National Drink a Beer Day!


  Greetings PawSox Fans!

Today is National Drink a Beer Day! So for those of you who are of legal age to enjoy the frosty, amber-colored foamed topped beverage, throw one back while watching the Sox game. But always, drink responsibly. Something just always go together, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Turkey and Dressing, Fred and Ginger, Abbott and Costello and Beer and Baseball. (Of course you can also add in hot dogs, however, National Hot Dog Day is in July)



Growing up Rhode Island, everyone knew of the slogan, “Hi Neighbor!” The Narragansett Brewing Company was our own…


    And also a sponsor of the Red Sox…



 When a Fan chooses to indulge in a beer at a sporting event, they have to be prepared for balls, bats, gloves, players, etc…heading into the stands…Many beers have been lost!



  In basketball, a player can take out a whole tray…




 It’s always nice to have a Wing Man…



Jayson Werth shows some great skills by being able to hold his beer, and still pull in a fly ball.



    During the 1959 World Series, Chicago White Sox Left Fielder, Al Smith, wore the beer from a Fan…


    Beer can be bought at some of the concessions stands, or by one of the beer vendors who make their way throughout the ballpark lugging a heavy iced down cooler. You can find these vendors making their way up and down the stairs all around McCoy Stadium. One of the beer vendors I got to know during road games was Tom “Conehead” Girot. You can see him at Coca-Cola Park in Buffalo, New York, working the Bisons games. He makes his way around the ballpark hawking ice-cold beer with his Conehead Guarantee..”If you get a warm beer from me, you get to drink it for free!”


 During one of our trips to Buffalo, there was a day game, and at night the Boston Bruins were in town to play the Buffalo Sabers, so a bunch of us went to the game and Conehead was vending there! He wears a linesman shirt…



      After playing in Buffalo, we traveled just about an hour to Rochester to play the Red Wings, and guess who was there?  The Conehead!


      It’s also said that Conehead does the Buffalo Bills games!  He is one busy vendor. 

     Hopefully the Red Sox get busy and clinch a playoff spot this evening (Wednesday). At McCoy we are all getting ready for the 2017 season. Once again, please get us your ideas and suggestions, we want to hear them all! Email or phone call is fine, and we are all………”Here For You!!”

  Love hearing from you    

   Yours in baseball,

   Rick Medeiros

Run and Fun to Stand Up 2 Cancer!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed their weekend as the weather slowly gets a bit colder by the day, perish the thought.

On Saturday night, the PawSox hosted the first ever Night Nation Run. The best way to explain it is, there is a run/jog/walk  that started near Gate A, proceeded to the football field, around the football field, back to the ballpark, around the warning track, up on the concourse and ending just about where it started. When we arrived in the morning, everything was set up and ready to go. A part of the proceeds for the event go to cancer research and has raised millions of dollars!



Slowly but surely, around 3:00pm people started showing up.



The race kicked off just around 7:30 when thousands of people arrived. Paws and Sox took part in the race, and Paws headed to the start line, warming up along the way…



They released the runners hundreds at a time…


Many runners came in costumes…




Right after the run, it was the After Party!  Paws and Sox loved it!



They took to the stage to show off their dance moves…



The young ladies dancing were absolutely tireless!



The party continued into the evening, and people loved their glow batons and necklaces…front-copy


Laser lights danced on the side of the ballpark…



The music was great, the food was awesome, there was plenty to drink and everyone had a great time!


  There were some great lighting displays and smoke machines…


    The crowd loved it!


  It was a Glowing night for a great cause…


   The Stickman suits were awesome…



    It was a spectacular time! Everyone had a great time and left behind the evidence of a fun party…



           Please keep checking for any upcoming special events. If you have any question, suggestions, ideas, please let us know. We want to hear what you have to say. Send an email to We want to hear from you! You know we will be……….”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                      

   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros 

Triple Header and Throwback to Billy Gilman!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Yesterday, (Wednesday) there was a lot going on here at McCoy Stadium. The day started off with the 2nd Annual Chevrolet Softball Showdown. The teams are made up of employees from Paul Masse Chevrolet, Hurd Chevrolet, Tasca Chevrolet and Balise Chevrolet. Although they all basically know each other, they mean business! 

    Two Teams play, and the other two teams play, and the winners meet for the Championship Rhode Island Chevrolet Title and of course bragging rights. Balise won the first game beating Hurd. chevy


    I did take some photos during the game in a very advantageous spot, positioned behind the batter. However, after this foul ball headed right for me, I quickly moved to a different location!



