Elf on the Shelf


    Greetings PawSox Fans!

     Several years ago the Elf on the Shelf craze began. It was absolutely ingenious! For generations parents have been telling their kids to behave because Santa is watching. My parents did it with me and of course I did it with my kids. I started sometime in July telling my kids that Santa was watching their ever move, however, I did not have the benefit of the Elf on the Shelf who would show up at different places closely monitoring the behavior of the youngsters.

     The Elf comes with a book explaining how the Elf stands watch for Santa every day and every night flies back to the North Pole to give his report to the Jolly Guy. You even get to name your elf. It was always fun listening to stories from parents who used the elf for their kids.

     Former PawSox Broadcaster and now Cincinnati Bengals and college sports broadcaster Dan Hoard explained how he had the elf and it was fun for his young son to spot the elf at different locations throughout the house. Dan explained how one morning while eating breakfast his son whispered to him that the elf was watching from a shelf in the kitchen and not to look and it was one of those cute moments with a young child.



elf shelf



     As the years passed we learned more about what some of the elves do during their down time. Some relax in a hot tub with a couple of ladies…

Elf tub


       When it snows, some enjoy tubing down a snowy hill…

    elf snow

         Others spend time surfing the internet…

elf computer


          The Rockin’ Elf spent his spare time playing the drums…

Elf drums


      During the “off-season” some enjoy the tropical climate…

Elf beach (2)


         We know of at least one elf who took the Ice Bucket Challenge…

elf ice



     Some of the elves have a side business like this guy who owns a Sushi bar.

Elf sushi


        Other ones enjoy a game of poker…

elf poker

        Last week we met a couple of Elves who spent some time off the Shelf and touring Rhode Island. The Elves named Kelsey Maxon and Matt Anderson stopped by McCoy Stadium to check on everyone.

         One of the Elves (Matt) sat along side Paws keeping a watch on the parking lot.




           The other elf, (Kelsey) spent some time in the PawSox dugout.

elf dugout

          He also spent some time on the mound…


Elf mound



       And in section 14…

        elf seats


          They visited the State House elf tree



        Spending some time on the shelf.



elf bookshelf


      They visited the Big Blue Bug keeping an eye out for aggressive drivers on route 95…



Elf bug



         The Newport Dinner Train…

elf dinner train



         They headed to first beach to consider the Polar Bear Plunge on New Years Day…

elf beach


      Thanks to Kelsey and Matt for keeping an eye on Rhode Island to check on who is naughty or nice. Matt is from Jersey and had a chance to see parts of Rhode Island that he heard about, including the Pawtucket Red Sox.

      Both are checking on who already bought their PawSox tickets for the 2015 season. Visit pawsox.com for the full schedule and promotions. Give us a call, or stop by for a visit…..we are………..”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                                             rickm@pawsox.com


    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros  

Staff Christmas Party…..


Greetings PawSox Fans!

On Monday past, it was the PawSox Staff Christmas party……After work most of the staff headed to Davio’s at Patriot Place.



The Guest of Honor was there……The Governors’ Cup

The Cup



There were tremendous hors’ d’oeuvres….Goat cheese pizza, chicken parm rolls, crabmeat piled on chips and many more. PawSox PA Announcer Scott Fraser and Joe Callahan who works the left and right field message boards indulge in some of the treats.

Ho'rs Durves



The Governors’ Cup got plenty of attention. Kevin and Bill pose with it…

Kev and Bill


Team Photographer Louriann who took all these photos except this one, poses with The Cup…


Team General Manager Lou (L) and President Mike have their photo taken with the prize.


Mike & Lou


Some of the “Boys From the Booth” swig some adult beverages (L to R) Joe, Bruce Guindon Official Scorekeeper, Scott Fraser, Jim Martin, part-time PA announcer and PawSox radio broadcaster Jeff Levering.

Boys from the booth



      Some rub Buddha’s belly for luck, others rub a fat guys bald head, 


Head rub



      The Clubhouse guys Goody and Myles pay homage to The Cup. 

Clubhouse Guys



           It seemed liked Paulie (L) and Geoff, called each other prior to the party to find out what each was wearing. Both look dashing



Paulie & Geo



     A couple of the ladies joining the party were Account Executive Samantha “Sam” Sousa and Director of Hospitality, Lauren “Boomer” Dincecco.






