Happy Thanksgiving!


   Greetings PawSox Fans!

    I’m not sure about you, but after all the hype I fully expected to see at least 6 inches of snow this morning. Athough not a fan of the rain its better than snow.

     This time of year is pretty enjoyable  Together with friends and family and chowing on some great grub! Its also a time when the PawSox staff has a mini vacation.  Many years ago, The Late Ben Mondor and Team President Mike Tamburro decided that instead of the usual Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday off, to add Wednesday so everyone can get prepared for Thanksgiving. We are all very thankful!

   Something you can count on is the Black Friday store lines. This year Paws is going to visit those lines to say Hi and take photos the brave souls who endure hours of waiting to get the bargain. If youre planning on waiting at a store please send me the store and approximate time you will be there so perhaps we can go visit you.  rickm@pawsox.com


Have a Fun and Safe Holiday!



  T’was the night before Thanksgiving and the staff is done for the week,

Although we are not happy that the weather for Wednesday looks bleak


A high school football game on Wednesday had to be cancelled at McCoy

All due to the bad weather that doesn’t bring anyone any kind of joy


The weather people said that the morning drive would be bad,

But it just rained a whole lot and that always makes us sad


Through the rain and the snow we can ponder the deal the Sox made

bringing in Sandoval and Ramirez for a ton of dough that they paid


So now there is another Ramirez and the Kung Fu Panda on the team

Winning another world series is what Red Sox Nation will dream


 While down on the farm the PawSox will play to keep The Cup

They will play their hearts out so they wont have to give it up


 Rhode Islanders give thanks there’s a place that’s fun and exciting

A PawSox game is very affordable for the whole family and always inviting


The great music, the gigantic video board and Paws and Sox will always make you laugh

Free parking, great food, low ticket prices and of course the customer friendly staff


The Pilgrims landed on at Plymouth Rock and it became a tourist attraction

It’s the same with the PawSox that visitors come to be part of the action


 Names like Pedroia, Big Papi, and Boggs played on the McCoy field

You never know what super-star you’ll see so keep your eyes peeled


With Thanksgiving upon us we will enjoy some time with family and  friends 

Maybe some you havent seen for a while and you’ll need to make amends


After your feast you may watch some football or line up at the black Friday store

You have your list of what you want and you consider it a chore


Just make sure you keep the date of December the fifth free and clear

Thats the date of the PawSox Fans Christmas party that will fill everyone with cheer


There will be food, drinks and snacks and things for adults and kids to do

And its all free for everyone with a couple of players will be there too


It’s the holiday season so be happy and never be blue

Just always remember we are always…………”Here For You!”

Have a Great Thanksgiving


   Love hearing from you                                                  rickm@pawsox.com


    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros  


























Good Evening PawSox Fans!

   It’s that time of year for the Baseball Hall of Fame to announce their candidates for induction into The Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s a very talented list indeed headlined by the always angry-looking Randy Johnson and the hilarious Pedro Martinez. I cant help but think of that poor bird that Johnson exploded during a spring training game against the San Fransisco Giants in 2001. What are the chances, in this whole universe that the bird and The Big Unit fastball would meet in the same place at the same time? Then at the exact moment that Johnson uncorks the laser, the bird made the decision to swoop down!  


   Pedro on the other hand was a funny guy. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys yuking it up. Although Pedro never played a game for the PawSox, he has stopped by McCoy Stadium many times. Pedro never did destroy a bird, but there is the hilarious image of him being taped to a pole by fellow 1st time Hall of Fame candidate and former PawSox Nomar Garciaparra. 




Pedro Tape


   A couple of years ago Pedro stopped by and joked with then PawSox Manager Gary DiSarcina about how he was easy to strike out. He told everyone around, “I would throw Gary a couple of heaters to get two strikes on him and finish him off with my change-up, he never had a chance!” Pedro has even met Paws!





      Pedro also showed up as Special Assistant to the Red Sox General Manager and during one stop spent some time with Rubby De La Rosa. 

