A Hall of Famer!


      Greetings PawSox Fans!

         It was a Hall of Fame weekend for the PawSox as PawSox Vice Chairman and Former Team President Mike Tamburro was inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame.

Mike 3

           The event was held Saturday at the Rhodes on the Pawtuxet hall in Cranston. The Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame recognizes the men and women of Rhode Island who are true “Impact People”  Their Mission Statement: 

The HOF exists to honor and recognize, and to extol and publicize the achievements of those Rhode Island men and women who have, in the words of the HOF induction citation, “made significant contributions to their community, state, and/or nation.” It is also our mission to tell the story of Rhode Island History via interactive technology using the biographies of our inductees, noting their collective impact upon every phase of Rhode Island’s development.

     The program had a great article about Mike T. 


       As always, Mike was very humbled and honored to be inducted. Mike is no stranger to getting awards and has also been inducted into the International League Hall of Fame in 2012, joining Ben Mondor, Joe Morgan, Jim Rice and Wade Boggs. He has also been inducted into the Pawtucket Hall of Fame and the UMASS Sports Management Hall of Fame. 

     With his 40+ years in baseball, Mike is known and highly revered by his peers, not only in minor league baseball, but in the entire baseball world. When traveling with the team, there isn’t one ballpark that the teams, President, General Manager, and the majority of Team Staff will always ask about Mike T. and to send their regards.

     Mike was awarded the Executive of the Year a record five times! Yes, Five times!  His love of the game and the Fans has not diminished a bit over the years. He still has that excitement and genuine caring for the Fans. He gave a tremendous speech. Part of his speech he offered a thank you to the sponsors: “I want to thank all our sponsors for their belief in the PawSox organization to provide quality entertainment in a safe, clean and family environment at affordable prices.” 



      He went on to thank the players: “I would like to thank all the players for their hard play on the field, and the commitment to the community off the field. Year after year, the players became part of the community. They visited hospital, and special needs schools. They would read to a group of elementary school kids and do what ever you ask of them. Year after year the players have been true All-Stars!”

    As Mike closed out his speech he thanked the Front Office Staff. “I want to thank our hard-working front office staff for giving me the honor for standing upon their talented and ample shoulders.”  And of course the Fans ‘I thank the Fans for coming out to the ballpark year after year and allowed us to take a bankrupt franchise and build it into a Rhode Island institution.”

    You could clearly see that Mike T. was speaking from his heart…

mike 4


           He was presented his award by Heritage Hall of Fame President Dr. Patrick T. Conley (R) and PawSox Account Executive and Heritage Hall of Fame Vice President Mike Lyons.


Mike 1


       Congrats Mike on your latest award, its well deserved. 

       After getting swept by the Syracuse Chiefs in 4 games, the PawSox are in Allentown, Pennsylvania to start a 3 games series against the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. Hopefully, the team gets back on track and start a new winning streak. The team returns home on Thursday, May 5th for a 7:05 game against the Rochester Red Wings.

    It’s our first Throwback Thursday game, and you don’t want to miss it! Great seats are still available, so go online at pawsox.com or give us a call at 401-724-7300 to get your tickets. Join in on all the fun and excitement that a PawSox game provides for the whole family at very affordable prices. We look forward to seeing you and always being……..”Here For You!”

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      Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros










Very Special Athletes!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

We love our sports. We love our Teams! We love going to sports venues to cheer for our Teams. We stick with our Teams through thick and thin, and never waver. My first time going to Fenway Park, I was 8 years old, I was hooked. Being a Red Sox Fan becomes part of your being. You buy Red Sox gear and wear it proudly, even when they lose. It was like a badge of honor to continue wearing the gear win or lose.

As youngsters we would idolize our pro athletes, playing baseball, pretending to be Yaz, street hockey we had several jerseys, Orr, Hodge and others. In my hometown, the owner of the local A&P Supermarket had a daughter who dated Derek Sanderson and she became a quasi-celebrity. Whatever sport we played, we’d pretend to be our favorite player at that particular time.

As we transition into adulthood and have kids, and they play sports. Watching your son play little league and a bunch of other sports, and watch your daughter play softball and also other sports, your kids now become your favorite athletes.

