Chillin’ in Louisville and a Lot of Extra Baseball!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

It has indeed been a long time since the last blog and also a lot of baseball.

First, like the rest of the PawSox Family, I would like to express my sincere condolences to the family and friends of PawSox President/Owner Jim Skeffington who recently passed away unexpectedly. To say it was shocking is an understatement. I heard the news in the early morning while traveling to Indianapolis and it took quite a while for it to sink in.

Although I didn’t know Jim for very long, what I did know was his passion for sports and the excitement he had being an owner and President of the PawSox. He was a no-nonsense energetic gentleman who was always on the go. He was always polite, cordial and professional with the staff and wasnt afraid to ask questions. Rest in Peace Jim.



The PawSox lost a tough one last evening in 10 innings here in chilly Louisville, Kentucky against the Louisville Bats. The PawSox have been playing quite a few extra innings game, both at home and on the road. The PawSox are now in 2nd place in the North Division trailing Rochester Red Wings by 1 game.

Hopefully, the PawSox get back on the winning track when they play the Bats again this evening and they do it within 9 innings! You can listen to the game on WHJJ 920AM and listen to Will and Josh call the game.

It’s certainly been a quick turnaround with loading up the Penske and hitting the road. A couple of weeks ago we were in Toledo and then over to Columbus. Huntington Park is one of my favorite venues to travel to. The Staff there is awesome and it’s always great to see them.  I always look forward to seeing my good friend Joe Santry who is brilliant with not only his baseball history, but Columbus history. He has taken me to some great historic places to eat.  We went a couple of years ago he took me to the Mohawk Cafe and enjoyed a great meatloaf lunch, but also a bowl of Turtle Soup! (That hunk of meat is turtle)



I really enjoy seeing Joe and we make it a point to get a picture every season.


There were also new friends to be made. I met Alex and his dad..



One of Alex’s favorite player is Jackie Bradley, Jr. and they became friends.  The following day after making friends with Alex, Bradley was called up to Boston!

Alex and JBJ



Perhaps Alex, the Sox Fan from Ohio, is the lucky charm and the once players meet him, they get the call! it was time to say goodbye to our old friends and our new friends and head back home. I didn’t have long to wait to see  some of my friends from Columbus again. retired Columbus Sheriffs Marty and Greg trucked the Clippers equipment with a Penske to McCoy. They loved Rhode Island.

After the series with the Clippers, both Penske trucks were loaded up and they headed back to Columbus and we headed to Indianapolis, Indiana to play the Indians. Victory Field is an awesome venue and you cant help but notice that the Marriott Hotels appear to have the market cornered in hotels around the ballpark! Spanning the length of the outfield is a Marriott! The big blue glass building……a Marriott



The building down the left field line…….



       And past the right field line?   Yep!



           With the Indy 500 this weekend, every hotel is sold out! With rooms costing a ton of dough. After Indy, we headed here to Louisville just about 2.5 hours away.



         Kentucky is a beautiful state with enormous estates. Also, not only are cigarettes cheaper in Kentucky, you don’t even have to leave your vehicle…..They have a drive-thru window to buy your butts!



                    We head back after the game on Sunday and play Monday night at McCoy. There are Post Game Fireworks Spectacular after the game, and there are still great seats available. Grab your tickets now and bring your family to cheer on your PawSox and hang around for the awesome fireworks display! See you at the game……we are……………..”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                                     

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 













































































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The Clubbie’s Second Home & Casey Got the Bat!

Greetings PawSox Fans! 

     It was a beautiful for baseball last evening and a second PawSox win in as many days under clear skies and mild temps. The PawSox jumped out to an early lead with a 3 run home run crushed by Travis Shaw in the 1st inning and added 3 more throughout the game to beat the Toledo Mud Hens 6-1. 

Win field

       In just hours, the PawSox finish up their 3 game series here in Toledo with Thursday’s game time at 10:30 in the morning! Many years ago a coach told me, “Rick, there are three very important people within a ball club. The Trainer, the Bus Driver and the Clubbie.”

     The trainer of course is an important component of the team to keep the players healthy and ready to play. They are the first team member tp show up at the stadium, and usually always the last of the team tp leave. The Bus Drivers must always be punctual and know directions to everywhere to get the team to their destination on time and safely.

     Then there is the Clubhouse Guy, The Clubbie. I often mention the Clubbies because I see how hard these guys work behind the scenes. Back at McCoy we have Goody and Myles, who get the Penske loaded for the road trip. But thats just the half of it. They also have to be certain every player, coach, trainer,and other support staff have everything packed in their team bags. They then need to make certain every piece of equipment is packed.

   They must feed the team and staff, do all their laundry including making sure their uniforms are spotless. Make sure there are enough towels, soap, shampoo, etc…they know just two season…Winter and baseball. They are the first ones to get to the stadium and the last to leave. they have to be there for when the Trainer arrives. 