           Rubby and Pedro



      John Smoltz who in 2009 had a rehab start with the PawSox is also on the ballot. Smoltz is a Cy Young Award winner, 8 times National League All-Star and World Series Champion. On a personal note, Smoltz opened the door for me on text messaging. In 2009 when he arrived he pulled inside Gate A and I along with the clubhouse crew unloaded his equipment from his SUV to bring to the clubhouse.

   Before heading in he asked me to Text his wife and let her know where to come in, park and help her get her tickets to get in.He gave me her number, and I said I would call her. He told me that Texting would be better because she was at the salon. Smoltz then disappeared through the door to head to the clubhouse. I was embarrassed to tell him I didn’t know how to text message.

  Now remember this was about 6 years ago before the phones were sleek and easy to text with. I had this huge Nextel and no idea how to accomplish such a task. I asked some teenagers if they could help me send a text message but they kept walking into the stadium giving me that “weirdo” look.

   Finally helped arrived. A family had arrived who told me they were part of the opening ceremonies. There was a 16-year-old boy in the family and I asked him if he knew how to text. He chuckled and replied, “Of course I do!” I felt a whole lot worse when the dad added, “Everyone text messages these days.”  I was taught how to text message and was finally able to get the message to Mrs. Smoltz after trying to type with my sausage type fingers. Good Luck John……I am now a text message expert!



    Returning from the 2014 Hall of Fame Candidates who wore a PawSox uniform is Roger Clemens (35.4%) and Curt Schilling (29.2%) 75% is needed to get into The Hall. Just in case you’re wondering, Aaron “Bleeping” Boone is also on the ballot.

       Good luck to all the candidates. It’s a great honor to be elected to the Hall of Fame. A few years ago the PawSox had a bus trip to Cooperstown and visited the Hall of Fame and watch the PawSox vs Syracuse game and it was awesome!  

    I miss baseball. Although I enjoy the Pats and Bruins, I just miss the fun and excitement of a PawSox game..Everyday is a day closer to opening day. Check the schedule and get your ticket order in as soon as you can!  We are waiting to hear from you, we are waiting………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                 rickm@pawsox.com


    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros






It’s Party Time at McCoy Stadium! And You’re All Invited!


    Greetings PawSox Fans!

      The Holidays are closing in. When that cold weather hits you in the face when you leave the house, you know Christmas in closing in. But first as you can tell by the worried look of this guy, there’s another holiday to tackle first.



       When you sit down with family, relatives and friends for a great Thanksgiving meal and everyone giving thanks during the mealtime chat, don’t forget t0 give thanks that the PawSox Fans Holiday party will soon follow the magnificent feast…



    Mark it on the calender…..December 5th, 2014. PawSox Season Ticket Holders will be allowed entrance at 5:00 pm.




       There will be games for the youngsters in the Batting Cages, Food, soft drinks and snacks and a nice Arts & Crafts area for the kids to make some awesome Holiday Decorations……You’re telling yourself, “Wow, it must cost a fortune to bring the family to such a spectacular event.” The total price?  $0.00!  It’s a FREE event! 

      Red Sox/PawSox Pitcher Drake Btitton and Catcher Blake Swihart will be at the party to sign autographs!  It just keeps getting better!  But wait there’s more!  For the first 300 lucky fans who donate $5.00 to the Pawtucket Red Sox Charitable Trust, you get your own personal Snow Globe with your pitcher with The Governors’ Cup Trophy! Fun Enterprises will take your photo and within a few moments hand over to you a beautiful family heirloom! I still have mine on my desk from 2012…



     Regardless of what the weather is like, the inside of McCoy Stadium will smell of freshly cooked hot dogs, the sounds of kids laughing with Santa Paws, and making Holiday Decorations!  All for a great price  $0.00!  Tickets will be on sale for you to get the best possible seats!  If you have any questions please give us a call at 401-724-7300 or visit pawsox.com  

    You can get some Christmas shopping done in the well stocked team store, and flex tickets make fantastic stocking stuffers! Look forward to seeing you at The Party! Bring family, friends and neighbors to celebrate the Holidays!  On December 5th, We’ll all be……….”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                             rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 








Greetings PawSox Fans!

