Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    I would like to wish you all the best Thanksgiving ever with great family and friends, great food and great laughs. 


    On this Thanksgiving Eve McCoy Stadium hosted the Shea vs Tollman High School Football Game…


        The crowd and cheerleaders didn’t mind the 37 degrees as they cheered on their team..It was a hard-fought game with Shea winning the game with a last second 22 yard field-goal. 

football 2

            Thanksgiving is so special on many levels. All the food that everyone always seems to indulge so much in, the football games, the Macy’s Day Parade and so many other family traditions. Some of the traditions include waiting in line at some stores to get those sale items that  have come to be known as Black Friday!

      Last year Paws and Sox went to some of the stores to meet those who are waiting in line. Some had tents, carts, portable TV’s snacks and even grills. The people we met were friendly and the vast majority had a game plan on what they wanted to get. We met 2 families who were waiting outside Best Buy in Seekonk right after their Thanksgiving meal at 1:00 pm   They already were there for about ten hours and had about another 9 to go!

    They were very prepared. They erected a big tent and inside were cots, chairs, cooler of food, snacks, TV, etc…They were indeed ready for the long haul.  Best Buy is one of those stores that generate people waiting for the doors to open…

best buy

           Macy’s in New York is another store that draws a very large crowd…Truly incredible


       Of course with the waiting and at times patience runs thin there could be a little dust-up like at the Target in Kentucky…Trying to cut the line is not a good idea..

Fight in KY


     Paws and Sox will be out again to visit people waiting in line for the “Door Buster Deals!”  If you will be waiting at any of these stores for the doors to open, please send me an email and perhaps Paws will pay you a visit! If you’re wearing any type of PawSox gear, we will give you a surprise!  

     Please send email and not a comment so you can include your cell phone number so we can contact you. email rickm@pawsox.com

   Enjoy the Holiday as we get another day closer to Opening Night!  The PawSox Office will be open on Monday, November 30th and we will be back at it and be……………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 


Operation Holiday Cheer! Bringing Rhody to the Troops!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Hope everyone is doing well and prepared for Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year that we give thanks for what we have and also a time to give to others. It’s also a great time to give thanks to the brave Men and Women or the Military who will spend the holiday in some foreign land in defense of Americans. Some of those Troops are from the Ocean State.

Last week the PawSox received a call from the Office of the Lt. Governor of Rhode Island Daniel J. McKee and was asked if we could gather up some PawSox Programs to send over to the Troops as part of Operation Holiday Cheer. They were going to fill about 350 boxes full of supplies they need and to enjoy. Off course the PawSox were on board with this.


The Penske was loaded with some cases of the programs and Friday afternoon we headed to the Army National Guard on Airport Road in Warwick. When I got there they had volunteers waiting to unload the Penske. The boxes were opened and placed all together in an area against the wall with other items to be sent to the Rhode Island Troops to remind them about their State.


It was awesome to see inside the enormous building where boxes and boxes of things to be shipped to the Troops were piled up. One of the staples of Rhode Island is of course Coffee Milk….There are plenty bottles being shipped!

Coffee Syrup


A whole lot of Dunkin Donuts Coffee…



A lot of batteries are heading their way…with card games and others toys sent from Hasbro..


A Who boat load of Hand Sanitizer…

Hand Sani


     Here is the story that ran yesterday, Sunday by Mario Hillario:

More than a hundred volunteers gathered at the National Guard Armory in Warwick Sunday in an assembly line to put together care packages going to Rhode Island service members currently overseas.

“It’s that time of year, you’re looking over your shoulder ‘what would I be doing if I was home for Thanksgiving, home for the holidays,” said Brigadier General Christopher Callahan of the Rhode Island National Guard.

Lt Governor Dan McKee and Mayor Scott Avedisian were among those helping out at the thirteenth annual Operation Holiday Cheer.

Among the groups volunteering, the Blue Star Moms, who were busy placing stuffed Christmas stockings into the care packages.

“We have candy, Itunes gift card, and an inflatable pillow that has a special star on it,” said Blue Star Mom Cindy Gaccione.