We still love our sports. At times we shake our head at the multi-million dollar contracts and the lucrative endorsement deals. However, we must never lose sight, that if someone offered you a ton of loot, wouldn’t you take it? Yes indeed!

Before being part of the PawSox Staff, I was a PawSox Fan. Taking my kids, or going with a group of friends several times a year. A PawSox game is such a great, affordable night out. My son’s favorite player at the time was Mo Vaughn and my daughter had a crush on Scott Cooper. As the seasons went by, so did their favorite players.

Sports Fans enjoy talking about the moves they would have made if they were the coach or manager. They should have taken the pitcher out, or kept him in. Should have bunted, should have tried to steal a base, etc…Its what being a Fan is about. We love the talent that professional athletes have, and surely at times feel a bit of envious that we didn’t have such talent to make a living playing sports.

There are athletes who rise above others. Michael Jordan, Bobby Orr, Tom Brady and a select group of others that are household names, that even non-sports Fans recognize.

Pawtucket is home for the PawSox, however, there is another Team of very special athletes that call Pawtucket home…The Pawtucket Pacers…




Just recently the Pawtucket Pacers Special Olympians broke the record at McCoy Stadium for throwing 21 first pitches simultaneously…

21 pitches


Our Special Olympians are my favorite teams. They don’t have big contracts or endorsement deals. What they do have, are big hearts, drive and desire and the true spirit of their sport. On Thursday evening I went to Max Read Field in Pawtucket to watch the Pawtucket Pacers prepare for an upcoming competition at Bryant University. I met with Head Coach Lisa and Coach Joan.



The Coaches, along with an awesome group of volunteers begin the practice with a Team warmup and stretch…



The Pawtucket Pacers range in ages from 8 years old, to 49 years young. For the warmup, they to toe walks, heel walks, run in place, do some high-stepping, with clapping their hands under their legs…



On this day, the Athletes will be working on track and field, the turbo jav, the shot put and softball throw. The volunteer Shot Put coach explains the body mechanics to get the most distance out of every throw.


        Derek is one of the best Turbo Jav athletes. Look closely and you can see the “Turbo Jav”sailing high in the air…



      It sails well over my head and a good distance from me. Well done Derek!

Turbo Jav

        The softball toss is another event they practice…




           The coaches line up all the Athletes in the proper order for the relay race. It’s a blur of speed as they hand off the baton!




         I had the great opportunity to speak with a couple of these Olympians…First Andrew…Andrew’s favorite sports are track and field and golf. He explains that he enjoys the 200 meter relay race and proudly declares that he has one a bunch of gold medals. He went on to tell me, “I enjoy being a film critic now. My favorite movie is Back to the Future, and although the sequels were not as good as the original, they were still good.” What a bright young man! 


      I also had the great honor of speaking to great Olympian Kathryn…She really likes golf and also track and field. She explains that she has lost count of all the medals that she has won. “I won medals in a competition that we had in New Jersey.” She went on the say, “It was so much fun. We all took a bus to New Jersey and it was very exciting and I won a medal in golf.” Kathryn’s favorite movie if Jurassic Park and her favorite food is Polish food. She told me, “I like to color as a hobby and love going to PawSox games. It was fun going the other night with my teammates and going on the field. I’m glad they stayed in Pawtucket.” 

    Thank you Kathryn for your time, and keep going for the gold!


         Thanks to all the Coaches and Volunteers for allowing me to visit one of your practices. I look forward to doing it again and speak with more Olympians, and posts it on the blog. 

      The PawSox lost three games in a row in Syracuse. They have one more left in Syracuse tomorrow to avoid the sweep and then its off to Lehigh Valley to take on the Iron Pigs and return home on the 5th of May for our first Throwback Thursday. Dont miss it, we will be waiting………….”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                          rickm@pawsox.com

      Yours in Baseball,

       Rick Medeiros


First Throwback and Some Wrestling!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

   The PawSox are back in action in Syracuse, New York tonight, taking on the Chiefs. The Team arrives back at McCoy on May 5th, for the first Throwback Thursday of the 2016 season. 



     The first 3,000 Fans will receive a very limited edition Babe Ruth Providence Grays baseball card! When I first heard about the cards being given away, it was just so cool! Just 3,000 cards in the whole world, and you could own one! Please note that it’s one card per person, not per ticket. Also, there is no re-entry until all cards are given away to the Fans. 

