A Loss, Some Rain and Meet Kim

Greetings PawSox Fans!

It has been a pretty exciting Road Trip to start the 2015 season. The PawSox took the first 3 game in Lehigh Valley against the IronPigs and appeared it would be a Pig Roast sweep. However, they ran out of pitchers and outfield Quintin Berry was called to the mound. Unfortunately it wasnt a good outing as he walked 5 including walking in the winning run. Surely it was a sad night for Berry who was part of the Championship Red Sox in 2013!





After the loss in Lehigh, Pennsylvania the team boarded a bus and headed to Buffalo, NY to take on the Bisons. The PawSox had an 8-3 lead in the top of the 4th inning when the skies opened up, and the game was suspended until this evening at 5:15. I personally love Buffalo. There is always something to do. There are plenty of sightseeing attractions, great food places and Niagara Falls is a mere 16 minutes away. 

     Several years ago was my first ever trip to Buffalo and I fell in love with the city. It was my first glimpse of Niagara Falls and it truly is a magnificent sight. A group of us went to the Skylon Tower Restaurant for dinner after a day game across the border in Canada. The top of the tower is a revolving restaurant, and it does take a bit to get used to eating far in the air going in circles.

skylon tower


      The following year the PawSox began the season the first week in April in Buffalo. The closer to Buffalo we got, the colder is was. When we arrived at the Stadium at just about 5 in the morning with the heat cranked all the way up, we needed to get out of the toasty warm cab of the Penske. I called the clubhouse guy who at the time was Dan Brick and he drives out in a Gator wearing his baseball jacket and shorts! The Penske was unloaded in record time and we headed to the hotel to escape this frigid weather.

     When I woke up later in the day the sun was shinning brightly without a cloud in the sky. I called Lou and we were going to head to the ballpark early. When we walked out the door of the hotel it was like the ice bucket challenge without getting wet! It was a cold like I never felt. Its a cold that you actually feel in your bones. As we laughed and scurried back into the hotel lobby and we clearly understood what “chilled to the bone” meant!

    We decided we would attend the game later on. When we did finally arrive at the game midway through, all the players were bundled up and the heaters were cranked up in the dugouts. The players wore those ski-mask type face covers and the strike zone was the size you could drive the Penske through! 

    As much as I enjoy the great city of Buffalo, its more enjoyable in June to August. It’s much better without seeing the chunks of ice were floating on the Niagara River..

niagara_river-city ice

        The PawSox just finished up the first game of what was supposed to be a double header. The PawSox beat the Buffalo Bisons 9-6  They were suppose to play a 7 inning game after the suspended game was complete. However, they had to postpone the second game due to some type of power surge that shut down the power throughout the stadium. The radio booth luckily didn’t lose power and Josh and Will continued broadcasting the game. 

    The PawSox added some power to their staff line-up with welcoming Kim Duff who will be handling some of the interviews, editing and will also be the in-game host, so you will see this fine young lady making her way through the stands during the games. She will be working closely with our media guy Kevin with the PawSox website videos.

Kim II


     Kim loves fitness and sports. I asked what her dream job would be and she replied, “To be a strength and conditioning coach for athletes in either the pro or college level.” She is a graduate of Ole Miss and declares that very proudly. She will be going to grad school and plans on attending URI.

   Kim also played soccer for the University of Mississippi and loves the competition that comes with it. She enjoys working out and is looking forward to some salt water fishing in Rhode Island. Her boyfriend is the son of a former PawSox/Red Sox player and we talked about the great food in the state and she explained that her boyfriend has taken her to some great places to eat. “For the most part I eat healthy. Growing up my family always cooked healthy and Im used to it.” she said.

   Kim has a lot of talent in sports and with the computer.


         John Davis wrote a nice story about Kim in 2014 



    Here is an excerpt from the story:


There were different times during the College World Series when Kim Duff and Shannon Deloach asked themselves if they were really part of the experience.

For the two intern videographers from Ole Miss Sports Productions, getting the opportunity to document the Rebels’ experience with hours of behind-the-scenes footage was very special indeed.

The journey to reach Omaha, Neb., started at two different points, but with a similar genesis.

Duff played soccer at Ole Miss until her eligibility ended two seasons ago. It was then that she decided to find a way to get back into sports. Her answer started when she walked into the office of Micah Ginn, the associate athletics director for sports productions and creative services at Ole Miss, and asked to shadow him.

“I missed the competition of sports,” Duff explained. “Micah had worked with soccer doing The Season-type stuff, and I told him I wanted to make videos that give you the chills and get you excited about playing. I just sat in his office for a semester, and Micah is very entertaining. At the end of the semester—it was around the time of the Rebel Choice Awards—I got to see how the all-sports video was produced.”

Being a persistent shadow paid off, and last fall Duff started to cover the football team. The experience carried over to baseball, the sport she feels most connected with now after Omaha.

“It felt like we were a part of the team; it was really cool to feel like we were needed there,” Duff said. “The College World Series was awesome because my dream one day is to shoot for the Red Sox. It was really cool for me to have an opportunity to shoot on such a big stage. It was also kind of a, ‘Yes, I’m going to be able to do this for a job.’”

     Welcome aboard Kim, we look forward to working with you. The Ocean State has plenty of striped bass, blue fish, scup, flounder, etc… and all the shellfish you could eat!

     We are now just one day away from Opening Night. Kids are waiting for the players to take the field. 



