A Great Big Fat Thank You!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Last evening (Saturday) I was very honored and humbled to receive the Spirit of the International League Award as part of the pregame ceremonies. It was certainly a surprise and a night I will always remember. I would like to thank everyone involved for making the night so awesome and memorable.

What I would like to explain is what went on behind the scenes and how everything transpired. It was the PawSox Bobblehead Head Night with this season the Bobblehead of Mookie Betts was the giveaway to fans 14 and under. Once the gates opened as usual I helped other staff members hand out the Bobbleheads to handle the initial rush of fans who had been waiting to get in.

Once the initial crowd was in I then handled some of the pregame duties as usual. During this time Jeff Bradley, the Director of Community Relations who handles the pre-game ceremonies, called and asked if I could help him with the pregame ceremonies with the large baseball groups that are going onto the field. Again, this is normal to help out. While down near the Red BBQ Tent, International League President Randy Mobley was there and we chatted for a bit. Team CEO Mike Tamburro advised me that Randy would be here, and that was normal.

At times during the season Randy would stop by to meet with Mike and talk about whats going on throughout the league. Randy is a very hands on type President who I see at other stadiums around the league when traveling.

The RBI team started taking the field and here is when things became not so normal.

Michael Gwynn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, told me, “Hey Rick, go and stay with Randy, he’s going to need some security!” I turned to ask Gwynnie why what was going on but he was heading away from us. As my mind raced about why Randy would need security and what he was going to say, my phone rang with the ticket office asking if I could go there and help someone who was having a problem with BBQ tickets and they wanted to speak with me. I quickly told them I was tied up with something and would get right back to them and hung up.

Jeff Bradley was gone, Gwynnie was gone and there I was on the pitching mound with Randy having no clue what was going on. What was this announcement that he was going to make that he needed security?  Suddenly Official Team Photographer Louriann Mardo showed up in front of the mound along with Gwynnie with his camera. This was now a bit confusing and I asked Randy what was going on.

Randy looked at me with a smile and asked if I heard what was being said over the stadium speakers. I really wasnt paying attention and at field level it is a bit difficult to hear. Randy then said, “Take a look over at the owners box.” When I did I saw my mom, sister, daughter, other family and friends with Mike Tamburro in the suite waving!

It was then Randy told me I will receive the International League Spirit Award. He then handed me a beautiful crystal award.



It was indeed quite and honor that I really enjoyed sharing with my mom, family and friends…She doesnt look that bad for 88 years old, and yes I am a Mama’s boy..,



What a spectacular award in a velvet lined box..




      I want to offer a sincere Big Fat Thank You for the kind words said. I want to give special thanks to Bill Wanless the Vice President of Public Relations for reaching out to family and friends and swearing all co-workers to secrecy. It was quite interesting of how many staff knew about the award and never uttered a word about it. Some of the Ushering Team said they were concerned about sneaking in family and friends without me knowing. It was great yuks when it was over. It was an awesome night as Mike treated all in the suite to a night of baseball, great food and a night my mom can’t stop talking about.

It must be said that I am but one spoke in the big wheel that spins to make the PawSox Organization such a success. I am very fortunate to work with some of the best people I have ever met in my life. This is an award that must be shared with the entire PawSox family, with every full-time staff, seasonal staff and interns that work together to make it happen.

  The PawSox were successful before I arrived and continue to be with everyone working together as a team. I have learned so much from everyone in the organization on how important the Fans are. There is a sense of pride being part of the PawSox Family and the genuine caring and concern everyone has. It’s a great feeling to enjoy going to work. 

   Thanks to League President Randy Mobley for making the trip from Columbus, Ohio to the Ocean State. He is a great guy who has an intense passion for the game. He is very humble and a true innovator. When you hear that someone has been involved with baseball their whole life, that would be Randy….Thanks again and hopefully we can have dinner at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill and this time it’ll be my treat. 

    With a day off tomorrow, the PawSox will take on the Norfolk Tides in a three game series starting on Tuesday. Give us a call or visit pawsox.com for upcoming events and promotions. We will ALL be……………………”Here For You!”

 Love hearing from you                                           rickm@pawsox.com

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros






End of the Winning Streak and the Norfolk Mermaids!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Last night the PawSox 2 game winning streak came to a screeching halt as they were shut out by the Durham Bulls 4-0.

The Sunday games in Durham start at 5:00 in the evening. So the game last evening, started in the evening and ended at night. Being that this is a very informative blog that always contains a plethora of information, I have added the info for the 24 hour cycle…

  • Morning is from sunrise to 11:59 AM. Sunrise typically occurs around 6 AM.
  • Noon is at 12:00 PM.
  • Afternoon is from 12:01 PM to around 5:00 PM.
  • Evening is from 5:01 PM to 8 PM, or around sunset.
  • Night is from sunset to sunrise, so from 8:01 PM until 5:59 AM

Prior to last evenings game I headed here to Norfolk in search of a large capacity van to transport the players and staff to the field. Every rental place I called they were sold out. It would be too late if I waited until after the game to search for a passenger van.There were two buses to transport the team the 3 hour ride to Norfolk so the equipment can be stored in the belly of one of the buses.

Although Harbor Park is just a shade over a mile away from the hotel, and many players walk, we must factor in the heat index, which today is over a hundred and of course rain. It really is some kind of hot down here, but I’ll never complain about the heat…….After the winter we had, we should all be thankful for the nice hot weather………Remember: “You never have to shovel heat!”

   There is a large military event for the week and there is not a 12-15 passenger van to be located anywhere. Our hotel overlooks park of the Naval Station. Naval Station Norfolk is the largest in the world: 

    Naval Station Norfolk, also known as the Norfolk Naval Base, occupies about four miles (6 km) of waterfront space and seven miles (11 km) of pier and wharf space of the Hampton Roads peninsula known as Sewell’s Point. It is the world’s largest naval station, supporting 75 ships and 134 aircraft alongside 14 piers and 11 aircraft hangars, and houses the largest concentration of U.S. Navy forces. Port Services controls more than 3,100 ships’ movements annually as they arrive and depart their berths.

   While in Norfolk we stay at the Sheraton Waterside Hotel. For the last several years I have been fortunate enough to get a waterside balcony. Of course to call a couple of months in advance for the request doesn’t hurt. Upon arrival at the Sheraton I meet with the Valet guys who also run the shuttle back and forth to the airport, the mall, the attractions in the area for the guests. Of course they work for tips and we work out a deal that they will transport the players back and forth to the stadium. 3 trips to the stadium and 3 trips back. 