The care packages also contained items uniquely Rhode Island.

“You can’t get Dunkin’ Donuts further south never mind a different country; the Del’s lemonade, autocrat coffee, it was great to have that kind of stuff,” said Michael Dalmazzi with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, one of the many groups volunteering.

Dalmazzi says he remembers getting a care package when he was deployed.

“It was a little bit of home in a place that was hostile,” he said.

Veteran Johanna Bravo also remembered getting a care package when she was deployed to Iraq with the 1207th Transportation Company.

“I got a Dunkin Donuts cup, I kept it for a month because I didn’t want to throw it away it was like having Rhode Island in Iraq, it just really chokes me up, it’s so great people care about us,” said Bravo.

The roughly four hundred packages assembled were loaded onto a United States Postal Service truck and were expected to be shipped out on Monday.

Operation Holiday Cheer packages assembled at the Warwick Armory Sunday for RI troops serving overseas.

Operation Holiday Cheer packages assembled at the Warwick Armory Sunday for RI troops serving overseas.

   We want to wish all the Men and Women protecting the country to have the best holiday you can. We look forward to seeing all of you return safely back to Rhode Island….We cant wait to see you and the Whole State will be……………”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                  rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 


Local Youth Have an Early Thanksgiving!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

Yesterday, (Friday) some students from Agnes E. Little Elementary School were treated to a Thanksgiving-Type Luncheon right here at McCoy Stadium in the Home Clubhouse. 42 students were chosen from grades K-5 who had perfect attendance

The school is literally right across the street so they held hands with a partner and under the guidance of their teachers walked to the stadium. Paws, Sox and the PawSox Leadership Group met them at the entrance to welcome them. Paws and Sox then led them into the clubhouse…



A Magnificent buffet awaited the students. A full Turkey feast with all the trimmings courtesy of the PawSox!


Juice, milk and coffee milk was the drink of choice Drinks

    After lunch Gingerbread Man Cookies were waiting patiently 

Ginger men


2nd Grade Teacher Ms. Tracy places two hands on her head…..the signal to stay quiet. She then explains how they will proceed to the buffet in a very orderly way. The two hands on the head was quite impressive and all the students were very well-behaved.


               PawSox Vice Chairman Mike Tamburro chats with some of the students…

Mike T


              PawSox Team President Dr. Charles Steinberg, Senior Vice President and General Manager Dan Rea and Vice President of Public Relations Bill Wanless meet with a couple of the teachers. 

Group Chat

              It’s Lunch Time!  Staff dishes out a wonderful meal…L-R  Chef Ken. Hospitality Director Lauren, Visiting Clubhouse Myles and Bill Wanless


        You can never fake enthusiasm….and to see Dr. Charles and Dan go to every table and chat with all the students,  welcoming them and discussing the importance of education was awesome to see how much the students loved it. Each student was rewarded with a goodie bag for their perfect attendance and it really put a smile on their face…

Great smile

          If you recall Dr Charles stating that the new leadership will be judged by their actions and not by their words, seeing it from the inside I can assure you it’s not just words or empty slogans, everyone is truly committed to the entire community and every single fan and continuing the PawSox Family fun and tradition and building on it.

    It will behoove you to check out the PawSox website daily for any and all updates and upcoming special events. Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter……………Fasten your seat belt its going to be a Fantastic ride! We’ll all be taking this fun ride with you being………..,,”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                          rickm@pawsox.com

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros



Happy Birthday Papi!!!!


   Greetings PawSox Fans!

     Today David “Big Papi” Ortiz turns the Big Four Oooh!  Also we learned a few days ago that after the 2016 season Papi is going to retire. For many years we have enjoyed watching him hit those clutch homeruns when the team needed them most. His home runs and clutch hits will forever be in our memory bank.

David Americo Ortiz Arias was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and has given back so much to the schools and health care there and never forgot where he came from. Red Sox Fans will always remember Big Papi.