   During baseball season the Clubhouse becomes their second home. Usually the Clubbie spends more time in the clubhouse than home. Here in Toledo, the visiting Clubhouse Guy is Logan Strack. He was there when the Penske showed up Tuesday morning with his crew and swiftly had everything in the clubhouse.

     He has worked in the clubhouse since around 2003 and sets it up like a second home. He has set up bed in his room. On the left is a ladder to climb to the top bunk.


         His room is furnished with a couch…


     And TV’s…..One is for X-box, one for the Mud Hens Games and the other, cable TV. 


        The Clubhouse has a kitchen that the crew keeps spotless. Logan and crew wash all the dishes and utensils used by the team so they can be ready to go.


      Everybody on the crew has a job. David cleans a pair of cleats…


         All the bats are in one place for the players to grab when needed…


        The bats are an important tool of the trade for the player. They’re all very fussy about the bats they use. Bats are also a great collectable item for fans. During the game last night, there was a group of guys who cheered loudly for the Pawsox with every play. One of them was wearing a PawSox jersey.

     Seems Jackie Bradley, Jr isn’t just a fan favorite back at McCoy, these guys loved him. During the last inning they made their way down to the PawSox dugout with some of them saying they wanted tp say hi to Jackie Bradley, Jr. They kept yelling his name and having a great time. They went from one side of the dugout to the other, leaning over the rail to get a better look inside the dugout.

     Jackie handed one of them a bat and he was thrilled, he ran up the stairs yelling Jackie Bradley, Jr. over and over!


        I had to meet these guys! They were all smiles and posed for a group shot…

Casey II

      The guy who scored the bat is Casey! He couldn’t stop smiling with his friends! There is Joy in MudHenville as Casey Got the Bat! 

      After the game tomorrow Logan and his crew will load up the Penske and we head 2.5 hours to Columbus for another 3 game series against the Clippers. The PawSox will be back to start a homestand on Monday so grab yourself tickets for family, friends and co-workers……….Cheer on your home team and see we are all…………”Here For You!”

     Love hearing from you    

      Yours in Baseball,

       Rick Medeiros  

Slippo De Mayo!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    The PawSox lost to the Durham Bulls 2-8 on May 3rd before the PawSox had a well deserved off day. Despite the loss, one young man in the crowd won the heart of his girlfriend with a little help from Paws acting as Cupid. 

    In between innings, Paws headed down holding a sign reading: “Lauren it would be Pawsome if you went with me to Prom!”


Prom 2


     See replied, “Yes” and the Prom bound couple posed with Paws…


    It’s a rainy day in Toledo with the PawSox in town to take on the Mud Hens in a 3 games series. Its our first road trip of the season and the Penske was loaded up with all the gear, equipment and supplies and we headed on the road at just about 1:30pm yesterday (Monday) giving us a lot of time to make the estimated 12.5 hour drive. We didn’t have to be at Fifth Third Field until 9:00 am this morning giving us a great cushion. 

   It’s a whole new ball game, so to speak, when you’re not under strict time constraints. Although we did contend with some rain and fog it was a nice drive. We took some sandwiches and soft drinks with us when we left McCoy, but knew that if all went well we would be able to actually stop and eat dinner. 

    There was a huge traffic jam in Jersey but it didn’t bother us a bit. We stopped for dinner at Denny’s and when we were done, so was the traffic. It was smooth sailing. When we crossed into Ohio we were still way ahead of schedule and decided to check out the city of Cleveland. Although it was now about 1 in the morning we both wanted to take a peek at Progressive Field the home of the Cleveland Indians. The field looks awesome on TV and we wanted to see it. It’s a great looking stadium indeed.



      My driving partner Lou took a great looking shot of the front of the stadium…




         You wouldn’t believe what was just around the corner from the ball park….Yep, A Casino! I have never been to this Horseshoe Casino in my life, and being that we had time to kill………why not. I remembered that while speaking with Parking Captain Brian and parking guru Kenny during the last PawSox home game, a bird pooped on my sleeve. Although a bit miffed that of all the places in the world to poop, this bird decided my sleeve would be a nice spot! Brian and Kenny had a great laugh.



             They both advised me that it’s good luck when you get pooped on by a bird so why not test out their theory. 



          We didn’t spend a lot of time inside the joint, however, the bird poop does indeed bring luck! We headed back onto the highway we no traffic in sight. We were making excellent time and still well ahead of schedule. We stopped for gas in Ohio at a place with coffee, a few fast food places, a deli and a small restaurant. 

      Lou decided he wanted a sandwich for later with still a few hours of driving to go. When Lou when over to the condiment counter I noticed that there was a few packets of mayo on the floor that had been squished and wondered why no one had yet cleaned up this mess.



