Another Long Game!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

After the PawSox last game in Toledo, the Penske was loaded and off for Columbus, Ohio, just a shade over 2 hours away. Before leaving Toledo however, I had a great opportunity to met with some lifelong Red Sox Fans who tell me they live 3 seconds over the State Line in Michigan.

Mike & Chris took a nice keepsake photo on the Penske truck…


Their son, Corey, also a passionate Sox Fan, helped with the equipment bags…’



          It was nice chatting with my new friends, and Sox Fans from Michigan. It once again proves that Red Sox Nation is World Wide! I called Clubhouse Extraordinaire Jeff Black. It was agreed that I would drop the equipment off in the morning at 9:00. It was off to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, smack dab in the Arena District, a short distance from the ballpark.



          After a great nights rest, the equipment was delivered on schedule. When I went into the front office to say hi to these fine folks from the Columbus Clippers, I saw there was a human statue there. He was kind enough to strike a pose for me…



      At the ballpark, the Penske truck was swapped for a passenger van that would be used to shuttle the players to and from the ballpark. After a nice lunch, and getting some work done, I headed to Huntington Park to watch the game. I saw that the built an air-conditioned booth for the broadcasters. The broadcaster used to be outside with the Fans,but now they could escape the heat or the cold. PawSox Radio Broadcaster Will Flemming mugs it up for the camera.



     Yesterday, (Thursday) the seesaw battle of a game lasted 14 innings! The last time these two teams played was on July 3rd, in a 16 inning marathon! Meaning, in two games, they played 30 innings. I was a tough loss for the PawSox last night, as they walked in the winning run. The teams are right back at it tonight, and the series continues tomorrow on Sunday before we head back home. 

    I am a bit disappointed that I will miss the wrestling show tomorrow at McCoy. It should be a great time with Sting showing up and a title match. One of the all-time great wrestlers Mick Foley a.k.a. Mankind, posed for a picture with one of the best clubhouse managers in the world, Jeff Black.




       Tickets are still available for the wrestling show. Check out for all the details. The show will be fun and the Staff will be waiting be……..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you      

   Yours in baseball,

   Rick Medeiros


Holy Toledo!

    Greetings PawSox Fans!

    After completing the 4 game homestand at McCoy on Sunday, the Penske was loaded once again and Kenny and I headed to Toledo, Ohio. Since it was a 1:05 game on Sunday, it gave us a pretty nice cushion of time for the approximate 12 hour drive. 

   As expected, there was traffic throughout Connecticut, but after that, it was pretty smooth sailing. However, driving from one end of Pennsylvania to the other seems endless. Driving overnight, you do have the advantage of less traffic that makes a huge difference in driving through the construction areas where the highway is reduced to just one lane.

   Our goal is to arrive at Fifth Third Field, home of the Toledo Mud Hens, at between 9:00-10:00am. Due to the time cushion, we were able to stop, relax a bit and have a nice breakfast. At 8:47am, we turned onto Washington Street and arrived at the ballpark…


       We contact Logan, the Visiting Clubhouse Manager, and he was ready with his crew. My driving partner and a member of the PawSox Ushering Team, Kenny Estrella, jumps in the truck to help unload. Using my phone I take photos of Kenny and he objects telling me he doesn’t like his picture taken. Too late! He looked pretty good unloading the truck…



          Kenny was flying back home in a few hours, and the airport is just about an hour away in Detroit, so we had a couple of hours to kill. Kenny worked the game on Sunday, jumped in the Penske with me, drove to Toledo, Ohio, unloaded the Penske and wants to fly home on the same day to tend to his veggie plants and see his wife, his two biggest loves! (Also his kids and grandkids) Thanks Kenny, see you in Columbus when you fly back.

    Although the PawSox lost to the Mud Hens on Monday 7-5, they beat the Hens yesterday evening, (Tuesday) 4-2 with the help of Catcher Christian Vazquez who had a great night with a three run homer giving the PawSox a 3-0 lead that they never lost.

   When I arrived at the ballpark, I saw that my friend and Mud Hens Radio Broadcaster, Jim Weber doing his pre-game TV broadcast…(R) Jim has been the voice of the Mud Hens since 1975! 



       In his 40+ years, Jim hasnt missed a game. In 2014, he was inducted into the International League Hall of Fame. It’s always nice seeing the Mud Hens Legend.

