Great Fireworks, Great Weekend and Meet the Interns!


Greetings PawSox Fans,

Hopefully you had a fun-filled and safe Holiday Weekend! The weather was awesome, the ocean was somewhat warm and the food and drink were tremendous. One of the great things about living in Rhode Island is if you run out of little necks and/or steamers, you can go dig more!

For many Rhode Islanders the July Fireworks at McCoy Stadium has become a tradition. When the tickets first go on sale in December, Fans call, click or come to the Box Office to secure their seats.  The neighborhood is loaded with families enjoying cookouts throughout the day in anticipation of the PawSox Fireworks Spectacular. 2015 was no different.

Paws fireworks


With both games selling out, the only tickets available were Standing Room Only. If you saw the crowd at the Main Gate you can certainly understand why it was Standing Room! They lined up to Columbus Avenue.

Main gate crowd

Approximately 20 mins after the start of the game, the Standing Room tickets were let in and the Stadium filled up quickly.



Fans were standing everywhere!




On July 2nd, one of the Sponsors on the Fireworks was Daves Marketplace….The Dave’s Marketplace 4 sang the National Anthem..



The following night, Big Bad John took to the Mic to belt out an awesome rendition of the National Anthem.

Big Bad John


Part of the Opening Ceremonies over the weekend included welcoming new American Citizens who were sworn in by a Federal Judge…

Swearing in


They all took an oath to become American Citizens!    Welcome all!

New Americans

There was some face painting in front of the Verizon Fan Center. Needless to say a Funtastic Time was had by all in attendance.


Face Painting



Now lets meet a few of the Interns that made all that fun possible:



Cassie grew up in Utica, New York and currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island. She attends Providence College and is a rising senior. She majors in management and minors in finance. Cassie want to work in sports after she graduates.

Like most of the interns, she is usually smiling. She deals with Fans well and helps anyway she can. You can see Cassie often working the ticket window on game days or sorting out and mailing them out.

  If you were not working for the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) I would be living in New York 

What is the best thing about working for the PawSox?

A) I really enjoy the camaraderie with all the people here. Its make the job fun.

What’s your favorite band/person?

A) Florida Georgia Line.

Whats are your hobbies/pastimes?

A) Going to the beach.

You a cat or dog person?

A) Dog

Favorite movie?

A) The Step Brothers.

If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone living or dead who would it be?

A) Channing Tatum 

Favorite McCoy Moment(s)

A) I love Star Wars night.

Other then the PawSox what is your favorite team?

A) Washington Redskins

If you could choose a super power what would it be?

A) To be invisible.

Favorite ice cream?

A) Cookie Dough

If you played for the PawSox what position would you play?

A) Third Base

Favorite food?

A) Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich

     I guess Cassie like breakfast the best! Thanks Cass for taking time out of your hectic day. Keep up the great work!







   Pete, or as I like to call him, Dimples, grew up in Cranston, Rhode Island. Pete recently graduated from Southern New Hampshire University where he studied Sports Management. He loves the game of baseball and played for SNHU during his time time. He is a man of few words but enjoys some good yuks showing off that great smile and of course the dimples.

     Pete has a very good work ethic and is a welcome addition to the 2015 intern team.

If you were not working for the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) I’d be playing ball.

Whats your favorite sport besides baseball?

A) Basketball.

Whats your favorite band/musical person?

A) The Roots. (Note: For the record, I never heard of them)

Favorite hobby/pastime?

A) Playing baseball

Dog or cat person?

A) Dog

Favorite movie?

A) A Bronx Tale

If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

A) My Dad

Other than the PawSox, what’s your favorite team?

A) Yankess     (Whhhhat?)

If you could choose a super power what would it be?

A) To fly. 

Favorite ice cream?

A) Coffee.

If you played for the PawSox, what position would you play?

A) Outfield.

What’s your favorite food?

A) Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

     Thanks Dimples for taking the time. You’re a good teammate!

     The PawSox lost again today getting swept by the Syracuse Chiefs. The losing streak continued and hopefully gets snapped when the play in Lehigh Valley tomorrow evening for a 3 game series.

      The PawSox come back to McCoy on Friday and we need the Fans to cheer them to victory to Keep The Cup! Be one of the first 3,000 fans to enter McCoy Stadium on Friday and get a free Canvas Art print of the 2014 Governors’ Cup win in Durham.



      Get your tickets now for the brief homestand over the weekend. It’s a great and affordable family fun. Take your friends with the family and enjoy a night out at McCoy. You will love it!  You can see us all………………”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                           

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros






The Skipper, Line Dancing and Meet the Interns!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The PawSox headed out on the road to Rochester to take on the Rochester Red Wings in a 3 game series before heading back here on July 2nd and 3rd for two of the most popular games of the season, the July Fireworks Spectacular! Unfortunately, the team lost in Rochester last evening getting shut-out in both games of the double-header.