  Papi was a 9 time All-Star, was with the Sox for their recent 3 World Series Championships, leads the MLB with his 447 Home Runs, 1,442 RBI’s, and 2023 Hits by a Designated Hitter! That’s quite a career! There is no doubt he will add to those impressive numbers during the 2016 season!

Big Papi has played for the PawSox a few times on rehab assignments. The Fan reaction for him was incredible when he came to bat in the first inning back in 2008…He answered those cheers with smashing a home run into the right field bleachers!

Papi Bomb

   You could see all the camera flashes in the stands whenever he came to bat or left the dugout. Fans just wanted to get a glimpse of this hitting machine.

  Papi arrived with his friends in a white colored Escalade and parked inside Gate A. A large crowd gathered at the gate taking photos and attempting to get autographs. Inside the stadium, the fishing for autographs looked awesome!

Fans at McCoy Stadium send down their hats for David Oritz to autograph. (Staff photo by MIKE GEORGE)

Fans at McCoy Stadium send down their hats for David Oritz to autograph. (Staff photo by MIKE GEORGE)

      During the game Fans gathered around the White Escalade just to get a picture of them standing near the vehicle that drove Papi to McCoy. A father placed his young son on the hood of the vehicle while his wife took a picture. Unfortunately, before Staff could ask the dad to take his son off the vehicle, the youngster fell off and was taken to the EMT’s to tend to the cut the boy sustained. The Vehicle was then roped off so that Fans could take photos of themselves with the vehicle but there would not be any more small or big humans standing on it.

     After the game and the post game press conference Ortiz asked us to round-up 10 youngsters that he would like to meet. He stated that he had to get to Boston as quick as possible but would like to meet some of the youngsters. 

   I headed towards Gate A where his friends were all ready with the vehicle. As I came out the door, there was a 10-year-old boy celebrating his birthday with 9 of his friends coming down the stairway!  What luck! We let the parents know that their night is about to get better!

  Papi came out the door, and headed over to the youngsters and to see the look on their faces was something so special. They were hooting, hollering, shaking and jumping as Papi sign autographs for all of them and took some photos. Indeed, a birthday to remember!’

Papi Cap

        Big Papi as we know is a pretty big dude. With that being said, he also has a big heart and big on compassion. This was very evident during another rehab assignment he had with the PawSox. It’s a story I never get tired of telling. Being a great hitter on the field is certainly awesome, but making someones dream come true is at another level.

  Back for another rehab assignment his vehicle that he arrived in was secured inside Gate A. While waiting for him after the game we noticed a woman in a wheelchair close by the entrance to the gate, her name was Donna. She was dressed  head to toe in Ortiz gear. In speaking with her she told us that her dream in life was to meet Big Papi. She explained that she has quite a lot of health issues and was here with her son and daughter to try to get a close picture of him and to give him a special necklace that she handmade for him.

  She told us that she enjoys coming to McCoy because its very difficult for her to get around but McCoy makes it very easy for people in wheelchairs. She stated that she really can’t go to other venues because it’s just too hard. She showed me the necklace that she had made for Papi and was so proud of it.

We moved her a bit inside the gate to await the arrival of her idol and we chatted some more. She told us she has a whole bunch of memorabilia of Papi and really enjoys watching him. She has been a life-long Sox fan through thick and thin.

    Papi came out the door and as he looked to the crowd at gate he gave a wave. He then saw Donna and headed over to her. Her dream was about to come true! Her face lit up as Papi shook her hand and gave her a peck on the cheek. He signed a couple of items for her as tears ran down her cheeks. Photos were taken and Donna handed him the necklace she made and asked if he could wear it for one game. Papi agreed that he would wear it and too make sure she watched the game. After chatting a bit more he jumped in the vehicle and headed back to Boston, leaving Donna and her family with a memory of a life time!


       A couple of days later Donna sent us a letter to say thank you and was still in shock that she met Big Papi. She attached a picture to the email saying that the following game that Papi played, he was a man of his word and wore the necklace she made him! In the picture you can see the necklace dangling from his neck!  