Slug: SPT Hens30p  THE BLADE/JEREMY WADSWORTH  Caption: Jim Weber, center, is the first broadcaster to be inducted into the International League Hall of Fame as International League president Randy Mobley, right, presents him with the "Curtain Call" statue custom designed for Hall of Fame inductees Thursday, 05/29/14, at Fifth Third Field in Toledo, Ohio. At left is Mud Hens general manager Joe Napoli.

THE BLADE/JEREMY WADSWORTH Caption: Jim Weber, center, is the first broadcaster to be inducted into the International League Hall of Fame as International League president Randy Mobley, right, presents him with the “Curtain Call” statue custom designed for Hall of Fame inductees Thursday, 05/29/14, at Fifth Third Field in Toledo, Ohio. At left is Mud Hens general manager Joe Napoli.

      One of the biggest Mud Hens Fan is Jamie Farr who played the role of Maxwell Q. Klinger in the popular TV sitcom M*A*S*H*  Born in Toledo, Farr could often be seen in episodes wearing Mud Hens gear. Klinger-MudHens

          Farr is very proud of his Toledo roots…



    The Mud Hens, like the PawSox, care about their communities. Last evening was Holy Toledo Tuesday. They dedicate the game to something unique to the City of Toledo




          The Mud Hens wore their Holy Toledo Jerseys…



       What used to be a parking lot is now known as Hensville. A revitalized building that now houses Nine restaurant, an expanded Swamp Shop, (The name of the Team Store), Fleetwoods Tap room, rooftop bar and Hensville Park.



     Last evening there was a concert on the beautiful lawn of Hensville Park…


    The rooftop of the Fleetwood building offers a view of the ballpark…


    I took a picture with my phone from inside the ballpark. It is indeed quite a unique view…



      The PawSox play their last game in Toledo at 7:05 this evening. After the game, the Penske gets loaded for the 2 hour drive to Columbus, to take on the Clippers in a 4 game series. After that, we head back home to start a great homestand. 

    Recently, the Xander Bogaerts bobbleheads arrived at McCoy. Staff and Interns built a castle wall in front of Office Manager Carol…



         Words were added to the boxes, and Financial Intern Hunter, points to Carol’s window…



     The Xander Bogaerts bobbleheads will be stashed away until July 30th when they will be taken out of the boxes, and distributed to the first 3,000 Fans! Remember, its one bobblehead per person, not per ticket. Look forward to heading home, where we all are…….”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you             

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 



Meet the Manager, PokemonGo and In the Ring!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Yesterday, the PawSox Season Ticket Holders enjoyed the Annual Meet the Manager event. Manager Kevin Boles along with Pitchers Robby Scott and Chandler Shepherd. and a very nice question and answer session, with PawSox Radio Broadcaster Josh Maurer as moderator.



    Over the last couple of nights, some Big Time Wrestlers came to McCoy to promote the Wrestling Show taking place right at McCoy Stadium on July 23rd.

    On Friday, Todo Loco (L) and Teddy Goodz met with the Fans, posing for pictures and signing autographs. They threw out the first pitch together…

Wrestler Pitch

      They posed with Paws




       Todo and I squared off, yappin’ about a future match…



       Teddy Goodz and I just hung out a bit.



      Last night, BTW Champion Flex Armstrong  (L) and wrestler Danny Miles also met with the Fans!



    Scheduled to be at the event on the 23rd is WWE Hall of Famer Sting…



     Also scheduled is Fan Favorite, Lex Luger…



     It will be a great show, Todo, Teddy Goodz, Flex Armstrong and Miles are looking very forward to battling it out at McCoy. It will be some great action indeed! You’ll have a chance to meet all the wrestlers from 6-8pm! 


             Unless you’ve been living in a cave, I’m quite certain you have seen people walking around, staring at their phone. The PokemonGo craze is getting more popular by the day. Red Sox/PawSox Pitcher Joe Kelly, along with  teammates and Chef Rob doing the driving, rode around tracking down the Pokemon.




     Today after the game, join in the Fun!  Check it out!

In the wake of the new Pokemon app’s astounding popularity, the PawSox announced that fans will be invited to play Pokémon Go on the McCoy field and around the ballpark following the team’s series finale against Charlotte on Sunday, July 17 at 1:05pm.

All fans with tickets to Sunday’s game will be able to take part in this event, while those who cannot attend the game but would still like to take part in the post-game festivities can purchase a $5 ticket. Those with $5 tickets will be admitted through Gate B after the game.