      On Thursday the gates open to start the 2015 Season! Police and Firefighters will be honored during the opening ceremonies. Championship rings will be awarded to the players returning from last season. Its baseball time and there’s a lot of talent on the field and on the staff……Enjoy the games, and if you have any questions, know that we are…………..”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                                    rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros  

Off to a Great Start and Almost Home!

     Greetings PawSox Fans!

    I hope you’ve been following the exciting 2015 PawSox Team for the last two games playing in Lehigh Valley against the IronPigs starting the season on Wednesday –shutting out the IronPigs 4 to 0 on a cold and rainy evening.

     One of the Sox top prospects Brian Johnson pitched a pretty good game…He is a big dude who is quite an intensive figure on the mound

B Johnson


     Travis Shaw knocked in the first RBI of the 2015 season for the PawSox  and they never looked back. Garin Cecchini and a lot of other players wore the Red Sox wintermasks and hopefully those days are behind us. 




         Last night Kool Keith Couch took the hill and ran into a couple of jams then cruised along. The PawSox bats smacked 16 hits and plated 10 runs to win the game that had a very exciting finish with the Pigs loading the bases. But at the end of the day, the PawSox record stands at 2-0

    I watch the games on MiLB but mute the volume on the computer, and use the iHeart Radio on my iPad and listen to Josh and Will. It appears as though the just clicked and both have great knowledge of the games, stats and other gear tidbits. They’re very enjoyable to listen to. They also have a pretty nifty blog on pawsox.com right near mine. (Be sure to always check mine out also)

45 miles


       It was All Hands on Deck today at McCoy to tie up all loose ends for Opening Night on Thursday!  New PawSox Owner and President Jim Skeffington came to McCoy today to meet with some of the seasonal staff. Jim explained how excited he is to be the owner and having such an awesome team. He took questions from anyone who wanted to ask. There were some great questions and answers. There is a very informative link at pawsox.com under the heading Rhode Island Baseball, with a FAQ link.Pay it a visit.

     Our Media Creation Guy Kevin rounded up his camera and production crew today to explain the new wireless headsets..

Kev headset



     Stan The Man explains the cameras to some of the rookies…



       The camera and production crew are a good-looking bunch indeed!


      The ads are getting downloaded into the Video Board for our sponsors by Joe…



     Gary handles some of the finishing touches to get the stadium nice and clean



      Everything is falling into place nicely and we hope to see you on Thursday, April 16th for Opening Night! We have an Awesome Team………..Come see for yourself……..We’ll be————-“Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                             rickm@pawsox.com

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros


Media Night, Welcome Back Luncheon and Hitting the Road!

Greetings PawSox Fan!

Over the weekend there were many trips to the airports as the players came to town. Thankfully all flights came in to Green Airport in Warwick meaning no trips to Logan in Boston. However, some flights came in at midnight.There are certain times that really open your eyes that its Game Time is this time of year. Airport runs for the players, the Penske heading to Fenway for all the gear and of course Media Night and the ever popular Welcome Back Luncheon.

As the players started showing up you could see the talent growing! Jackie Bradley, Jr. Rusney Castillo, Bryce Brentz, Blake Swihart, Garin Cecchini and some of the Pitching Staff Henry Owens. Matt Barnes, Brandon Workman, just to name some of the hottest prospects in baseball. I had a chance to meet new Pitching Coach Bob Kipper at the airport and we talked about the talent on the team, Kipper had a great line saying, “You never want to be a prospect that long, you want to be a Big Leaguer.” Great quote.

Yesterday was Media Night and the arrival of new PawSox Radio Broadcaster 6′ 7″ Will Flemming.



Will interviewed Pitcher Henry Owens later in the evening and could look him in the eye…


Will and Owens

Earlier in the day, Radio Broadcaster Josh Maurer assisted in getting the Press Kits ready for Media Night


       When the team arrived and got settled in their lockers, Team President James J. Skeffington introduced himself and let the team know how excited he is to be President and co-owner of the team and gave a nice speech. Paws and Sox welcomed Mr. Skeffington to The Team…

Skeffington with Mascots

As most know, many players from last season have returned to the PawSox for the 2015 season We were told not to wear our 2014 Championship rings show the returning players from last seasons Governors’ Cup Title don’t see them before they receive them on Opening Night. Some have seen just pictures. The Staff received theirs a few days ago and they are absolutely awesome!  (There will be an upcoming blog about the rings) 

  Second year PawSox Manager Kevin Boles then took some time speaking to the team of what’s expected of each of them for the season…on and off the field.





         During the time before allowing the media in, players take turns reading the “Code of Conduct.”  

       Blake Swihart did a fantastic job…



      So did Travis Shaw…



Travis Shaw



       Kevin Galligan our Media Creation guy did some video interviews with PawSox Broadcaster Josh Maurer for our website pawsox.com   Make sure you check out the site for some pretty interesting interviews. 


       Be sure to check out what Jackie Bradley, Jr has to say

   JBJ & Josh                      

     At 4:00 pm the doors to the clubhouse are open and the media gets to meet the players and conduct their interviews for print, radio and TV. PawSox VP/General Manager Lou Schwechheimer welcomes the crowd

Lou talks


      Catcher Blake Swihart is ready to meet with the media.

Blake Wave                                 

        Jackie Bradley, Jr. does many interviews…



       Rusney Castillo takes a break between interviews…



       After the media night was over the players headed back to their hotels or apartments for some much-needed rest. There was one more player coming into Green Airport on an 11:35 pm. This morning I met with Manager Boles and headed to his apartment and met his wife there. They moved some items in and headed back to change for the Welcome Back Luncheon at Kirkbrae Country Club. 