   The shuttle times leaving the hotel for the 7:05 games are 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30. The return shuttles vary on how long the game takes. A call is made to the Valet Station and they run back three times. The last two run about 15 minutes increments after the first shuttle arrives, Some of the team boards the shuttle for the ride over. 



        I made sure to say good-bye to all the fine folks in Durham yesterday and let them all know it would be tremendous to hook it out again in the playoffs. The trip to Norfolk was almost without incident. Once in Norfolk there was a flashing sign advising that the tunnel to downtown was closed! It was an immediate panic with the flashbacks of the Tappan Zee and driving aimlessly around now in Virginia. 

     However, although the route was closed, there were detour signs that were able to put you right back on track. The GPS was going crazy, but the signs were spot on. Thank you to the City of Norfolk for doing it well! Norfolk is a nice city. Plenty to see and do. Good places to eat, drink and be merry. It’s also home to the Norfolk Tides, the Triple A Affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles managed by former PawSox Skipper, Ron “R.J.” Johnson.



      The Tides Pitching Coach is the former Pitching Coach for The Tides….



    One thing you’ll notice about Norfolk, Virginia is there are mermaids every where…Like we have Mr. Potato Head around the State of Rhode Island….

A statue of Hasbro's iconic Mr. Potato Head character is pictured in front of the Company's global corporate headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in this picture released to Reuters on October 19, 2009.  REUTERS/Hasbro, Inc./Handout

A statue of Hasbro’s iconic Mr. Potato Head character is pictured in front of the Company’s global corporate headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in this picture released to Reuters on October 19, 2009. REUTERS/Hasbro, Inc./Handout


      Mr. Potato Head with Paws, Sox and The Governors’ Cup…..(I still think Hasbro owes me a ton of dough for using my likeness for Mr. Potato Head) 



     In Norfolk, it’s the Mermaid! They’re all over the city….The Norfolk Tides have one named Sandy Tide…The plaque below reads Sandy was born April 18th, 2015.



      It’s quite interesting about these lovely mermaids….


Mermaids have graced the city of Norfolk for well over a decade. Norfolk attorney Peter Decker (1936-2012) – known as “Uncle Pete” throughout the community – introduced the idea of Mermaids on Parade at a breakfast with 300 business and civic leaders at Nauticus on November 30, 1999. The idea is credited to his wife Bess who was inspired during a visit to Chicago at the height of that city’s Cows on Parade.

Through a public/private partnership, the Norfolk community pulled off the major event – Mermaids on Parade – in a short period. It was a huge success with local bronze sculptor Kevin Gallup mass-producing 130 mermaid castings for artists to decorate. Business and community leaders from Norfolk and beyond “adopted” mermaids at $2000 apiece that were auctioned off during the event.

Today mermaids can be found throughout downtown and in neighborhoods. Some old, some new. Some in front of businesses, schools, hospitals and some in homeowners’ yards. Some have had to be completely redone due to damage from the elements or unfortunately from vandals. Some have even disappeared. But one thing has remained since their appearance: they are truly loved by young and old, visitors and residents alike. So start looking! See how many you can find. When you spot one, give a shout, “There goes a mermaid!”

      They have a Mermaid outside the zoo…

Tiger Maid


     On top of Marquee signs….





         A whole bunch of signs around the city have some type of image of a mermaid…This photo was taking from inside the Penske!




      Its fun and unique to this city. The vast majority of the mermaids have names. They have websites where you can post the photos you’ve taken. 

      Earlier today I had lunch at Granby Street Pizza. Whenever we come to Norfolk it’s a must. Today I had Baked Ziti…It was awesome. The people there are always so friendly and polite. The baked ziti came with a salad and garlic bread…The garlic bread was the best ever….however, please be warned there is a lot of garlic. The garlic is on the both sides of the bread and its magnificent. While in the elevator heading up to the room, I could smell the garlic oozing from my pores! The people in the elevator must have been holding their breath the entire ride! Nothing a shower, brushing your teeth and mouthwash can’t handle. The place has these small cars that they use for delivery. I will say this…there are two places on the road that have the best italian food, pizza, etc…One is Daddio’s in Buffalo. New York and the other is this place Granby Street Pizza.

   Just let it be known that although I have got to know the owner of Daddio’s pizza and we’ve become friends, I don’t know anyone here. It’s just a good place.



      It’s widely believed that the vast majority of people when traveling enjoy finding new places to eat. I like my food on the spicy side that’s why I never travel without my own bottle of hot sauce. I have a sports bag that has a mesh compartment just for hot sauce. Now some will say that it’s for a water bottle, sports drink, cell phone, etc….I disagree. A hot sauce bottle fit perfectly..So last night when I had tacos for dinner, I didn’t have to worry about the hot sauce.



      Today with the baked ziti, the hot sauce was at the ready. 



      Just a traveling tip for those who enjoy their food with some kick….In just a few days we will be traveling back home. There’s a lot going on when we get back. Mookie Betts Bobblehead Night, World Series Trophy BBQ, Ladies Night, Snoopy giveaway so dont miss it. Give us a call or visit pawsox.com for all the information you need and want.

    One of the things that frustrates me in today’s world is the automated phone systems. Sometimes it takes forever to talk to a human. Not so with the PawSox…..During business hours a real live staff will answer the phone promptly! They’re waiting for your call! They are all thinking……….we are…………….”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                                                     rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros






Two Makes a Winning Streak and The Old and The New!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The PawSox won again last night beating the Durham Bulls 5-1 and hopefully the start of a long winning streak, Henry Owens took the hill and didnt allow a hit until the 5th inning. With some great hitting and spectacular defense its was fun to watch! It’s always nice to see the post game high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps and other congratulation type celebration after a game.




This new kid Marco Hernandez, recently promoted up from Portland,  is exciting to watch. He has some very good speed on the bases and some good pop. On a line drive hit he cautiously slowed as he rounded second base and when he saw the ball was not going to be caught, he shifted into high gear and was standing on third base when the throw arrived.



      Game time temp was 88 degrees, another beautiful baseball night with a third consecutive sell-out crowd. The PawSox were in town and Sox fans are out in force. A couple of seasons ago I took a shot of the crowd waiting for the gates to open to show the Sox apparel.