        Although I saw it, Lou didn’t! As he stepped into the pile of goo he slipped, lost his balance, but was able to save himself, and more importantly his freshly made sandwich! As he tried to regain his balance he kept slipping and looked like a kid trying ice skating for the first time….I immediatley called to him that its…..Slippo De Mayo!”     May 5th, 2015 will always be remembered by Lou as Slippo De Mayo! 

      Thankfully my good buddy and driving partner was without injury and we continued our trek. We arrived at Fifth Third Field ahead of schedule and met with their visiting clubhouse guy Logan Stack who swiftly had the Penske unloaded with his crew and brought into the clubhouse.



       We headed to the hotel for some rest and a nice shower. The PawSox returned back to McCoy on Monday the 11th of May and have a 6 game home stand before heading back on the road. The rain has ceased and the skies have somewhat cleared. It’s now the top of the 4th inning with the PawSox beating the Mud Hens 4-1.  We’re heading to the ball park, and all youse guys should get your tickets and head to McCoy for the upcoming home stand! See you then…..we will all be……..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                      

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros






The Wright Stuff and some More Bling!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

The Syracuse Chiefs came to town on April 27 for a four game series. After the 12:05  game was played for the last game of the series, The Chiefs boarded their bus to head back home after losing 3 out of the 4 games.

Knuckleball Pitcher Steven Wright tossed a gem for 7 shutout innings to get the 4-0 win. 

Photo by: Louriann Mardo

Photo by: Louriann Mardo


After today’s game the PawSox record stands at 14-8, a half game behind the Buffalo Bisons. The Durham Bulls are next on the schedule at McCoy to start tomorrow with game time at 6:15. It’s the first time for the 2015 season these two teams play since the PawSox won The Governors’Cup Championship down in Durham in 2014. The Bulls won The Cup from the PawSox in 2013 and The Cup sits in the Team Store at McCoy Stadium just where it belongs.

Although a bit cloudy today, the weather is finally breaking and the sun did make some appearances throughout the day. The sun was actually sparkling on a couple of the Syracuse Chiefs players.  Catcher Daniel Butler and Pitcher Rich Hill played for the  PawSox last season and were part of the Championship PawSox Team!

PawSox CEO Mike Tamburro presented Daniel Butler (L) and Rich Hill (R) with their stunning 2014 Governors Cup Championship Rings!

dan and rich


When Mike asked Daniel how he like the new ring he replied, “It’s absolutely beautiful!” The box the ring in is a work of art….it contains a little bright light that shines on the ring when opened.

Open Box


Daniel looked good sporting the Bling, despite wearing Chiefs gear…



Dan Ring



It was awesome seeing these fine young athletes again and we wish them all the very best in their careers. Rich Hill is a local guy from Massachusetts and he told us that he misses getting to drive home everyday after a home game. A bunch of his family members were almost always present at the games. We have gotten to know the Hill family and they are indeed a very awesome bunch. They love the game and love cheering on Rich.

While on the topic of family, what better way to spend some quality time with your family than  playing catch with your Mom on the McCoy Stadium field?

Play catch with Mom and then enjoy an All-You-Can-Eat pregame BBQ! With your full belly cheer on the PawSox playing the Durham Bulls…….Then after the game, the kids can run the bases!  Its a fun and unique way to spend with Mom!

It litterally covers all the bases! (pun intended) Fun with Mom, Meal with Mom, More fun with Mom!   Make sure to bring a camera to take photos of the very special day.


Moms day



Tomorrow night is Travel Mug Night…The first 3,000 adult fans will receive a PawSox Travel Mug.


Give us a call or visit our website for all the info you need……….See you this weekend where we will be…………”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you               

Yours in Baseball,

Rick Medeiros



Go Ahead, Make my Day!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Although it was 49 degrees today at McCoy Stadium, PNC Stadium in Moosic, PA the home of the Scranton RailRiders didnt have as good a day. The PawSox get an unscheduled night off due to inclement weather and the two teams will play a double-header on Saturday.  Tomorrow evenings 7:05 game will go on as scheduled. You can hear Josh and Will broadcast the game on WHJJ 920 am  

    Make sure to tune in and cheer on the PawSox! Currently the PawSox are in 2nd place after the loss to Buffalo last night. The Bisons were able to leapfrog and take over 1st place by a half game.

   I have been a PawSox fans for many, many years and never thought I would be working for this great organization. There are many reasons we all enjoy working for the PawSox with the main reason being the fans.

    Throughout the years the entire staff has made some life long friendships, not only with each other, but with a lot of the fans. We get to meet families from around the country and watch their kids have their photos taken with Paws and Sox and dance to the music hoping to get themselves on the video board.  

   I recall taking my son to the games when he was young and watch him “fish for autographs” above the dugout….