Do you remember the movie BASEketball fom 1998 starring Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of Southpark?



They play two best friends who combine the game of baseball and basketball to invent BASEketball



On Saturday the PawSox and the Providence College Friars basketball team met at The Dunkin Donuts Center to honor both teams for their Championship wins.

The Friars for their win in the 2014 Big East Championship in Madison Square Garden..

pc champ


And of course the PawSox 2014 International League Governors’ Cup Champions!  Led by Team President Mike Tamburro (L) and former PawSox Director of Merchandise Steve Napolillo who is now the Senior Assistant Athletic Director/External Relations (Baldhead)



Two Champions! One Night! In the Biggest Little State in the Union! The Cup is very happy back in RI and very content nestled in at McCoy Stadium. Stop by and visit, take a photo and pick out your games for the 2015 season!  Like this guy always says….


Come on down!!!!   We are……………”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                              rickm@pawsox.com

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros


Thank You Very Much Veterans!!!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

I hope every Veteran enjoyed a day dedicated to them. I would like to thank all the Military! Active, Reserve and Retired for your service to this great nation. The word Hero is often used in life and perhaps at times overused. Tuesday I had the pleasure to attend a Veterans event and it was so interesting to be surrounded by such men and women who served our Country. There was an exhibit of General Patton and another about Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller. Both were very interesting Military Men to say the least. A quote by Gen. Patton was, “After we kill our enemies we will use their guts to grease the tanks!”  Yikes!  Hearing lectures on the two was amazing.

I sat near an elderly gentleman who served in WWII and he was telling me what it was like growing up on the battlefield. He had so many stories. Some gruesome and some were kind of humorous. His name was Ralph and he was one of the best guys I ever met in my life. He was a self admitted, “100% Alabama Redneck!” What made it funnier was his southern drawl. When he saw how much I enjoyed hearing his accent he cranked it up a notch! When he told me, “I’m fixin’ to head to that New Yurk on Satday to see ma brudda and trow back a couple o’ cold ones” I laughed hard.  Incredibly this 91-year-old who spent almost 30 years in the Military had a pep in his step, a great attitude and truly enjoyed life and loved the United States of America.

I learned that he was 91 years old and wore his WWII Cap proudly. Ralph told me that some of his favorite people in the world besides Military people are the Redneck comedians. “I really enjoy listening to Jeff Foxworhty and Larry the Cable Guy, but my favorite is Bill Engvall he said, they always put a smile on my face”

  Ralph who sat in one of those walkers with a seat attached sat there and enjoye all of us as much as we enjoyed listening to him. Ralph was really yuking it up and he asked if we knew what sodas were and we said yes. He then laughed and said we don’t understand and told us he would use it in a sentence. Ralph was very serious looking when he said, “I am very thankful to get out of bed every morning and “SODAS” my brudda!   Disappointment..”My Doctor told me, “Y’all miss ‘DISAPPOINTMENT” and yur gonna have to pay anyway!” Ralph went on and on and was having a great time and had us rolling with laughter. 

   Ralph danced around a little bit and complained, “These dang britches are killing me, I hate this getting all gussied up.” A couple of his friends came over and joined in. The three of them served together and have remained friends ever since.  The brotherhood was evident as each took jabs at each other and laughed about it. They joked that Ralph was a lifer and didn’t know anything else.However, you could see the respect and love they each had of the other.

   I had the great fortune to meet with so many vets. They talked about those who have passed and shared war stories while we just listened. Some other guys came over and started talking about the Army vs.Navy game which fired everybody up as they argued about players and the best teams throughout the years. As they began to start some more lectures and awards They also gave some Vets who have recently returned from Afghanistan dogs. 

    I sat near Ralph during the ceremonies and once the speaking part was over I grabbed him and I a couple of hot dogs. He told me that he wants his dawgs fully decorated….I told him around here we order the hot dogs “all the way” to which he replied, “Just go git the dang dawgs before I kick yur butt all the way over there!” How can you not laugh at that? 