        Of course the Triangle Red Sox Nation were there once again last night with their newest and youngest fan….6 week old Maddy is enjoying her second game of her life after making her debut on Friday night with mom and dad Josh and Jordan…



          Prior to heading over to the game I paid my annual visit to the Bulls old ballpark made famous by one of my favorite baseball movies of all time, Bull Durham…Crash Davis and Ebby Colvin “Nuke” LaLoosh were hilarious!



     Several years ago I visited the old ball park for the first time. Quite frankly saw it was not in good shape. The playing field was well overgrown and the and the structures were in tough shape. 

bull20durham (1)

     Since then the old ball parks field is in great shape and some of the seating area renovated. The structures in and around the park still have that vintage look that gives the park its old-time baseball feel. Some of the long wooden bench seats are still there and the park is used by local teams. When I stopped by yesterday there was a game going on with what appeared to be high school aged kids.


      The crowd is very light, with families scattered around the stands.


         There is a big difference indeed between the old ball park from gate…..

Old Park

      And the new main gate…

front gate


      The Durham Bulls moved to the new stadium in 1995. At that time there were a Class A team in the Carolina League and the Major League affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Three years later, in 1998 they became the Triple A team for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Now the Tampa Bay Rays} 

   During the off-season in 2013 there was an awesome renovation with the addition of the gigantic video board in the Big Blue Monster….The Hi Def video-board is amazing….



     Another addition was the Triangle Club located on the upper level behind home-plate that overlooks the  field…



      The LeTellier family made the trip down to cheer on the PawSox and Katie took some great photos of the stadium. 


        The Home Run Patio, one of the many Group areas that come with food…



     There’s also Jackie’s Landing….



      And many other seating options…


          And of course the Miller Lite Bull Pen that the Triangle Red Sox Nation reserved for every game the PawSox are in town.



            Keeping an eye on things and making sure no Non-PawSox people sneak down is my good friend and security colleague Samantha… Thanks Sammy for all your hospitality! 



            The PawSox have one more game to play here. The game starts at 5:05 today (Sunday) then its off the Norfolk, Virginia to take on the Norfolk Tides in a four game set. It’s just about a 3 hour drive to Harbor Park, home of the Tides. After that we head back home to finish strong, and make a run to Keep The Cup!  

       Dont forget the recently added special Boston Red Sox World Series Trophy BBQ night….The PawSox Party Tent area at McCoy Stadium will have some special guests on July 28th prior to the game when the PawSox play Norfolk. The 2007 and 2013 Boston Red Sox World Series Trophies will be at McCoy but only available to those fans who purchase tickets for this exclusive barbecue in the Party Tent. Individual fans can buy these BBQ tickets for $29 for adults and $20 for children (aged 12 & under). Also appearing in the Tent that evening will be former PawSox/Red Sox player and current NESN analyst Steve Lyons. Steve and the trophies will be available for photos from 5:00 – 7:00 pm but only for those who buy tickets for the July 28th event. An all-you-can-eat barbecue is also included.



       Get your tickets now!  This is sure to be a very popular event….Dont forget to also check out The Governors’ Cup……….they will all be…………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                             rickm@pawsox.com

   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros 


Red Sox Nation………Southern Style!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The PawSox brought out the whooping sticks in last nights game beating the Durham Bulls 13-4. It was a beautiful evening at the beautiful ballpark. I got to the field early to watch some batting practice. The last time on the field was just about 10 months ago when the PawSox won the Governors’ Cup in the fifth and deciding game in some of the best baseball games known to mankind.

The Cup

Hitting Coach Rich Gedman stands by the cage offering some advice to the team.



PawSox Manager Kevin Boles throws batting practice to Garin Cecchini while Gedman offers some encouragement. Cecchini responds by crushing some great line drive hits.



Before the gates even open, some members of the Triangle Red Sox Nation are in the stadium and Pitching Coach Bob Kipper spends some time chatting with them and signing some autographs. I always look forward to my trip to Durham to see this awesome group. Every season, the group reserves the cookout pit down the left-field line right at the visiting team bullpen. 


The Triangle Red Sox Nation, (TRSN) is a legit group that do some wonderful things. When I first met TRSN Governor Seam Bunn several years ago, the group was raising money to help with someone battling cancer. They are a truly passionate group who love all levels of the Red Sox organization. For the entire 4 game series the group reserved the cookout pit. Rusney Castillo also stopped by to say hi to the group and signed some autographs…



When the gates open, the group heads down to the cookout area. A short while later Gedman, Patrick Light, Matt Spring and Marco Hernandez joined the group in the cookout area. They met with the group, signed autographs and spent some time talking baseball. Hernandez had himself a great night at the plate going 4 for 5 with his first Triple A home-run.




Spring was outstanding with the kids…


And Patrick Light enjoyed spending time with this passionate group…


Gedman was a favorite to many in the group who remember him playing for the Red Sox during his career. A lot of the members are from “Up North” who have settled here in North Carolina. The back of their TRSN t-shirts say it all…


Last season PawSox Catcher Ryan Lavarnway spent some quality time with the group…


Ryan took time to pose with some kids…He had some grub and let the group in on a secret. He told the group that when he returns to McCoy he is going to propose to his girlfriend Jamie. (Now his wife}




A few years ago Kevin Youkilis on a rehab stint, spent some time with these fine folks…Gov. Seanster auctioned off some great Youk autographed items and all the money raised went directly to a young boy from the group that was battling cancer.




As game time gets closer, the cookout area fills up with more TRSN folks…



I am truly honored to have a table…


The cookout area literally is right at the visiting bullpen…You can actually reach over and grab a cold drink out of the Gatorade cooler…If you dare.


Before the game the Durham Bulls Mascot Wool E. Bull is introduced and takes a lap in his high-powered go-kart. This thing has got some giddy-up! I have been begging Mike Tamburro to get one for Paws for years and with the answer always being the same…”No.”


Once the game gets underway we get settled in. We are very fortunate to have a couple of young lovely wait staff, Faith (L) and sister Taylor who bring us food and drink…Thank you very much for the great hospitality “youse guys” did a great job and your dad Todd is a great guy and friend!

      When the game gets underway the PawSox don’t waste anytime scoring a couple of runs. After a lead walk to Quintin Berry, Jackie Bradley, Jr. ripped an 0-2 pitch to centerfield that clanged off the fence above the yellow line for a home run! Later in the game Bradley, Jr. struck again by crushing a ball that landed on the patio of the Tabacco Road Bar & Grill.