     The Team will be wearing 1940 era Pawtucket Slaters uniform, complete with a new style cap that Nate loves!

Nate Cap

      Brooke has got the Team Store looking Fantastic!

Team store

There is a lot of great gear available, including the Throwback Cap. Brooke shows off the Big Fists soda can holders. (Or amber-colored adult beverage cans)



       Also, want you to put another can’t miss date on your calendar, July 23rd, Sting comes to McCoy Stadium. No not Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, AKA Sting…

Sting Rock


       But Steve Borden Sr. AKA Sting…

 Sting Wrestler     

      Wrestling will take the field on July 23rd with Sting and a list of others….

     Including The Patriot…



       Lex Luger…


  Raven is scheduled to be at McCoy…


       BTW Heavyweight Champ Flex Armstong is schedule to lock it up at McCoy on July 23rd…



      Plus many others. There will be a nice autograph session from 6-8:00 pm with all the wrestlers. A rain date has been scheduled for July 24th, but its doubtful it will be needed!

       Thanks for checking out the Blog and if you have any questions, please give us a call. As you know, we are…….”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                  rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros



No Game, No Sponge, No TV, No Bell, No Peanuts but a New Record!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

   Baseball is a game that is at the mercy of the weather if you don’t play in a domed  ballpark. Today’s (Tuesday) game had to be postponed due to the rain. With the raw, chilly temp and the rain, both Team Managers felt it best to postpone the game.

    Here is the release:

Today’s (Tuesday’s) scheduled International League game between the host Pawtucket Red Sox and the Syracuse Chiefs at McCoy Stadium has been postponed due to inclement weather and a forecast for heavy rain throughout the afternoon. The game will be made-up as part of a doubleheader during Syracuse’s next trip to McCoy on June 21st at 5:35 pm.

Fans holding box seat tickets or general admission tickets (without a specific rain out date printed on them) for Tuesday can trade those in for any remaining regular-season game at McCoy.

This is the second home rain out this season for the PawSox – the other came on Opening Night, April 7 vs. Buffalo. Pawtucket had just one home rain out all of last season (April 20, 2015 vs. Buffalo).

The 1st-place PawSox will enjoy their first scheduled off-day of the season tomorrow (Wednesday) before resuming this home and home series with a 4-game set in Syracuse continuing on Thursday night at 7:05 pm. The Sox will be on the road for a 7-game trip through May 4 (four in Syracuse and three more in Lehigh Valley) before returning to McCoy on Thursday, May 5 for a 4-game series (and homestand) vs. Rochester.   

   It was disappointing to postpone the game today because of all that was planned for this “TV Tuesday” Theme. As with every Tuesday, some lucky Fan was going to win a flat screen TV. Also, Spongebob was going to be at the ballpark…



           For TV Tuesday the Special Guest was 2015 Sportcaster of the Year, from ABC 6, the very popular, and my favorite, Ken Bell. Ken was going to throw out the first pitch, and then head to the Fan Center to meet and greet the Fans…



       Despite the game not being played, it was still a very productive day planning for the next homestand and beyond. The PawSox Manager of Hospitality and Sponsorship Services, Julie “Hersh” Hershkowitz is spearheading two Peanut Allergy Friendly games for the 2016 season…

Basic RGB


      On June 20th and August 22nd NO Peanuts will be sold in McCoy Stadium. Its also asked of all our Fans to NOT attempt to bring any peanuts and/or peanut products into the ballpark. We request this to be courteous to our Fans with Peanut Allergies. Since the start of the 2016 season, there has been numerous calls and email asking about If you have any questions, please feel free to give one of our Staff about Peanut Allergy Friendly games. The Fans Spoke, and the PawSox listened!

    As part of the My Hero Monday’s Night, a PawSox record was broken. For the first time in history of the PawSox 21 first pitches were thrown. The Pawtucket Pacers, a Team of Great Special Olympians took the field with Paws and Sox…



     All 21 of the Pawtucket Pacers Team lines up to throw a pitch to 21 of the PawSox Players! It was a great sight to say the least!          