Sam and Boomer


      It was a nice gathering to celebrate the holiday season with some of the best people on the face of the earth. Each staff has a genuine passion for the PawSox and for each fan that attends a game. From the moment you enter the parking lot you can tell its a family fun atmosphere. Parking is easy and free. Every staff you see will provide you with the best customer service you’ve come to expect. 

    The PawSox own The Cup and surely look forward to defending it for the 2015 season. People are buying tickets! People are scheduling their group outings in the BBQ, a hospitality suite, the Pre-Game Party Terrace, Indoor Tailgate party as well as other options.

   We celebrate Christmas and other holidays once a year…….The PawSox Celebrations start on April 16th and continues throughout the summer! Now that’s a party! Visit pawsox.com and check out the best website in baseball and then give us a call to get your tickets. We are waiting………”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                         rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 


O’ Christmas Tree………….


Greetings PawSox Fans!

     What kind of Christmas Tree person are you? Are you like Clark Griswold who had the family hike out to nowhere in search of the perfect tree only to find it may be a bit too big for the house…




     Or perhaps like Charlie Brown with his Christmas Tree…

C brown Christmas



        Throughout my childhood we would go shopping for trees decide what one we wanted, take it home and the kids would decorate it. There was always a lot of tinsel, lots and lots of tinsel which would subsequently always be very messy. Not only that, if I got a car or truck from Santa the tinsel would always get jammed up in the wheels. I came to dislike tinsel a great deal.

      That flimsy glimmering paper-thin aluminum was so much of a nuisance just getting it out of the cheap package it came in. Then it was hard to handle and would always stick to your clothes. As I grew I learned to decorate the tree wearing just a pair of gym shorts and swore when I became an adult with my own kids we would never, ever use tinsel on a tree.



      When my kids were young we would all head out and pick out a tree and let them decorate it. We would go to one of those tree farms and have them cut the tree we selected and lug it home. There were a few years that we tagged the tree as ours in mid June hoping it would grow to a beautiful tree.

      As trees grow so do the kids. I am quite content now to have one of those Charlie Brown Trees. No need for water in that horrible tree stand you had to screw into the base of the tree, no more mess with the needles falling, just a little tree you store in the basement and bring it out once a year. No muss, No fuss…

My tree



      I also vividly remember some Christmas Trees that my relatives had when I was a young fella. My Aunt Peggy always had a silver tree with a spotlight with a color wheel shining on it. I could not believe that I was able to find a picture of one on the internet!

Silver tree



          I also had an aunt who was blind and used to do ceramics. She had one of those ceramic trees. That’s my kind of tree!

ceramic tree



        So again, what kind of Christmas Tree person are you? Do you go all out for your tree?  Do you still use tinsel? Everyone loves a beautiful Christmas Tree even me…I just don’t want to do it. Some sports fan Look forward to decorating their tree…..Like this Mets fan…

Mets tree



      Or this Sox fan…


sox fan II



     Or this Yankee/Sox fan


Baseball tree


        Christmas Trees are surely part of the holiday season. I do enjoy seeing them. If you have a nice looking tree please email me a picture and it could end up on a blog. Just make sure there is nothing on or around the tree to scare a little kid!

scared kid


      Santa Paws is planning on heading out on Christmas Eve once again to hand out presents to some kids.

Santa Paws


      If you decorate your house, please email me a photo that we can share for all to see. Stand in front of your house and/or tree wearing some PawSox gear and take an awesome photo. Tis’ the season to be jolly! You can make someone very jolly by giving them the gift of Flex Tickets. Unlike tinsel, Flex Tickets put a smile on your face. Whoever the lucky person is to get the flex tickets get to choose the game they want to attend during the season. 

   The paperboy, your neighbor you always borrow stuff from, friends, relatives, the list is endless. Its very simple and stress free. No need to fight the crowds, no need to shell out a ton of dough, no need to stress, PawSox tickets are the answer!  Just give us a call and ask about the flex tickets. We will be here waiting to speak with you. We will be……………”Here For You!”

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   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros          


How Tweet it Ain’t!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    As 2015 swiftly approaches the social media craze continues to grow. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others keep everyone updated not only by the hour but by the second! The second something happens, the phones light up and thousands of people learn about the new baby, the engagement, the game score or even the latest baseball trade, move,signing, etc…

     Over the weekend we all learned of the Chicago Cubs signing Jon Lester and Twitter lit up with both fans wishing him well and others, not so much. What made this a bit more unique was that Lester seemed to respond to most of the tweets. Good and bad. Some tweets that I read were quite harsh.