   It was a tremendous night with fantastic baseball and great friends! Perhaps the next time Gov Sean Bunn and the crew attend a game at Fenway park, they can all head to take in a game at McCoy! Thanks Governor for everything. Every year the group gets bigger and better….You all should be proud for all the good Youse Guys do!

Gov Bunn

       Checkout pawsox.com for the upcoming schedule and promotions. Maybe we can convince The Triangle Red Sox Nation to check out some good Northern Hospitality at McCoy Stadium where we are always…………….”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                                         rickm@pawsox.com

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros  

Hey, Take the Tappan Zee Bridge! It was Awful, but got Better!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

It seems like every trip you take south on New York the vast majority of people will always say, “Take the Tappan Zee Bridge.” Every trip we take with the exception of the trip to Durham, North Carolina and Norfolk, Virginia we always take the Tappan Zee. Many believe that although the Tappan Zee will add some time to your trip, the traffic in New York at the George Washington Bridge (GWB) will make it a wash. Everyone said the best route would be the

By rule, I just always listen to the GPS. The plan was to leave McCoy Stadium yesterday {Wednesday) at 11:00 in the morning figuring that traffic about 2;30-3:00 wouldn’t be too heavy. The plans were made to meet with Aaron the Bull at 10:30 this morning. That gives me 23.5 hours to make the 12-13 hour trip. Thats a real nice cushion. Aaron the big man in charge of the visiting clubhouse is always punctual and is one of my favorite clubhouse guys…its always great to see him.

The Bull

This was a solo trip with only my luggage as a passenger but it didn’t matter with the time allowed to get to Durham. The always present traffic in Connecticut is always a battle and when crossing into New York traffic is really heavy. It gets worse approaching the GWB. The sign is flashing “Accident….Expect Delays.”  Although the GPS is saying to continue on to the GWB I see the sign for the Tappan Zee Bridge exit and I am tempted.

The traffic actually gets worse and tempting me more to disobey the GPS and take the Tappan Zee. I can hear all those people giving me the advice to take the Tappan Zee! When I reach the exit, its crunch time and I take the exit. Traffic was much lighter and checking the GPS it added just 22 minutes to my total time. The Tappan Zee was a breeze with very little traffic and I renamed it the Tappan Breeze Bridge!



The Garden State Parkway signs are in sight…………..however, I almost throw up in my mouth when I see the sign for the parkway and it reads: NO TRUCKS OVER 3.5 TONS! I called Penske and they advise me the truck when empty weighs a bit over 6,000 pounds. In doing the quick math that 2,000 pounds equals 1 ton, with the Penske loaded, its well over that.  Uh Oh!  Now what? There has to be an alternate route.  I start aimlessly driving around through all these little towns in New York and New Jersey. Stopping people to ask how to get back towards 95. All of them tell me the parkway!

Theres was a guy mowing his lawn so I stopped and asked him. He told me that if I stayed on the road I was on I would run in to route 59. Take route 59 to route 17 south and that will put me back onto 95. He told me its a bit out-of-the-way with long winding road but that was the only option. After spending way too much time on the winding road, there was no route 59 in sight. I stopped and asked a guy who was walking dog, stopped in for a coffee and asked, stopped at a red light and asked not one person could help!

There was an old fire station out in this small town somewhere in Jersey. They would have answers! There was a basketball hoop a couple of picnic tables and a grill behind this old fire station that looked like it was put of Mayberry. It had all the characteristics of being an all volunteer fire department. Of course the door was locked and no one was around. I got about an hour and a half into this dilema with no help in sight. I google, I use bing, Siri and call people I know who are experts with directions and none can help.

There was a State Trooper who had a vehicle pulled over and now I know I will get some answers. I pulled behind his vehicle and waited until he was done. In explaining everything to him he told me that trucks are not allowed on the parkway. I asked if I did take the parkway how long would I be on it before I can get to 95 south and what were my chances of not getting caught.

He answered the first question saying it’s about a 40 minute time frame that I would be driving on it, He then tilted his head and smiled telling me that the chances of getting caught are very likely. When asked to give me odds, he said about 95%……Thats not good odds at all! He explained there are some new young troopers on the parkway doing some training on stopping trucks. The trooper told me that the fines can be as high as $1.000 per every pound over the limit! That certainly made up my mind.

I asked what my best option would be and he told me the best advice he could give was to head back over the Tappan Breeze Bridge and take the GWB. It was now 4:15 in the afternoon and I’m in Montvale, New Jersey having left McCoy at 11:00 in the morning! I should be in Delaware by now!

I take the troopers advice and head to the GWB. It was worse than before. It looked like this:

The George Washington Bridge toll booths are pictured in Fort Lee, New Jersey January 9, 2014. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Wednesday said he was misled by his staff after fresh revelations that a top aide played a key role in closing some lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge, one of the world's busiest bridges, in what critics say was a political vendetta.     REUTERS/Carlo Allegri (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS TRANSPORT) - RTX177IQ


It’s now 5:29pm and I’m just at the bridge! Took 6.5 hours to get here!  Good thing I have that cushion!


It’s not over yet. Things get a bit worse in Maryland when the heaviest rain you can imagine starts dropping from the sky. It was truly blinding like going through a car wash. The wipers couldn’t keep it clean. This is where I miss a driving partner. He would take over while I snoozed to the comforting sounds of the rainfall…


Other than some construction on the roads there were no further problems. Throughout the night I was able to get some rest at a truck stop and despite the scenic tour I took of NY and NJ I was still way ahead of time. As the sun came up there was a nice visitors center in Virginia where I enjoyed a nice quiet and peaceful breakfast picnic.


Of course keeping a close eye on the Penske that contains everything the PawSox team and Staff need to play the games…



I get to Durham just about 8:0o am. I have a couple of hours to kill so I take a ride to the hotel to see if I can check in early. Real early. To my great surprise I can check in!  Things are turning around! Haul all the luggage to the room, take a shower, watch a movie on Netflix and all is good. At 10:30 the Penske is at this beautiful Durham Bulls Athletic Park…



As always, Aaron the Bull is there and this time he has some new members of his clubhouse crew. He has a tall athletic guy working his second day who is like a veteran. He also has two of the cutest young ladies you have ever seen……his daughters. They come running out to the Penske like it was an ice cream truck. I looked on in shock as these young ladies ages 7 and 9 started unloading the truck with their dad…



          They literally unloaded the truck. Tossing the bags to the side to empty the truck, and then put everything in the carts.