The PawSox’ post-game Run the Bases will run as it does each Sunday, and Pokémon fans will be invited onto the field via the Right Field gate for approximately 1 hour once all the participants have finished running. Anyone participating in the Pokémon festivities will be allowed on the warning track, the stadium bowl seating, and the main concourse.

Pokémon Go is currently the #1 rated app in the iTunes App Store, and its booming popularity will be a big hit with PawSox fans this weekend,” said PawSox Senior Vice President & General Manager, Dan Rea. “McCoy Stadium is loaded with all kinds of Pokémon, ensuring that this coming Sunday will be a day to remember.”

Pokémon Go allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world using their iPhone or Android devices.

   Visit the website or give us a call at 491-724-7300 if you have any questions.

    It will be an awesome way to end the Homestand before heading to Toledo and Columbus, Ohio. Those Pokemon will all be………”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                 

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros  


Long Ball Wins The Belt!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Home Runs are always exciting in baseball. Fans always enjoy watching the ball sail over the wall, and at times grab a nice souvenir. Home Runs have a long list of names:


Long Ball

Big Knock




Moon Shot

Round tripper

  Just to name a few..

   No matter what you call them, you can call PawSox player Chris Marrero the 2016 Triple A All-Star Home Run Derby Champion!

   PawSox Season Ticket Holder Melissa LeTellier made the trip to Durham to watch the PawSox and the Durham Bulls play, then headed to Charlotte with her mom Linda to take in the All-Star game.

  Melissa kept me posted via text message about the HR Derby. Each player was given 4 minutes to hit as many homers as they could. After the first round Chris was tied with Reno Ace’s Rightfielder Kyle Jensen, hitting 10 home runs each.




    After round two, once again Marrero and Jensen were locked, each smacking out 16! Marrero was locked in!



             Celebrity Coach for Chris was former Carolina Panther, and current Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Steve Smith…

Jaguars at Ravens 12/14/14

When it was

    The Celebrity Coach for Jensen was former WWE Wrestler Sergeant Slaughter. The final round! Jensen stepped up to the plate, and when time expired he sent 17 balls over the wall! It was Marrero Time, and he put on a show, smacking out 7 in a row! He hit number 18 to win the title, with a full minute left on the clock! 

   Chris stated, “I knew I needed a lot of home runs, but the adrenaline just kept going,” Marrero said. “I kept going with the fans and swinging, and my guy throwing was throwing perfect.”

   Chris won the Title Belt saying, “It’s the best trophy I ever got!”



     Sgt. Slaughter raised the arm of Kyle Jensen for a great battle…



       The good Sergeant also congratulated Marrero…

sgtslaughter          The final tally for the Derby was 143 home runs were hit during the competition. Of those, Chris sent 44 sailing out! Very well done Chris, we’re all very proud of you. I’d like to think you got karma from your interview with me, giving you that big pop to win the derby.

   The PawSox return to play at McCoy after the break on Thursday, the 14th. Come see Chris and the rest of the Team take on the Charlotte Knights. The Team and the entire PawSox Staff will be………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you.               

   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros 



Heavy Rain, Double Header and Interview with an All-Star!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

On Friday evening, I was hanging with the great folks of the Triangle Red Sox Nation watching the game. Suddenly the black clouds rolled in and it began to drizzle. That drizzle throttled up to a driving rain causing the grounds crew to spring into action.


After quite a long rain delay, the game was suspended in the 3rd inning, with the Bulls ahead 2-0. They would resume the game on Saturday, playing 9 innings, followed by a 7 inning game. The PawSox were swept in the double-header 3-0 in the first game, and a see-saw battle in the second game losing 5-4.

Despite the losses, an evening at a baseball game is always a great way to spend some time with friends. Once again, the Triangle Red Sox Nation was a strong presence, led by their Governor Sean Bunn. As stated in my previous blog, Gov. Sean has been battling cancer. Although not quite at 100%, the best Governor in the Nation is well on the road to recovery!

Red Sox/PawSox Catcher, Christian Vazquez stopped by to wish Sean well. Sean’s mom and dad have such a great positive influence and attitude, it cannot help but rub off on everyone around them. Keep plugging away Governor! #SeanStrong


After the game this evening we head back to Rhode Island. Since it’s the All-Star break there is really no rush to get back. This is the time of the season that a lot of the players visit their families and friends. Take a couple of days away from the game and get some rest and relaxation.

There is one player that is heading back to Charlotte to play in the All-Star game. For the third time Chris Marrero has been selected to an All-Star team.