         The guest speaker at the luncheon was baseball analyst and former Red Sox player Lou Merloni…as Josh Maurer as the host




       An awesome lunch was served and a good time was had by all…including the players…



      Once the luncheon was over, the team headed back to McCoy to pack for Lehigh Valley to start the 2015 season tomorrow (Thursday) playing against the IronPigs. The clubhouse crew already have their equipment packed and stacked to store in the “Belly of the Bus” The Team gets their luggage packed for the trip.



    Clubhouse Manager Goody who handles the Home side discusses the plan with Myles who handles the Visiting side



      The buses arrive and the Belly gets packed tight. In no time with the tremendous clubhouse crew everything is on the buses in no time. The last of the team heads to the bus for the 5 hour ride to Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. 



     The buses pull out and the 2015 season is underway!



        You can listen to Josh and Will call the game on 920 AM WHJJ as well as several other stations, tomorrow night at 7:05 pm. In one week the Team returns home and opens the gates of McCoy Stadium.

     Get your tickets now! Gome often, come early!   We will all be…………………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                                rickm@pawsox.com

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros  

Good Lord, Dan Hoard! What’s he doing now?

   Greetings PawSox Fans!

     Spring Training is wrapping up and some of the players and staff will start heading to McCoy tomrrow night. With just 12 days left until the gates open the excitement builds everyday. Sportswriters have predicted the Red Sox are a strong contender to win it all. The PawSox should have an incredible amount of talent 

    On the subject of talent, I have a good friend who has a boatload of talent and his name is Dan Hoard. As the vast majority knows Dan Hoard was the PawSox Radio Broadcaster from the 2006 season until 2011 when the NFL Cincinnati Bengals swiped him away.

    Last evening I spoke with Dan via phone for quite a while. His quick wit, outstanding sense of humor, knowledge of sports is always a fun chat. However, getting to grab some time with  Dan its quite a chore. He is always on the go, and he loves every second of it. 

     If you ask Dan when he has any down time, well, this is kind of it. He had litterally just returned from Indiana with his family. Dan hooked up with his friend and former Cincinatti Bearcats Coach Brian Kelly now the Coach for Notre Dame. Dan told me they had a tour of the campus and the stadium and it was amazing.Dan is a true family man and told me that he cherishes the time he gets to spend with his family. 

     However, during his so-called “down time” he still stays busy.Here is a smidgen of what Dan does. He is the radio broadcaster for the Cincinnati Bengals, the University of Cincinnati Football and Basketball. In addition, he also does a ton of writing, including blogging. He host TV sports shows and is always preparing.

    He is one of the most dedicated, hard-working guy I know. He is always well prepared for every broadcast, interview or show. During the football season his schedule can on ly be described as crazy! Not only does he call Bengals and Bearcats games,he also does Bengals Weekly, Bengals Game Plan and on Fridays hosts the Bengals Pep Rally.

     Its no wonder really that our great friend Dan Hoard received The Ohio Sportscaster of the year award! Here is the article from last month from the Cincinnati paper CityBeat:

Exceeding the Dream

Dan Hoard, voice of the Bengals and Bearcats, gets his due


Cincinnati is a dedicated but long-suffering sports town. Few know this better than Dan Hoard, whose presence in Cincinnati coincides with our city’s hard-luck results over the last 20 years.