           Very well done sir! Very well done! Big Papi, Happy Birthday and stay classy! Have a great 2016 season and while you’re at it, win another World Series! 

David 'Big Papi' Ortiz made a rehab appearance with the Pawtucket Red Sox Thursday.

        Going to a PawSox Game truly do create many memories. My son and daughter still talk about their times going to games and dancing to the music, eating the cotton candy and the delicious dough boys and having a fun time. With just about 139 days left until Opening Night make it a point to come to some games during the 2016 season.

   Please visit pawsox.com for all the latest news and if you have any questions, please give us a call at 401-724-7300! Rest easy that during business hours 9-5 the phone will be answered by a Staff who will be happy to help you in every way! Count on it! Count on all of us being……………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                                           rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros

Thanks to the Vets!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Veterans Day has passed but the PawSox wanted to give a special treat to the Vets earlier this evening. (Friday) On an idea brought up by Mike Lyons to have a special event for the Vets at the end of the week, the PawSox Leadership gave the “Lets Do This!”  Within 72 hours from the idea it all came together this evening.

Staff reached out to local Veterans organizations and it was a Spectacular Feast! When the Vets began to show up they met with the best PawSox Wall of Fame Tour Guide known to Mankind Michael Gwynn who gave them a tour…

Gwynnie Tour


After the tour they made their way into the Home Clubhouse where they checked out the menu…

The buffet looked so yummy…


PawSox Executive Chef Ken Bowdish didn’t have a lot of time to get this all together, but as always he hit a Grand Slam!  The Lobster Mac & Cheese was Majestic!  The Vets loved it and some took some home! I must confess that I wanted so badly to chow down on those lobster claws on the top! It looks so appetizing with the mashed taters.


They loved the feast!


The perfectly cooked prime rib caught the eye of everyone there!

Prime Time


Chef Bowdish carved up the perfect slices…



PawSox Team President Dr. Charles Steinberg chatted with WWII Vet 94-year-old Andy…  Andy loved the chowder and the rest of the spread…



Mike Lyons sat with the Vets to indulge in dinner and he kept a close eye on the cheesecake!


Dr. Charles spoke for quite a while and answered questions and the Vets enjoyed it greatly…PawSox Senior Vice President & General Manager met with the Vets and thanked them for their service and spent time chatting with them.


Veteran Carl gave Chef Ken a thumbs up and said, “That was delicious, you deserve a trophy!


Chef Ken continued getting accolades throughout the evening! Veteran Chris said that he used to be a cook and was in the Infantry Division and told Ken, “Everything was so delicious, as a cook myself it was one of the best meals I ever had and the best prime rib ever!” Chris and Ken are now forever friends!


Every Vet was very thankful for the wonderful event. They were very pleased that Dr. Charles and Dan Rea took the time to chat with them and gave the go ahead to make this happen.

As we watch TV and listen to the news on the radio about the terrorist attack in Paris, around the globe every country must alert their military to keep their citizens safe. The United States Military stand ready to keep us all safe. I thank the Men and Women who currently serve in our Military and of course the Veterans who have protected us.

Thanks to the entire PawSox Staff taking part in making it such a wonderful evening for our Veterans…You know they stand Proud! They stand Ready! and will always be………….”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                            rickm@pawsox.com

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros



Comic Con With Paws!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    If you were anywhere in Downtown Providence around the Dunkin Donut Center/Convention Center this past weekend I’m sure you had to endure some heavy traffic and thousands of people heading to Comic Con at the aforementioned venues.

    Up until a few years ago I had no idea what Comic Con was. It was learned that people from Comic Con are the ones that make Star Wars Night at McCoy a huge success. They have different chapters and they are also involved with Super Hero night and Halloween. 

    This weekend Paws what at the event selling Star Wars baseball jerseys…These Limited Edition Jerseys are also available at our team store, but hurry up, they wont last long!     


      As stated the event was very well attended. People were lined up very early in the morning to get in the event. 