    The second game pitted Tasca against Paul Masse. It was great game, with everyone giving their heart and soul. The Championship game was a pitching duel! When all was said and done, Paul Masse reigned supreme! Congrats guys, well deserved!



     Once we cleared the field and the ballpark, we  opened the ballpark back up to host the College Fair…They were waiting at the gate..


       And the line extended around the outfield…


  Inside there was 120 colleges and universities to check out…



     They answered all questions, and had a chance to show off their schools…



    Over 2,500 students attended the fair to plan their future!  



    Needless to say it was a busy day and evening at McCoy. There was some softball, and some awesome education info to help plan your future.

   It appears that the future will be bright for one particular Rhode Islander. His past was pretty successful, and thankfully, he is back. I heard that Billy Gilman was going to be on The Voice. Now, I offer a disclaimer, the only time I saw The Voice was when I was doing a little channel surfing. However, I did want to see Billy. 

  Many years ago, when Billy was just youngster, he came to McCoy and sang the anthem. He did a magnificent job and was listed as one of the best. I did watch Billy on The Voice and he nailed it. Adam Levine was the first one to turn around, and subsequently Billy picked him to be his “Coach.”


    Last time I saw Billy, he was a little guy with a whole lot of talent…




       Now he’s a big guy with a whole lot of Talent! 


      Check out Billy singing the National Anthem on Opening Night when he was 12 years old!  

     Dont forget the Night Nation Run on Saturday. Going to be a fun time indeed. Check out for all the details, or just give us a call. We are………….”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                                  

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 

Skip and Have Some Punch!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Today (Tuesday) is National Punch Day. Now there are a few ways you can look at and celebrate the day. You can choose to use a hole punch…



Probably one of the first things that came to your mind, was a physical punch…Never a good idea…



The tastiest of the 3 would be a nice cold glass of fruit punch…



Enjoy a nice punch beverage while watching the Boston Red Sox make their way to the playoffs! Looking at the lineup, its incredible that not to long ago, many were playing for the PawSox. There is a familiar face in the dugout, that of PawSox Skipper Kevin Boles, who brings some punch to the team with a Red Sox record of 8-3 since getting the call to join the Sox after the PawSox season was over!

Boles was chosen as the new Manager from the Portland Sea Dogs for the 2014 season…



In his first year, the PawSox beat the Durham Bulls on their field to win the Governors’ Cup…cup


 Getting to know Boles over the last couple of years, he is a very no-nonsense, intense Manager who loves winning.



  Although he does enjoy a good laugh, he takes the development of the players very serious. He has been with a lot of the current Sox players for several years. Jackie Bradley, Jr, Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Christian Vazquez, just to name a few.

Boles has a brilliant baseball mind and is well-respected by his team, staff and peers. 




     Keep up the good work Skip! Lets win another ring!

    Tomorrow the PawSox will host their Annual College Fair with over 100 colleges expected to attend to answer all your questions. On Saturday, the PawSox will have the first ever Night Nation Run. A run/walk with music, special lighting, food and drink.


     The Night Nation Run benefits Stand up to Cancer (SU2C) Dont miss it! Visit for all the details and get ready for a great time! We’ll be looking for you, and you can see us being……..”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you          

   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros




Scott Gets an Award and The Call!

   Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Its been quite an exciting month for PawSox Pitcher Robby Scott. He got the Call to the Show ! When the Red Sox were playing in Oakland recently, Robby got the call in the 9th inning to close it out. He quickly struck out the first two batters he faced. The next hitter, smacked an infield grounder that could have went either way, however, he was awarded a hit. The next hitter popped up to end the game, and Scott had his first taste of being a Major League Pitcher. 

    If you recall from a recent blog, Scott won the Pitcher of the Year Award. However, since he got called up, the award was kept safely at McCoy, and PawSox Special Assistant to the President and General Manager Joe Bradlee brought the award to Fenway today where he was presented with the award by L-R PawSox Senior Vice President/General Manager Dan Rea, PawSox Manager Kevin Boles, Robby Scott and PawSox Chairman Larry Lucchino.



     Robby isn’t only a big league pitcher, he is also one of the first ones to take the lead for clinics, getting involved in the community, and working with the youth. He’s a great teammate and well liked by the Fans, and PawSox Staff.

   I first met Scott when I had to pick him, Matt Spring and Keith Couch up at the airport for the PawSox annual Hot Stove Party. It was rather late in the evening, and as I was driving them to the hotel, they were all joking about how I talked funny. I tried to explain that being a lifelong Rhode Islander, we have a certain accent. 