    As Sox fans we want the good players to stay. However, we must remember that when a player signs a contract, think of all the things that are considered. Of course there is the money. But beyond that think of what goes into making the decision. I’m sure it was a tough decision for Lester as he Tweeted.

Extremely difficult decision for me and my family but we love the outcome and couldn’t be more excited to join the Cubs organization!#NVRQT

— Jon Lester (@JLester31) December 10, 2014

To Red Sox Nation, I understand the disappointment. Boston will always have a big place in my heart and we’ll always consider y’all family!

— Jon Lester (@JLester31) December 10, 2014


     The contract is indeed a hefty one and no doubt will provide Jon and his family a very stable future. I remember Jon when he first arrived here at McCoy. He was a very quiet and humble young man and when you met his family you could clearly understand why. 



      But what I remember most about Jon was his battle with cancer. Like everyone else who heard that he was diagnosed with cancer you hope for the best. We would see Jon on TV and read about his progress as he continued to fight and make his way back to the big leagues. One of those stops on the way up was with the PawSox again. This is where a lot of us had a chance to see such a gracious and strong young man.

    Jon would show up and people would be waiting to speak with him with most of them having something for Jon to autograph for a friend or relative who had cancer. Day after day Jon would stand in the parking lot chatting with everyone young and old. Some not baseball fans, but Jon Lester fans.

    I recall a gentleman showing up one day prior to the staff. He said he had been waiting here since 7:30 to meet with Jon and see if he could get a picture signed for his mother who has always been a Red Sox fan and was recently deemed cancer free. The mom was 88 years old.

   Not only did he sign the picture for the mom, he said he would call her. This man in his 60’s broke down in tears and hugged Jon for several moments. No cameras, no reporters, just honest to goodness caring. The guy showed up a couple of days later with a card to give to Jon and he told me that his mom had a great conversation with him!  Thats the Jon Lester I know….I wish him and his family all the best. Thanks for the years here Jon and continued success in the future!

    Dont forget tickets are now on sale for the 2015 season so get them right now!  They make great Christmas presents!  Give us a call at 401-724-7300 and chat with one of us to help you choose the games!   Never forget we are………..”Here For You!”

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   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros 

Drake and Blake at a PawSox Christmas Party (With New Logos)


Greetings PawSox Fans!

Well, with all that has been going on in the world, to say its a whirlwind would certainly be an understatement. The Red Sox bringing in the Kung Fu Panda, popular PawSox players like Ryan Lavarnway moving on with their careers with other teams, new PawSox Logos and of course the annual PawSox Fans Christmas Party over the weekend. Unfortunately I was viciously attacked by that Pre-Holiday Horrible Flu Bug…

christmas-flu (2)


That Flu Bug could not prevent the many PawSox Fans from heading to McCoy Stadium to partake in all the festivities on Friday Night. Fans young and old got to meet Hot Prospects Catcher Blake Swihart (L) and Pitcher Drake Britton (R). Both were sporting brand new PawSox Logo gear!


drake and blake

Everyone enjoyed some delicious complimentary hot dogs, soft drinks and snacks.

hot dogs

The youngest of the PawSox Fans enjoying getting to spend some time with Santa…It doesnt get much better than this!





Other youngsters made some Holiday Decorations with Team President Mike Tamburro and one of Santa’s helpers.


Mike t



Santa gives Paws a friendly hug wearing his new uniform.


Paws and Claws



Santa had his photo taken with The Cup to bring back with him to the North Pole.

Santa & Cup



Season ticket Holder Denny Z assures Santa that he has been a great fan is on the Nice List!





     So, what’s your take on the new PawSox Logos? There have been mixed emotions.  Some like ‘em, some fans liked the old logos. 


     Take a look at all of the new logos





    Is there one you like and one you don’t?




      Check them all out at pawsox.com and get your tickets for the 2015 season. We would love to hear your feedback on the logos. Tickets are now on sale and make great Christmas gifts! The PawSox want to defend The Championship Cup and we will be …………….”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                                   rickm@pawsox.com

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 








Black Friday? Gray Thursday!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

We hope you had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving Day! It truly is fantastic to get together with family and enjoy the day while chowing down on a real feast. The best thing I enjoy about the feast is my sisters Portuguese stuffing. Made with Chourico, onions, peppers, sausage and other ingredients its always a favorite. Like everyone else, turkey sandwiches will be on the home menu for several days made with the stuffing. Within the next few days, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends will top those turkey sandwiches with ice cream type scoops of the stuffing going through about a dozen of the cooking platters of the spicy delight.




