. His Grandfather advised Robinson that no matter how difficult it became, to “turn the other cheek.” The racial slurs, the vulgarity and taunting Robinson took, yet he became one of the best in the game! 



       It was quite an educational program and touched the hearts of everyone there. It was nice to meet all these fine people and watch everyone posing for pictures and despite the different shades of our skin, all getting along sharing stories and laughs. Students from Bishop Hendricken posed with Paws and Sox…



Team Paws


        The youngsters were happy with new baseballs!



     Ron Dalton was happy with his three World Series Rings borrowed from Charles…



             Everyone left with the 42 Jackie Robinson Story movie…



        And I had the honor of making two new friends! Judge Wright and Frank Jordan….

Frank and Rick


       I’m quite sure we will be hearing from Jordan and Wright again and looking very forward to it. Just think if we all did our part we could put racism in the rear view mirror. Though we may look different, have different backgrounds and even different values and/or beliefs, we can all love the game of baseball together!  Thank You Mr Jordan and Judge Wright, it was indeed an honor to meet Youse Guys!

    What better place to enjoy baseball than at McCoy Stadium where you can count on us always being……..”Here For You!”     

     Love hearing from you                        

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros




College Students Want to Enhance the Fan Experience!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The weekend is upon us after another exciting week at the ballpark. During the week we were visited by a group of about 20 Freshmen from Bryant University enrolled in the Sports Management program. Manager of McCoy Enterprises and Internship Coordinator. Grace Eng took them all on a full tour of the ballpark exploring every nook and cranny with the goal of the students to create an area that would enhance the Fan Experience.

The assignment was part of the Bryant University IDEAL Program Trade Show. IDEAL is the acronym for Innovation and Design Experience for All.

Now here is where we need your help. You, the Readers and the Fans are asked to vote for your favorite project. To cast your vote just email me the Group letter and it will be recorded. These students have endless energy,  and want their project to win. The deadline for voting is tomorrow (Saturday the 30th) at 9:00 am. The winner will be announced tomorrow. Thank you in advance and please pass the word to vote.



IDEAL = Innovation and Design Experience for All

  • A fast-paced, intensive three-day experiential learning program for all first year students
  • Students are split up into cohorts of 22-28 students and will work together in groups on a project
  • Part of the program is to do a site tour – this cohort contacted the PawSox for a tour of the stadium
  • After the tour, students must create a prototype that answers their prompt
  • The cohort group’s prompt was: How might McCoy Stadium (home of the Pawtucket Red Sox) enhance the fan experience during minor league baseball games?


Results of Projects:


Group A: PawSox Boggs’ Boulevard/Wade’s Way

  • Their strategy was to get fans to come to the games before gates open and to hang out around the ballpark before and after the game
  • Create a PawSox Hall of Fame center along Boggs Boulevard for fans to check out all the history of the team – similar to a Yawkey Way at Fenway
  • Along the paths are highlighted members in the Hall of Fame as well as concession stations (beer trucks, food vendors), souvenir stands and seating for fans to enjoy
  • Beside the stadium will also be a Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grill opened before, during and after the games as another location to
  • Jerry Remy’s restaurant and Hall of Fame building will be opened year round for fans to be in the area even when it isn’t baseball season

Boggs way


Wade Blvd

Group B: Two-Story Hall of Fame/Interactive Area

  • Their strategy was to encourage fans to stay later in the games and to provide a fun, interactive area in the ballpark for all ages
  • They removed the blue barbecue area and replaced with a Hall of Fame building on the first floor with noted memorabilia, Hall of Fame members’ jerseys and equipment and other larger items that wouldn’t be in the Hallway that is open for suites
  • The second floor is an interactive area with a batting cage, a pitching area, TVs to watch other sporting events and a seating area for parents to watch the game on the field
  • The entire second floor would be the floor to ceiling windows for the fans to see what’s going on outside as well for fans in the stadium to see the interaction floor
  • To ensure safety, they would have ushers in the interactive area to regulate how many kids playing at one time
  • This area could also be rented out for alternative events, such as business conferences and birthday parties to make up for the lost ticket revenue in the blue barbecue area



Hall of Fame


Group C: Two-Story Bar and Grill in Red Barbecue Area

  • The third group wanted to revamp the red barbecue area by replacing it with a two-story restaurant, one floor catering to families and younger children and the top floor with a bar and great views for younger adults and couples
  • The bottom floor would serve buffet style and there would be a fee to get in the area
    • Anyone who buys a general admission ticket, adults pay $10 and kids pay $5
    • Anyone who is a season ticket holder can make a reservation before those taken at the door and do not pay fee before entering
  • Outside of the restaurant on the bottom floor would be seating and fire pits for fans to enjoy as a backyard feel
  • The top floor would have open views to the field, much better than the bleacher set up the barbecue area originally had
  • Provides a fun and new location at the ballpark for fans to enjoy
  • The fee to get into the restaurant area would compensate for the removal of a barbecue area and the prices of food and beverage