   As they all attempted to try to sound Rhode Island, I exited off the highway and headed to Kennedy Plaza. There was the Haven Bros. truck. They were instructed to go inside the truck, walk up to the counter and tell the guy, “Gimme tree all da way and a coffee milk.”

   They had no idea what I was talking about. Couch was the first to the counter, and said, “Ok, gimme tree all the way and a coffee milk.”  He then got 3 hot dogs with the works and a nice cold coffee milk. The others followed suit and loved it! What a great photo-op with these three players getting a taste of Rhode Island (Scott on the left, Couch, right.



        Quite a while ago I posted on a blog the Rhode Island Language Stuff. This may come in handy for any future PawSox players, or maybe even can be shared with your family and friends who are coming to Rhode Island from out-of-state:

Whatchoo lookin’ at?

It was inevitable that we would have to put one of these pages together eventually. After all, every other webpage that talks about Rhode Island has one. The following is by no means meant to be comprehensive—we’re willing to leave that up to the experts. Many of the words and phrases straddle state boundaries, and many of the phonetic pronunciations are true for only a small portion of the population. We’ve met plenty of native Rhode Islanders who have the classic accent, as well as many who have no discernable accent at all. Your mileage may vary. For a definitive guide to Vo Dynglish, see the excellent book,Rhode Island Dictionary by Mark Patinkin and Don Bousquet.
The Adult Correctional Institute. It’s located in Cveaanstin. People are always either being remanded to it or escaping from it.
Antnee, Bvenda, Richit, Shevl
Names for children in Rhode Island’s Italian-American neighborhoods.
An alcoholic beverage.
Beef Stew
In New York System parlance, “beef stew” is an order of French fries loaded with salt, vinegar, and ketchup.
Drinking fountain. The word is apparently also used in parts of the upper Midwest and Australia. We’ve read in a couple of places that the usage may be related to the Wisconsin-based manufacturer, Kohler, which marketed a fountain under the Bubbler name around 1914.

Reader Sandra says, “When we were in Portland, Oregon, we found that they had public ‘bubblers.’ The word makes sense as that is what the water is doing.”

A tool for harvesting shellfish. It has a long handle and tines that curl around to form a wide basket.
A drink made from milk, flavored syrup, and ice cream. In other parts of the country it’s called a milk shake or a frappe. A liberal interpretation of the entry for cabinet in the Oxford English Dictionary might suggest that the term originated from the English Newcastle or cabinet pudding, “a pudding made of bread or cake, dried fruit, eggs and milk, usually served hot with a sauce.” Or it might not.
A member of the holy muscle car trinity, along with the Firebird and the Iroc. Popular with mullet-headed men who have girlfriends named Shevl and who wear black t-shirts with the sleeves cut off.
There are buildings around Rhode Island that are called casinos, yet they contain no games of chance. The word “casino,” in this case, comes from the Italian casina, or “little summer house.”
A district made up of the towns of Charlestown, Richmond, and Hopkinton.
Cherrystones are quahogs that are a little larger and juicier than littlenecks. They are usually served raw on the half shell or cooked with pasta dishes.
Pronounced shuh-reese. A smoked Portuguese sausage that is dense and spicy. There’s alsoLinguica (leeng-gwee-sa), which is less spicy, as it’s made with less chili pepper.
Depending on your point of view, comatta is either Italian slang for godmother, girlfriend, or mistress, as in “I can bring [Governor Don] Carcieri down. I got stuff. If nothing else, I’ve got the names of the past comattas. I just gotta throw them out there.” These words were spoken by Democratic lobbyist Guy Dufault on his political chat show The Real Deal, which aired Sunday, November 6, 2005, on UPN 28.

The following day local news outlets scrambled to figure out how to spell the unfamiliar word. WJAR Channel 10 and WPRI Channel 12 decided on “goumada.” The Providence Phoenix was considering “cumada” until the Providence Journal went on record with “comatta.”

So where does “godmother” come in? Reportedly, an Italian man would tell his wife he was going to visit his godmother, or “comare,” when in fact he was off to engage in illicit extramarital activities. Somehow, the theory goes, “comare” became “comatta” over time.

However it’s spelled, the use of the word cost Dufault pretty much every financial relationship he had, including his TV show. Pretty powerful word, eh?

De boatayuz
More than one, less than three.
De klenzaz
The local dry-cleaning establishment.
Some people think Downcity is just another name for Providence’s downtown, but it actually specifically refers to the Downcity Arts and Entertainment District, established in 1996. The district is bounded by Dorrance, Sabin, Empire, and Pine Streets.