The Reds, Major League Baseball’s oldest franchise, haven’t won a playoff series since 1995. The Bengals, founded by one of the National Football League’s enduring icons, haven’t won a playoff game since 1991. Even our consistently successful college basketball teams, the Xavier Musketeers and Cincinnati Bearcats, have failed to reach the Final Four over the last two decades.
Yet Hoard, the play-by-play voice of the Bengals and UC’s football and basketball teams, is the first to stand up for his adopted hometown. “I think it’s a great sports town,” Hoard says. “People get ticked off easily, because they’ve been kicked down so many times since 1995, but they’re still there, they still show up and they still listen. It’s a great place to work, and having grown up in a city that had no professional teams of its own, I love being in the middle of it all.”
In a city also known for spawning superior broadcasters — former Bengals wide receiver and local resident Chris Collinsworth is widely considered the NFL’s best television analyst, and Reds radio announcer Marty Brennaman is already a Hall of Famer, to name just two — Hoard more than holds his own as one of the best-prepared and perpetually enthusiastic voices in the business. And now the love is mutual: Hoard was recently named Ohio Sportscaster of the Year by a group of his peers.
“I’m flattered,” Hoard says. “It’s nice in Ohio because Marty (Brennaman) is one of the best ever; Tom Hamilton, the (Cleveland) Indians announcer, is fantastic; Jim Donovan, the Cleveland Browns radio announcer, is one of my favorites; and Paul Keels, at Ohio State, is one of the best college broadcasters in the country. It really is a who’s who kind of state, so to win is kind of cool.”
     B-Ball Dan
           It’s awesome that Dan was rewarded with such an honor. He has earned and deserves such accolades and is always very humble. I spent many post game nights with Dan while he was with the PawSox having something to eat. While in Gwinnett, Georgia he introduced me to The Waffle House and also to a Bison Burger at Ted’s Montana Grill. 
      During most of these post game eats I would pepper him with sports trivia questions. He was able to nail every single one! I would search the internet looking for trivia questions, ask people at the ballpark for the hardest trivia and think I would finally get him. I would wait until the right time and toss the question to him. He would nibble his hot wing or chomp on his burger with a smirk, chuckle and says that’s easy…..and get the question right!  It was frustrating at times when I thought I had him. 
     At times the post game meal was out for Dan because he had to prepare.No matter how I tempted him, pleaded with him he would say Nope, and that was it. He was dedicated to his craft. He taught me how to add photos to a blog and for that I am forever thankful.
       From July until January Dan is all out. The NFL Draft,pre-season games, College hoops, games, writing, hosting is non-stop. Think about it for a second. College football games are on Saturdays while most football games on are Sunday. If The University of Cincinnati isn’t playing at home, Dan is on the road with them. Now, the Bengals are on the road and Dan has to hustle up to catch the chartered flight with the Bengals. If both teams are home, it’s a whole lot easier. The University football and basketball teams are chartered flights as are the Bengals.However, Dan sometimes has to book flights himself. He spends a lot of time in the air. I did learn the only time the Bengals bus is to Indianapolis which is just under a 2 hour drive. 
      His lovely and very talented wife Peg is also in communications. For many years she was a New Reporter for WBZ in Boston and currently is the Director of Communications for CincyTech who host a show similar to The Shark Tank, but it deals with Tech products. Peg formerly on the Board of Directors for Raising a Reader, MA. She is an avid runner and has run many Marathons including The Boston Marathon more than 10 times! Their son Sam was there at the finish line to congratulate mom.
Peg and Sam
             Does Sam have what it takes to be a Big League Broadcaster like his pop?  He does feel comfortable with the mic when the PawSox were Playing The Bulls in Durham, NC
            This very bright young fella also got to hang with Pop at a San Diego Chargers game
San Diego broadcasting (440x330)
            I’m sure there had to be questions from Sam of why his dad was autographing the bald dome of fan.
             Dan will always find time for his family and makes sure to spend quality time together, like hanging at the beach in Florida.
        Although it took only about 3 months to have a phone conversation with Dan due his very busy schedule and his commitment to not only his work, but his family time, it was great chatting with him. We all wish you continued success Dan, and thanks for your time. He is a machine with his schedule, hence the name, “Good Lord, Dan Hoard!”
        With Josh Maurer in his second season and new PawSox Broadcaster Will Flemming now behind the mics the booth once again is loaded with talent. We all know there will be some of the hottest prospects on the PawSox and you’ll have a chance to meet them all at the Welcome Home Luncheon with Guest Speaker Lou Merloni at Kirkbrae Country Club (197 Old River Road in Lincoln, RI).
       Get your tickets now! McCoy Stadium is opened on Saturdays 10-3 and flex tickets would be sweet as candy in any Easter Basket! Stop by the Box Office and see we are……..”Here For You!”
    Love hearing from you                                            rickm@pawsox.com
     Yours in Baseball,
      Rick Medeiros

April Fools!

    Greetings PawSox Fans!

     Hopefully you lasted the day without being the victim of a April Fools joke. April Fools day is a day when you need to always have your guard up. It’s the day that a prankster you know cranks it up a notch.

   At the office when someone tells you something, or asks you to do something, it must always be looked at with caution. You don’t want your desk to end up looking like this…

TP Office

      In the sports world it’s like April Fools day everyday. They may ask to new kid in the clubhouse to get the key for the left-handed batters box or grab a bucket of blue steam. Players putting eye black in someones shower shoes so their feet get black. And yes, the tack(s) on the chair are still a laugh getter.

     Some pranks are well thought out and creative. Like saran wrapping a car to a pole….

Car Wrap

         Covering your vehicle with turf..

Turf Car

       The air horn under the desk chair is a great idea…

Chair Horn

     A funny prank is putting The Boot” on a Police Car!


      Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady had a pretty funny one with the picture he posted that he survived the plunge off the cliff, but got badly injured playing hoop with Michael Jordan.


      He did say that MJ signed his cast….

tom_brady_hurt (1)

       Up until a couple of years ago, the King of April Fools Day pranks was part of the PawSox Staff. Mike Abramson was the April Fools Guru. I know this because I was the victim of The King more than once. He was very creative. Mike left the PawSox taking a job in Connecticut as the Vice President of Marketing with the New Britain Rock Cats. 

   We still keep in touch and I called him today to hear if he had any victims. He told me that just in the morning with his kids he was relentless with the April Fools jokes and pranks.

   As stated I was the victim of this guys actions. There was one in particular that should be in the April Fools Hall of Fame. During the building of the Pawtucket Bridge some of us had to attend meetings about the construction to learn how it would affect different businesses in the area.

    With a lot of traffic on PawSox games the construction crew and planners worked to ensure they made it as easy as possible for fans to get in and out of the area of McCoy. It was planned that they would shut down some of the exits while the team was on the road

     A couple of years ago on April 1st I received a fax on The State of Rhode Island letterhead. The faxed stated that because of the construction the exits that lead to McCoy Stadium will be closed on Opening Night and also for the first 2 weeks of July. What? This what not in the plan!  

    This was a big concern. Traffic would be a nightmare with all the exits closed! I immediately called our contact who oversees the bridge product. I told him what the State had sent him which caused him some great concern. He told me that he is going to contact the State and see whats going on. I also contacted the State and left a message for them to call us back.

    Meanwhile Mike was in a meeting and had no clue of what was going on. He heard me talking on the phone about the exits and waved his arms to get my attention. He then told me that it was just a joke!!!!  He told me that he had made up a fax and faxed it to us and now he was concerned! 