Fishing autograph


    We would buy the team set of baseball cards in the Team Store and he would take his bucket and hope to catch an autograph. His first autograph was Mo Vaughn. Shortly after he got Phil Plantier then Scott Cooper and others. My daughter, who isn’t much of a sports fan bent over the rail to try to look in the dugout and her PawSox cap fell onto the field and Scott Cooper picked it up, signed it and tossed it back up to her. It’s the only autograph she ever got and my little girl fell in love with him and every game would cheer only when he made a play or was batting.

    On the way home from the game my son looked at his newly autographed cards and said, “Those guys made my day!” Thats what we still see now. A couple of years ago David “Big Papi” Ortiz was playing for the PawSox on a rehab. After one of the games there was a nice lady named Donna who was confined to a wheel-chair and her dream was to meet Papi and give him a necklace she made for him.

    As Papi came out from inside Gate A he saw Donna and went over to her and spent some time chatting with her and pose for pictures…



    Donna also had a chance to give Papi the necklace she made and he wore it the next day during the game and she sent me the picture she took from her TV



            Donna was so happy and excited and sent a very nice letter that her dream came true meeting Big Papi. These types of moments are so special and none of us ever tire of them. Pro athletes and celebrities can have a profound effect on someone. A few years ago I wrote on a blog about the young boy with autism who met with Trot Nixon while he was also on a rehab assignment.

       Trot gave the youngster q pair of his batting gloves he used during the game and this young fella look squarely at Trot and said, “Christopher, I really like you.” (Christopher is Trots real name) As the youngsters mom looked on in disbelief the kid added, “I cant wait to show the kids at school these gloves, thank you so much.” 

     Trot certainly lived up to his name as a Dirt Dog and Trot will be at McCoy Stadium on May 16th for Legends Night for you to meet and get autographs from the Dirt Dog himself…



        After the game yesterday, my buddy Evan was at the game and one of his favorite players is Jackie Bradley, Jr.  Jackie is one of those guys that not only is an outstanding ball player and athlete but one heck of a great, classy guy. Bradley, Jr. always has time for kids. 

       Evan and his best buddy Eric got Jackie’s autograph…

JBJ signing


        And also got to pose with his fave for some photos taken by Evan’s mom..

       JBJ Pose


       Jackie, who was outside the clubhouse with his very lovely wife Erin enjoyed meeting with his new friends. Evans mom wanted me to thank Jackie and Erin for taking the time with Evan and Eric and I will be sure to pass it on. 

       On Monday the PawSox return back home to take on the Syracuse Chiefs. Come out and she some of the best players in the game!  Go Ahead, Make our Day…………..We will be………..”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                     

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros


Nice Rings, Big Swings and Sweeping the Wings!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

Due to the rainy conditions tonight’s game has been postponed. There will be a single admission Double Header tomorrow starting at 5:05 pm.  Gates open at 3:30pm  (2 seven inning games)

Since opening the gates at McCoy on Thursday Night there has already been a plethora of excitement, fun and entertainment. The Rochester Red Wings pulled into McCoy Stadium in first place and were swept by the PawSox in 4 games.

But first. lets talk about the new sparkling Championship rings. Prior to Opening Night the Front Office Staff received their rings from new owner and Team President Jim Skeffington and PawSox CEO Mike Tamburro.

The Governors’ Cup was brought into the Main Office surrounded by the beautiful gems.

Ring II

Director of Hospitality Lauren Dincecco received her smallest ring of the bunch at size 4…

Ring III

The largest ring in the bunch at 15.5 was now the property of the sausage fingered Rollin’ Rick Medeiros…


There was a pretty good difference in size…




           Of course what a great blog it would make with us getting the rings. However, there was a problem. The players didn’t get their rings yet and it was requested that we don’t wear them until the players see them. Somehow it did make sense, so put the beauty back in the box and waited to Opening Night……(I will confess that I did wear it prior to Opening Night once, but did not allow it to be photographed)

         For those who have not seen it yet……Some serious Bling!

my ring 2 My ring


        On April 16th, the Gates of McCoy Stadium opened and the fans poured in to kick off the 2015 Season!


Front gate


     This adorable young lady enjoyed her free Opening Night poster…



       New Owner/Chairman Larry Lucchino joins President Jim Skeffington on the field giving a thumbs up to get the 2015 season underway



       On Opening Night, Police and Fire Departments from around the region attended the pre-game ceremony to honor them…



       Mr. Larson was excited about his chance to win some  gas from Irving Oil. ???????????????????????????????


      Players signed some autographs 







     Saturday we welcomed our furry friends to a game with the very popular Bark in the Park. Close to 500 well-behaved pooches paraded around the field proudly showing off their owners. Season Ticket Holder Leslie won an overnight stay at Camp Bow Wow an awesome spot to pamper your dogs. Shannon explained how fantastic Camp Bow Wow is and it’s all about the dogs.




         The Rochester Red Wings came to town holding onto the number one spot in the North Division, with the PawSox holding second place. There were some big swings resulting in some big home runs. Yesterday, (Sunday) the PawSox Swept the Rochester Red Wings in 4 straight. Buffalo is in second place and in town to play the PawSox. There is some more exciting games coming up……Come join us for the first home stand of the season.