Make no mistake, the bat and equipment bags are very heavy. You had to see it to believe it! 




No doubt the bags weighed more than them, but they handled them like pros!



    This was absolutely no joke!  It was truly something to see!  These two young ladies did a great job. Words cannot do justice to how these youngsters worked together. They were polite and well-mannered not only to everyone around, but worked together as a team always checking if the other needed help. 



      Bull, very well done!  You have your very own clubhouse crew! It was great seeing you again and look forward to next few days. All the best!

     The end result of the trip was worth it. It was a beautiful day in Durham…..Dont forget the PawSox return home on July 24th to take on Buffalo. Look forward to seeing you all there. We’ll be there waiting to be………………”Here For You!”   

    Love hearing from you                                     rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros

Oooohhhh Say Can You See……..325 Times!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The All-Star break is upon us and Jackie Bradley, Jr and Brian Johnson are heading to Omaha representing the PawSox in the Mid Summer Classic. PawSox Manager Kevin Boles will be part of the coaching staff.

Jackie Bradley, Jr topped the voting to represent the International League. Well done! and Congrats to our All-Stars!


There are All-Stars in all walks of life and record breakers. There are records that may be secure forever and others that are close to be broken. There are Home Run Records, stolen bases records, football records, etc….

It’s always fun and exciting when someone takes a run at a record. I still remember the duel with Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa battling for the homerun title. They interrupted programs to give an update and everyone was excited. During that time even those without an interest in baseball couldn’t help but talk about it.

    Wouldn’t it be cool to hold a record? Recently the Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest was held. Record holder Joey Chestnut was the defending champ. He holds the record for an incredible 69 hot dogs gobbled up in 10 minutes!



       However, this year he must’ve had a big breakfast because he could only ingest 60 while the New Title Belt Holder Matt Stonie threw down 62 of the great tasting tubes!

Hot dog


       Perhaps we can have McCoy Sausage eating contest! I’m going to start training for the event during the next home-stand.

On Saturday, July 11th a record was set at McCoy Stadium before the game even started. When Al St. Louis finished the National Anthem, it was the 325th time he had sung it within a calendar year! 



      Al set the new world record in 2012 when he performed at different events singing the National Anthem a whopping 217 times. However, he absolutely destroyed his own record at McCoy by 114 Anthems performed! Al started his calendar year singing the National Anthem in his home state in New Hampshire before the collegiate Nashua Silver Knights baseball team on July 13th, 2014. 

   From that date Al sung at hockey games, basketball games, figure skating and other events. Al sung before over 100,000 people at New Hampshire Speedway! Al sang at UCONN and a couple of times at Fenway Park!

anthem al


         To hear Al sing you can certainly understand all the requests that he has. There are many that say the National Anthem is a very difficult song to sing and just don’t do it. Al breezes through the song with ease and sounds terrific! He is a very friendly and talented fella who greets everyone with a handshake and a smile. His heart and soul is in every song.


Anthem II



      The record set for a calendar year is not the only record. During the month of December 2014 from the 29th to the 31st he performed the Anthem 21 times setting another world record!

Check out this schedule:

616 Monday Dec 29th HS Holiday Tourney Alvirne vs. Souhegan 10:20

617 Monday Dec 29th HS Holiday Tourney South vs. Brady 12:00

618 Monday Dec 29th HS Holiday Tourney North vs. Coventry 1:40

619 Monday Dec 29th HS Basketball Goffstown vs. Hollis/Brookline 3:00

620 Monday Dec 29th HS Holiday Tourney Souhegan vs. Brady 3:20

621 Monday Dec 29th HS Basketball Thornton vs. Alvirne 4:30

622 Monday Dec 29th HS Holiday Tourney North vs. Alvirne 5:00

623 Monday Dec 29th HS Basketball Milford vs. Nashua South 6:00

624 Monday Dec 29th HS Holiday Tourney South vs. Coventry 6:40

625 Monday Dec 29th HS Basketball Souhegan vs. Nashua North 7:30

626 Tuesday Dec 30th HS Holiday Tourney Bishop Brady vs. North 12:00

627 Tuesday Dec 30th HS Holiday Tourney Alvirne vs. South 2:00

628 Tuesday Dec 30th HS Basketball Goffstown vs. Milford 3:00

629 Tuesday Dec 30th HS Holiday Tourney Souhegan vs. Coventry 4:00

630 Tuesday Dec 30th HS Basketball Thornton vs. Souhegan 4:30

631 Tuesday Dec 30th HS Basketball Hollis/Brook. vs. Nashua South 6:00

632 Tuesday Dec 30th HS Basketball Alvirne vs. Nashua North 7:30

633 Wednesday Dec 31st HS Basketball Hollis vs. Souhegan 9:30

634 Wednesday Dec 31st HS Basketball 11:00 Milford vs. Tornton 11:00

635 Wednesday Dec 31st HS Basketball Goffstown vs. Alvirne 12:30

636 Wednesday Dec 31st HS Basketball Nashua No vs. Nashua So 2:00

        Al sang at Gillette Stadium prior to Revolution games. He sang before games for the Boston Whitecaps, a professional Frisbee team! I had no idea there was such a league! After talking with Al about the Whitecaps I checked it out online. It’s quite interesting. 

His next goal is to get to 1,000 National Anthems performed within a 5 years period. Currently he is at 825….with just 175 more to go there leaves little doubt that All will achieve yet another record! You can check out some great pictures of Al on his Facebook page Star Spangled Al.

     We have many people who have performed the National Anthem at our ballpark, including those who sing professionally. Donnie Osmond, Billy Gilman and the country group Love & Theft to name a few. 

     Thanks for taking time for me between all your singing Al, I truly appreciate it. I’m sure we will hear more of your great voice at McCoy in the future. 

    After the All-Star break the team will head to play four games in Durham and four in Norfolk. We return home on the 24th and hope to see you all there! You will see us there as always being……………….”Here For You!”


 Love hearing from you                                             rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 


Canvas Art, Lets Turn it Around and Meet More Interns!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Just when I thought the PawSox were going to end their losing streak………..It just didn’t happen. However, back in 2012 and last season, the team had a bit of a rough ride during the season yet won The Governors’ Cup Championships. Like they say, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. They play one more in Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs and return home tomorrow to play the Iron Pigs again with the game starting at 7:05.