The word (with a small “d”) can be traced back to the mid-twentieth century when it actually was a colloquial synonym for downtown Providence. It was resurrected (with a big “d”) during a design charrette run by Andres Duany in the early 1990s, when a rebranding of the old commercial district into an arts district was proposed. Beginning in the 1930s, Providence’s downtown declined as businesses left and residents moved to the suburbs. The Downcity Arts and Entertainment District was part of a larger scheme to revitalize downtown through preservation, renovation, investment, tax credits, and increased security and access.

Where you keep that treadmill that you used for about a week back in ’93.
A ‘draw’ is an open-topped box with handles on the front that slides into dressers, cupboards, file cabinets, etc.
Eas’ (or Wes’) Grennich
Witches may live there, but they’re not pronounced.
Otherwise known as rubber bands.
Literally “forget about it,” this phrase can mean anything from “yes” to “no” and everything in between, depending upon context and inflection. Also can mean very good or very bad.
Otherwise known as a destroyer, bellybuster, or hot wiener. A small hot dog with a natural casing, slathered in mustard, meat sauce, chopped onions, and celery salt, and served in a steamed bun.
Glove Box
The storage area that is located in the dashboard on the passenger side of your car. It usually contains anything and everything but gloves. Otherwise known as a “glove compartment” in other parts of the country.
v. 1. To protect from harm; watch over. 2. To watch over to prevent escape. 3. To keep watch at (a door or gate). 4. To take precautions: god against infection. –n. 1. One that gods. 2. Watchful care: under close god. 3. Defensive posture or stance. 4. Football. One of the two players on either side of the center. 5. Basketball. Either of the two players stationed near the middle of the court. 6. A device that prevents injury, damage, or loss. (American Heritage Dictionary, sort of)
In most places, you would get whiplash trying to get a good look at the person you overheard asking for more gravy for their paster. In Rhode island they’re just asking for more tomato sauce. According to Bartlett’s Dictionary of Americanisms, it has also been used to denote the filling in a pie.
Otherwise known as a hoagie, po’ boy, or sub. It’s a sangwidge.
The thing in your chest that pumps blood and keeps you alive.
All those dropped Rs have to go somewhere. They end up tacked onto the ends of words ending in “A,” like idear, bananner, paster, and vaniller.
I’m all set
While not a strictly Rhode Island phrase, this declaration that you require no assistance may still get you quizzical looks in some other parts of the country.
The Iway
The section of Route 195 that extends from the 95/195 intersection in Providence to the end of Washington Bridge in East Providence. It was branded thus in 2005 by Providence advertising, marketing, and public relations firm Duffy and Shanley in order to give Rhode Islanders a feeling of “personal connection and ownership” in the project.
Have you eaten yet? The appropriate response (assuming you haven’t eaten) is “No, joo?”
A liberal sprinkling of these can brighten up a dull, dreary ice cream cone. We hear they’re also called Ants in the Woonsocket area. Funny thing is, you’d be hard pressed to find “jimmies” in the baking section of a Rhode Island grocery store, where they are invariably called “sprinkles.”

In recent years the term “jimmies” has come under scrutiny as possibly having a racist origin.Snopes ranks this claim as “probably false.”

A littleneck is the smallest size of quahog that is legal to harvest. They are served raw on the half shell, or baked in a shell with breadcrumbs and spices as clams casino.
Don’t break it or they’ll put you in the ACI.
Natty Lite
This is a term that seems to be something of an inside joke at AM630 WPRO, as in, “You sound like you’ve had one too many Natty Lites.” It actually refers to a brand of beer called Natural Lite. It’s not local and has nothing to do with Rhode Island.
Usually heard as part of the phrase, “NiRoPe Pricing,” the word comes from the names of the three Cardi Brothers, Nick, Ron, and Pete, whose furniture store commercials are ubiquitous on Southern New England television and radio stations.
No school Fosta-Glosta
A catchphrase (much like “Whatchootalkin’boutWillis?”), uttered by much-beloved former media personality Salty Brine during winter snow-day reports. Foster and Glocester are two abutting communities in the northwest of the state that are completely snowbound during months containing an “r.” Salty always lumped the two together when making no-school announcements. Salty passed away in 2004, but many Rhode Islanders of a certain age still believe there’s a town out there called Fosta-Glosta. A sure way to find out if someone is lying about having spent time in the state (as though one would), is to challenge them with the phrase “No school…” A real Rhode Islander knows the rest.
No suh!
I believe you are pulling my leg, my friend.
On Special
On sale.
Short for package store, which is what they call liquor stores around here. Decades of boozeless Sundays ended in Rhode Island on June 28, 2004, when Governor Donald Carcieri signed a bill into law allowing cities and towns to issue licenses to liquor stores that want to open on Sundays.
This is not a plea for more porridge, but a polite way of saying, “What the hell did you just say?”
A celebration.
What you hang earrings from. Think about it.
The municipality north of Providence and south of Attleboro.
A kind of ocean clam, or bivalve mollusk, found in the waters of the North Atlantic. They come in two varieties: Arctica islandica, the ocean quahog; and Mercenaria mercenaria, the bay quahog. They make handy ashtrays.