    Returning with the hot dogs fully decorated, he let out a sigh saying good hot dawgs are the secret to a long and happy life. I told him that some medical professionals may disagree with him. He then gave me the whole secret.  “For breakfast pour a beer in your oatmeal, that’ll git yur blood goin’ Fur yur lunch, grab yurself a sammich and some peanut butter crackers. Not the kind ya buy in the store the kind ya make at home. Fur yur suppa have meat or fish with taters and vegetables. Before bed always take a shot of blackberry brandy.” 

     Very interesting indeed….The guy is a very spry at 91 who am I to argue? He then asked what I did for a living, and I told him I work for the Pawtucket Red Sox. He replied, “The Red Sox?” I told him yes, the Pawtucket Red Sox, the minor league team for the Boston Red Sox. I was shocked when he told me he was a Red Sox fan……….then chuckling he asked if I ever heard of a guy named Ted Williams. I jokingly told him, “Nah,never heard of the guy, did he play baseball?” Of course he laughed knowing I was kidding.

    He told me that he had met Williams when he was in the Marine Corps and they share the same birthday on August 30th. He told me that Williams was a few years older than him and told me he saw him play a few times and everyone knew he was a great player. Although not really a baseball fan he watched Williams play in the later years and became a Sox fan, telling everyone that great people are always born on August 30th. A bunch of us chatted until it was time for them to head onto the bus. They talked about baseball players in the 40’s and beyond. Players I must admit I never heard of. As I said goodbye to the great men and women who attended the event I felt very pleased to have spent some time with Ralph and others. 

    It was very interesting to hear about Ted Williams in the Military. In checking the internet it was shocking of how many players have served in the Military, some at the prime of their careers. Many however got to play baseball while in the Military, while still tending to their duties.Teddy Ballgame was one of them. Williams is shown here enlisting on May 22nd, 1942.

ted_williams.enlisting may 22nd  1942



     Another Red Sox Legend Johnny Pesky played while in the Military. 


     Williams and Pesky played at Chapel Hill

ted_williams1.chapel hill w pesky



        The United States Air Force played in England in 1941


USAAF game in England 1941



        The Canadian team played in the streets…

Canadian Baseball Practice-Chelsea 1941



        Thank you again to all those serving or have served in the Military over the years. You are willing to put yourself in harm’s way for the Safety and Freedom of The United States of America and the citizens that you have never met. I recall the feeling I had when my son had enlisted in the Navy after graduating from high school. We were sitting on the front stairs of the house waiting for him to be picked up. As the car pulled up, two men in uniform helped my son with some of his belongings,  introduced themselves and drove off.

    After several months we traveled down to Great Lakes, Illinois to see him graduate. I strongly believe that we have the best men and women defending the American way of life. Thank you Ralph for spending time with me. Baseball is as American as apple pie and there are many venues to watch the game. I would like to meet every person that has defended our country and thank them. So, when you come to a PawSox game, please introduce yourself to us so we can thank you….You were there for us, so it’s only fitting that we are………..”Here For You!”

      Love hearing from you                                    rickm@pawsox.com

      Yours in Baseball,

       Rick Medeiros  

Hey! That’s a Funny Name! (PG-14)


Greetings PawSox Fans!

   Just recently we had to Spring ahead and Fall back! We set the clocks back an hour and you were able to get an extra hour of sleep, some reading or recreation time. Now, just hypothetically if you were playing poker at Foxwoods, at 2 in the morning, the clock was pushed back to 1 in the morning which gave you an extra hour of playing time although it was the same time.

   Now its gets dark very early as the days get shorter as the winter creeps up on us. The Springtime Daylight Savings Time is gone and we really dont have a name for when we set the clocks back. It can’t be daylight savings time anymore. What is the opposite of savings? I would say spending. So, from this day forward we should refer to this time of “Daylight Spending Time! That sound like a funny name for it. How many people do you know with a funny name?  A childhood friend? Someone you met who had a funny name? Or maybe even a relative with a funny name. 

   I knew a guy named Justin Case, a great name. Or the RI Family Court Judge Jeremiah Jeremiah, Jr. How about the great fun name of a Professor at the University of Rhode Island…..The very brilliant Dr. Joelle Rollo-Koster. This woman is a plethora of knowledge on so many topics its just incedible. What an awesome exciting ride through life with a Rollo-Koster name!  A woman who is on the top of her game!