After getting a full barriga (belly),  Paws and I went to visit some Assisted Living facilities. At Somerset Ridge in Somerset,MA we met Mary and her son. Her son was there to celebrate the holiday with mom who is 101 years old!  She is such a wonderful and cheerful lady! Imagine 101!  Mary wasn’t that far off from joining the Pilgrims getting off the Mayflower!  Mary, All the Best!



The staff at Somerset are remarkable..They tend to every need of the residents…They were all so cheerful and helpful.





Paws said that he wanted to pick up a few things for Sox. I explained to Paws that in Rhode Island the stores cannot open until 12 midnight. Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine are the 3 states left in New England that still have the Blue Law on the books. Some of the businesses that are exempt from the law are pharmacies, bakeries, video stores and several more. Those states who allow stores to open on Thanksgiving Day have dubbed the day “Gray Thursday.”

Paws wanted to go check out some of the stores,  so we agreed that we would grab some hot chocolate and go check out what stores might be open and also give us a chance to digest our food. We saw Best Buy had a pretty big line so we went to check it out.

It was now about 3:45 in the afternoon and these folks already were waiting in line for the 1:00 am opening. We met with the people who were first in line who erected a makeshift tent. They they told me that they arrived earlier in the morning and put up the tent with, “All the comforts of home!”

One of the women told us its a family tradition. On Monday they started packing up the vehicle with all the supplies they would need. They were all laughing, joking and in good holiday spirits. I asked them what the hot item was that they wanted and a few of them said the 50 inch TV for $199 !  One of the guys with them made us laugh when he said that he does this every year to buy a thumb drive that retails very day for about $5.

They are known as the Black Friday Family AKA BFF!  Here they are standing in front of their waiting line home..







Inside the tent they have lounge chairs, a heater, radio and a DVD player for entertainment.



It was brilliant to erect the tent around a trash container. All trash can be disposed of right away. They can rest, sleep, listen to music or watch a movie. It’s quite the set up indeed.




As the sun went down so did the temperature and we headed over to Target. As Paws exited the PawsMobile there was a loud round of applause and cheering and Paws posed for a ton of pictures.



The first lady in line was there since very early in the morning. You could tell she was tired and cold but Paws warmed her up.




Sox fans told Paws how much they love going to McCoy Stadium for games.



At another Best Buy the line was huge. The first guy in line has been there for a few days!  He ate and slept there!  This was confirmed by the detail officers working there.




The guy put numbers on the chairs so everyone could see where the first ones were in line.



Paws took a quick rest in chair #1




At Emerald Square Mall the crowd was gathering…




Kids had their photo taken with Paws




Paws took pictures with everyone







We all took a break and grabbed a cup of coffee that was free at Cumberland Farms. Paws actually got an THE WEAK AND COWARDLY FAILED GELDING FECKLESS obama ice-cold drink and gave a peek and a wave over the coffee station.




The Cumberland Farms coffee was free for the Holiday so I told everyone to grab themselves a coffee and it was on me. The crowd at Wal-Mart was astounding! They had barricades set up like they have amusement parks rides. IMG_5084


Paws was right in the thick of the action. He passed out 2015 schedules and invites to the Christmas party on Friday, December 5th



There were some heaters to keep the shoppers toasty warm. 



The guy that was first in line was snoozing in a small tent. The guy who was second in line took a picture with Paws.



We figured there would be one more stop before the stores open at Midnight. The Wrentham Village Premium Outlets. Bad call. Traffic was like a Patriots game. There were detail officers every few yards and the Norfolk County Sheriff Command Center.It was jam packed. If you look beyond Paws you can see the taillights of the vehicles coming in,



   Paws was looking for some new Calvin Kline briefs



     Paws had a great night getting to meet many of his fans and making a whole bunch of new ones.


      Hope if you chose to go shopping you got everything you wanted at great prices!  The PawSox have that every day. No need to wait in line, just give us a call at 401-724-7300…..During the hours of 9-4 a live staff will answer the phone and let you know that we are all……………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                                rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 


Happy Thanksgiving!


   Greetings PawSox Fans!

    I’m not sure about you, but after all the hype I fully expected to see at least 6 inches of snow this morning. Athough not a fan of the rain its better than snow.