21 pitches

      The PawSox loaded the buses, and headed to Syracuse, and have an off day tomorrow. They return back to McCoy Stadium on May 5th, to take on the Rochester Red Wings. The PawSox currently hold a 0.5 game lead on the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, and hopefully continue to have great road trips.

     Check the schedule, pick some games and get your tickets! Come with family and friends, have a group outing with co-workers, take advantage of our group discounts! Never forget the Undated Flex Tickets, that allow you to pick the games you want to attend! Whatever game you choose, it will be a great day/night out and very affordable! Take You out to the Ballgame and see for yourself that we are all……….”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                               rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros



Carol Rollin’ Home 7-1 and Meet the Intern!

     Greetings PawSox Fans!

      The PawSox first road trip was a great success! They started in Lehigh Valley and roasted the Iron Pigs in 2 games, then shuffled off to Buffalo and beat the Bisons 2 games, and heading back home to Rhode Island, made a stop in Rochester, New York to play a 4 game set against the Red Wings. The PawSox took the first 3 games of the series! We were all hoping for a Perfect Road Trip, however, the PawSox got blanked 5-0. 

    The Team buses pulled into McCoy at just around 9:00 pm last night, and Clubhouse Manager Goody and his crew got to work unloading them. Not long after, the equipment bus from Lehigh Valley shows up, and Goody and crew do it all again.

    As you know from previous blogs, PawSox Office Manager Carol Krushnowski went on the road with the team. Although Carol’s Official title is Office Manager, she has been given many other names! Since she handles travel for the team and has now traveled with them, she has been called, Travel Carol. If you recall when the PawSox hosted the first ever Moonlight Madness to purchase single game tickets, she became known as Moonlight Carol and the follow day, Daylight Carol.

       The names continued with the Fans Christmas party, The Enchanted Village and she was Christmas Carol. She’ll go pick someone up from the train station or airport and suddenly becomes Pickup Carol. With the 7-1 road trip, she has earned, Good Luck Charm Carol!

     I spoke with her via phone shortly after she arrived at the ballpark, and although a bit tired, she said that she loved the experience. She told me, “I learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes. The radio guys explained the ever changing roster moves and so much more that was very interesting. In Rochester,  I really enjoyed watching the game with Bob Kipper’s daughter, Kaylyn who knows a lot about the game.”  Welcome back Carol!


     Now lets Meet the Intern. Her name is Bernadette Provost. This wonderful and polite young lady was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. Bernadette is chock full of that Southern Hospitality you hear so much about. She deals so professionally and politely with Fans when they call…





        Bernadette is one of the Community Relations Interns, and does a fantastic job. She is very soft-spoken as she explains, “I am the third of seven children in a big Catholic family. My brothers are my heroes, so I grew up a complete tomboy.”  She went on to say, ” I would compete with or against my brothers in whatever sport was being played with the neighborhood kids.”

    Growing up she played basketball, lacrosse, ran track and cross-country. She stated, “After graduating high school, I wanted to attend Clemson University. It’s where my parents met and the where the majority of our family attended.”  After asking her she said, “Yes, I attended Clemson, and while there I ran for the Cub Team and also played Club Lacrosse for 2 years before I got injured.”

    When asked what her major was she said, “Well, I changed my major five times, but finally graduated in December of 2015, with a degree in International Management and minors in Communication and International Language.” (Spanish)

   Lets find out a little more about Bernadette:

  Q) What’s the best part about working for the PawSox?

  A) I would have to say the people. Moving up here and not knowing anyone made me a little nervous, but the people I work with and the Fans are all so welcoming.

  Q) If you weren’t working for the PawSox, what would you be doing?

  A) If I wasnt working for the PawSox or in sports, I would like to work with a non-profit that works with kids.

  Q) What’s your favorite sport besides baseball?

  A) Football.

  Q) What are your favorite hobbies/pastime?

  A) Reading, boating and going to the beach.

  Q) Your favorite music?

  A) It really changes all the time. I pretty much like everything. Right now I’d have to say the Zac Brown Band.

  Q) Favorite food?

  A) Bagels. Toasted with cream cheese.

  Q) If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

  A) Probably my grandfather. Pop Pop doesn’t have any connection to Pawtucket, but attending baseball games has always been our thing. Hopefully, he will make it to a game here this season.

  Q) Are you a og or cat person?

  A) Neither. I’m not really a pet person.