From the URI Website

From the URI Website

    Since we just had the Mid-Term Elections how about some funny politicians names?


    Would you vote for this guy for Judge?  Would he enforce the laws of the land?



         Or maybe for a Sheriff who shot well on the range!





             Perhaps electing this guy would cut down on underage drinking…




          I do envy the full head of hair on this dude! 



         This guy doesn’t seem to fit the name…




          I cant remember what I was going to write about this candidate…



         Hey, maybe get a politician who can see into the future!





      There are no words…………





         To each his own I guess….


          In the world of sports there are some athletes with some great names. 


     Remember when Lloyd Bernard Free changed his name to World B. Free?



World b free



        The Bruins had the speedy skater Wacey Rabbit…






      You may not want to be too close to the backside running down the soccer field…






        How do you cheer for this guy? His name is Kim Yoo Suk a pole vaulter…(Take a moment to think about that…





        This dude is Guy Whimper………..Would you really poke fun about his name to his face?   





          Larry Playfair was often found dropping the mitts with someone earning him a whole lot of penalty minutes..






          Bacarri Rambo played for the Redskins…       

Bacarri Rambo



           How about a big league pitcher named Grant Balfour?   You never want to grand a hitter four balls!  Wouldn’t a great pitcher’s name be Getta Strikethree?

Grant Balfour






          There are so many more with funny names. The PawSox is somewhat of a funny name, and going to a game at McCoy Stadium is always a fun and exciting time! The schedule is out, and before you know it Daylight Spending Time will be over, and we will all be…………”Here For You!”

      Love hearing from you                                  rickm@pawsox.com


     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros  

Happy Belated Halloween!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

 Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween weekend and had their fill of all types of sugary treats! As a youngster Halloween was a holiday to all the kids in our neighborhood. All the neighborhood kids and our cousins would meet up at a house and plan our route.

   It’s a night where you can be whoever you want to be and get rewarded with a truckload of candy. The “Loot Bag” we used was pillow cases. They were durable and able to withstand a couple of neighborhoods worth of the candy treasures before jumping on your bike, heading home to dump it all on the table to be examined by your parents, aunts and uncles. 

   Of course upon returning back home you would always notice that there were less peanut butter cups, three musketeers and those peppermint patties. Somehow, the parents, uncles and aunts felt those were not safe and had to be destroyed….Although you would find the empty wrappers on the table while all the adults smelled like peanut butter, chocolate and cool peppermint.But it was no problem, we had plenty that lasted for months in the freezer.

   Back in the day, (At my age I can say that now) there really wasnt any elaborate costumes like they have now. wearing pair of red shorts, a t-shirt with a big S drawn on it with a magic marker and one of your moms old drapes cut up you became superman. A hockey stick,some shin-pads, gloves and a hockey jersey, you became Bobby Orr. My all time favorite was Nick Barkley. 








     As kids we all have those who we think are the coolest people on the planet. Of course we loved our sports stars, but then there were others that we watched on TV. Peter Breck who played Nick Barkley on The Big Valley was my guy. He also played in Maverick,but I loved The Big Valley. With a vest, a cowboy hat and a bandanna, I was ready for the wild west!

    What was your favorite costume?  Do you still dress up on Halloween? Although I still wear a cowboy hat and boots now and then, the days of wearing a costume are over. However, I really enjoy seeing the costumes worn. Some are very innovative and really awesome. If you have any pics of you in a costume you would like to share,please email them to me and they can be posted!


How about some of the athletes….do they get dressed up for Halloween? As you know the internet is the best source of information, even about costumes! Check these out.

    Players from the Dallas Stars are the Ninja Turtles:



     Montreal Canadians Goalie Carey Price and his wife dress from the Price is Right:

price right



      Columbus Blue Jacket hockey players wants to be Larry Bird:


     Montreal Canadians P.K. Subban is a Thriller:




      The often injured Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta is the patient, his wife the nurse and toddler son the doctor! 