We need to cheer on the home team and give them our support. At tomorrow nights game the first 3,000 fan entering the stadium will be given a canvas art picture of last year’s winning of the Governors’ Cup celebration. The canvas art is great to have autographed. Cassie and Dan show off the canvas art.

Canvas art


By supporting the PawSox you become part of the Championship. Sox fans know about the ups and downs a season brings and never give up hope. Sox fans are not Fairweather fans at all………………….literally!   PawSox fans brave the elements with those chilly nights in April, and hang around even after a long rain delay to show support for their team. It’s how we roll! Through Thick and Thin we are Fans who support our team!

Now meet a few more of the interns who help in every way to get the game played! They are a very important component of the running of the PawSox Organization.





Rachel is currently a junior studying English with a minor in Communication Studies at the University of Rhode Island. Her experience with the University Athletic Department has made her more passionate and enthusiastic for a future in sports. Combine that with her great communicative skills and she is a perfect fit for the PawSox. She can often be found in the ticket office handle all ticket needs.

She plans on graduating next year and is anxious to jump right into a career in sports operations. Rachel was bron and raised in Rhode Island and her dream is to work in athletics for a big school. Her dream would be to work for Ohio State, Texas A & M, Clemson, Michigan and the list goes on. Her drive and desire leaves little doubt that she will attain the goals she has set.

 Rachel, if you weren’t working for the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) Getting my tan on! I’d also be taking some summer classes to graduate early.

Whats the best thing about working for the PawSox?

A) Meeting such phenomenal people.

Whats your favorite sport besides baseball?

A) Football

Your favorite music?

A) Tupac

Whats your favorite hobby/pastime?

A) Doing anything outside. I love being outside.

Dog or cat person

A) Dog!

favorite movie?

A) Almost Famous

If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

A) Harry Styles. Dont judge me!

Favorite McCoy moment?

A) Going to my first game here with my father when I was 10 years old, and I fell in love with the sport.

Other than the PawSox, what is your favorite team?

A) Just the PawSox.

If you could choose a superpower what would it be?

A) I really don’t want a superpower, I’d rather have 10 wishes.

Favorite ice cream?

A) Mocha Chip

If you played for the PawSox, what position would you play?

A) Shortstop.

Favorite food?

A) Mac & Cheese.

   Thanks Rachel for your time and its great having you as part of the team.





     Marissa grew up in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. This bright young lady will be a sophomore at UMass Amherst in the fall where she plans to double major in Sports Management and Finance. She works in the ticket office also and at times works the front desk. Like most of the interns she is always smiling. Marissa will be leaving us to soon to pursue her education and her future.

If you weren’t working for the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) Sitting on the beach drinking a Pina Colada  

Whats the best thing about working with the PawSox?

A) My awesome co-workers

Favorite sports besides baseball?

A) Football.

Favorite music?

A) Keith Urban

Your favorite hobby/pastime?

A) Swimming.

Dog or cat person?

A) Both.

 Favorite Movie?

A) She’s the Man.

If you could attend a game with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

A) Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski.

Favorite McCoy moment?

A) Seeing Bryan dressed as Chewbacca (Bryan is a co-worker who dressed in the Chewbacca suit for Star Wars Night)

Other than the PawSox, whats your favorite team?

A) New England Patriots.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

A) Teleporting

Favorite ice cream?

A) Sweet Cream.

If you played for the PawSox what position would you play?

A) Left bench.

Favorite food?

A) Mac & Cheese. 

  Thanks for your time Marissa. We wish you all the best. 





     In 2014 Brooke graduated with a degree in Sport and Recreation Management from Franklin Pierce University. While attending the university she was a member of their basketball team for 4 years. She returned to Rhode Island and worked at MacColl and Woonsocket YMCA as a site director and assistant youth basketball coordinator. Brooke is continuing her education at Providence College to pursue a Master of Business Administration.

  Her dream is to own and operate a community center for those interested in sports. A center when adults and youngsters can enjoy playing different sports. Brooke spend the vast majority of her time in the Team Store. She is always busy helping customers, hanging or folding merchandise, shipping orders and keeping the store neat, clean and very welcoming. She lets us all know when new PawSox gear comes in so we can check it out and decide if we want to buy it or not. 

 If you weren’t working for the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) Working as a director at the YMCA.

What is the best thing about working for the PawSox?

A) The great learning experience and all the people I get to meet.

Whats your favorite sport besides baseball?

A) Basketball

Favorite music?

A) The Zac Brown Band.

Whats your favorite hobby/pastime?

A) High school and college basketball.

Cat or dog person?

A) Cat.

Favorite movie?

A) Happy Gilmore

If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

A) My high school Athletic Director, George Nasuti.

Favorite McCoy moment?

A) During my senior year of high school, my basketball team was honored here at McCoy for winning the State Championship.

Other than the PawSox, who is your favorite team?

A) Boston Celtics.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

A) To fly.

Favorite ice cream?

A) Coffee Oreo.

If you played for the PawSox, what position would you play?

A) 2nd base, my position from little league.

Favorite food?

A) Lobster.

Thanks Brooke for taking time for the blog. Just so you know perhaps you can get together with Rachel and Marissa and have Ken (Executive Chef) make some of his delicious Lobster Mac & Cheese!  Its awesome!  We wish you all the best and continued success. Keep letting me know when new stuff arrives!

     Tonight game in Lehigh Valley has been postponed. It will be made up when the PawSox return next month. Both teams are headed to McCoy to meet up tomorrow night at 7:05. Join us and cheer on the home team. Come meet the interns and say Hi. Come see us all being……………..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you.                                       rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros




















































































































Great Fireworks, Great Weekend and Meet the Interns!


Greetings PawSox Fans,

Hopefully you had a fun-filled and safe Holiday Weekend! The weather was awesome, the ocean was somewhat warm and the food and drink were tremendous. One of the great things about living in Rhode Island is if you run out of little necks and/or steamers, you can go dig more!

For many Rhode Islanders the July Fireworks at McCoy Stadium has become a tradition. When the tickets first go on sale in December, Fans call, click or come to the Box Office to secure their seats.  The neighborhood is loaded with families enjoying cookouts throughout the day in anticipation of the PawSox Fireworks Spectacular. 2015 was no different.