The Fireworks on June 27th lived up to all expectations as being “Spectacular.” The display was with Country Music playing in the background and made for an awesome show. It was a night of Country Music…Cat Country 98.1 was here as were the Mishnock Barn Dancers. Sox did a little jig with Jake from Cat Country. In the background the Mishnock Barn Dancers dance to the music.


Jake & Sox


Some fans joined in the dancing fun…


The dancers had a great time and then posed for a photo with Paws…


We also had a marriage proposal that was really cool Between innings Billy got down on one knee and asked Valerie to marry him..


Thankfully she said yes and was very happy!

Propose II

Billy then slipped the beautiful ring on his fiance’s finger.


Saturday was also the day that season ticket holders came to enjoy some great food and drink and meet with the manager and a couple of players and ask them questions. Manager Kevin Boles, Pitcher Patrick Light and Catcher Matt Spring took part in this awesome event that’s only for our season ticket package holders. Boles responds to a question from a Fan…



The Pannone Family really enjoyed the event…



There is always so much going on at the PawSox and without the help of the very valuable interns it would be nearly impossible to make it all happen. Let us introduce to a couple more:



Jackie was here last season and has always done a wonderful job no matter where you put her. She is soft spoken and enjoys a good laugh. She is often in the ticket office helping Fans purchase the seats they want. She currently attends Loyola University Maryland and is majoring in communication, public relations and journalism. Here’s a bit more:

If you were not working with the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) Working some other summer job I guess. Perhaps as a waitress or something.

What is the best thing about working for the PawSox?

A) The people and all of the great experience I get to have Interacting with the Fans and see how much they love coming to the games is awesome.

What is your favorite sport?

A) Football.

What is your favorite music band/person?

A) I don’t have anyone specific, but I love Beyonce and right now I’m loving Sam Hunt.

What is your favorite hobby/pastime?

A) Going to the beach or going out on my boat and spending time with my great family and friends.

Are you a dog or cat person?

A) Dog! 100% dog!

Favorite Movie:

A) The Departed.

If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

A) My sisters and my parents. Our parents raised us loving sports and going to games. It would be really cool going to a PawSox game with all of them, that would be a great experience.

Favorite McCoy Moment?

A) Last year I saw an older fan catch a foul ball and give it to a kid sitting behind him who was blind. The kid was so excited and it was such a heartwarming moment.

If you could choose a super power what would it be?

A) Teleportation

What is your favorite ice cream?

A) Coffee Oreo or Peppermint Stick, both are wicked good.

If you played for the PawSox, what position would you play?

A) I am the #1 fan! I tried to play when I was younger but was terrible.

Favorite Food?

A) Popcorn.

Thanks Jackie for taking some time. Keep up the good work.



    Dan is a fine young man. Chances are if you can to the administration office Dan would be at the front desk. He’s very good with people either by phone or in person. He attended Coast Carolina University for recreation and sports  and wants to be a firefighter. 

If you were not working with the PawSox what would you be doing?

A) Probably working for an ambulance company getting ready to become a full-time firefighter, that’s my dream job.

Whats the best thing about working for the PawSox?

A) The game day atmosphere of the stadium. It’s very exciting to see what happens behind the scenes to see everything that happens to get ready for the game.

What is your favorite musical group/person?

A) Luke Bryan

What’s your favorite hobby/pastime? 

A) Playing basketball, volleyball, softball, swimming, bowling or anything to do with sports.

Are you a cat or dog person?

A) Dog a Golden Retriever.

Favorite movie?

A) Anchorman.

If you could attend a PawSox game when anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

A) My dad

Favorite McCoy moment?

A) I was at the game when Izzy Alcantara kicked the catcher. 

If you could choose a super power, what would it be?

A) To be able to fly.

Favorite ice cream?

A) Cookie Dough

If you played for the PawSox what position would you play?

A) I’d like to be the bullpen catcher.

Your Favorite food?

A) French Fries.

     Thanks Dan. You do a good job so keep it up. 

    We have a couple of the most popular games coming up on July 2nd and 3rd. Dont be shutout! Call and get your tickets now or visit the best website in the International League to order them at

    Come say hi to the Interns, they will be…………………”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                             

     Yours in Baseball,

       Rick Medeiros 



Awesome Win,Long Ride Home and the Screech!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Wednesday was such a wonderful night for baseball. The PawSox beat the Rochester Red Wings 3-2 in the 11th inning last evening from a perfect safety squeeze bunt from Humberto Quintero. The first part of the game was moving along very swiftly with the first five innings being played in just about an hour. That was until PawSox Usher Steve Martin announced how fast the game was moving along!

It’s one of those unwritten rules in baseball. Like when a pitcher has a no-hitter going, no one will mention it. Same goes for a fast game. Because of the remark from Martin, the game went into extra innings, however, despite the extra innings the game was played in 3 hours and 5 minutes.