The common name, poquaûhock, is taken from the languages of the Narragansett and Wampanoag Indians, and it’s thought that today’s pronunciation can be traced to those origins. The Narragansetts, from the west side of Narragansett Bay, probably pronounced the word “po-kwa-hok.” Today’s western Rhode Islanders thus pronounce it “kwa-hog.” The Wampanoags of the East Bay called it “po-ko-hok,” and today, eastern Rhode Islanders likewise say “ko-hog.”

The bay quahog was given its scientific name by Swedish taxonomist Carl Linnaeus. Polished quahog shells were used by Native Americans to make wampum, which was perceived by Europeans as a form of currency, so Linnaeus dubbed the bivalve with the Latin word for pay or wages.

Regluh kawfee
Be careful how you order your coffee in Rhode Island, because if you like it black, requesting a “regular coffee” is not the way to go. Such a request will more often than not get you a cup with cream and sugar added.
Rhode Island handshake
A little extra gratuity for services rendered.
A sachem is a chief or leader of a Native American tribe or confederation, especially those of theAlgonquian language group, which includes the Narragansett and Gay Head, Mashpee, andSeakonke Wampanoag tribes. The common usage of “chief sachem” to describe the top leader of a tribe is thus redundant. “Grand sachem” might be more appropriate.
A meal served between two pieces of bread. Also Sammich.
A particular brand of hot dog, made with natural casings, that cuts loose with a distinctive “snap” when bitten into. The Saugy Company was founded in Providence in 1869.
No, “scrod” is not the pluperfect subjunctive of “screwed.” It’s a fillet made from any one of a number of kinds of young whitefish (under 2.5 pounds), including Atlantic cod, haddock, and pollock. Any Rhode Island seafood restaurant that left scrod off its menu would do so at its own peril.

A 1996 Yankee blurb had this to say:

The American Heritage Dictionary called it “a young cod or haddock, especially one split and boned for cooking.” Most of New England disagrees, saying that a scrod isn’t a fish at all, though what a scrod is seems to be all over the map. Boston’s Parker House (celebrating its 140th anniversary this year, making it the country’s oldest hotel in continuous operation) says the term was invented there (along with Parker House rolls and Boston cream pie). Hotel chefs needed a general word for a featured fish that they could put permanently on printed menus (another Parker House innovation). Most of the authorities we surveyed agreed: Scrod is a “catch of the day,” usually referring to cod, halibut, haddock, or pollack. Some went so far as to point out an acronym: SCROD means ‘Select Catch Received on the Day’ unless the catch was halibut, and an ‘H’ would be added.

Wikipedia further suggests the word may have come from the Dutch schrod, meaning “Piece cut off”; the Cornish scraw, to split, salt, and lightly dry; from a contraction of “sacred cod”; or as an acronym for “seaman’s catch received on deck” or “small cod remaining on dock.”

Side by each
The phrase comes from the French “côté par chacun” and would be translated by most people as “side by side.” It is invariably quoted by Rhode Islanders who believe that Woonsocket, the state’s northernmost city, is still overwhelmingly populated by French-Canadian millworkers who mangle the English language. It may have been true once, but now, one, two, and three generations removed, most Woonsocket residents are as American as Beaver Cleaver. Other archaic Woonsocketisms include the use of double pronouns, as in, “I’m going to the supermarket, me,” and the misplacement of phrases or modifiers, as in, “Throw me down the stairs my bag,” or “Drive slow your car.”