      Toronto Maple Leafs Dion Phaneuf is Spiderman and Nazem Kadri is Aladdin











       Members of the Boston Bruins become characters from the Disney movie Frozen:




     Soon PawSox tickets will be up for sale. There is no need to dress up in costumes and no need for tricks….PawSox tickets make great treats for the holidays! What better way to make someone happy than with some flex tickets so they get to choose the games they want to go to!   Visit pawsox.com or call us at 401-724-7300 and speak to one of the staff…….Monday thru Friday 9-4 we are……….”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                                rickm@pawsox.com


    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros

The San Francisco Treat! (For some PawSox Fans)


  Greetings PawSox Fans!

     How many of you remember that Rice a Roni commercial from years ago with that trolley going up and down the hills of San Francisco?  It was a catchy tune and whenever you went to the market and saw it on the shelf, you would immediately start singing the goofy jingle!


      Fast forward to 2014 and the San Francisco Giants are playing the Kansas City Royals in the World Series! Tonight is game 6 and the Giants can wrap it up with a win. One year ago I was at game 6 when the Red Sox played the St. Louis Cardinals for the Championship. It was a fantastic night to watch the Sox win it in 6 games!  Yawkey Way was a block party!



      At our seats, Joe Rocco stopped by to say hi….


     This last weekend a pair of young local baseball fans attended games 3, 4 and 5 at AT&T Park in San Francisco courtesy of the Pawtucket Red Sox. For the last 25 years, the PawSox have sent a pair of youngsters (along with a parent of each) to the World Series. Last season, the youngsters attended the Fall Classic at Fenway Park. This year Sean Peloquin (10) from Pawtucket and Riley Whitehead (12) of Rumford and their dads were the lucky winners. The winners were chosen prior to a PawSox game in late August, Prior to heading to California the two young fellas picked up their tickets and posed for a photo with L to R: PawSox GM Lou Schwechheimer, Team President Mike Tamburro and Luke McLaughlin the Director of Sports, Fitness and Recreation for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Pawtucket.  On the day of their departure, a limo provided by the PawSox, picked them up at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club to take them to the airport.

ws tix



       I spoke with Sean’s father Dennis Peloquin. He told me that they landed at the airport last night just around midnight. He told me, “It was awesome! We all had an awesome time!”  He went on to tell me,”The kids felt like the luckiest kids in the world.  Riley and his dad had a blast. San Francisco never stops, there’s always something going on….it never stops”

      “The PawSox provided us with a car so during the day we were always doing something. We went over the Golden Gate Bridge  and went to Muir Woods. Also, we went and walked around Fisherman’s Wharf.” Dennis told me that as a little boy he lived in Eureka not far from Frisco. Dennis then told me he had some bad news for me and I thought uh oh, what happened and he explained. “My son has converted to a Giants fan. My son was really excited with the fans how they cheered and how they were so excited about their team and there was black and orange everywhere. It was really something.” He also added, “We are all still PawSox fans forever. They do it right! Everything was just so awesome. The hotel, the stadium, the game and they wore their PawSox gear everyday.

WS 3


  Dennis told me that the weather was great between 60-70 degrees every day. It was all so perfect. Dennis also said, “You know what you would never believe, is how many people recognized the PawSox name and logo. It was truly unbelievable how many people would tell us how much they love the PawSox and a lot of them told us that when they come to the Rhode Island area they go to PawSox games. It was absolutely amazing how many people knew about the PawSox.”

   They went to all three games. Riley Whitehead and his Dad mug it up for the camera.




      Before completing the call Dennis told me, “Please thank Mike (Tamburro) and the PawSox for us. It was an awesome, awesome time that we will remember forever. The PawSox always do it right. When people know about the PawSox on the other side of the country, you know you’re doing something right.” 

      I also had a chance to speak with Riley’s dad Mike. He told me that it was such an fantastic trip. He told me, “It was truly amazing and we felt so fortunate and so thankful to the PawSox. We met so many people everyday who were transplanted from New England who saw the kids PawSox sweatshirts and talked to us about Rhode Island. The first day we were all a bit tired. The stadium is truly amazing. They have the street level where people would show up at 1 o’clock in the morning and stand outside the fence to watch the game.”