   It was now time to turn the tables….I told him that I had already contacted the State and the construction company and that he had to call them and confess that he was only kidding. Subsequently, the State, Construction company and our contact were all advised that it was just a prank. 

     The following day, a Police Officer stopped in for the Police detail list for the first half of the season. Although it was April 2nd, perhaps a little payback would be good. I asked the Officer to play along and tell Mike that he would be charged with fraudulently making a State document.

    I stood by the Officer as he explained to Mike the charges. Mike was smirking as he said he wanted to call his attorney. When the Officer told him, “Ok thats fine, we’ll wait here.” For a split second Mike had the look of Oh No on his face, this is real!

    The Officer and I then laughed as Mike breathed a sigh of relief and later admitted that for a split second he did think that the Officer wasnt kidding. It was great to prank the pranker. We also had a chance to carve him up on his bowling skills during the Annual Strike out Cancer Bowling fundraiser.


           We are 2 weeks away from Opening Night! The bridge is done, all exits are open and its easy in and out for a PawSox game and most importantly we are………”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you     Remember only 2 days left to submit your starting line-ups for the PawSox and the Boston Red Sox                  rickm@pawsox.com 

       Yours in Baseball,

        Rick Medeiros   

Tying the Knot Baseball Style!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

With just 18 days left until Opening Night I’m sure you can imagine that things are a bit hectic. BBQ tents are put back up, last-minute details are checked and double checked and season tickets head out to our beloved season ticket holders.

Recently I received a Save the Date notice from my nephew Bruce who is marrying his soul mate and love of his life Kelly in November. This come with an announcement that a formal invitation was to follow. Now that is pretty cool. Being they’re both sports fans, what was even cooler was the save the date notice resembled a ticket.


While November seems so far off, it will come upon us quickly just as the 2015 season is suddenly just around the corner. There are many couples that enjoy sports and some even support different teams.


They love each other and their teams.


There are couples that combine their love for each other with their love for sports. At McCoy Stadium we have witnessed a few wedding proposals, including one with two former ushers. Throughout the country proposals at arenas and stadiums is a growing trend. It’s a cool way to pop the question. There is a cost for the coolness however, and they vary from venue to venue. Here are the big league stadiums prices.


So for $350 you can pop the question at Fenway Park.. (Not sure if the price has gone up) Several years ago we received a call from a couple that wanted to have their entire wedding at McCoy Stadium in October. Start to finish, the ceremony to the celebration. Unfortunately they broke up.

A full-blown baseball wedding would be awesome. Think of the possibilities….

A baseball ring holder…


How about a well broken in baseball glove ring pillow..


Table numbers on baseballs would be a nice touch…


A tux boutineer baseball would be rather nifty…


Some ballpark fries as munchies


Top it off with a baseball theme Wedding Cake…..


How about some wedding rings with baseball stitching?

wedding rings

I was able to discover a wedding that took place at Fenway Park in 2012 with some great photos from Eleven Weddings Photography.

Kimberly arrives by limo

kimberly + blake | fenway park wedding | boston, mass

And heads into the park…

kimberly + blake | fenway park wedding | boston, mass

Blake and Kimberly exchanged vows at Fenway

kimberly + blake | fenway park wedding | boston, mass

All out Sox fans right down to their sox…

kimberly + blake | fenway park wedding | boston, mass

Some spectacular pictures

kimberly + blake | fenway park wedding | boston, mass

From Fenway, Blake and Kimberly headed to celebrate at The Havard Club. What a great way to have a wedding….Almost makes you want to get married doesn’t it?

Well you don’t have to get married to have a great time at the ballpark, Watching a PawSox game is almost like a wedding reception. You can eat, dance to the music, enjoy the company of family and friends, take pictures, etc…You can buy very affordable full season tickets and marry your seat.

For every game your seat is like your spouse. Your seat can even bear your name on a small plaque. Soon Spring Training will be winding down and the players will head to their teams they have been assigned. The PawSox should have a very talented group to Keep The Cup. So in just 18 days you can enjoy the magic of Opening Night.

Outside the Main Gate Paws and Sox will be there to welcome all the fans for the 2015 season. The music will play, we will clap our hands and all will be…………”Here For You!”\

Love hearing from you                                 rickm@pawsox.com

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros

It’s a Busy Time……Even for Paws!

  Greetings PawSox Fans!

   It’s 22 days and counting until Opening Night at McCoy Stadium. This is the time that the McCoy Operations team shifts to full steam ahead. There is painting, washing, cleaning, remodelling, etc…All restrooms toilets are checked to be certain they are in working order. The Hospitality Suites are brought to game ready condition so the minute you open the door to the Suite you experience that Wow Factor.



         The worlds best grounds crew works daily on the field to ensure it will be the best playing field in the baseball world. If you recall that a short time ago the field looked like this…

  Ice dugut

     Today, the field looks like this…..

   Cleaner field

      You can now see the fake Coyotes. Evidently they didnt seem to bother a couple of brave geese who swaggered around them. 

     It is indeed a busy time around McCoy.  Season Tickets are scheduled to arrive at some point tomorrow and the ticket office team will dig in and get them separated and get them shipped out as fast as they can. 

   Sponsor signage will be put up and ticket orders are being taken by the entire staff. The Fanastic PawSox Official Program is being made and proof read over and over as is the 2015 PawSox Media Guide to be certain it’s free of any errors. It’s the time of year that Bonnie Goff travels from Maine to Rhode Island to lend her talents to assist with putting it all together. Along with VP of Public Relations they work late into the night and at times the wee hours in the morning.  PawSox Media Creation guy Kevin Galligan spends many hours from home helping to put it all together.