South County
A mythical area that roughly includes Washington and Kent Counties. The name goes back to the Revolutionary War era when sentiment against the British King led rebel sympathizers to come up with an alternative name for Kings County (much as anti-French sentiment led many to call French fries “freedom fries” in recent times). The name was officially changed to Washington County in 1781, but the old appellation of South County still persists.
Walk into a spa in Rhode Island expecting a nice relaxing soak in a hot tub and you may be disappointed. Oh, you can find that kind of spa in Little Rhody, but you’re almost as likely to have wandered into a kind of independent mom ‘n’ pop convenience store or soda fountain. The use of the word may relate to the carbonated or “mineral” water that was used in the preparation of many fountain drinks.
Clam stuffing baked in a clam shell. Also known as a stuffed clam.

David Steinbrick, a producer at Cox Communications, sent us this tidbit: “Over the years, I have heard the best way to describe a ‘stuffie’ to an outsider. A stuffie is ‘a clam meatloaf in an ashtray.’ Succinct and to the point. Except the non-native may wonder why we cook food in ashtrays.” The phrase actually originates from a spoken gag told by folk artist Jon Campbellduring live performances of his song “One Clam Cake.” He uses the phrase to demonstrate how one might explain stuffies to someone from South Dakota.

Swamp Yankee or Swampuh
A term, specific to eastern Connecticut and South County Rhode Island, used to describe an umpteenth-generation farm-bred denizen of that area who is fiercely independent, stubborn, obstinate, and either ignorant or wily (depending on the prejudices of the source). One origin of the name is said to go back to 1776 when almost the entire town of Thompson, Connecticut, hid out in a swamp for several weeks to escape a British raid that never came. These days the term is generally less derisive.
License plates. Low numbers are highly prized in Rhode Island, with some tags being passed down from generation to generation. In 2003 a state-sanctioned lottery was held to fairly distribute a few available low numbers. Thousands submitted postcards, and only a handful walked away with their own local status symbol.
Wandi are a flaky, deep-fried Italian pastry, sprinkled with powdered sugar. According to Linda Beaulieu in her Providence and Rhode Island Cookbook, the name comes from the way in which the dough wriggles in the hot oil, looking like the waving fingers of a glove, or guanti, which in a Neapolitan accent sounds like “wandi.”
The municipality south of Cvaanstin and north of Eas’ Grennich. Also pronounced Warrik.
An intensifier that’s interchangeable with “very,” as in, “We was drivin’ wikkit fast.” Also used to mean “extremely good” or “spectacular,” as in, “Them forttajuly fyahworks was wikkit!”
A fermented dairy product, sometimes flavored with fruit


The PawSox would like to offer a big THANK YOU to everyone that donated blood on Saturday. More than 70 units of blood was donated! 

    Please keep reading the blog for any special events coming to McCoy.  Visit frequently to keep up to date on everything. Even though it’s the off-season, we are still………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                                  

      Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 

A Shot at Perfection!


     Greetings PawSox Fans!

       Many baseball Fans, especially Sox Fans, are aware that former PawSox/Red Sox Pitcher Rich Hill was on his way to perfection last evening (Saturday) in Miami when Los Angeles Dodgers Manager, and former Red Sox Outfielder Dave Roberts pulled Hill off the hill at the end of the 7th inning.

  As Sox Fans we will be grateful always for Robert’s stolen base in 2004 against the Yankees. What I loved most about that steal was seeing Jorge Posada’s face after not throwing Roberts out. It was one of the most memorable stolen bases ever.


      Roberts in now the Manager of the Dodgers…


     Now as a Manager, he stated that he had to make the tough decision after speaking with his staff and trainers regarding the recent blistering on Hill’s fingers. Roberts was quoted as saying about removing Hill, “I’m going to lose sleep tonight, and I probably should,” “I don’t see myself having to make a tougher decision than this one. But I know that my best interest was for him and his finger and the Dodgers.” Surely it will be debated for a long time. 

    Dodgers Pitching Coach Rick Honeycut added, “I’m going to lose sleep tonight, and I probably should,” Roberts said about removing Hill. “I’m a baseball nut — when do you ever get a chance to throw a perfect game?” “It was gut-wrenching to have to see Dave go through that call.”

    You cannot help feeling bad for a pitcher in that situation, especially if the pitcher is Rich Hill. Hill is a guy that everyone likes and pulls for. He has earned everything he has accomplished, through hard work and perseverance. A New Englander born in Milton, Massachusetts, his family would always be at the games. It had to be tough for him to come out of the game.



       You could see the disappointment in his face in the dugout after he was taken out of the game. However, in the classiest and professional way: “I get it,” Hill said. “I’m very adamant about living in the moment. I did not want to come out of the game. But I think there’s a bigger picture here, and we all know what it is.”