      Go online or give us a call at 401-724-7300 and we can answer all your questions and get you some great seats….Come out and see we are all…………..”Here For You!”

Love hearing from you               

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 


A Loss, Some Rain and Meet Kim

Greetings PawSox Fans!

It has been a pretty exciting Road Trip to start the 2015 season. The PawSox took the first 3 game in Lehigh Valley against the IronPigs and appeared it would be a Pig Roast sweep. However, they ran out of pitchers and outfield Quintin Berry was called to the mound. Unfortunately it wasnt a good outing as he walked 5 including walking in the winning run. Surely it was a sad night for Berry who was part of the Championship Red Sox in 2013!





After the loss in Lehigh, Pennsylvania the team boarded a bus and headed to Buffalo, NY to take on the Bisons. The PawSox had an 8-3 lead in the top of the 4th inning when the skies opened up, and the game was suspended until this evening at 5:15. I personally love Buffalo. There is always something to do. There are plenty of sightseeing attractions, great food places and Niagara Falls is a mere 16 minutes away. 

     Several years ago was my first ever trip to Buffalo and I fell in love with the city. It was my first glimpse of Niagara Falls and it truly is a magnificent sight. A group of us went to the Skylon Tower Restaurant for dinner after a day game across the border in Canada. The top of the tower is a revolving restaurant, and it does take a bit to get used to eating far in the air going in circles.

skylon tower


      The following year the PawSox began the season the first week in April in Buffalo. The closer to Buffalo we got, the colder is was. When we arrived at the Stadium at just about 5 in the morning with the heat cranked all the way up, we needed to get out of the toasty warm cab of the Penske. I called the clubhouse guy who at the time was Dan Brick and he drives out in a Gator wearing his baseball jacket and shorts! The Penske was unloaded in record time and we headed to the hotel to escape this frigid weather.

     When I woke up later in the day the sun was shinning brightly without a cloud in the sky. I called Lou and we were going to head to the ballpark early. When we walked out the door of the hotel it was like the ice bucket challenge without getting wet! It was a cold like I never felt. Its a cold that you actually feel in your bones. As we laughed and scurried back into the hotel lobby and we clearly understood what “chilled to the bone” meant!

    We decided we would attend the game later on. When we did finally arrive at the game midway through, all the players were bundled up and the heaters were cranked up in the dugouts. The players wore those ski-mask type face covers and the strike zone was the size you could drive the Penske through! 

    As much as I enjoy the great city of Buffalo, its more enjoyable in June to August. It’s much better without seeing the chunks of ice were floating on the Niagara River..

niagara_river-city ice

        The PawSox just finished up the first game of what was supposed to be a double header. The PawSox beat the Buffalo Bisons 9-6  They were suppose to play a 7 inning game after the suspended game was complete. However, they had to postpone the second game due to some type of power surge that shut down the power throughout the stadium. The radio booth luckily didn’t lose power and Josh and Will continued broadcasting the game. 

    The PawSox added some power to their staff line-up with welcoming Kim Duff who will be handling some of the interviews, editing and will also be the in-game host, so you will see this fine young lady making her way through the stands during the games. She will be working closely with our media guy Kevin with the PawSox website videos.

Kim II


     Kim loves fitness and sports. I asked what her dream job would be and she replied, “To be a strength and conditioning coach for athletes in either the pro or college level.” She is a graduate of Ole Miss and declares that very proudly. She will be going to grad school and plans on attending URI.

   Kim also played soccer for the University of Mississippi and loves the competition that comes with it. She enjoys working out and is looking forward to some salt water fishing in Rhode Island. Her boyfriend is the son of a former PawSox/Red Sox player and we talked about the great food in the state and she explained that her boyfriend has taken her to some great places to eat. “For the most part I eat healthy. Growing up my family always cooked healthy and Im used to it.” she said.

   Kim has a lot of talent in sports and with the computer.


         John Davis wrote a nice story about Kim in 2014 



    Here is an excerpt from the story:


There were different times during the College World Series when Kim Duff and Shannon Deloach asked themselves if they were really part of the experience.

For the two intern videographers from Ole Miss Sports Productions, getting the opportunity to document the Rebels’ experience with hours of behind-the-scenes footage was very special indeed.

The journey to reach Omaha, Neb., started at two different points, but with a similar genesis.

Duff played soccer at Ole Miss until her eligibility ended two seasons ago. It was then that she decided to find a way to get back into sports. Her answer started when she walked into the office of Micah Ginn, the associate athletics director for sports productions and creative services at Ole Miss, and asked to shadow him.

“I missed the competition of sports,” Duff explained. “Micah had worked with soccer doing The Season-type stuff, and I told him I wanted to make videos that give you the chills and get you excited about playing. I just sat in his office for a semester, and Micah is very entertaining. At the end of the semester—it was around the time of the Rebel Choice Awards—I got to see how the all-sports video was produced.”