    It’s a team effort to ensure all the sponsor ads are correct and all the info is up to date, The PawSox Official Program is truly the best one that I have ever seen. Full color, high def players pictures and great stories. You will see many fans getting their programs autographed by the players. Collecting the signed programs is a great, inexpensive hobby the whole family can do!

Media guide



     As usual, Paws was also busy. He had a very busy weekend. Saturday he stopped by East Providence Cycle for their annual Tent Sale.  Paws said he wanted to get a new bike and they have quite the selection. From the novice rider, to the season pro they had a bike for everyone.



    Paws took one for a test drive and loved it.



     Paws took a photo with his two good friends and EP Cycle owners Rob and Helen are PawSox Fans and sponsors.




      On Saturday evening Paws headed to Whites of Westport for a tremendous fundraiser for M.O., L.I.F.E. It was their 20 Anniversary and Paws didn’t want to miss it. Charles Murphy created the organization back in 1995 and its been going strong ever since:


M.O. L.I.F.E., Inc.

Murphy and Others, Living Interdependently for Future Endeavors, Inc. is a non-profit organization assisting people with disabilities. It provides support for these individuals through supported employment, independent living and educational opportunities, as well as community and social connections.


    Charlie is a big fan of Paws and the PawSox. He’ll be at McCoy watching the team defend The Cup!




     Dorothy Cox from the family of Dorothy Cox chocolates who opened their store in 1928 gives Paws a big hug. She also invited him to her retail store in Fairhaven, MA. 








      Congratulations Mr. Murphy on a job well done! Your compassion was very evident by how well the event was attended and by well deserved award you received. Paws is looking forward to seeing you at the ball park.

      After a great nights rest we jumped in the PawsMobile and headed to Newport, RI where Paws was a guest at the Stop & Shop on Bellevue Avenue. He enjoyed checking out all the mansions but though the Marble House was the best. He wrote that it reminded him of a big fancy igloo…




       Stop & Shop has Frozen Food Month in March and what better way to celebrate the month than having a polar bear in the store! Paws liked meeting a lot of the shoppers and even did a little shopping of his own




      The store had some raffle items and Paws pictures to color. Hunter did a wonderful job coloring one.



     Store Manager Ed (L) and Assistant Manager Art enjoyed Paws in the store with The Cup.



      It’s time for you to get “busy” and get your tickets now! Choose the game you want and plan on joining the family and friends that come to every PawSox game. There are so many options for tickets you can find online at pawsox.com or give us a call if you have any questions. 

    There are so many promotional games including Bark in Park, Star Wars Night, Super Hero Night and some with the Famous PawSox Post Game Fireworks Spectacular! Dont be left out asking yourself why you waited so long to get tickets, no need to wait….do it right now…..we’re waiting………”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                                      rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros  


The Search is Ovah! The New Broadcaster for the PawSox Will Flemming!

   Greetings PawSox Fans!
     Just in case you missed the Press Release on the pawsox.com website The PawSox have chosen a new radio voice just in time for the 2015 season. Will Flemming…
   Once again the resumes and demos poured in every day and little by little they were whittled down to the finalist. From the finalist it had to be carved down to one. Will accepted the position and will now be the newest voice for the PawSox.
      When Will arrives I look forward to chatting with him a bit and have a little Q&A for a future blog. 
      I have always admired the talent of a radio broadcaster. Have you ever attempted to call a game? You should try it sometime. Watch any sporting event, mute the volume and give it a go. It’s very difficult indeed. Congrats Will and Welcome Aboard! 
   Please take a moment to check out the Press Release:

The Pawtucket Red Sox have named Will Flemming as a new radio broadcaster for the 2015 season.  Will joins Josh Maurer, who returns for his second seasonas the duo will broadcast all 144 PawSox games on 920 WHJJ and the 12-station PawSox Radio Network.  Flemming was chosen among more than 100 nationwideapplicants to replace Jeff Levering who left the PawSox in February to become a radio play-by-play broadcaster for the Milwaukee Brewers.


Will Flemming, 35, has nearly a decade of play-by-play experience in a broad range of sports.  He has spent the past three baseball seasons as a play-by-play voice of the Indianapolis Indians (the Triple-A International League affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates).  Flemming has also called a host of NCAA Championships for Turner Sports over the last three years.  Will has broadcast NCAA finals in baseball, hockey, basketball, track and field, soccer and swimming.  


During the baseball off-season, Flemming has been the voice of IUPUI men’s basketball on television and radio. In addition he hasworked as a host and anchor for CBS Radio 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C.  


After graduating from Stanford – where he was the play-by-play voice for baseball, football, and basketball – Flemming launched his professional career with one season in the California League with the Lancaster JetHawks (the Houston Astros’ Single-A affiliate).  He then spent two years as a radio broadcaster for the Potomac Nationals (the Washington Nationals Single-A affiliate) before earning the promotion to Triple-A with the Indians in 2012.  


Will lives in Washington, D.C. during the baseball off-season with his wife Jennifer.  His brother, Dave, is a radio and television broadcaster for the San Francisco Giants and does play-by-play forESPN College Football and College Basketball.  Dave spent three seasons as a radio voice of the PawSox from 2001-2003 before joining the Giants.


While he will be on the air for all 144 PawSox games this season, Will Flemming will also continue the strong tradition of the PawSox blog, PawSox podcast, social media presence, and provide new content to pawsox.com.