        The last pitcher to throw a perfect game for the Dodgers was Sandy Koufax on September 9th, 1965…



          The end result was the Dodgers beat the Miami Marlins 5-0 in their hunt for the World Series Championship title. On August 1st, Hill was traded to the Dodgers from the Oakland Athletics along with former PawSox/Red Sox Outfielder Josh Reddick.

      Although it was past midnight I sent a text message to former PawSox Pitching Coach Rich Sauveur. This is Rich celebrating a win in the playoffs.



      Despite being the wee hours of the morning, Rich called me back within minutes. He now works as the Pitching Coach for the Kane County Cougars, the Single A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, located in Geneva, Illinois. 


    Sauveur  clearly understands the decisions that have to be made during the game. The safety and health of every player is a top priority. He explained to me that he had a somewhat similar incident just recently with a 19-year-old pitcher, Emilio Vargas…



     Vargas was to pitch 5 innings, and then the bullpen would take over. However, he was pitching a great game, so Sauveur, the manager and the rest of the coaching staff discussed if they should keep him in past the 5 innings. Sauveur called the coordinator and it was agreed they would let him go.

   Sauveur said, “It was fun to watch the kid. Everyone was loving it and cheering him on. He had 17 strikeouts and we all wanted to see if he could get 20.”  “However, in the 8th inning, he gave up a hit, and then a double so we took him out of the game.”  

     Thanks Rich for taking the time for the chat. 

       Please don’t forget the Blood Drive taking place at McCoy Stadium today from 9:00-3:00. They need your blood!




         Stop by, take a photo on the field, visit the clubhouse and the dugout while helping others in need. We will be…….”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you             

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros


A Whole Lotta Awards!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

   Toward the end of the season, awards are given out. The 2016 season had a plethora of people associated with the PawSox who received awards. PawSox Team Trainer Jon Jochim received the award for Trainer of the Year. 

Looking from the outside, the Trainer helps the players with prevention of injuries, maintenance and recovery with state of the art equipment and great knowledge. However, the Trainer also handles all travel plans when the Team goes on the road. He packs the trunks with everything they need to be on the road, basically moving the training room from one place to another. The Trainer also makes travel and accommodations for roster moves. They are the first one to the ballpark, and usually the last to leave. 24/7 the Trainer is on call…PawSox Skipper Kevin Boles presented Jon with the prestigious award with Paw and Sox looking on…Congrats Jon…


    As mentioned in a previous blog, Chris Marrero received the National Grid Power Hitter Award…


     And he was also the recipient of the Most Valuable Pitcher Award (MVP)…


      Robby Scott was chosen as the Most Valuable Pitcher, however, he got the call to Boston, so we will bring it up to him on Tuesday, and stay for the game.

      However, the players weren’t the only ones getting awards! Last Saturday, the PawSox Annual 5k took place. Special Assistant to the President, Jackie Dempsey won a medal for her age group…

      Also, Emily Walthouse, one of the Super-Star Interns for the 2016 season, was lightning fast, earning her a medal in her age group.

            They both had a great time running!  


            For the Third Year in a row, Graham “Cracker” Watkins was the top wheelchair winner! 


            Recently, one of the best awards was received by the PawSox Vice President of Sales, when his lovely wife awarded him with a brand new baby girl…



           September 5th was the last game of the season. Some Fans had their own way of thanking the players, while fishing for autographs.




      The Team was introduced, and soft toss baseballs were handed out for the Last Game Celebration tradition of the Team throwing them into the stands!



      The PawSox next home game is just 214 days away!   Please continue to follow this blog to keep up with everything that’s going on.


            This Sunday, September, 11th, from 9:00-3:00pm, The PawSox will be hosting a Blood Drive here at the ballpark, inside the Visiting Clubhouse. We are calling upon all our Fans to come out and donate some blood. You can take photos on the field, enjoy some refreshments, and if you donate, you will receive a $5 Dunkin Donut gift card, along with a Mookie Betts jerseys (While supplies last), and a free ticket to a 2017 PawSox home game!




      Hope to see you here. You’ll see the Staff walking around with that little piece of gauze on their arm, indicating, they donated some much-needed blood. Look forward to seeing you here!  We will be………………….”Here For You!”

     Love hearing from you                          

     Yours in Baseball,

        Rick Medeiros


Thanks and Biggest Catch Update!


    Greetings PawSox Fans!

    First and foremost, Thanks to everyone who came out to a game and showed support for the PawSox! The season came to a close last evening, with the PawSox beating the Buffalo Bison. 