Last evening was another great baseball night but unfortunately the PawSox lost. However, they will be right at again this evening against the Gwinnett Braves who just pulled into town. 

Something that wasnt done quickly was the ride home from Gwinnett County, Georgia. The last game against the Gwinnett Braves was a 2:00pm game Sunday. Gwinnett County is just north of Atlanta, and just like McCoy and Fenway, if a player gets called up, they can jump in their vehicle and drive about 45 minutes to Turner Field.

After the game ended, Barry my driving partner and I grabbed the equipment with some of the clubhouse staff and loaded the Penske. We pulled out just about 5:30. The weather was clear and traffic was relatively light and we were making some pretty good time. The speed limit for the vast majority of the highways during the trip are at 65 and 70, So we keep a pretty good average at 74.3 MPH. Speed


In the area of the George Washington Bridge traffic was horrible and we ended up smack dab in the middle of it for just about an hour and as a result, our average speed dropped drastically to 6.2 MPH!!!!  We crawled along for quite some time. Speed II

It was a very welcome sight to pull into McCoy 18 hours after leaving Gwinnett. No matter where you travel it’s always nice to return home. 

  While in Georgia some of the players were sitting around watching TV in the hotel lobby after the game. The topic of crime came up and PawSox Infielder/Outfielder Garin Cecchini explained he is able to ward off any type of assailant with his special move known as the “Cheech Screech” Garin is a guy who has a great sense of humor and wit off the field. On the field he is all business and wants to win every game. He’s a great teammate and really enjoys the game.

   He is the guy that will joke with kids as he signs autographs from them and really enjoys chatting with the youngsters. He is Cheech to his team and friends, and truly enjoys life and yuking it up. When I asked him why he calls the move he does the Cheech Screech he explained that it will leave the would be assailant in a screeching heap, screeching for medical attention. When asked how many times he has used this special move, he would neither confirm or deny ever using the tactic.

   He offered to demonstrate the tactic, but I must post the disclaimer to not attempt to use this at home or engage any assailant with the tactic. The tactic took years to develop and master and we can not assume any responsibility for attempting the tactics and/or for the result that may occur. 

   Garin agreed to give a demonstration of the tactic in the hotel lobby. When/If approached by anyone attempting to bring harm to Garin, he looks relaxed and fearless.



Garin 1


       If confronted by a mugger or other criminal element, and Garin senses an attack may be imminent, he uses his verbal skills to de-escalate the encounter. He will warn the person that he has superior skills and offers solid advice by explaining to the person that chances are they will be seriously injured. Garin said that the best course of action is to do everything possible to talk the person out of any attack..

Garin IIII


           If the subject does not back down, Garin offers them the finger wag and tells them they made a bad choice.

Garin II


             Garin then switches to Defense Combat Mode…First he slaps his fist several times to ensure its tight as a baseball.

Garin III

       Next he issues a final warning  to stop and “Oils the Hinge” of his elbow by rubbing it gently. This causes the elbow joint and tendons to become relaxed which enables the swift bending without risk of injury. 

Garin VI


       Suddenly there is a blur of movement that the fastest camera setting can not capture..

Garin Blur


             The end result is the Cheech Screech! After the smashing fist makes contact, the subject would indeed be reduced to a screeching heap of defeated flesh. I asked Garin why he turned his head and he explained that he isn’t a fan of blood and guts so just turns around and walks away. 

Garin VII

   I would like to thank Garin Cecchini for his time and demonstration. The PawSox are on the field right now preparing for the game. The weather is great and the team is ready to Play Ball ! Tomorrow is our Country Music Fireworks Spectacular! There will be line dancing out front at the stage for Fans to learn and enjoy. There are still tickets available so dont miss out!  Look forward to seeing you and always being…………..”Here For You!” 

   Love hearing from you                 

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 

Happy Anniversary


Greetings PawSox Fans!

34 Years ago this evening, the PawSox made their way into the record books for playing the Longest Professional Baseball Game in History. The game began on April 18th against the Rochester Red Wings.

Longest game



The game went past midnight into the 19th. Here is what Wikipedia has about the game:

The Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings, two teams from the Triple-A International League, played the longest game in professional baseball history. It lasted for 33 innings, with eleven hours and 25 minutes of playing time. 32 innings were played April 18/19, 1981 at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and the final 33rd inning was played June 23, 1981.Pawtucket won the game, 3–2

The game

The game began on Saturday, April 18, 1981 at 8:25 p.m.,[1] after a delay of about 30 minutes due to problems with stadium lights, with 1,740 in attendance. It continued through the night and into Easter morning. Although most leagues have a curfew rule that would have suspended the game—the International League‘s activates at 12:50 a.m.[2]—the rule book that the home plate umpire Dennis Cregg[1] had did not contain one.[3] After Pawtucket’s Russ Laribee‘s sacrifice fly drove in Chico Walker in the bottom of the ninth inning and tied the game at one run each,[4] the teams continued playing.[3]