We made arrangements to meet in the hotel lobby yesterday prior to heading to the ballpark for the double-header, to chat a bit. Chris is a soft-spoken, great young man who has an incredible work ethic. One of his teammates on the PawSox is his cousin, Deven Marrero. He also has a brother playing in Double A in the Phillies organization.

When asked what its like playing with his cousin he replied, “He’s like my brother, I love the guy, we live together. Sometimes you just have to step back and enjoy the moment. I really enjoy playing with Deven. Not too many people get to go through what we go through, playing the game we both love.”

I asked what’s it like playing with the PawSox and Chris told me, “I love it. It’s great here. From the trainer, my teammates, the whole coaching staff, it’s really awesome. It’s a great group of guys on the team. I feel very comfortable here and really enjoy going to the ballpark.” He went on to say, “All the guys on the team all pull together and it really helps out on the field. I put in a lot of hard work, I have a routine and I enjoy it a lot here. When you have a comfort level, it really helps.”

I asked what he thought of Rhode Island. “Its really nice here. I got to spend some time in Newport and it was beautiful. I like Providence, there’s a lot to do and see. The Fans here are really awesome. There’ a lot of history here, and the Fans have a great knowledge of the game. Being so close to Boston, its such a big Fan base. All the Staff here are very nice and dedicated.”

Chris has not indulged in a clam boil or bake yet. When asked what his favorite restaurant was, he told me, “I’m a breakfast guy. I like going to Julian’s for breakfast, they have great omelets and blueberry pancakes.”

Chris carries himself as a true professional, both on and off the field. He made his Major League debut with the Washington Nationals in 2011…



     A great attitude, great demeanor and awesome skills is the formula for a successful career in baseball. Chris has them all, including the love of for his cousin Deven. It made for a great photo in the lobby of the hotel…


     Best of luck in the All-Star game Chris. We are all rooting for you! Thanks for your time, I truly appreciate it.

      After the break, the PawSox will start a 4 game homestand on July 14th. Check out for all the promotions for the 4 games. If you have any questions, give us a call at 401-724-7300. Come see Chris play, he will be………….”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                          

   Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros  


Y’all Talk Funny and It’s All About the Fans!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

After the final game in Charlotte on Wednesday night, which was a bit of a slugfest, the PawSox came up just short. Henry Ramos and Chris Marrero each went deep for the third time in four games, while Chris Dominguez hammered a game-tying, three-run home run in the seventh inning. Ramos smacked a mammoth homerun that left the ballpark, a blast that many feel is the longest in the short history of the two-year old venue. Despite the balls leaving the field of play, the final score was 8-6 in favor of the Knights.

After the game, the Penske got loaded up for the 2 hour drive to Durham, North Carolina. While loading up the Penske, I asked one of the clubhouse attendants if they had a cart to which he replied, “Why, do you have to take a nap?” At first I was a bit puzzled on why I would want a cart to take a nap. I then realized what just happened, the guy didn’t understand Rhode Islandese! While I was asking if they had a cart to put the equipment bags in to roll them to the truck, its interpreted by the southern folk as a cot.

It’s an ongoing issue whenever I travel to the southern states. When you ask at the hotel if they don’t have a washer and dryer, where the nearest Kleenaz is, they look like its a different language. You have to correct yourself and ask for the nearest laundromat. Same thing if you ask where to get a grinda. Or people laugh when you say you have an idear. The way to really confuse them is to say the following: “Ya not gonna believe this. I was standing in line at Benny’s reading the ProJo when I bumped into a friend of mine who is a god at the ACI. He asked me if I wanted to grab a Dels and get 3 all the way before heading to the kohawg festival, and he told me he had to work in the morning to pick up some guy who broke the lore. Lets head to Iggy’s and get a couple of stuffie’s first.” Being born and bred in Rhode Island, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Fuggeddaboudit!

The Penske was loaded, and off to Durham. Last evening I met with some of the members of the Triangle Red Sox Nation. I look forward to seeing all of these fine folks who have a passion for the game, the their beloved Red Sox. The Governor of the North Carolina Red Sox Nation is Sean Bunn. Over the years we have become close friends. The group does a lot of fundraising for cancer research and the Jimmy Fund. During the off-season, I learned that Gov. Sean was diagnosed with the horrible disease, and he is waging a battle and winning! It was great seeing my buddy at the game last night. (Thats Gov. Sean on the right)



We did have to sit through a rain delay, but the PawSox went on to beat the Durham Bulls, 9-1 in their first of a 4 game series. Rain in Durham is a lot bigger, powerful and fatter than the rain drops in Rhode Island.