Paws fireworks


With both games selling out, the only tickets available were Standing Room Only. If you saw the crowd at the Main Gate you can certainly understand why it was Standing Room! They lined up to Columbus Avenue.

Main gate crowd

Approximately 20 mins after the start of the game, the Standing Room tickets were let in and the Stadium filled up quickly.



Fans were standing everywhere!




On July 2nd, one of the Sponsors on the Fireworks was Daves Marketplace….The Dave’s Marketplace 4 sang the National Anthem..



The following night, Big Bad John took to the Mic to belt out an awesome rendition of the National Anthem.

Big Bad John


Part of the Opening Ceremonies over the weekend included welcoming new American Citizens who were sworn in by a Federal Judge…

Swearing in


They all took an oath to become American Citizens!    Welcome all!

New Americans

There was some face painting in front of the Verizon Fan Center. Needless to say a Funtastic Time was had by all in attendance.


Face Painting



Now lets meet a few of the Interns that made all that fun possible:



Cassie grew up in Utica, New York and currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island. She attends Providence College and is a rising senior. She majors in management and minors in finance. Cassie want to work in sports after she graduates.

Like most of the interns, she is usually smiling. She deals with Fans well and helps anyway she can. You can see Cassie often working the ticket window on game days or sorting out and mailing them out.

  If you were not working for the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) I would be living in New York 

What is the best thing about working for the PawSox?

A) I really enjoy the camaraderie with all the people here. Its make the job fun.

What’s your favorite band/person?

A) Florida Georgia Line.

Whats are your hobbies/pastimes?

A) Going to the beach.

You a cat or dog person?

A) Dog

Favorite movie?

A) The Step Brothers.

If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone living or dead who would it be?

A) Channing Tatum 

Favorite McCoy Moment(s)

A) I love Star Wars night.

Other then the PawSox what is your favorite team?

A) Washington Redskins

If you could choose a super power what would it be?

A) To be invisible.

Favorite ice cream?

A) Cookie Dough

If you played for the PawSox what position would you play?

A) Third Base

Favorite food?

A) Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich

     I guess Cassie like breakfast the best! Thanks Cass for taking time out of your hectic day. Keep up the great work!







   Pete, or as I like to call him, Dimples, grew up in Cranston, Rhode Island. Pete recently graduated from Southern New Hampshire University where he studied Sports Management. He loves the game of baseball and played for SNHU during his time time. He is a man of few words but enjoys some good yuks showing off that great smile and of course the dimples.

     Pete has a very good work ethic and is a welcome addition to the 2015 intern team.

If you were not working for the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) I’d be playing ball.

Whats your favorite sport besides baseball?

A) Basketball.

Whats your favorite band/musical person?

A) The Roots. (Note: For the record, I never heard of them)

Favorite hobby/pastime?

A) Playing baseball

Dog or cat person?

A) Dog

Favorite movie?

A) A Bronx Tale

If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

A) My Dad

Other than the PawSox, what’s your favorite team?

A) Yankess     (Whhhhat?)

If you could choose a super power what would it be?

A) To fly. 

Favorite ice cream?

A) Coffee.

If you played for the PawSox, what position would you play?

A) Outfield.

What’s your favorite food?

A) Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

     Thanks Dimples for taking the time. You’re a good teammate!

     The PawSox lost again today getting swept by the Syracuse Chiefs. The losing streak continued and hopefully gets snapped when the play in Lehigh Valley tomorrow evening for a 3 game series.

      The PawSox come back to McCoy on Friday and we need the Fans to cheer them to victory to Keep The Cup! Be one of the first 3,000 fans to enter McCoy Stadium on Friday and get a free Canvas Art print of the 2014 Governors’ Cup win in Durham.



      Get your tickets now for the brief homestand over the weekend. It’s a great and affordable family fun. Take your friends with the family and enjoy a night out at McCoy. You will love it!  You can see us all………………”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                     rickm@pawsox.com

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros






The Skipper, Line Dancing and Meet the Interns!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The PawSox headed out on the road to Rochester to take on the Rochester Red Wings in a 3 game series before heading back here on July 2nd and 3rd for two of the most popular games of the season, the July Fireworks Spectacular! Unfortunately, the team lost in Rochester last evening getting shut-out in both games of the double-header.

The Fireworks on June 27th lived up to all expectations as being “Spectacular.” The display was with Country Music playing in the background and made for an awesome show. It was a night of Country Music…Cat Country 98.1 was here as were the Mishnock Barn Dancers. Sox did a little jig with Jake from Cat Country. In the background the Mishnock Barn Dancers dance to the music.


Jake & Sox


Some fans joined in the dancing fun…


The dancers had a great time and then posed for a photo with Paws…


We also had a marriage proposal that was really cool Between innings Billy got down on one knee and asked Valerie to marry him..


Thankfully she said yes and was very happy!

Propose II

Billy then slipped the beautiful ring on his fiance’s finger.


Saturday was also the day that season ticket holders came to enjoy some great food and drink and meet with the manager and a couple of players and ask them questions. Manager Kevin Boles, Pitcher Patrick Light and Catcher Matt Spring took part in this awesome event that’s only for our season ticket package holders. Boles responds to a question from a Fan…



The Pannone Family really enjoyed the event…



There is always so much going on at the PawSox and without the help of the very valuable interns it would be nearly impossible to make it all happen. Let us introduce to a couple more:



Jackie was here last season and has always done a wonderful job no matter where you put her. She is soft spoken and enjoys a good laugh. She is often in the ticket office helping Fans purchase the seats they want. She currently attends Loyola University Maryland and is majoring in communication, public relations and journalism. Here’s a bit more:

If you were not working with the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) Working some other summer job I guess. Perhaps as a waitress or something.

What is the best thing about working for the PawSox?

A) The people and all of the great experience I get to have Interacting with the Fans and see how much they love coming to the games is awesome.

What is your favorite sport?

A) Football.

What is your favorite music band/person?

A) I don’t have anyone specific, but I love Beyonce and right now I’m loving Sam Hunt.

What is your favorite hobby/pastime?

A) Going to the beach or going out on my boat and spending time with my great family and friends.

Are you a dog or cat person?

A) Dog! 100% dog!

Favorite Movie:

A) The Departed.

If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

A) My sisters and my parents. Our parents raised us loving sports and going to games. It would be really cool going to a PawSox game with all of them, that would be a great experience.

Favorite McCoy Moment?