Being a persistent shadow paid off, and last fall Duff started to cover the football team. The experience carried over to baseball, the sport she feels most connected with now after Omaha.

“It felt like we were a part of the team; it was really cool to feel like we were needed there,” Duff said. “The College World Series was awesome because my dream one day is to shoot for the Red Sox. It was really cool for me to have an opportunity to shoot on such a big stage. It was also kind of a, ‘Yes, I’m going to be able to do this for a job.’”

     Welcome aboard Kim, we look forward to working with you. The Ocean State has plenty of striped bass, blue fish, scup, flounder, etc… and all the shellfish you could eat!

     We are now just one day away from Opening Night. Kids are waiting for the players to take the field. 



      On Thursday the gates open to start the 2015 Season! Police and Firefighters will be honored during the opening ceremonies. Championship rings will be awarded to the players returning from last season. Its baseball time and there’s a lot of talent on the field and on the staff……Enjoy the games, and if you have any questions, know that we are…………..”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                          

     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros  

Off to a Great Start and Almost Home!

     Greetings PawSox Fans!

    I hope you’ve been following the exciting 2015 PawSox Team for the last two games playing in Lehigh Valley against the IronPigs starting the season on Wednesday –shutting out the IronPigs 4 to 0 on a cold and rainy evening.

     One of the Sox top prospects Brian Johnson pitched a pretty good game…He is a big dude who is quite an intensive figure on the mound

B Johnson


     Travis Shaw knocked in the first RBI of the 2015 season for the PawSox  and they never looked back. Garin Cecchini and a lot of other players wore the Red Sox wintermasks and hopefully those days are behind us. 




         Last night Kool Keith Couch took the hill and ran into a couple of jams then cruised along. The PawSox bats smacked 16 hits and plated 10 runs to win the game that had a very exciting finish with the Pigs loading the bases. But at the end of the day, the PawSox record stands at 2-0

    I watch the games on MiLB but mute the volume on the computer, and use the iHeart Radio on my iPad and listen to Josh and Will. It appears as though the just clicked and both have great knowledge of the games, stats and other gear tidbits. They’re very enjoyable to listen to. They also have a pretty nifty blog on right near mine. (Be sure to always check mine out also)

45 miles


       It was All Hands on Deck today at McCoy to tie up all loose ends for Opening Night on Thursday!  New PawSox Owner and President Jim Skeffington came to McCoy today to meet with some of the seasonal staff. Jim explained how excited he is to be the owner and having such an awesome team. He took questions from anyone who wanted to ask. There were some great questions and answers. There is a very informative link at under the heading Rhode Island Baseball, with a FAQ link.Pay it a visit.

     Our Media Creation Guy Kevin rounded up his camera and production crew today to explain the new wireless headsets..

Kev headset



     Stan The Man explains the cameras to some of the rookies…



       The camera and production crew are a good-looking bunch indeed!


      The ads are getting downloaded into the Video Board for our sponsors by Joe…



     Gary handles some of the finishing touches to get the stadium nice and clean



      Everything is falling into place nicely and we hope to see you on Thursday, April 16th for Opening Night! We have an Awesome Team………..Come see for yourself……..We’ll be————-“Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                   

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros


Media Night, Welcome Back Luncheon and Hitting the Road!

Greetings PawSox Fan!

Over the weekend there were many trips to the airports as the players came to town. Thankfully all flights came in to Green Airport in Warwick meaning no trips to Logan in Boston. However, some flights came in at midnight.There are certain times that really open your eyes that its Game Time is this time of year. Airport runs for the players, the Penske heading to Fenway for all the gear and of course Media Night and the ever popular Welcome Back Luncheon.

As the players started showing up you could see the talent growing! Jackie Bradley, Jr. Rusney Castillo, Bryce Brentz, Blake Swihart, Garin Cecchini and some of the Pitching Staff Henry Owens. Matt Barnes, Brandon Workman, just to name some of the hottest prospects in baseball. I had a chance to meet new Pitching Coach Bob Kipper at the airport and we talked about the talent on the team, Kipper had a great line saying, “You never want to be a prospect that long, you want to be a Big Leaguer.” Great quote.

Yesterday was Media Night and the arrival of new PawSox Radio Broadcaster 6′ 7″ Will Flemming.



Will interviewed Pitcher Henry Owens later in the evening and could look him in the eye…


Will and Owens

Earlier in the day, Radio Broadcaster Josh Maurer assisted in getting the Press Kits ready for Media Night


       When the team arrived and got settled in their lockers, Team President James J. Skeffington introduced himself and let the team know how excited he is to be President and co-owner of the team and gave a nice speech. Paws and Sox welcomed Mr. Skeffington to The Team…

Skeffington with Mascots

As most know, many players from last season have returned to the PawSox for the 2015 season We were told not to wear our 2014 Championship rings show the returning players from last seasons Governors’ Cup Title don’t see them before they receive them on Opening Night. Some have seen just pictures. The Staff received theirs a few days ago and they are absolutely awesome!  (There will be an upcoming blog about the rings) 

  Second year PawSox Manager Kevin Boles then took some time speaking to the team of what’s expected of each of them for the season…on and off the field.