    After every PawSox home game, PawSox Official Photographer and all around great young lady, Louriann Mardo sends pictures to members of the Staff and media to use. Many of her great photos show up on our social media pages. Recently she sent some photos of Fans. They were too good to not share. After all, the main mission of the PawSox organization is to serve the Fans!  Check these pics out from Louriann:

     Just too cute



     Cheering on her favorite Team!  The PawSox!

      A great tasting ice cream in the BBQ area…


   Always great Selfies at a ball game!



      Bring a toy truck to a game to occupy your time between innings…   



   The in-game In Debt to a Vet has become very popular…The Fans love to honor their men and women of the military.


     Always bring your glove, you never know when you’ll have a chance to snag a baseball…


    A great affordable night out for families…Baseball, food, music, mascots, etc…Nothing better!



     PawSox are a number One Family Destination. 



    How cool is this photo?


     A General Admission ticket gets you to the very popular grassy berm.  


       Thanks Louriann for the awesome photos. 

       We have three more games here in Durham before heading back to the Biggest Little State in the Union after the game on Sunday. The PawSox next home game is July 14th and the start of a short, but exciting homestand. Get your tickets right now! Someone is waiting for your call! As always, we are…………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you              

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros



Long game, Hitting for the Cycle and an All-Star Visit

Greetings PawSox Fans!

As most Fans know, the PawSox Fireworks Spectacular are always a popular event. The post game fireworks held on July 3rd every season, and sponsored by the City of Pawtucket Fireworks Committee become a neighborhood party.

Many people host cook-outs to await the always Fantastic fireworks display, and others gather around McCoy Stadium to enjoy the display. This year was no different, and the fireworks were Spectacular as expected. What wasnt expected was the 16 inning game before the fireworks!

The PawSox came to bat in the bottom of the 9th trailing the Columbus Clippers 3-1. The PawSox plated two runs to tie the score and head into extra innings. Although very pleased the PawSox tied the game, Kenny Estrella and I hoped that the PawSox would win this one swiftly.

It was a getaway day, and we had to get to Charlotte, North Carolina for a 6:00 o’clock game on the 4th of July. With every  pitch, precious travel moments dwindled as the game progressed into the 16th inning, ending when Henry Ramos blasted a walk-off homerun! Oh Henry! Thanks!


Once the Penske was loaded with all the equipment, we headed south at 1:03 in the morning. At 2:03 in the afternoon, we pulled the Penske into BB&T Ballpark, the home of the Charlotte Knights.


It was a long day and night indeed, and Kenny and I were looking forward to the wonderful Doubletree Hotel located within walking distance from the ballpark. The hotel is located on the Campus of Johnson and Wales University. Checking in, we met a couple of the nicest young ladies that you could ever meet. Dina and Luciana were very welcoming and gave us our warm chocolate-chip cookies at check-in. Luciana(R) is from Connecticut and graduated from JWU in Rhode Island. Both are a credit to the Hotel/Hospitality Industry. Thank you!



The PawSox beat the Knights 7-4 in the first of a 3 game series. Once again, Henry Ramos came through, hitting for the cycle in a feat that hasn’t happen with the PawSox since Michael Coleman in 1999.

The Charlotte Knights had their fireworks Monday after the game, with the biggest crowd ever at this beautiful venue. BB&T Ballpark opened its gates in 2014 and last evenings crowd of 10,752 was the largest ever. That number didn’t include the throngs of people lining the streets to view the fireworks.


Prior to the fireworks, Veterans from every branch of the United States Military walked onto the field with a huge American Flag.



Every Veteran was introduced by name and slowly unfurled the Flag, it was so awesome!


The PawSox beat the Knights again on Tuesday 8-4 and close out the series on Wednesday and then we head to Durham, N.C>

Beginning on July 11th, the Charlotte Knights will be hosting the Triple A All-Star game, with the actual game being played on the 13th. It should be a great event.

As  noted on the previous blog, the PawSox hosted the 204 Triple A  All-Star game. One of the shining stars in the entire league was Earl Snyder. In 2004, Earl tied the season homerun record for the PawSox by blasting 36 balls over the fences in the International League. The two other players who led the league in homeruns was Jack Baker and Izzy Alcantara.

96-ultra-alcantara Jack Baker Red Sox

During the first week in June, Earl and his family returned to McCoy Stadium, this time as Fans. He tossed out the first pitch…

Earl Pitch


He reunited with PawSox Vice Chairman Mike Tamburro…and together with his very lovely wife and kids, they took a nice photo.