Several times, one side neared victory before circumstances changed. When Wade Boggs drove in the tying run in the bottom of the 21st inning after a Rochester run, even the Pawtucket players groaned.[3] He recalled that, “I didn’t know if the guys on the team wanted to hug me or slug me.”[5] The weather was so cold that players burned broken bats and the stadium’s wooden benches to warm themselves, and the clubhouses ran out of food. The wind blew into the infield, making hits difficult;[3][4] Pawtucket’s Dave Koza later claimed that otherwise his team would have won in nine innings, with “four or five shots that would have been out of the park”.[6] For example, Sam Bowen hit a fly ball to center that reportedly left the field before the wind blew it back to Rochester outfielder Dallas Williams. Williams went 0–for–13 in 15 plate appearances, one of many records achieved during the game.[3]

After Pawtucket’s Luis Aponte pitched the seventh to tenth innings in relief, manager Joe Morgan—who himself would be ejected in the 22nd inning by Cregg[2]—let him leave before the game ended. Aponte’s wife did not believe his explanation for coming home at 3 a.m. Sunday.[6] He promised that the Sunday newspaper would prove his story, but since the game’s postponement occurred too late to appear in it, Aponte had to wait until the Monday edition.[3] Cregg had brought his nephew David to the game; David’s father became concerned for his family and called the police, who told him that the game had not ended.[1]

By 4 a.m. the players were “delirious” from exhaustion; Rochester’s Dave Huppert had caught the first 31 innings before being replaced, and Jim Umbarger pitched 10 scoreless innings from the 23rd inning, striking out nine and giving up four hits. The president of the league, Harold Cooper, was finally reached on the phone sometime after 3 a.m.; the horrified Cooper ordered that play stop at the end of the current inning. Finally at 4:07 a.m., at the end of the 32nd inning and more than eight hours after it began, the game was stopped.[3] There were 19 fans left in the seats—not including David Cregg, who had fallen asleep[1]—all of whom received season[2][3] or lifetime[1] passes to McCoy Stadium. As the players went home to rest before returning at 11 a.m. for an afternoon game that Sunday,[1][4] they saw people going to Easter sunrise service.[3] When Boggs’ father complimented him for getting four hits in the game, the player admitted that he had had 12 at bats.[5]

Both teams signed a baseball on Sunday for display at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Cooper had suggested that the game resume that day, but Rochester manager Doc Edwards requested a delay because of the risk of injury.[6] Instead, it resumed on the evening of Tuesday, June 23, the next time the Red Wings were in town. A sellout crowd of 5,746 and 140 reporters from around the world were present, partly because the major leagues were on strike at the time; the players voted against an offer to resume the game at Fenway Park to avoid crossing the picket line. On that evening, it took just one inning and 18 minutes to finish the game, with Koza driving in the winning run in the bottom of the 33rd. The losing pitcher was Steve Grilli, who had joined Rochester in the interim since the game’s suspension.[3]

The Pawtucket Red Sox celebrated the 25th anniversary of the game on June 23, 2006. Many members of both teams attended a luncheon and round table discussion in Providence, Rhode Island, and a ceremony was held before the game against the Columbus Clippers that night.[5] Dennis Cregg thinks that David Cregg has never attended another baseball game.[1]

Records set in the game

  • Most putouts by one team in one game: 99 (PAW)
  • Most total putouts in one game: 195
  • Most at-bats for one team in one game: 114 (PAW)
  • Most total at-bats in one game: 219
  • Most strikeouts (batting) by one team in one game: 34 (ROC)
  • Most total strikeouts in one game: 60
  • Most strikeouts (batting) by one player in a game: 7, Russ Laribee (PAW)[4]
  • Most total assists in one game: 88
  • Most innings: 33
  • Most at-bats by one player in one game: 14, Dave Koza, Lee Graham, Chico Walker (all PAW)
  • Most plate appearances by one player in one game: 15, Tom Eaton, Cal Ripken, Jr., Dallas Williams (all ROC)
  • Total time for one game: 8 hours, 25 minutes
  • Longest plate appearance by a single umpire: Dennis Cregg (882 pitches over 8 hours and 25 minutes)

Playing in the game was Wade Boggs for the PawSox and Cal Ripken for the Red Wings.



In the 22nd inning of the game Manager Joe Morgan was ejected from the game from Umpire Denny Cregg for arguing a call

[Providence manager Joe Morgan arguing with home plate umpire Denny Cregg. Cregg would toss Morgan from the game in the top of the 22nd inning. From the book Bottom of the 33rd. Hope, Redemption and Baseball's Longest Game] *** []

[Pawtucket manager Joe Morgan arguing with home plate umpire Denny Cregg. Cregg would toss Morgan from the game in the top of the 22nd inning.