“I am truly honored to join the PawSox organization,” he saidFrom the day I started broadcasting baseball, I dreamed of the day I could become a part of what everyone recognizes as an incredible broadcasting legacy in Pawtucket.  I eagerly accept the responsibility that comes with working for such a storied franchise and its loyal fan base, and I’m excited to work alongside my friend Josh Maurer.


I am deeply indebted to the Indianapolis Indians for the three wonderful years I spent there,” Flemming added.  The Schumacher family and the entire organization welcomed me and offered me a life-changing opportunity.  Lastly, I owe a particular gratitude to (longtime Indians voice) Howard Kellman; no one could have possibly taught me more about broadcasting and about the wonderful game of baseball than he.  He has been a great friend and mentor, and I will be forever thankful for all that he gave me.” 


The illustrious group of former PawSox broadcasters in the “big leagues” – all of whom have gone directly from Pawtucket to the major leagues – include: Gary Cohen (PawSox radio in 1987 & ’88) who has been with the New York Mets ever since leaving the PawSoxDon Orsillo (1997-2000) who will begin his 15th season with the Boston Red Sox on NESN this seasonDave Flemming(2001-2003) who has been a radio voice of the San Francisco Giants for the past 11 years, Andy Freed (2001-2004) who has called Tampa Bay Rays games since leaving Pawtucket, Dave Jageler (2005) who was with the PawSox for just one season before he took over as the Washington Nationals radio voice where he has remained sinceDan Hoard (2006-2011) who earned the call to the National Football League with the Cincinnati Bengals in the fall of 2011, Aaron Goldsmith (2012) who was one year and done with the PawSox before heading to Seattle where he has been a radio play-by-play man for the MarinersBob Socci (2013) who departed from the PawSox in July of 2013 to become the play-by-play voice of the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots(had to throw the Super Bowl part in there), and most recently Jeff Levering (PawSox radio in 2013 & 2014) who earned a radio job with the Milwaukee Brewers this off-season.

  We’re now 20 days away from opening day and the first day of Spring has arrived, bringing with it a little bit of snow. However, on Opening Night, April 16th, 2015 the weather will be 57 degrees, a bit of clouds, but great weather for a ball game wearing a jacket. 

   Great weather is on its way! Get your PawSox tickets now. Take out a group and get our discounted group rate, or by some flex tickets and take advantage of the savings and flexibility. Get ready, Spring is in the air although its disguised with some snow……..We will be waiting for you and will be………….:Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                           rickm@pawsox.com

   Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 

Live From McCoy………………….It’s The Rhode Show!

    Greetings PawSox Fans!

 Happy St. Paddy’s Day! We are now just 29 days away from Opening Night and the field snow is melting nicely. You can even see a part of the fake coyotes.



On Opening Night you can expect several things to be part of the celebration. Many Police and Fire Departments will be here, the PawSox Players who were here last season will be getting their Championship Rings and Rhode Island State Trooper Amanda Brezniak will be singing the National Anthem. (Trooper Brezniak sang God Bless America at Fenway Park for Rhode Island Day)

Trooper Amanda

Another thing you can count on is The Rhode Show being here to report on all the festivities that take place on Opening Night.



      The Rhode Show is all about Rhode Island and is hosted by some folks that absolutely love the Ocean State. You’ll find the crew at many events throughout the state having a great time. The show is hosted by Will Gilbert, Michaela Johnson and Brendan Kirby. (L-R at a Federal Hill Parade)
Hosts @ parade


     Michaela Johnson has a very special connection to the PawSox. As a youngster she would come cheer them on with her family and continues to do so. On the PawSox Fathers Day event she took to the field with her father to play catch.



     Michaela Johnson is an East Providence native who comes from a family of “Townies”. After graduating from EPHS she went on to study communication at Bridgewater State University. While there she was involved in many activities. From hosting her own radio show, to serving as an orientation leader to incoming freshman, and being a 2 year captain on the women’s basketball team. She did it all while making the dean’s list each semester. After delivering the student commencement address at graduation, Michaela went on to work in the Cape Cod baseball league and in California for the X-Games.

      Her experiences lead her to a local contest to be the next winner of The Rhode Show’s “Search for a Star” contest. At the end of the competition one winner would receive a one year full-time position hosting The Rhode Show on, at that time, FOX Providence. As Michaela’s year was winding down, she was offered a promotion to permanent host. For the past 5 years Michaela has immersed herself in the show and the community. Conducting interviews, shooting and writing stories, editing, and creating content for the show are all part of her daily routine. In addition to the 40 hour work week: fundraisers, events, and community projects are attended throughout the year. Michaela said her team is just that, a team and a second family; doing their part to bring the “fun” side of things into your home every morning. From fashion, sports, food, and events, if you can find it in RI you can find it on The Rhode Show. “

In just chatting with her you can hear and see the excitement and love she has for what she does. This very lovely and talented young lady talks about the time she spent working in the Cape Cod Baseball League for the Wareham Gatemen. During her time there Pitcher Matt Barnes was on the team. She believed he would be a pitcher in the Big Leagues. Little did she realize that Barnes would be pitching for her beloved Red Sox.



Michaela remembers how excited she was when the Search for a Star contest was whittled down to the 5 finalist. She explained to me that she called Vice President of Public Relations Bill Wanless for part of a video segment to win the contest. She stated, “I’m from this area and I grew up watching games with my family at McCoy, and I wanted everyone to know it was a very important part of who I was.”