Fam and Mike T

Earl and his family toured McCoy Stadium’s Wall of Fame where he has several pictures hanging. One of my favorites is the picture of him holding a torch to light the Waterfire in Providence when the PawSox hosted the Triple A  All-Star Game in 2004. 



        Below is a picture of the outfield of Coca Cola Stadium in Buffalo, home of the Bisons. Hitting a ball over the fence into the stands earns you a homerun…




      Hitting a ball out of the park earns you a circle in the parking lot of where the ball landed, the year and how many feet. Earl has earned a circle in the lot. Although I cannot remember how many feet, the circle on the far left belongs to Earl…



      Earl made his Major League debut in 2002 with the Cleveland Indians. In 2004, he was called up to the Boston Red Sox. He is now retired from baseball, and has a very successful career in law enforcement. He is a poster boy for the adage of speak softly and carry a big stick. Earl is a very quiet, reserved and humble man and his powerful bat is his big stick.

   Thanks Earl for your time. It was great seeing you and your wife again, along with the kids. Come back any time, we love seeing youse guys! You can count on us being………”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you           

     Yours in Baseball,’

    Rick Medeiros 

Congrats to a Couple of All-Stars!


    Greetings PawSox Fans!

    With the month of July at the doorstep, not long after through the door, you walk into the All-Star Game. The mid-season break starts on July 11th in Charlotte, North Carolina. Proudly representing the PawSox will be Pitcher Sean O’Sullivan…

This is a 2016 photo of pitcher Sean O'Sullivan of the Boston Red Sox baseball team. This image reflects the 2016 active roster as of Feb. 28, 2016, when this image was taken. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


     Also selected is PawSox Outfielder, First Baseman and Designated Hitter Chris Marrero…


          Congrats to Sean and Chris for the well deserved honor in representing the PawSox!

     It’s been 12 years since the PawSox hosted the 2004 Triple A All-Star Game. With almost a year planning for the event, it was a lot of time and hard work, but the final product was magnificent! For three days and nights, Downcity Providence was turned into a treasure trove of baseball, food, entertainment and a whole lot of fun!

state house

   From the State House hosting a cocktail party, to the skating rink there was always something going on. Just across from the State House, the Doug Flutie Band played some great music that had hundreds of people dancing and singing…



      It was the first time I ever met Flutie. Everyone always talked about what a great guy he was. I can now attest to that. After they got done playing, Fans lined up for autographs. He sat on the edge of the stage, and signed for every single person. Chatted with them and posed for pictures. For about 1.5 hours, he sat there signing, meeting and greeting the people. On a side note, the band is awesome.

   Later on, Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block took to the stage set up at the skating rink across from the Biltmore Hotel…



         Despite some overcast skies and drizzle, thousands of people flooded Providence for a great time. All the All-Star Players from the International League and Pacific Coast League and their families were treated to a great dinner at restaurant that was closed to the public for the evening.

    After enjoying dinner, all the players were given torches, boarded a boat, and lit the Water Fire…It was a beautiful sight!


         During the 3 days in Providence, members of the PawSox Staff remained overnight to oversee all the memorabilia and equipment that were part of the All-Star experience. 

     Budweiser had a great looking exhibit with 5 of their giant Clydesdale secured in huge pens. 

ST. LOUIS, MO - APRIL 08: The Budweiser Clydesdales trot around the warning track during the pregame ceremony for Opening Day on April 8, 2013 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. The St. Louis Cardinals take on the Cincinnati Reds. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

          On the first night, about 2 in the morning I heard the Clop, clop, clop of a horses gallop. When I looked around, I saw one of the enormous Clydesdale running down the middle of the road in front of Uno’s at Providence Place Mall. Quite a distance away was a guy running after the horse yelling, “Stop.” 

   Evidently the horse didn’t know what Stop meant as he gained speed taking a left turn. At this point, some police officers who were working a detail at the site, jumped in their cruisers and attempted to round-up this monster of a horse. 

  The PawSox had rented several ATV’s making it easy for Staff to scoot around, so I jumped on one, hit the throttle, and joined in the attempted roundup! Fortunately, there was a Mounted Providence Police Officer in the area who was able to guide the mammoth beast back up the road, and subsequently back into his pen.

  One of the supervisors who was asleep in a trailer when the Clydesdale “escaped” from his pen was not too happy,  and asked the guy that was running and yelling stop what happened. The guy was trying to decide what he should say, then finally just told the boss what happened.