Bud 2




Group D: Left Field Luxury Seating

  • The fourth group wanted to provide a luxury option in what is currently the left field terrace with a tier-system of seating options
  • The field level seating would be right at the wall for fans to get as close to the action
  • The second level would be more comfortable seating underneath roofing and be at a higher price with the elevated view
  • The top-level would be on the main concourse and allow companies to do group outings as well as families to hang out together
  • The area would be roped off like the left field terrace providing the exclusive element to interest buyers
  • This could appeal to younger fans because of the high-end feel and the view for the game

Terrace 2



Group E: Kids Club

  • The final group presented an idea that would keep fans at the ballpark for the entire game as opposed to leaving early
  • They removed a barbecue area in exchange to build a Kids Club for kids ages 4 through 10 to hang out and for their guardians to watch the game
  • The kids would have access to a miniature baseball field with a schedule of events during the game (contests, batting practice, etc.)
  • There would also be concessions available so families could eat in the Kids Club area without having to leave and go to nearby concession stands
  • There would not be a fee to get into the Kids Club so families wouldn’t have another cost in addition to tickets and food
  • The area could also be rented out for alternative events such as kids birthday parties, business parties and PawSox charity fundraisers

   kids 2



            What is your best option? What Group was the most creative? It’s a tough choice and these very innovative students had a short time to put this together. Please take a moment and cast your vote and share it. It was a great project for these young adults. These same students are the future CEO’s of huge companies, successful business men and women, world leaders or even the next All-Star baseball player….

    Looking forward to your vote! Get it in before (;00 am tomorrow…..We will be counting them….”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you,                  

    Yours in Baseball,

 Rick Medeiros 

Many Ways to Use a Binder Clip!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

As we go through life we see new technology almost everyday. As a youngster the neighbor kids would head outside to play, after changing into your play clothes of course, and play some type of game. Street hockey, basketball, baseball, stick ball, etc…

Way back then, when we weren’t outside, we would hangout playing pinball at the local bowling alley where most of us earned money to play the machines by being Pin Boys. You would step on the pedal, ten rods would pop up from the floor, and you would place the bowling pins, that had a hole on the bottom, on the rods, jump up out-of-the-way on the side, and the bowler would roll the ball. You would jump down, clear the deadwood, roll the ball back on the track and repeat this process over and over again. Now, you don’t even need to keep score. It’s all done electronically and displayed overhead so every bowler can see how bad or good you are.

pin boys


The technology arrived at the bowling alley in the form of a Pong game. We were hooked. We played the game for hours waiting our turns to take on the winner. The owner of the alley had a notebook he kept our scores in every week and whoever won had bragging rights for the week. It was great marketing tool to have us play more for those rights.



Technology took off…with video games…Atari baseball that we could play at home…

atari baseball


Tecmo Bowl, where you could be Bo Jackson and just steamroll everyone…



Donkey Kong became very popular…


Then game along the game that I feel started it all. Mario Bros.


Not long after, Play Station, Wii, XBox can be found in almost every home. With the advancement in technology, you can also play these games on our computers, phones and tablets! Just look at the progress made in scoreboards. From hanging numbers on a nail…


To the mammoth video board at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys…


Many years ago who would have thought that we could actually see the people we talk to on a phone? From anywhere in the world you can Skype and Facetime keeping in touch with family and friends no matter where they are.

As we grow and become adults, I strongly believe there is always a kid inside, regardless of what age you are. We enjoy new invention that make out life easier. Working in an office environment the Post-It notes are a must, They have so many uses. Reminders that you can stick around your computer screen so you’re always on top of things.


Easy to fold and stuff in your pocket, stick on a report for review and you can even decorate with them…



But one of my best gadgets is the Binder Clip…

Binder clip


The binder clip is so versatile with so many uses and come in assorted sizes…

sizes 2

They hold papers together without staples. They can secure a manilla folder closed so papers don’t fall out and you can even build monsters out of them.

Binder Monster


Now let me explain my use of the binder clips and my reason for sharing it with you. Every so often I think of something that I believe should be shared so that others may benefit. This is one of those times. Over the weekend at the Red Sox Winter Weekend I sat at the poker and pulled out what I refer to as my Portuguese Money Clip.