     This time of year is pretty enjoyable  Together with friends and family and chowing on some great grub! Its also a time when the PawSox staff has a mini vacation.  Many years ago, The Late Ben Mondor and Team President Mike Tamburro decided that instead of the usual Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday off, to add Wednesday so everyone can get prepared for Thanksgiving. We are all very thankful!

   Something you can count on is the Black Friday store lines. This year Paws is going to visit those lines to say Hi and take photos the brave souls who endure hours of waiting to get the bargain. If youre planning on waiting at a store please send me the store and approximate time you will be there so perhaps we can go visit you.  rickm@pawsox.com


Have a Fun and Safe Holiday!



  T’was the night before Thanksgiving and the staff is done for the week,

Although we are not happy that the weather for Wednesday looks bleak


A high school football game on Wednesday had to be cancelled at McCoy

All due to the bad weather that doesn’t bring anyone any kind of joy


The weather people said that the morning drive would be bad,

But it just rained a whole lot and that always makes us sad


Through the rain and the snow we can ponder the deal the Sox made

bringing in Sandoval and Ramirez for a ton of dough that they paid


So now there is another Ramirez and the Kung Fu Panda on the team

Winning another world series is what Red Sox Nation will dream


 While down on the farm the PawSox will play to keep The Cup

They will play their hearts out so they wont have to give it up


 Rhode Islanders give thanks there’s a place that’s fun and exciting

A PawSox game is very affordable for the whole family and always inviting


The great music, the gigantic video board and Paws and Sox will always make you laugh

Free parking, great food, low ticket prices and of course the customer friendly staff


The Pilgrims landed on at Plymouth Rock and it became a tourist attraction

It’s the same with the PawSox that visitors come to be part of the action


 Names like Pedroia, Big Papi, and Boggs played on the McCoy field

You never know what super-star you’ll see so keep your eyes peeled


With Thanksgiving upon us we will enjoy some time with family and  friends 

Maybe some you havent seen for a while and you’ll need to make amends


After your feast you may watch some football or line up at the black Friday store

You have your list of what you want and you consider it a chore


Just make sure you keep the date of December the fifth free and clear

Thats the date of the PawSox Fans Christmas party that will fill everyone with cheer


There will be food, drinks and snacks and things for adults and kids to do

And its all free for everyone with a couple of players will be there too


It’s the holiday season so be happy and never be blue

Just always remember we are always…………”Here For You!”

Have a Great Thanksgiving


   Love hearing from you                                                  rickm@pawsox.com


    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros  


























Good Evening PawSox Fans!

   It’s that time of year for the Baseball Hall of Fame to announce their candidates for induction into The Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s a very talented list indeed headlined by the always angry-looking Randy Johnson and the hilarious Pedro Martinez. I cant help but think of that poor bird that Johnson exploded during a spring training game against the San Fransisco Giants in 2001. What are the chances, in this whole universe that the bird and The Big Unit fastball would meet in the same place at the same time? Then at the exact moment that Johnson uncorks the laser, the bird made the decision to swoop down!  


   Pedro on the other hand was a funny guy. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys yuking it up. Although Pedro never played a game for the PawSox, he has stopped by McCoy Stadium many times. Pedro never did destroy a bird, but there is the hilarious image of him being taped to a pole by fellow 1st time Hall of Fame candidate and former PawSox Nomar Garciaparra. 




Pedro Tape


   A couple of years ago Pedro stopped by and joked with then PawSox Manager Gary DiSarcina about how he was easy to strike out. He told everyone around, “I would throw Gary a couple of heaters to get two strikes on him and finish him off with my change-up, he never had a chance!” Pedro has even met Paws!





      Pedro also showed up as Special Assistant to the Red Sox General Manager and during one stop spent some time with Rubby De La Rosa. 

           Rubby and Pedro



      John Smoltz who in 2009 had a rehab start with the PawSox is also on the ballot. Smoltz is a Cy Young Award winner, 8 times National League All-Star and World Series Champion. On a personal note, Smoltz opened the door for me on text messaging. In 2009 when he arrived he pulled inside Gate A and I along with the clubhouse crew unloaded his equipment from his SUV to bring to the clubhouse.

   Before heading in he asked me to Text his wife and let her know where to come in, park and help her get her tickets to get in.He gave me her number, and I said I would call her. He told me that Texting would be better because she was at the salon. Smoltz then disappeared through the door to head to the clubhouse. I was embarrassed to tell him I didn’t know how to text message.