  There were a couple of girls walking through the area and saw the Clydesdale and stopped to take pictures. The running guy explained that the two girls were visiting from New York and wanted to take a picture with the horses inside the pen.

  Once the pen was open, the girl attempted to take the horse out of the pen despite the pleas of the running guy, and the horse took off. After a profanity laced tongue lashing by the boss, the running guy was told to not ever do it again. All was back in order, and I spent a little time chatting with the running guy while sitting on a hay bale.

   The Home Run Derby featured Team DiMaggio vs. Team Pesky. When it was over, Bill “Spaceman” Lee was crowned the winner! Dom DiMaggio presented Spaceman with The Cup while Johnny Pesky looked on.

AAA All-Star HR Derby


    The next blog will be about the 2004 PawSox All-Star Earl Snyder. 

     The PawSox will be McCoy from Thursday to Sunday before heading back on the road. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will all have post game fireworks. What a great way to spend a holiday weekend! Affordable Family Fun loaded with excitement! Tickets are still available for all games! 

   The weather will be awesome, fun will fill the air and we will all be………..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you.        

   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros

3 in a Row and Meet the Intern!


   Greetings PawSox Fans!

   Not sure if you’ve been to McCoy Stadium over the last couple of weeks, if not, you missed a ton of fun! There was 90’s Night with all music being from the 1990’s , followed by a post game Fireworks Spectacular. Saturday was the Wade Boggs bobblehead giveaway with the first 3,000 Fans taking ownership of the collectible bobbleheads. Yesterday, like every Sunday was our Sunday Family Fun Day, not only was there Run the Bases after the game, it was also Irish night. There was Irish Dancers, a lot of Irish music and a great time.

    Yesterday was also the inaugural Food Fighters Race. Rhode Island Themed characters, Lucy the Lobster, Calvin the Calamari, Wendell the Weiner and Scruffy the Stuffie raced to the finish line, with Scruffy winning.


     Pick your favorite character and enjoy the races to come. Who will be the next winner?

     Brock Holt was also in town to join the PawSox before heading back into the lineup for Boston.



      After the game yesterday, the PawSox headed to Rochester to play a 3 games series against the Red Wings. With a quick turn around, the Team leaves after the game on Wednesday and head back to McCoy to take on the Columbus Clippers starting on Throwback Thursday to start an action packed 4 game homestand. 

    Then one of our most popular times of the season, its 3 in a row of post game Fireworks Spectacular! Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Get your tickets now! Come to 1, 2 or all three games. Its a always a great day/night at a PawSox game!

    Now lets meet one of our Interns for the 2016 season.

    His name is Dominic Percia. He was born in Sterling, Massachusetts and now calls home Orlando, Florida and attends Florida State University, majoring in Marketing and Professional Sales, graduating in 2018. Dom is a hard worker and is always willing to help with anything.



     Dom explains that he was the youngest of 5 siblings. Later, Dom’s parents adopted a girl who he says had a major impact on his life. He told me, “I am who I am because of my siblings. Even though Ang, (his adopted sister) was younger than me, she taught me the most.”

   He told me Ang is the main reason of why he is patient and caring. He said, “She taught me to break out of my shyness shell, and taught me how to deal with problems in life.” Dom went on to say, “Ang died when I was 15 and it made me grow up to be a man real quick.”

   Dom is a tall young man and discussed how he found himself when he found basketball. It gave him the confidence that he could do some things very well once he set his mind to it. He talked about playing basketball in high school. “I surprised a lot of people at my high school when I made the basketball team when at the time there were much better athletes than me, but they didn’t work as hard.”

   His goal is to be a sports agent and will be working towards a double major at FSU. “I believe hard work will help me achieve my goal. “Watching my brother work for the Red Sox really gave me a big boost and got me hooked on working in sports.” 

 Q) What is the best part about working with the PawSox?

 A) Being involved where I can learn about the sports business. Something I’m very passionate about.

 Q) If you weren’t working for the PawSox, what would you be doing?

 A) Anything that I would be working towards my goal. Somewhere I could learn the business.’

 Q) Favorite Sport?

 A) Basketball.

 Q) Your favorite hobby/pastime?

 A) Spending hours on a basketball court, watching sports or ESPN and of course spending time with family and friends.

 Q) Your favorite music?

 A) Really dont have a favorite. But, if pressed to name somebody, I believe it would be Eminen.

 Q) Favorite food?