When I asked Bill about Johnson he told me, “Michaela made quite a first impression on me…she reminded me of a young rookie player who had ‘can’t miss’ written all over her.  She was a natural.  Michaela had the talent, the personality, and the looks of a star in the making.”

“She did an incredible job with her video piece at McCoy Stadium,” Wanless added, “as she took viewers on a guided tour of the ballpark including many places that fans don’t often get to go such as the clubhouse, bullpen, and playing field.  Everyone who met Michaela that day felt confident she would win the role on the Rhode Show.  We are so happy for her success and to this day she remains a special friend to all of us with the PawSox.”

Since being a host on The Rhode Show, Johnson still enjoys the time she spends here. In the past her sister sang the National Anthem before a game at McCoy. She told me that she also had a chance to sing the National Anthem before a PawSox game with her Riverside Middle School Chorus. She then adds, “My favorite treat was one of those giant-sized freeze pops, now that I’m an adult I get to enjoy a beer at the game.”

One thing about Johnson is when she does a story, she gets involved in it. She has played for The Washington Generals vs. The Harlem Globetrotters and scored a four point shot!




They have a great time on The Road Show with Will and Brendan sharing the same enthusiasm and talent.

Fun time


They all share in the good-time humor…



Johnson even took on the roll of a PawSox Usher and did a magnificent job.



She took part in the Jeffery Osbourne Celebrity Softball Game and was towered over by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…



Johnson played a clown in the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus when they came to town as part of a story…



Johnson slipped into a Chef’s Coat and worked making chocolates with Andrew Shotts at Garrison Confections located in Central Falls.

Making choc


Will joined Johnson and Amy of Amy’s Apples in studio at the Rhode Show. They are making eyeballs.


The Rhode Show Hosts work very well together on and off the air. Sometimes they even find time for some backyard soccer..


Some of the interviews are done in the comfort of the studio…


While others require them to brave the elements…



Michaela also enjoys animals and did a story at The Providence Animal Rescue League and the pooches up for adoptions.






Last year Michaela and I were rivals in the Guest Waiter Challenge at Quidnessett Country Club for Charity. It was a fun event for a great cause.



There was no friendship as we battled for tips. It was an awesome group of people who had to put friendships aside and duke it out. Even in battle its hard not to like Michaela Johnson. She is always upbeat and smiling. A baby owl visited the Rhode Show studio and fell in love with Michaela. 





      Get your tickets now for the 2015 Keep The Cup Season. Opening Night is always an Event that many have adopted as a Family Tradition. Come out to a game and perhaps you’ll get to meet Michaela. Thanks Michaela for taking time out of your very busy schedule to chat with me. We all wish you continued success and thanks for your years of loyalty of the PawSox…

w paws


29 days away! Less than a month before the gates of McCoy Stadium open to welcome the fans for the 2015 season. You can count on us being………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you                                                                    rickm@pawsox.com

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros



Rain, Cold and the Ocean for a Great Cause!

Greetings PawSox fans!

    Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for Spring to hit on Friday the 20th. After a tough winter I’m sure we’re all looking forward to some sun and warmer weather.

    Yesterday despite the chilly and rainy weather many brave souls dedicated to a cause took Narragansett Beach by storm. The Project Sweet Peas Plunge for Preemies went on as scheduled. We all know by now Paws doesn’t mind the chilly temp and he really enjoyed meeting all these great people. 

    Like many of the beautiful beaches in the State of Rhode Island, Narragansett Beach with The Towers is a prime example of the Ocean State.




      Although yesterday was cold, rainy and a some snow mounds, it was still an awesome sight. Prior to the plunge everyone met at the North Beach Clubhouse. Project Sweet Peas is a non-profit organization dedicated to children in the hospital ICU and offers Care Packages and other services to the families.. Some of these young children were at the event and Paws loved the opportunity to meet them.

    Paws got to meet Berkley who was a bit shy, and the members of Team Berkley…

Team Berkley


    Young Henry, being held by his dad, Henry’s Heros also took The Plunge to benefit this fantastic charity.



     A lot of these dedicated folks wore some tremendous swimwear…



    Even a Tuxedo!



     John and Jamie took the Plunge as King and Queen of the Prom…

John & Jamie

   Everyone was enjoying the warmth of the Clubhouse before heading outside to Take The Plunge and 2:00 sharp. The instructions clearly stated: Dont be Late! 

Inside warmth



     At 2 o’clock sharp, it was a dash to the frigid salt water. (ever wonder is instead of salt water, it was pepper water? Would everyone in the water sneeze constantly?)



    The water was the perfect temp for Paws and he congratulated a lot of the swimmers when they returned from their brave Plunge…




    After drying off everyone headed across the street to The Village Inn Ballroom for some tasty food, auctions, raffles, magicians, music, etc…



      Stories were told about newborns who didn’t have much of a chance beat the odds and were at the event. It was very heartwarming to say the least. Project Sweet Peas is a fantastic charity with some of the best people we ever met. 


    Thanks to Corin Nava the Co-Founder of the New England Division of Project Sweet Peas for inviting us to attend the event. They are PawSox Fans and her husband was wearing a very nice PawSox Cap. 

 We look forward to the Nava Family coming to a game during the 2015 season. We look forward to seeing all the PawSox Fans as the PawSox Defend The Cup!  Join us, we will be waiting………………….”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you     We got 18 new lineup predictions for the home opener. Remember the deadline for all predictions must be email to rickm@pawsox.com by midnight on April 3rd, 2015

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 


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