     I asked if he’d been to Frisco before and he said that he had for a conference. He told me, “When I was at the confrence there was a lot of work to do and I didn’t have much down time. But this was different. We went over the Golden Gate Bridge and to Muir Woods and hiked around the mountains for almost 3 hours. We saw the giant Redwood Trees and it was all just so amazing. To be part of that with my son was incredible and we all felt very fortunate. The kids really enjoyed going over the Golden Gate Bridge because of how big it is. There were a lot of people walking, running and biking over the bridge.”

     Mike told me they will stop in and see Mike Tamburro to thank him in person. It was very evident a great time was had by all. Although Sean and Riley donned their Giants Hats…………..They will always be PawSox Fans at heart!

WS 2


       Let’s see if the Royals can push it to a game 7! In 1 or 2 games, the baseball season will be officially over. Everyone will catch their breath and get ready for the 2015 season. Get ready!  Rest up! soon PawSox tickets will be available for you to pick your games.It doesnt matter what cap you wear we will be…………….”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                                                 rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 







Happy Anniversary!!!! Ten Years!

Greetings PawSox Fans,

There are those times in history that are forever etched in your mind. Good and bad you remember where you were and what you were doing. The shooting of JFK, the terrorist attack on 9/11 in New York City, The birth of a baby, or where you were when you learned of a special event.

This evening is the 10th anniversary of the Red Sox World Series Championship after sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals!  Where were you 10 years ago today?  Did you witness the game? I was glued to the TV with several friends and could not believe that the Beloved Red Sox had finally done it! It took a while to sink in as we danced around the living room, sending chips, wings and a cornucopia of other snacks flying all over.

Oh, by the way………the team was also excited!

Team celebrate

Out of the 25 man roster that was with the team when they won the World Series, 16 players wore a PawSox Uniform during the season!

Here is the Roster:  PawSox are in BOLD

1.Bronson Arroyo
2. Mark Bellhorn

Mark Bellhorn

Mark Bellhorn












3. Orlando Cabrera
4. Johnny Damon
5. Alan Embree
6. Keith Foulke
7. Gabe Kapler
8. Curtis Leskanic
9. Derek Lowe
10. Pedro Martinez
11. Doug Mientkiewicz
12. Kevin Millar
13. Doug Mirabelli
14. Bill Mueller
15. Mike Myers
16. Trot Nixon

Nixon playing right field at McCoy in 2014

Nixon playing right field at McCoy in 2014








17. David Ortiz
18. Manny Ramirez
19. Pokey Reese
20. Dave Roberts
21. Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling








22. Mike Timlin
23. Jason Varitek
24. Tim Wakefield
25. Kevin Youkilis

We all remember the last out. The pitch from Keith Foulke, hit back to him, the under-hand toss to first, and the Sox win the World Series!

The party begins!



Lest we forget that 4 games straight win over the Yankees just 7 days earlier!


Red Sox v Yankees Game 7

I would love to hear where you were when the Red Sox won the World Series. Would love to gather up a bunch of stories and compile them for a future blog.  Send me an email!

It was a great season indeed! Although the Red Sox didn’t fare very well during the 2014 season we all must have faith for 2015! The PawSox on the other hand returned The Cup back to Rhode Island in 2014. Lets keep it here!  The Cup is here to view so swing by, say hi and visit our team store. We’ll be here waiting, we will be…………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                   rickm@pawsox.com

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros




That’s a Lot of Mileage!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

As everyone must know by now, the PawSox 2015 schedule has been released. Opening Night is scheduled for April 16th only about 175 days away.








          Before you know it the season will be creeping up on us. Once the season is over there is a part of you that misses baseball and another part enjoys the shorter days. Getting to see The Cup everyday always puts a smile on your face. 

     However, there are a couple of sad days after the season. One is when New England Golf Cart comes, puts the Limo Golf Cart on the ramp truck and drives off. The other was on Friday when we had return The Penske. During the season The Penske is like a third home. You have your home, McCoy Stadium is your second home and the Penske becomes your third home.