         During the time before allowing the media in, players take turns reading the “Code of Conduct.”  

       Blake Swihart did a fantastic job…



      So did Travis Shaw…



Travis Shaw



       Kevin Galligan our Media Creation guy did some video interviews with PawSox Broadcaster Josh Maurer for our website   Make sure you check out the site for some pretty interesting interviews. 


       Be sure to check out what Jackie Bradley, Jr has to say

   JBJ & Josh                      

     At 4:00 pm the doors to the clubhouse are open and the media gets to meet the players and conduct their interviews for print, radio and TV. PawSox VP/General Manager Lou Schwechheimer welcomes the crowd

Lou talks


      Catcher Blake Swihart is ready to meet with the media.

Blake Wave                                 

        Jackie Bradley, Jr. does many interviews…



       Rusney Castillo takes a break between interviews…



       After the media night was over the players headed back to their hotels or apartments for some much-needed rest. There was one more player coming into Green Airport on an 11:35 pm. This morning I met with Manager Boles and headed to his apartment and met his wife there. They moved some items in and headed back to change for the Welcome Back Luncheon at Kirkbrae Country Club. 

         The guest speaker at the luncheon was baseball analyst and former Red Sox player Lou Merloni…as Josh Maurer as the host




       An awesome lunch was served and a good time was had by all…including the players…



      Once the luncheon was over, the team headed back to McCoy to pack for Lehigh Valley to start the 2015 season tomorrow (Thursday) playing against the IronPigs. The clubhouse crew already have their equipment packed and stacked to store in the “Belly of the Bus” The Team gets their luggage packed for the trip.



    Clubhouse Manager Goody who handles the Home side discusses the plan with Myles who handles the Visiting side



      The buses arrive and the Belly gets packed tight. In no time with the tremendous clubhouse crew everything is on the buses in no time. The last of the team heads to the bus for the 5 hour ride to Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. 



     The buses pull out and the 2015 season is underway!



        You can listen to Josh and Will call the game on 920 AM WHJJ as well as several other stations, tomorrow night at 7:05 pm. In one week the Team returns home and opens the gates of McCoy Stadium.

     Get your tickets now! Gome often, come early!   We will all be…………………”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                      

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros  

Good Lord, Dan Hoard! What’s he doing now?

   Greetings PawSox Fans!

     Spring Training is wrapping up and some of the players and staff will start heading to McCoy tomrrow night. With just 12 days left until the gates open the excitement builds everyday. Sportswriters have predicted the Red Sox are a strong contender to win it all. The PawSox should have an incredible amount of talent 

    On the subject of talent, I have a good friend who has a boatload of talent and his name is Dan Hoard. As the vast majority knows Dan Hoard was the PawSox Radio Broadcaster from the 2006 season until 2011 when the NFL Cincinnati Bengals swiped him away.

    Last evening I spoke with Dan via phone for quite a while. His quick wit, outstanding sense of humor, knowledge of sports is always a fun chat. However, getting to grab some time with  Dan its quite a chore. He is always on the go, and he loves every second of it. 

     If you ask Dan when he has any down time, well, this is kind of it. He had litterally just returned from Indiana with his family. Dan hooked up with his friend and former Cincinatti Bearcats Coach Brian Kelly now the Coach for Notre Dame. Dan told me they had a tour of the campus and the stadium and it was amazing.Dan is a true family man and told me that he cherishes the time he gets to spend with his family. 

     However, during his so-called “down time” he still stays busy.Here is a smidgen of what Dan does. He is the radio broadcaster for the Cincinnati Bengals, the University of Cincinnati Football and Basketball. In addition, he also does a ton of writing, including blogging. He host TV sports shows and is always preparing.

    He is one of the most dedicated, hard-working guy I know. He is always well prepared for every broadcast, interview or show. During the football season his schedule can on ly be described as crazy! Not only does he call Bengals and Bearcats games,he also does Bengals Weekly, Bengals Game Plan and on Fridays hosts the Bengals Pep Rally.

     Its no wonder really that our great friend Dan Hoard received The Ohio Sportscaster of the year award! Here is the article from last month from the Cincinnati paper CityBeat:

Exceeding the Dream

Dan Hoard, voice of the Bengals and Bearcats, gets his due


Cincinnati is a dedicated but long-suffering sports town. Few know this better than Dan Hoard, whose presence in Cincinnati coincides with our city’s hard-luck results over the last 20 years.