 A) Anything Italian. Chicken Parm is the best.

 Q) If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

 A) Michael Jordan. I knows he loves the game as much as I do and he has a genuine respect for the game.

 Q) Favorite McCoy Moment?

 A) I came to a game here a few years ago with my nephews. It was great because it was my first chance to bond with them.

 Q) Besides the PawSox, who is your favorite team?

 A) Tampa Rays. Just because they are close to Orlando.

 Q) What super power would you choose?

 A) Flying. I would get to see the entire world!

 Q) Favorite Ice Cream?

 A) Coffee.

     Thank you very much Dom. You are indeed a fine young man that we enjoy working with. 

  Get your tickets right now for the upcoming homestand. You can meet Dominic and enjoy all thats part of a PawSox game! Dom and all the Staff will be waiting………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you      

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros


PawSox Win and Remembering Ali

Greetings PawSox Fans!

We left Indianapolis after the game on Thursday night, and arrived here in Louisville, Kentucky at just about 1:00 in the morning.Unfortunately, the PawSox were swept by the Indians in their 3 game series. However, the PawSox bounced back nicely last evening beating the Louisville Bats 9-1. 

    While in Louisville, we stay at the Galt House Hotel. I love the place. It’s a very historic hotel with a Kentucky Derby Theme. It’s 25 stories high with an incredible 1,300 rooms! Two hotels, connected by a beautiful skywalk.


   I call the hotel a couple of weeks early to request a room with the “Common Balcony” that runs along the 4th floor of the hotel. I enjoy the view from the balcony of the river and the oldest Mississippi type Steamboat in the world. 





      I spoke with Sally, a supervisor, who advised me that all the common balcony rooms were sold out.I was a bit disappointed when Sally told me that all the rooms were sold out. However, my disappointment swiftly turned to happiness when Sally advised me that she could get me a room with a private balcony that overlooks the river. 

   When I checked into the hotel, and made my way to the room I couldn’t believe it. My room was 839, in the apartment section of the hotel.image


    When I opened the door of the room, this is what I saw…A hotel room with a long hallway!


        A full kitchen and dining room…



     A big living room…



      The bedroom and bathroom were enormous and there was enough closet space to fit all the equipment of the team. I called down to the front desk and asked if they had a laundry room on site. I was told there is a washer and dryer in my room. I oped one of the doors near the kitchen, and discovered my very own washer and dryer!



     As much as I love the room, I wanted to once again visit the boyhood home of Muhammad Ali. A few years ago I visited the home, but has been renovated. I was saddened to hear of his recent passing, and saw parts of the funeral procession as it drove around Louisville. 


      I spoke with several Police Officers who worked the day of the funeral, and every one of them told me is was something like they have never seen. One of the Officers told me that some reports estimated almost a million people viewed the procession in Louisville.Looking at some of the photos, its easy to see that number isnt too far off…

funeral 2_G

        Ali’s boyhood home is considered a Louisville landmark. I enjoyed visiting it again.




       Traffic on Grand Ave was a bit heavy, as you would expect. People stopping by to take photos and/or leave flowers or a sign…



      I have always been a big Fan of Ali. He seemed to be one of those athletes you loved or hated. Didnt seem to be any type of middle ground with “The Greatest.”  I always found his rhymes very humorous. Of course his most famous tag line: “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

   Before Ali fought George Foreman:

Now you see me, now you don’t.
George thinks he will, but I know he won’t


Before fighting Joe Frazier in Manila:

                                                                        It will be a Killer, And a chiller, And a thrilla.
When I get the gorilla in Manila

 In 1969, I remember going with my Dad to the Ponta DelGada drive-in to watch the computer fight of Ali vs. Rocky Marciano. The Super Fight is now on DVD…



   I can’t exactly recall who won, but I believe, the computer fight had Ali knocking out Marciano. Its a debate that will continue for a very long time. Who would have won with both in their prime? The world will never know…

     RIP Mr. Ali…


     The PawSox play game 2 of their 3 game series tonight. My driving partner Kenny will be flying in this afternoon to help with the drive home after tomorrow nights game. I want to thank Kenny’s wife Beth and his family for granting his wish to come to a game in Louisville!

   It’s always great to get back home to McCoy, and there is a ton of fun and exciting promotions coming up on the next homestand starting on Monday. Check out our website at for all that’s happening. Get your now! Take a group, family, friends and neighbor. It doesnt get much better than spending a night at a PawSox game. We look forward to seeing you, and always being……….”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                

       Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros  




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