    We eat, sleep, laugh and sing in The Penske as we travel from city to city. There have been a few stories written about what its like to move all the equipment from city to city. Just recently I spoke with long time sports writer Lenny Megliola about the PawSox Championship season, and whats its like to transport that equipment.

    As everyone knows, travel can be great an travel can be a disaster. Every take one of those family vacations when nothing seemed to go right? You know like one of those Clark Griswold Wally World vacations. One of the most important things is the vehicle. Remember the Griswold vehicle?



        Well The Penske is a great vehicle. Very dependable, comfortable and well equipped. Thanks Penske for making the trips a whole lot easy!



      But what does it take to make the road trips possible? What goes on behind the scenes? Its a joint effort by so many people. VP and COO Matt White handles all hotel and flight bookings. He also books the buses to take the team from city to city while on the road. Think about that…It would be a whole lot easier if the team had all the same players all the time. However, throughout the season, there are roster moves which seems at times daily. That means updating the flights and hotel. Matt works closely with the Team Trainer with the road finances and other logistics.

     Team President Mike Tamburro oversees everything pertaining to travel for the team to be sure everything goes well and the team has everything they need. The clubhouse crew is a very important component in making it work. They have to pack the uniforms, equipment, cleats, gloves, etc… They have to do laundry, lug the big heavy trunks from the trainers onto The Penske. There are extra caps, helmets, socks and uniforms. It is a quite the task to handle.

     The clubhouse crew of the team we are traveling to is equally important. They now unload The Penske, unpack everything, wash what needs to be washed, set up every players lockers with their uniforms, undergarments, all the gear, everything to be ready when the player arrives at the stadium.  VP of Public Relations Bill Wanless keeps everyone up to date on all roster moves. Its is a team effort to make it work. Before we ever drive a mile, all the behind the scene activity has to happen. Then we pile up the miles…….I thought it would be kind of cool to check how many miles we travel in The Penske to the different stadiums. Now remember this does not include the road trips to Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Scranton and Lehigh Valley. Two buses are used to transport the team and all the equipment in loaded into the under belly of the buses.

   McCoy Stadium to Louisville Slugger Field, Louisville Kentucky-Louisville Bats: 927 miles

   Louisville Slugger Field to Victory Field, Indianapolis, Indiana-Indianapolis Indians: 128 miles

   Victory Field to McCoy Stadium: 903 miles

   McCoy Stadium to Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham, North Carolina, Durham Bulls: 689 miles

   Durham Bulls Athletic Park to Harbor Park, Norfolk, Virginia, Norfolk Tides: 186 miles

   Harbor Park to McCoy Stadium: 568 miles

   McCoy Stadium to Hunting Park, Columbus, Ohio,Columbus Clippers: 747 miles

   Huntington Park to Fifth Third Field, Toledo, Ohio, Toledo Mud Hens: 153 miles

   Fifth Third Field to McCoy Stadium: 763 miles

   McCoy Stadium to BB&T Ballpark, Charlotte, North Carolina, Charlotte Knights: 832 miles

   BB&T Ballpark to Cool Ray Field, Lawrenceville, Georgia, Gwinnett Braves: 234 miles

   Cool Ray Field to McCoy Stadium: 1,032 miles


    Pawtucket to Durham: 689 miles/.

    Durham to Charlotte: 158 miles

    Charlotte to Pawtucket: 832 miles

    Grand Total of Miles:  8,841 !!!

     Bear in mind that does not include the miles put on during the time we spend in the cities. Its estimated the total mileage is 10,500 miles. From McCoy Stadium to Anchorage, Alaska if a quick 4,631 miles.  Thanks to everyone who makes it all go smoothly it is truly appreciated! A special Thank You to PawSox Sponsor, Penske Truck Rental/Leasing for providing a safe and dependable vehicle and my great friend Carm who is our contact at Penske!




     Now check out the schedule and choose your games. Tickets we be on sale in just over a month so plan ahead. If you have any questions please give us a call at 401-724-7300 and one of us will be happy to assist you!  As you know we are always…………”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                                   rickm@pawsox.com

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 




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