The Reds, Major League Baseball’s oldest franchise, haven’t won a playoff series since 1995. The Bengals, founded by one of the National Football League’s enduring icons, haven’t won a playoff game since 1991. Even our consistently successful college basketball teams, the Xavier Musketeers and Cincinnati Bearcats, have failed to reach the Final Four over the last two decades.
Yet Hoard, the play-by-play voice of the Bengals and UC’s football and basketball teams, is the first to stand up for his adopted hometown. “I think it’s a great sports town,” Hoard says. “People get ticked off easily, because they’ve been kicked down so many times since 1995, but they’re still there, they still show up and they still listen. It’s a great place to work, and having grown up in a city that had no professional teams of its own, I love being in the middle of it all.”
In a city also known for spawning superior broadcasters — former Bengals wide receiver and local resident Chris Collinsworth is widely considered the NFL’s best television analyst, and Reds radio announcer Marty Brennaman is already a Hall of Famer, to name just two — Hoard more than holds his own as one of the best-prepared and perpetually enthusiastic voices in the business. And now the love is mutual: Hoard was recently named Ohio Sportscaster of the Year by a group of his peers.
“I’m flattered,” Hoard says. “It’s nice in Ohio because Marty (Brennaman) is one of the best ever; Tom Hamilton, the (Cleveland) Indians announcer, is fantastic; Jim Donovan, the Cleveland Browns radio announcer, is one of my favorites; and Paul Keels, at Ohio State, is one of the best college broadcasters in the country. It really is a who’s who kind of state, so to win is kind of cool.”
     B-Ball Dan
           It’s awesome that Dan was rewarded with such an honor. He has earned and deserves such accolades and is always very humble. I spent many post game nights with Dan while he was with the PawSox having something to eat. While in Gwinnett, Georgia he introduced me to The Waffle House and also to a Bison Burger at Ted’s Montana Grill. 
      During most of these post game eats I would pepper him with sports trivia questions. He was able to nail every single one! I would search the internet looking for trivia questions, ask people at the ballpark for the hardest trivia and think I would finally get him. I would wait until the right time and toss the question to him. He would nibble his hot wing or chomp on his burger with a smirk, chuckle and says that’s easy…..and get the question right!  It was frustrating at times when I thought I had him. 
     At times the post game meal was out for Dan because he had to prepare.No matter how I tempted him, pleaded with him he would say Nope, and that was it. He was dedicated to his craft. He taught me how to add photos to a blog and for that I am forever thankful.
       From July until January Dan is all out. The NFL Draft,pre-season games, College hoops, games, writing, hosting is non-stop. Think about it for a second. College football games are on Saturdays while most football games on are Sunday. If The University of Cincinnati isn’t playing at home, Dan is on the road with them. Now, the Bengals are on the road and Dan has to hustle up to catch the chartered flight with the Bengals. If both teams are home, it’s a whole lot easier. The University football and basketball teams are chartered flights as are the Bengals.However, Dan sometimes has to book flights himself. He spends a lot of time in the air. I did learn the only time the Bengals bus is to Indianapolis which is just under a 2 hour drive. 
      His lovely and very talented wife Peg is also in communications. For many years she was a New Reporter for WBZ in Boston and currently is the Director of Communications for CincyTech who host a show similar to The Shark Tank, but it deals with Tech products. Peg formerly on the Board of Directors for Raising a Reader, MA. She is an avid runner and has run many Marathons including The Boston Marathon more than 10 times! Their son Sam was there at the finish line to congratulate mom.
Peg and Sam
             Does Sam have what it takes to be a Big League Broadcaster like his pop?  He does feel comfortable with the mic when the PawSox were Playing The Bulls in Durham, NC
            This very bright young fella also got to hang with Pop at a San Diego Chargers game
San Diego broadcasting (440x330)
            I’m sure there had to be questions from Sam of why his dad was autographing the bald dome of fan.
             Dan will always find time for his family and makes sure to spend quality time together, like hanging at the beach in Florida.
        Although it took only about 3 months to have a phone conversation with Dan due his very busy schedule and his commitment to not only his work, but his family time, it was great chatting with him. We all wish you continued success Dan, and thanks for your time. He is a machine with his schedule, hence the name, “Good Lord, Dan Hoard!”
        With Josh Maurer in his second season and new PawSox Broadcaster Will Flemming now behind the mics the booth once again is loaded with talent. We all know there will be some of the hottest prospects on the PawSox and you’ll have a chance to meet them all at the Welcome Home Luncheon with Guest Speaker Lou Merloni at Kirkbrae Country Club (197 Old River Road in Lincoln, RI).
       Get your tickets now! McCoy Stadium is opened on Saturdays 10-3 and flex tickets would be sweet as candy in any Easter Basket! Stop by the Box Office and see we are……..”Here For You!”
    Love hearing from you                                  
     Yours in Baseball,
      Rick Medeiros

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