         Although I have never been to one of these events, and really dont know much about them, I do know they are very popular, and what a consider to be a bit costly. My understanding is there is the price for admission to get in. Ticket prices range from $29 to $75 for a 3 day pass for Friday to Sunday and some VIP Passes that go to around $200! Once inside you have a chance to meet with some celebrities.

     In checking the celeb list, there weren’t many that I knew, however, some brought back memories, like The Fonz, Henry Winkler…



      The Incredible Hulk…….Luke Ferrigno……..



       And the loud burping, nose picking Booger from Revenge of the Nerds, Curtis Armstrong….



         To get a picture and/or autograph of one of the celebs it cost you an additional $20 and up! There was no charge for the best celebrity in the place:  Paws!   Paws found Waldo!



      Paws also made some new friends….




     Paws chatted a bit with Nintendo Game Boy



              Paws played some Black Ops….


       Saw a little Jurassic Park….


     Paws hung with a couple of buddies:Mario and Luigi!




                Paws had a fantastic time and all the celebs were happy to meet him! During the off-season Paws will be all around in the community and of course you can see him at every home game during the season! Take pictures with Him and Sox and get their autographs and picture for no charge!

    Keep checking back here and the pawsox.com website for all upcoming events including the Fan Christmas Party….We look forward to seeing you and being…………..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you  rickm@pawsox.com



Leading Off-Meet the New Members of the PawSox Leadership Group!


It was made official last week when the new Leadership Group was introduced to be leading the PawSox into the future. Today a Press Conference was held to formally introduce the new Leadership Group to the media and some civic leaders.



There was a very good amount of press coverage…



First they introduced the Chairman Larry Lucchino. Larry stated that he is looking very forward to working with the PawSox Staff and continuing to move forward. He spoke of the PawSox being very involved in the community and its all about creating a very fun and positive experience for the families. Mr. Lucchino stated, “We are eager to bring several of our most experienced members of the Boston Red Sox to the PawSox and we are most pleased that Mike Tamburro will remain with the club in the capacity of Vice Chairman.



The new Team President is Dr. Charles Steinberg. In a recent Boston Herald piece,

Steinberg, the man behind the curtain for the Red Sox’ extravagant pregame ceremonies, has worked in baseball for 40 years and will continue to work as a senior advisor to new Sox president Sam Kennedy.

“Working at Fenway Park, we have long admired the fans of Rhode Island,” Steinberg said in a statement. “The opportunity to help enhance a warm, welcoming, positive experience for families and especially children is very attractive. The opportunity to help enhance the PawSox’ community efforts is equally enticing.” Dr. Charles is an idea guy and always looking for ideas to make it fun and affordable. He absolutely adores the game  of baseball.

 He has been in baseball for around 40 years and shows no sign of slowing. He is truly excited and passes that along to the Staff,,,



        Dan Rea III is the Senior Vice President and General Manager. Dan has been with the Red Sox for the last 10 years and started as a Red Sox Ambassador while a freshman at Harvard. Not long after Dan became Special Assistant to Larry Lucchino. Like Dr. Charles, Dan is all about the Fan experience. He encourages Staff to come up with new ideas to enhance the overall fun and excitement of going to a baseball game. 

      Recently in an article in the Valley Breeze Dan was quoted, “As an organization, we stand on the shoulders of Ben Mondor and his family, as well as Mike Tamburro, and all those who have preceded us,” said Rea. “We believe this team is a regional treasure, and we seek to preserve what’s best about the PawSox fan experience and take that experience to new levels.”  



             Rounding out the leadership team is Jeff White. Jeff will be the PawSox Treasurer. Jeff has been in baseball for about 25 years and has a plethora of talent in finance. He has been a consulted for Madison Square Garden and the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays just to name a couple. He has a very good sense of humor and quick wit.Its reported that Jeff will retain his role with the Boston Red Sox as Financial Advisor to the President/CEO…


       Mike Tamburro will remain with the Team as Vice Chairman. All the new leadership are sincerely looking forward to working with Mike. It’s fair to say that Mike would love to win another Governors’ Cup Championship!

Mike T Cup

        They all chatted with the media….