The guy sitting next to me looked at it and said it was so cool and a great idea. I explained that I don’t like carrying a bulky wallet in my rear pocket, and those slim wallets that you put in your front pocket are very limited to what they can hold. My money clip can hold credit cards, currency, poker rewards cards, business cards as well as laundry receipts or receipts for reimbursement. All secured in your front pocket without the bulky booty…Again, with all the different sizes, your options are endless. As you can see from the below photo the smaller clip can hold a small coin.



Once you secure the money clip you can stand it up and keep it ready to grab and go and makes a nice decorative piece sitting on every table.



They are very durable. The one on the left is brand new and the one on the right is 2.5 years old!

Old clip


It can be used to watch movies on your phone or use the speaker phone to carry on a hands free conversation…



      You can turn it into an exquisite piece by adding your name…



         You can customize it with your favorite team…


     Fishing for Autographs at McCoy Stadium is a unique experience…



       The binder clips can come in handy for “fishing.” Tie a string on it and you’ll be ready to go!



         Come out to a game and do some fishing! Tickets are now on sale, and you can get them at the box office, online or by phone! If you have any other suggestions for the binder clips, please let me know. Give us a call. We are all……”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                             

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 


Red Sox Winter Weekend at Foxwoods!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The weekend was indeed a tough one to take. A snow storm that shut down planes, trains and automobiles and even some cities and towns. Then yesterday, (Sunday) the New England Patriots get beat by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, and now head to the Big Game! However, there was some good over the weekend. It was the Red Sox Winter Weekend at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

The event drew people from all the New England States and some of the Fans we spoke to at the PawSox table were from New Jersey, New York and some traveled in from Baltimore! The event was very well-organized with something for everyone.


Foxwoods was prepared for with some Red Sox items!

Gifts - Copy


The event started on Friday with the Red Sox Town Hall Meeting with players and coaches…

Town Hall - Copy

It was announced that Wade Boggs number 26 was going to be retired at Fenway Park. Former PawSox Infielder/Outfielder and 2015 American League All-Star Brock Holt wears number 26…




Brock took the shirt off his back….

Brock 2


And handed it over to Boggs…It was a great fit!




The crowd loved it!



Former PawSox Manager Torey Lovullo and Former PawSox Hitting Coach Chili Davis share some yuks and a high-five…

Torey - Copy

The event on Saturday went 8am-5pm

Banner - Copy

There was so much to see and do.



They had Cy Young awards lined up, with Silver Slugger Awards and Gold Gloves…

Cy Young

The PawSox table had all the info needed to plan for the 2016 Season. Geoff set up the table and we were ready to get to it!

Geo - Copy

Paws met with Wally’s Grandpa Walter and Grandma Wilma…

Paws with grandma - Copy


There was a juggler in the area and I gave it a try, but didn’t do very well…

Juggle - Copy


The Boston Red Sox Hat Lady stopped by…


     Also stopping by the PawSox Table were part of the Red Sox Coaching Staff…(L-R) Brooke, Hitting Coach Chili Davis, Yours Truly, Asst. Hitting Coach Victor Rodriguez, First Base Coach Ruben Amaro, Nicole and Geoff.

       Group - Copy

    Inside the Premier Ball Room a lot was going on including a live interview with Dustin Pedroia..Dustin - Copy

         Live interview with Mookie Betts…(Can you tell the difference between the photos I took and the ones taken by Official PawSox Photographer Louriann?) 

Mookie NESN - Copy


             Louie “El Tianti” Tiant posed for photos and signed autographs…

El Tianti

        There was pitching…

Pitching kid - Copy

           Future Major League Power Hitter Jake has a great swing, with that look of determination!

Jake - Copy

      I got to meet Wally’s sister Tessie for the first time…


   There was a game show where the player in front could not use his arms. The player in back became his arms. The front player had to guess what he was. For example, was it a swimmer, a hip hop singer, an archer….Steve Lyons and Fred Lynn give it a try.

Lynn - Copy

         It looks like Henry Owens is giving Joe Kelly the Heimlich Maneuver…

       Owens - Copy


               The Fun Continued on Sunday with Baseball Clinics. PawSox Director of Community Relations, Joe Bradlee, a former college baseball player, gives youngsters tips on hitting…

Coach joe - Copy


         Red Sox Ball Girl and PawSox Special Assistant to the President Jackie Dempsey, poses with her and Tessie. She told us that she loves seeing and being with her parents…


Jackie D - Copy


          The whole weekend was tremendous! There was plenty of Staff to assist in any way. They had daily meetings and everyone was so awesome to watch them deal with Fans. It was great for all. 

     It’s now time to focus on the upcoming 2016 baseball season. We all need to put the Patriots loss in the rearview mirror and move on. We have tickets on sale for all the games you want! Get your tickets now so you wont be left out. We are…….”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros




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