  Now remember this was about 6 years ago before the phones were sleek and easy to text with. I had this huge Nextel and no idea how to accomplish such a task. I asked some teenagers if they could help me send a text message but they kept walking into the stadium giving me that “weirdo” look.

   Finally helped arrived. A family had arrived who told me they were part of the opening ceremonies. There was a 16-year-old boy in the family and I asked him if he knew how to text. He chuckled and replied, “Of course I do!” I felt a whole lot worse when the dad added, “Everyone text messages these days.”  I was taught how to text message and was finally able to get the message to Mrs. Smoltz after trying to type with my sausage type fingers. Good Luck John……I am now a text message expert!



    Returning from the 2014 Hall of Fame Candidates who wore a PawSox uniform is Roger Clemens (35.4%) and Curt Schilling (29.2%) 75% is needed to get into The Hall. Just in case you’re wondering, Aaron “Bleeping” Boone is also on the ballot.

       Good luck to all the candidates. It’s a great honor to be elected to the Hall of Fame. A few years ago the PawSox had a bus trip to Cooperstown and visited the Hall of Fame and watch the PawSox vs Syracuse game and it was awesome!  

    I miss baseball. Although I enjoy the Pats and Bruins, I just miss the fun and excitement of a PawSox game..Everyday is a day closer to opening day. Check the schedule and get your ticket order in as soon as you can!  We are waiting to hear from you, we are waiting………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                 rickm@pawsox.com


    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros






It’s Party Time at McCoy Stadium! And You’re All Invited!


    Greetings PawSox Fans!

      The Holidays are closing in. When that cold weather hits you in the face when you leave the house, you know Christmas in closing in. But first as you can tell by the worried look of this guy, there’s another holiday to tackle first.



       When you sit down with family, relatives and friends for a great Thanksgiving meal and everyone giving thanks during the mealtime chat, don’t forget t0 give thanks that the PawSox Fans Holiday party will soon follow the magnificent feast…



    Mark it on the calender…..December 5th, 2014. PawSox Season Ticket Holders will be allowed entrance at 5:00 pm.




       There will be games for the youngsters in the Batting Cages, Food, soft drinks and snacks and a nice Arts & Crafts area for the kids to make some awesome Holiday Decorations……You’re telling yourself, “Wow, it must cost a fortune to bring the family to such a spectacular event.” The total price?  $0.00!  It’s a FREE event! 

      Red Sox/PawSox Pitcher Drake Btitton and Catcher Blake Swihart will be at the party to sign autographs!  It just keeps getting better!  But wait there’s more!  For the first 300 lucky fans who donate $5.00 to the Pawtucket Red Sox Charitable Trust, you get your own personal Snow Globe with your pitcher with The Governors’ Cup Trophy! Fun Enterprises will take your photo and within a few moments hand over to you a beautiful family heirloom! I still have mine on my desk from 2012…



     Regardless of what the weather is like, the inside of McCoy Stadium will smell of freshly cooked hot dogs, the sounds of kids laughing with Santa Paws, and making Holiday Decorations!  All for a great price  $0.00!  Tickets will be on sale for you to get the best possible seats!  If you have any questions please give us a call at 401-724-7300 or visit pawsox.com  

    You can get some Christmas shopping done in the well stocked team store, and flex tickets make fantastic stocking stuffers! Look forward to seeing you at The Party! Bring family, friends and neighbors to celebrate the Holidays!  On December 5th, We’ll all be……….”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                             rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 








Greetings PawSox Fans!

Do you remember the movie BASEketball fom 1998 starring Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of Southpark?



They play two best friends who combine the game of baseball and basketball to invent BASEketball



On Saturday the PawSox and the Providence College Friars basketball team met at The Dunkin Donuts Center to honor both teams for their Championship wins.

The Friars for their win in the 2014 Big East Championship in Madison Square Garden..

pc champ


And of course the PawSox 2014 International League Governors’ Cup Champions!  Led by Team President Mike Tamburro (L) and former PawSox Director of Merchandise Steve Napolillo who is now the Senior Assistant Athletic Director/External Relations (Baldhead)



Two Champions! One Night! In the Biggest Little State in the Union! The Cup is very happy back in RI and very content nestled in at McCoy Stadium. Stop by and visit, take a photo and pick out your games for the 2015 season!  Like this guy always says….


Come on down!!!!   We are……………”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                              rickm@pawsox.com

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros



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