                         The game quickly came to an end in the bottom of the 33rd inning on June 23rd, 1981 when Dave Koza ripped a single to left field with the bases loaded to




The starting Catcher for the Longest Game is current PawSox Hitting Coach, Rich Gedman.


The only two players on the current roster, Humberto Quintero and Ryan Hanigan were the only two players born when the Longest Game took place in 1981 Quintero was 2 and Hanigan was 1.  Along the main concourse and along the Wall of Fame in the suite area are tributes to the longest game.


Longest game

We’re getting ready to open the gates and hand out some PawSox Sunglasses to the first 3,000 fans 14 and under!




Come on out to the game! See for yourself we are all……………………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                               

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros



Road Trip Fixes, Tennis Balls and Back to the Future!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

This is our last day in Georgia for the season. Last night was an awesome night, about 75 degrees with a slight breeze while sitting out in the hotel courtyard sipping on some ice-cold lemonade with the flame of the fire ring providing the needed light.


The PawSox played the Gwinnett Braves Friday night to start the 3 game series and won 7-5. After the game they had a fireworks display, shooting them off from centerfield.



In my previous blog I mentioned how a rock had cracked the windshield of the Penske truck and it spread quickly. A call to Penske and they made all the arrangements to have a glass company come to the hotel and install a new windshield. I was advised that the repair guy would be at the hotel at 2:00 pm Friday afternoon. At 1:57 Glass Plus arrived and Mike went right to work. First he cut out the old windshield…



Using his head to push the windshield, within no time he had it out…



He then added an adhesive sealer….



The Penske looked funny without a windshield..but he used these pretty cool suction cups with handles to install the new one. It looked great with no splattered bugs on it…I’m sure by the time we return to Rhode Island, once again it will be covered with bugs. Credit Penske once again for a swift repair. Thanks fellas! A road trip problem that was fixed.



With the new windshield I headed to the game During the game the Braves have a pretty nifty way to raise money for their charities….They sell tennis balls



They set up those plastic kiddie pools with one near first base and the other near third base. They also have a bucket near second base along with a small trash can. There’s a countdown and the Fans throw the tennis balls onto the field attempting to get them in one of the items on the field. Hundreds of balls fly through the air, the majority missing their mark.

first base side…



Third base side…



I got a nice photo from Ben’s Biz Blog of the in-game host announcing the winners…

Tennis pool

It was also Back to the Future Night at the field. The team wore special jerseys that were offered in a silent auction. The resembled the apparel of Marty McFly

McFly jersey

The “Time Machine” DeLorean vehicle was on display…





It was an enjoyable night seeing friends that we have made here. The real deal hospitality. However, there was a another hurdle to clear before heading back after the game. The keys were locked in the Penske…I fished around in my pockets for the key and it wasnt there…I looked in the passenger window and the key was in the ignition…I was wishing that the Penske windshield was off now so I could reach in and snatch the key and be on our way.

When we asked the staff people we knew if they had any car opening tools here, the response from everyone was the same, “Yep, we all have a brick that we toss thru the winda.”  Not really the answer we were looking for, but it was a bit humorous. Subsequently a road service was called who arrived and were able to unlock the door for a $57.00 fee!

Saturday I headed to the Atlanta Airport to pick up my driving partner Barry. His flight was scheduled to arrive at 1:45pm. There is always traffic in Atlanta, and the airport is just under 1 hour away. I arrived at the airport at 1:30 and check the flight status via my phone app. It was then I was made aware the flight was delayed 2 hours!

I continued checking, and the flight was delayed more and more. At 5:30 Barry jumped in the Penske…..4 quality hours spent at the airport.  The PawSox play a 2:05 game today and we then make the 17 hour trip back to McCoy….The homestand starts tomorrow and we look forward to seeing you at many of the games, we will be……………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you             

  Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros  

A Bouncing Rock and the Smell of Georgia Pines!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The heat wave continued in Charlotte, but unfortunately the PawSox bats were not and got trounced 15-5 But don’t despair, I have faith in this team and there is plenty of baseball left. I believe the team will rebound here in Gwinnett County against the Braves. A three game series starts tomorrow evening with temps here also in the 90’s but the nights should be around the mid 70’s

I had a late checkout today for 3:00 and I headed over to the ballpark to wait for the 7:05 game. There was a lot of time to kill before the game and we estimated getting to the hotel in sometime around 1:30 in the morning….Its just about a 3.5 hour drive further south.

The schedule gods were not kind to us this year. It would have been better to start here in Georgia with a day off to get here and then head closer home and play in Charlotte. Sunday is a 2:05 game here giving us a few hours cushion for the 17+ hour drive back to McCoy. It’s the toughest trip to make.

I saw there was 2 buses that were going to transport the team to Georgia. When the team travels with 2 buses, one usually takes the luggage to the hotel and the other takes the equipment to the ball park. I spoke with Jay the Visiting Clubhouse guy and he told me that they would put everything in the belly of the bus saving me about 7 hours.