A) Last year I saw an older fan catch a foul ball and give it to a kid sitting behind him who was blind. The kid was so excited and it was such a heartwarming moment.

If you could choose a super power what would it be?

A) Teleportation

What is your favorite ice cream?

A) Coffee Oreo or Peppermint Stick, both are wicked good.

If you played for the PawSox, what position would you play?

A) I am the #1 fan! I tried to play when I was younger but was terrible.

Favorite Food?

A) Popcorn.

Thanks Jackie for taking some time. Keep up the good work.



    Dan is a fine young man. Chances are if you can to the administration office Dan would be at the front desk. He’s very good with people either by phone or in person. He attended Coast Carolina University for recreation and sports  and wants to be a firefighter. 

If you were not working with the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) Probably working for an ambulance company getting ready to become a full-time firefighter, that’s my dream job.

Whats the best thing about working for the PawSox?

A) The game day atmosphere of the stadium. It’s very exciting to see what happens behind the scenes to see everything that happens to get ready for the game.

What is your favorite musical group/person?

A) Luke Bryan

What’s your favorite hobby/pastime? 

A) Playing basketball, volleyball, softball, swimming, bowling or anything to do with sports.

Are you a cat or dog person?

A) Dog a Golden Retriever.

Favorite movie?

A) Anchorman.

If you could attend a PawSox game when anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

A) My dad

Favorite McCoy moment?

A) I was at the game when Izzy Alcantara kicked the catcher. 

If you could choose a super power, what would it be?

A) To be able to fly.

Favorite ice cream?

A) Cookie Dough

If you played for the PawSox what position would you play?

A) I’d like to be the bullpen catcher.

Your Favorite food?

A) French Fries.

     Thanks Dan. You do a good job so keep it up. 

    We have a couple of the most popular games coming up on July 2nd and 3rd. Dont be shutout! Call and get your tickets now or visit the best website in the International League to order them at pawsox.com

    Come say hi to the Interns, they will be…………………”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                                       rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

       Rick Medeiros 



Awesome Win,Long Ride Home and the Screech!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Wednesday was such a wonderful night for baseball. The PawSox beat the Rochester Red Wings 3-2 in the 11th inning last evening from a perfect safety squeeze bunt from Humberto Quintero. The first part of the game was moving along very swiftly with the first five innings being played in just about an hour. That was until PawSox Usher Steve Martin announced how fast the game was moving along!

It’s one of those unwritten rules in baseball. Like when a pitcher has a no-hitter going, no one will mention it. Same goes for a fast game. Because of the remark from Martin, the game went into extra innings, however, despite the extra innings the game was played in 3 hours and 5 minutes.

Last evening was another great baseball night but unfortunately the PawSox lost. However, they will be right at again this evening against the Gwinnett Braves who just pulled into town. 

Something that wasnt done quickly was the ride home from Gwinnett County, Georgia. The last game against the Gwinnett Braves was a 2:00pm game Sunday. Gwinnett County is just north of Atlanta, and just like McCoy and Fenway, if a player gets called up, they can jump in their vehicle and drive about 45 minutes to Turner Field.

After the game ended, Barry my driving partner and I grabbed the equipment with some of the clubhouse staff and loaded the Penske. We pulled out just about 5:30. The weather was clear and traffic was relatively light and we were making some pretty good time. The speed limit for the vast majority of the highways during the trip are at 65 and 70, So we keep a pretty good average at 74.3 MPH. Speed


In the area of the George Washington Bridge traffic was horrible and we ended up smack dab in the middle of it for just about an hour and as a result, our average speed dropped drastically to 6.2 MPH!!!!  We crawled along for quite some time. Speed II

It was a very welcome sight to pull into McCoy 18 hours after leaving Gwinnett. No matter where you travel it’s always nice to return home. 

  While in Georgia some of the players were sitting around watching TV in the hotel lobby after the game. The topic of crime came up and PawSox Infielder/Outfielder Garin Cecchini explained he is able to ward off any type of assailant with his special move known as the “Cheech Screech” Garin is a guy who has a great sense of humor and wit off the field. On the field he is all business and wants to win every game. He’s a great teammate and really enjoys the game.

   He is the guy that will joke with kids as he signs autographs from them and really enjoys chatting with the youngsters. He is Cheech to his team and friends, and truly enjoys life and yuking it up. When I asked him why he calls the move he does the Cheech Screech he explained that it will leave the would be assailant in a screeching heap, screeching for medical attention. When asked how many times he has used this special move, he would neither confirm or deny ever using the tactic.

   He offered to demonstrate the tactic, but I must post the disclaimer to not attempt to use this at home or engage any assailant with the tactic. The tactic took years to develop and master and we can not assume any responsibility for attempting the tactics and/or for the result that may occur. 

   Garin agreed to give a demonstration of the tactic in the hotel lobby. When/If approached by anyone attempting to bring harm to Garin, he looks relaxed and fearless.



Garin 1


       If confronted by a mugger or other criminal element, and Garin senses an attack may be imminent, he uses his verbal skills to de-escalate the encounter. He will warn the person that he has superior skills and offers solid advice by explaining to the person that chances are they will be seriously injured. Garin said that the best course of action is to do everything possible to talk the person out of any attack..

Garin IIII


           If the subject does not back down, Garin offers them the finger wag and tells them they made a bad choice.

Garin II


             Garin then switches to Defense Combat Mode…First he slaps his fist several times to ensure its tight as a baseball.

Garin III

       Next he issues a final warning  to stop and “Oils the Hinge” of his elbow by rubbing it gently. This causes the elbow joint and tendons to become relaxed which enables the swift bending without risk of injury. 

Garin VI


       Suddenly there is a blur of movement that the fastest camera setting can not capture..

Garin Blur


             The end result is the Cheech Screech! After the smashing fist makes contact, the subject would indeed be reduced to a screeching heap of defeated flesh. I asked Garin why he turned his head and he explained that he isn’t a fan of blood and guts so just turns around and walks away. 

Garin VII

   I would like to thank Garin Cecchini for his time and demonstration. The PawSox are on the field right now preparing for the game. The weather is great and the team is ready to Play Ball ! Tomorrow is our Country Music Fireworks Spectacular! There will be line dancing out front at the stage for Fans to learn and enjoy. There are still tickets available so dont miss out!  Look forward to seeing you and always being…………..”Here For You!” 

   Love hearing from you                           rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 


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