           I have seen the new leadership talk with the fans and listen to every idea, comment and suggestion. We have more ticket options to fit every need and budget. There will be new Theme Nights and Promotions. Everyone is just focused on preparing for the 2016 PawSox season right here at McCoy!

     The Staff is looking forward to the fun and excitement the 2016 season will bring! Before leaving McCoy this evening I asked Dr. Charles to give me a quote for this blog…..Without hesitation he stated, “We will be judged not by our words, but by our actions. The Fans will be pleased with our actions.” 

    Please visit our website at pawsox.com or give us a call at 401-724-7300 if you have any questions. Like always, we will be……………”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                        rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 

A Burtt of a Surprise!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    During the day yesterday, (Friday) we had a surprise visit from former PawSox Pitcher Dennis Burrt. Dennis was in the area doing some work for Google capturing images for Google Maps. He lives in California and drove the Google vehicle all the way to New England providing the “Street View” you see online. 

    Dennis said he wanted to see McCoy again for a long time and finally has a chance now that he’s in the area doing the Google Maps. 

Google Car

        Dennis still looked like he was in shape to play and told me how different the whole stadium looks. He signed with the Red Sox when he was a young man in 1976 starting with the Elmira Pioneers short season then the Single A Winter Haven Red Sox, then on to the Bristol Red Sox , Double A and joined the PawSox in 1982…



      Here’s a little more info:

Pitched for 15 years in Pro Ball.
Coached for 8 years in Pro Ball.
Played on 5 League Championship teams.
Coached on one Championship team.
Played on one Caribbean Series Championship team in Winter Ball.
Pitched 10.1 scoreless innings in that series.
International League All-Star in 1986.
Puerto Rico Winter Ball All-Star both 1988 & 1989.
Venezuela Winter Ball All-Star in 1982.
Led International League in wins with 14 in 1985.
Led Pawtucket team with 13 wins in 1982.
Pitched one-hitter in divisional play-offs in 1989.

    Dennis played for the PawSox during the 82, 83 and 84 seasons. As we strolled through the Wall of Fame in the Hospitality Suite area he had a chance to reminisce about the years he was with the PawSox. He posed for a photo in front of his 1984 team that included teammates Oil Can Boyd, Steve Lyons and Roger Clemens…

Team pic '84

      During the 1984 season he was part of the Governors’ Cup team that beat the Maine Guides! The following season Dennis accomplished what he set as a goal……….He made his Major League debut with the Minnesota Twins.


 Dennis spent some time chatting with Clubhouse Manager Goody explaining how small the clubhouse was back when he played…


            Dennis chuckled when he saw some of the state of the art equipment used these days as part of the players training. The “air compression resistance” weight training is pretty high-tech. There are no weights attached just a button to press to choose how much resistance is needed.


           Part of the Wall of Fame has an area dedicated to the 1984 Championship that Dennis really liked. 

84 Champs


        Dennis showed me where he sat for the historic game between the PawSox Pitcher Mark “The Bird” Fidrych against the Columbus Clippers (New York Yankees Triple A affiliate) Dave “Spagehetti” Righetti in 1982…



     It was indeed all it was meant to be with plenty o excitement….

        It was awesome that Dennis stopped by and we got to meet him. Thanks Dennis for spending time with and talking a little history with us, we truly appreciate it, Hopefully you can make it to a PawSox game in the future…We’d love to see you here and we will all be……………”Here For You!!”

   Love hearing from you                                        rickm@pawsox.com

   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros  



Take Me Out to a Ball Game…………A World Series Game!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

This weather has been beautiful and would love to have it last forever. However, we must face the fact that before you know it the inevitable will happen as we all bundle up and face that awful freezing white powder substance that we must dig through to get to our vehicles to scrape and brush that dreaded white powder off. So lets all enjoy this weather while its here and remain optimistic that Opening Night at McCoy Stadium is one day closer!

The entire staff is looking forward to the 2016 with great excitement and as the off-season progresses we all are very confident that every fan will feel that same excitement! There will be some added Theme Nights and Special Ticket Packages that will certainly fit into any schedule and budget.