Jumped in the empty Penske, dropped it in drive and off I went to Georgia! Once on Route 85 south I saw there was some construction going on 85 northbound….the route we will be taking to head home The traffic was at a standstill for about 10 miles and I hoped and prayed it wasnt like that when we head back home.



                While driving here on the highway a rock smashed into the Penske windshield cracking it. I could see the rock coming like a foul ball and it made a real loud crash right at the bottom of the windshield on the driver’s side and then it started to spread. You could actually see one of the cracks go from the bottom of the windshield almost to the top. I pulled over and called Eric our contact at Penske. The most important question to ask was what were the chances this windshield would completely bust and shatter while I was driving and I’d be covered with glass and a plethora of lacerations. He advised it was slim to none……I like those odds. 

      The next most important question was…”What now?”  Although slim to none a trip from Georgia to Rhode Island may fatten up the odds. Eric let me know that he would call me in the morning to get a vendor to come out and fix the windshield or just do a truck swap. Eric called me bright and early and let me know they are working on getting a vendor. Look at this thing, it’s so ugly!



        Well, the odds were in my favor and I safely made it to Cool Ray Field home of the Gwinnett Braves…





            The field is close to the hotel so I stopped by to see if any of the staff I know was there. It was around 8:00 so it’s a good chance everyone was home resting for when the PawSox come to town! Its a nice looking stadium and what I really like are the pictures of former Richmond/Gwinnett Braves players all around the stadium…I have always been a fan of the pictures at McCoy Stadium on the ramps.



        When its time to eat, it’s always a good idea to go to places that we don’t have around us. Chick-fil-A is the chosen option.     











                     Head to my beautiful room at this great Courtyard Marriott Hotel and get some rest…after the awesome spicy chicken!  



     Follow the game tonight on 920 am WHJJ   Hope the PawSox go on a winning streak and we KEEP THE CUP! We return to McCoy on Monday and look forward to seeing everyone…..You will see us…as always we will be………”Here For You!”

     Love hearing from you!                              

     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros        

Southern Hospitality and the Spaceman

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Right now in Charlotte its 12:30 pm and 89 sunny, humid degrees. The forecast calls for a high temp today of 99 and high humidity. When we arrived yesterday morning with the equipment in the Penske at around 8:oo am is was already hot and humid with the game time temp being 97 degrees……I love this heat!  It’s expected to be the same today.

Having experienced this heat before on previous trips, it’s a good idea to get a nice short haircut before heading down. I have a pair of hair clippers and I have tried many times in the past to do it myself. However, the back of my head is the problem. It has those fat rolls in the back like a double chin on your head that makes it difficult to dig into to get all the hair.

So after the game on Sunday I asked in the clubhouse if anyone could help cut my hair. Clubhouse guys know how to do a plethora of tasks. Cook, sew, mend, get stains out, etc…The visiting clubhouse guy Myles said he would give it a go and was interested in attending barber school during the off-season, Bingo!  Lets have at it! Myles grabs the clippers and buzzzzzzzzzz….

Myles was very attentive to detail…..


Myles was able to navigate over my bumpy dome and ended up with nice  haircut!



The past weekend was great one at McCoy Stadium.  With our annual Star Wars Night with Fireworks a great time was had by all!! The Force was with Paws when the Main Gate was Opened




The pre-game on-field Star Wars parade is always fun. The young one dress like their favorite Star Wars character and parade around the field..



A Storm Trooper enjoyed the fireworks Spectacular!



         BB&T Ballpark is a 2-year-old stadium located in Uptown Charlotte. It’s a fantastic stadium surrounded by tall buildings and offers all the southern hospitality you hear so much about. The Staff at the ballpark match that of the Staff at McCoy. Friendly, polite and a caring bunch. 


     I took this shot from one of the suites and its truly a magnificent sight…









       Last night as part of a Principal Financial promotion, Spaceman Bill Lee was at the Ballpark to sign autographs. Thousands lined up to meet The Spaceman. Lee spent some time on the air speaking with Knights Broadcaster and fellow Portuguese American Mike Pacheco…



        A short while later Bill was done on the radio and we spent some time laughing it up with his humor. My driving partner for this trip was Kenny who is part of the Ushering Team who works the parking lot of McCoy. Bill has always been one of his favorite players and took a photo with him…



    Bill said that he had discovered a great place to eat not that far from the hotel we are staying at and asked us to join him for breakfast there at 7:30 in the morning. This morning at exactly 7:29 Bill met us in the lobby, summoned a car service and off we went to King’s Kitchen. 

     Of course Bill had us in stitches with his stories when our meals arrived he saw that the sausage patties were very tiny about the size of an infants palm. He commented that the pigs must be small in North Carolina and Kenny added they had piglets. Bill said that he is going to run for President in 2016 and his first order of business was to abolish the designated hitter and bigger sausage patties throughout the world!