    However, I am a bit disappointed that the PawSox didn’t make it to the playoffs. At the risk of sounding a bit greedy, I would love to have another championship ring…



     It’s now time to prepare for the 2017 season. It’s sure to be another fun and exciting season as the PawSox add more promotions and continue to be a fantastic Family Entertainment venue! 

    On Sunday, the PawSox made an attempt to break the largest game of catch, currently held by the Cincinnati Red with 1,058 Fans playing catch on the field. On Sunday, PawSox Fans totaling 1,133! That would shatter the current record!


     All photos, videos and paperwork is being sent to Guinness World Records for their verification. We will continue to keep you updated on the record.

    Although the season is over, we all remain………..”Here For You!”

     Love hearing from you              

      Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros


Breaking a Record and Attempt at Another!


   Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Last night with the PawSox playing in Syracuse, they shutout the Syracuse Chiefs 6-0. The shutout gives them 16 for the 2016 season, breaking the old record set in 1977. 

     On September 4th, the PawSox will attempt to break a record, this time with the help of the Fans, playing the largest game of catch on the field. Currently, the Cincinnati Reds hold the record from last season having a game of catch with an incredible 1,058 people playing catch…



    Thats a lot of people playing catch! We are calling on our Fans to become part of history…



    You don’t have to catch like one of the best outfielders in baseball, Jackie Bradley, Jr…



       All you have to do is play a nice, relaxing, short game of catch and then take a seat on the field, and enjoy the last PawSox Fireworks Spectacular of the season. Here is the info from our website:

The Pawtucket Red Sox will attempt to set the record for the world’s largest game of catch after their 6:05 pm game against Buffalo on Sunday, September 4, as part of their Labor Day Weekend Finale. The penultimate game of the season also includes the final fireworks show of the season.

Fans can earn a free General Admission ticket by donating a piece of baseball gear to the PawSox equipment drive, courtesy of Jordan’s Furniture.

In the effort to make history, fans can play catch on the outfield grass by pre-registering on Mondor Way before Sunday’s game, or they can sign up during the game in the PawSox Fan Center.

“We are eager to celebrate a basic element of baseball-the catch-and perhaps make history while doing so,” said PawSox Senior Vice President/ General Manager Dan Rea. “We hope children and adults alike will join us as we turn this slice of Americana into one for the record books, then enjoy our Fireworks Finale of 2016.”

The fans of the Cincinnati Reds hold the Guinness World Record, 1,058, set on July 9, 2015.

After the game’s final out, fans will enter onto the field through Gate A and play catch before the Labor Day Weekend fireworks show begins.


    Dont miss out to be part of history. We can do it, together. Gather up family, friends and neighbors and let’s do this! We’ll be there to break the record and to be………”Here For You!”

     Love hearing from you         

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with the PawSox!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Thursday was the last game of the homestand for the PawSox before heading on the road to Syracuse to take on the Chiefs. The PawSox return home on September 1st to finish out the last 5 games of the 2016 season at home. 

   Thursday was an awesome day to be at the ballpark. There was a lot going on before the game. It was the PawSox Annual Team Poster giveaway and on-field autograph session, always a great time. It was also Throwback Thursday, with the first 3,000 Fans getting a Wade Boggs baseball card.


    It’s also the time of year for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. To raise funds and awareness for ALS research, people are challenged to dump or have dumped on them a bucket full of ice water. The challenge has grown quite popular, with many people finding fun and unique ways to take the challenge. 



      Please take a few to watch the video…

      The PawSox were challenged by the Rochester Red Wings and quickly accepted. PawSox Manager Kevin Boles posted a note in the clubhouse…



     The PawSox Staff would be handling the “Dumping” and anxiously awaited the Team with the ice and water filled buckets…



    Little by little, the Team arrives for the challenge…


       Once everyone is in place, Bryce Brentz challenges the Lowell Spinners and Portland SeaDogs to the challenge.



          At the precise time, the ice water was dumped!




     PawSox outfielder, Rusney Castillo gets drenched by Matt Levin…



            Jose Vinicio and Christian Vazquez used the Buddy System, after already getting drenched, they went for round 2!



     They loved it!


         Thanks to all the players who took the challenge, and to the several who not only did the Ice Bucket Challenge, but also donated money to ALS research! 

     The PawSox return home on September 1st to start the last homestand. During that time, there will be card sets given away, a Fireworks Spectacular and much more. Check out for all the upcoming promotions and events. Any questions? Give us a call, we are all……..”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                                  

     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros 




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