With the baseball season officially over with the Kansas City Royals beating the New York Mets for the Championship, two local youngsters were at Citi-Field to watch the games…



For the last 26 years The Pawtucket Red Sox along with the Pawtucket Boys & Girls Club have sent two youngster on an all expense paid trip to the World Series along with one of their parents or guardian with a nice sum of spending cash. The two lucky youngsters were Ilyas Torres and Dominic Sicignano…

Dominic Sicignano and Ilyas Torres hold their tickets for the 2015 World Series in New York as the PawSox once again this season are sending two youngsters from the Boys and Girls Club of Pawtucket to the Fall Classic. Dan Rea of the PawSox (far left) and Luke McLaughlin (far right) of the Boys and Girls Club of Pawtucket visited with the kids and their families at McCoy Stadium before sending them off to New York.

Dominic Sicignano and Ilyas Torres hold their tickets for the 2015 World Series in New York as the PawSox once again this season are sending two youngsters from the Boys and Girls Club of Pawtucket to the Fall Classic. Dan Rea III PawSox Senior Vice President and General Manager (far left) and Luke McLaughlin (far right) of the Boys and Girls Club of Pawtucket visited with the kids and their families at McCoy Stadium before sending them off to New York.


Last evening I spoke with Katy Sicignano, Dominic’s mom and asked her about the trip. “It was really so much fun and exciting. Everything was perfect. The weather, the games the stadium and the people we sat near at the games. For all three games we sat near the same people who were very nice and we became friends.” She told me. Dominic and Ilyas have memories for a life time! His mom told me that it was only his second time at a Major League Ball park and its such a great experience for a 13-year-old. I will concur, I vividly remember my first World Series game at game six when the Red Sox won in 2013, Katy added, “All the people were really nice and everything was great. The hotel, food it was all so awesome.” 



Since the games were in New York there was no need to fly. The four took the train and Katy told me it was great. I let her know that I’m a big fan of the train and hate flying and she agreed. In New York they used the subway to get around and do some sightseeing. They went to Times Square…(Dominic looks sharp in that PawSox gear!)


Times Square

Visited the area of the old World’s Fair…



Visited the 911 Memorial





Of course they loved the games. The Opening Ceremonies were Spectacular…



Fireworks from the side of the video board were awesome…



Although Dominic was cheering for the Mets, he didn’t mind a bit, it was a great time!

Mets Towel


           It was a fantastic trip! Dominic and his mom Katy will remember forever the 2015 World Series! 


    Thank you Katy and Dominic for sharing your experience with us……..Its truly appreciated and we look forward to seeing all Youse Guys at some games during the 2016 PawSox season!

     There was some Breaking News out of McCoy Stadium earlier today, (Thursday} so please visit pawsox.com to see the new leadership who are all committed to providing the best fan experience known to mankind. As mentioned before, we are all excited for the upcoming season and we are all……………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                                   rickm@pawsox.com

   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros  



Paws and Sox Enjoy a Night Out!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Hopefully everyone enjoyed a fun night of Halloween parties and Trick or Treating. The weather made for a nice night for Paws and Sox to head out to some neighborhoods to meet, greet and treat with some of the young fans!

    They had a terrific time!  



         They met with so many youngsters in so many different costumes….



      They posed families….


   With green colored little ones




               They met cowboys and princesses………

         Also a couple of baseball players!


      Some of the houses were very nicely decorated…



        Later in the evening Paws and Sox stopped by a Halloween Party and danced to the music of Bob Lopes and Look ‘N Back,,,


   It was a great night for Paws and Sox and everyone who met with them. Last evening Season Ticket Holder Cathy Christopher sent a pumpkin picture in for the Best PawSox Pumpkin contest. Although it was a great looking pumpkin, it was not submitted prior to the deadline and is disqualified with Kendra still the winner!



         Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Opening Night gets closer by the day! Remember just like the pumpkin says…..we are always going to be…………….”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                      rickm@pawsox.com

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 


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