    He mentioned to the server that these are the best grits he ever had as we were seating there watching funny clips of The Spaceman many videos online via the iPhone. The server laughed at some of the antics of the video and Bill introduced his name to our server Audrey. After the introductions, Audrey mentioned that her grandmothers second husband last name was Lee to which Bill responded, “Was I married to her?”  Of course that caused some more yuks.

    It was a bit ironic that while traveling here via route 77 it’s called the Bill Lee Freeway. Kenny and I laughed and mentioned it to Bill during breakfast. Bill jokingly told Audrey that the freeway was named after him and had some great laughs. The freeway was actually named after William States Lee III who was the CEO of the Duke Power Company and was awarded the CEO of the decade by Financial World magazine.

    Breakfast was incredible and we said goodbye to our new friend Audrey and Bill took a photo with her.


              We then walked off breakfast strolling back to the hotel as we listen to the Bill Lee stories. He would be flying out in a few hours and has to head to Connecticut for a couple of appearances. He told us that he will be playing in Smithfield, RI on Saturday for a fundraiser and loves being in Rhode Island.

     After the game tomorrow, (Thursday) we head south about 3.5 hours to Buford County Georgia for a 3 game set against the Gwinnett Braves. After that we had back north to start a new homestand and see all our fans again with quite an exciting homestand to look forward to. 

     Check out the best website in baseball for all the promotion and fun coming your way. You can count on the whole staff being……………”Here For You!”

 Love hearing from you                                          

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 


More Pats and Paws..A Little Strawberry and some Bowling Balls!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

As usual there has been a lot going on at McCoy during the last few nights. The Toledo Mud Hens pulled into McCoy yesterday for their first of 3 games and the PawSox welcomed them with some great pitching by Jess Todd, a homerun blast to deep right to tie the game by Jackie Bradley and Quinton Berry secured the win with a 2 run single. It was a great night for baseball topped off with a win!

A couple of New England Patriots fan were here on Tuesday to meet and sign autographs for the fans. Tackle Joe Vellano and Running Back Jonas Gray each threw out a first pitch…

Jonas pitch

They also met with Paws and Sox 

Paws and Pats

And took a pic with PawSox CEO Mike Tamburro.

Mike T

After the day game on Wednesday, it was the PawSox annual The Tomorrow Fund Strike Out Cancer bowling event at East Providence Lanes. This event is held every year to raise money to give financial help to children with cancer and their families. This is an event the players get to actually spend some time with fans bowling. Jackie Bradley, Jr had some great form…




Matt Spring mugs it up for the camera between frames…




Luke Montz explains the Art of Bowling wearing his none bowling shoe Nike’s




     Henry Owens and Sean Coyle spend some time with a fan!



       Last nights winning Pitcher Jess Todd bowled with fans and his beautiful family….


           One of our Favorite PawSox Fans, Evan was there!


      There was great food from Chipotle…..



         Mountains of Pizza from Dominoes!



          A whole bunch of different wings from Buffalo Wild Wings…





    A good time was had by all and a nice chunk of money was raised!  

       Last night was another fundraiser right here at McCoy Stadium before the game. There was a Christian concert to benefit House of Hope and the guest speak was former baseball player Darryl Strawberry. Broadcaster Josh Maurer had a little time to interview Strawberry, and you can hear it on the PawSox Insider on Saturdays before the game.

Josh and Straw


       Strawberry tossed out a first pitch…

Straw Pitch


              Strawberry then spoke about his life and how he turned things around. His wife also spoke and they both were magnificent!

               Things will certainly be Magnificent at McCoy tomorrow night! (Saturday) Starting at just around 1:45 the front gates will open to welcome everyone to the Free Youth Clinic. After getting some great tips from the players, there will be an autograph session. After that, there will be a quick turn around as we empty the stadium, do a security check, and then everyone back in!

           The Force will be with You as Star Wars characters will be here to meet the fans. As if that wasnt enough of excitement, settle in for the McCoy Stadium Fireworks Spectacular not long after the game is over!

 Grab some tickets for tomorrow nights game…….we will be waiting…………….”Here For You!”

      Love hearing from you              

       Yours in Baseball,

       Rick Medeiros 





Paws and Pats

Greetings PawSox Fans!

      Despite the loss to the Charlotte Knight last evening to start the homestand, it was still a beautiful night for a ball game. There is little doubt that the PawSox will make a run at Keeping the Cup with the talent they have. The season is still young with a whole bunch of baseball left to play.

   Rest assured, the team wants to win another Championship! Another title back to back would indeed be sweet! There were a couple of other Champions at McCoy last night, New England Patriots Punter Ryan Allen…

Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

       And Patriots Safety Nate Ebner…



          The two spent some time meeting with fans in the BBQ tents….



            Each one tossed a ceremonial first pitch….Ebner’s pitch was just a shade to low for a strike call, but good form…

Pats VI


          They took a photo with PawSox Catcher Matt Spring…



      The two spent some time in the Verizon Fan Center signing autographs..

Pats III



   It’s a great setup…Things ran nice and smooth…

Pats II


      Paws and Sox enjoyed having them spend some time with them…

Pats V

     Tonight, the PawSox attempt to avenge their loss against the Charlotte Knights and two other New England Patriots players will be on hand. Tackle Big Joe Vellano…

Joe Vellano


      And Running Back Jonas Gray…

Jonas Gray

        The two will also be signing autographs in the Verizon Fan Center and toss a first pitch. It will be the House of Champions! Governors’ Cup and Superbowl Champions with the best Championship Fans in the world! Join us tonight and cheer on your PawSox! Give us a call at 401-724-730o and the Staff will be happy to assist or visit for the plethora of information. See you tonight, Vellano, Gray and the entire PawSox Team and Staff will all be………….”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you            

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros  


Meet the Interns!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

We head into June with the PawSox in fourth place after losing to first place Rochester Red Wings last night. The PawSox trail the Red Wings by four games and hopefully can cut that lead down a game if they beat them tonight. After the game tonight, the team loads up the buses and head just about an hour closer to home to Syracuse to play two games vs the Chiefs. The team returns on Monday.

June also brings with it warmer weather, bigger crowds, more fun and excitement! It’s also the time of the season we welcome more interns to lend a helping hand during the 2015 season. As I stated in previous blogs many former PawSox Interns have moved on to work in professional sports.

The Interns play a very important role during the season and have a chance the experience everything that goes on behind the scenes to get the stadium up and running for a game when we open the gates. The Interns work in the ticket office, finance department, public relations, mascots, social media, ushers, etc…..They get a little bit of everything and it helps prepare them for their chosen field.

This will be the first installment to Meet the Interns. Others will follow and if you see them around McCoy, feel free to introduce yourself.

A long time ago a wise man once said, “You can tell a lot about an intern by the music and food they like and their favorite ice cream flavor.”  I don’t know if that’s true or not but I added it anyway.





Grace is a Middletown, RI Native and a recent student athlete graduate from Elon University in North Carolina where she majored in strategic communication with a minor in sports event management. Grace hopes to find a career in sports, particularly in fields in public relations, community relations and marketing. Grace has been a baseball fan her whole life and is set on pursuing her passion for the game.

Grace is a very polite young lady with a great attitude. She said she loves the feeling of family with the PawSox and the sense of community. Her dream job would be to work in Major League Baseball with the Boston Red Sox

Her favorite food is Italian and she enjoys country music and can line dance to the song Pontoon by Little Big Town, her favorite ice cream is Oreo. She is very energetic and eager to learn all she can here with the PawSox.  Welcome aboard Grace!





Richard is a student-athlete at Bowdoin College and studying Economics and Mathematics. He commutes 45 minutes everyday from Southborough, Massachusetts. He is a sophomore and ironically with a last name Arms he’s a right-handed pitcher for the Bowdoin Polar Bears and the team mascot is a Polar Bear…Just like Paws and Sox! His strike out pitch is his nasty two seam fastball.

Richard has played baseball his whole life and still has the passion to play the game. However, his talent is confined to just baseball. In 2012 his football team went 9-0 and won the championship.

No stranger to winning titles, at 14 years old his baseball team, the New England Triple Play team beat the New England hurricanes in Bolton, Massachusetts to win it all. That’s not all, On the slopes he led his team to a skiing championship!

Richard hopes to work on Wall Street one day in finance, but for now he is content to obtain all the knowledge he can and looks forward to being a starting pitcher next season for his college.

Richard also likes country music but doesn’t know how to line dance just yet. He loves chicken parm and cookies and cream ice cream.

Welcome to our team Richard.









    Olivia grew up in Cumberland, RI and is a student at Fordham University in the Bronx, New York majoring in Communications and Media and will be graduating in 2016. She is an avid Patriots fan and is very pleased being assigned to assist with the New England Patriot players visit on Monday and Tuesday to start the next home stand. 

   Olivia will be helping with ticket sales, marketing, public relations and everything in between. She brings a positive attitude, energy and a sense of humor. Her taste in music is widespread from hip hop to country. She loves sushi and coconut almond ice cream. Welcome Olivia…we’re sure it will be fun!

 Be sure to join us for the upcoming homestand………..check out the PawSox website at All the interns will be working hard in their duties. Dont forget Wednesday night with the Bowling fundraiser at East Providence Lanes. You can bowl with the PawSox players and help raise money for a great cause. 

There will be food, drinks, raffles and a silent auction to win some great PawSox memorabilia. You can even meet the interns who will be………….”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                

  Yours in Baseball,

  Rick Medeiros





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