 Q) Favorite movie?

 A) Remember the Titans

 Q) Favorite McCoy Moment?

 A) So far I have only worked in the Fan Center during the games. I really enjoy the interaction with the Fans. My favorite moments are when the elementary school kids come to the Fan Center and see their poster that they drew for the poster contest hanging on the wall. They get so excited. 

 Q) Besides the PawSox, who is your favorite team?

  A) The Clemson Tigers Football Team!

  Q) If you could have a super power, what would it be?

  A) Time travel. I love history, so there are a lot of moments way back in time I would love to experience.

 Q) Favorite Ice cream?

 A) Strawberry in a sugar cone.

  Q) If you played for the PawSox, what position would you play?

 A) Probably bench. I’m actually scared of getting hit with a baseball, so I’m not sure what position would be best for me.

      Bernadette, thank you very much for taking time to answer the questions. Keep up the great work. Now we all know that Bernadette works very well assisting Fans in every way. However, you may not know that behind the scenes, she can also lug boxes being delivered to the ballpark. Doing it in very fancy shoes.



     Thanks to Carol also for all you do. Both Carol and Bernadette will be at the game later this evening, with game time scheduled for 6:15. Gates open at 4:45 and its the first Fireworks Spectacular for the 2016 season. Good seats still available! As a result of the FANtastic road trip, the PawSox are on top of their division. 


    Come say Hi to Carol and Bernadette, like all of us, they will be………….”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                         rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros


35 Years Ago Sports History was Starting!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

A couple of days ago, April 18th to be exact, was the 35th anniversary that The Longest Game began. The PawSox vs. Rochester Red Wings started the game at approximately 8:25 pm after some field lighting issues. The game was suspended after the bottom of the 32nd at 4:07 in the morning!

The game was resumed on June 23rd, and the PawSox needed just 1 inning to win, when Dave Koza knocked in Marty Barrett to finally win the game…

Boggs and Barrett

McCoy Stadium now displays many tributes to The Longest Game, including a beautiful history of the game along the main concourse.


Longest at ballpark


How many of you have this collectors soda cup?

Longest cup

Books were of course written about the historic game. One was entitled The Longest Game by local sportswriter and all-around great guy, Steve ‘Krash”Krasner…His book was handed out to Fans.He signed many of them.

   Dan Barry, a renowned author, penned a popular book, Bottom of the 33rd.



Both are a great read. The stories within the story are very entertaining. Like PawSox Manager Joe Morgan getting tossed from the game in the 22nd inning…


There were some players in the game that would go on to Hall of Fame careers. Wade Boggs gives Barrett a high-five after plating the winning run…



Another player you may have heard of, Cal Ripken was playing for the Red Wings…



A great guy who will forever be known as the losing pitcher in The Longest Game, owns  the Change of Pace, an awesome sports bar in Syracuse, New York. They serve some of the best wings you ever had in your ife. Not too messy, not too dry, perfect texture with some girth. Myself, Former PawSox Radio Broadcasters, Steve Hyder and Dan Hoard pose for a picture with Grilli (Third one from the left)



Of course his sports bar would not be complete without some memorabilia from The Longest Game…


         As expected with a 33 inning game, records will be set. Back in 1981, here are some of the records set…


  • Most putouts by one team in one game: 99 (PAW)
  • Most total putouts in one game: 195
  • Most at-bats for one team in one game: 114 (PAW)
  • Most total at-bats in one game: 219
  • Most strikeouts (batting) by one team in one game: 34 (ROC)
  • Most total strikeouts in one game: 60
  • Most strikeouts (batting) by one player in a game: 7, Russ Laribee (PAW)[4]
  • Most total assists in one game: 88
  • Most innings: 33
  • Most at-bats by one player in one game: 14, Dave Koza, Lee Graham, Chico Walker (all PAW)
  • Most plate appearances by one player in one game: 15, Tom Eaton, Cal Ripken, Jr., Dallas Williams (all ROC)
  • Total time for one game: 8 hours, 25 minutes
  • Longest plate appearance by a single umpire: Dennis Cregg (882 pitches over 8 hours and 25 minutes)

          There is indeed a whole lot of trivia questions about the game. I read one last evening on FaceBook from avid sports Fan, business networking genius and trivia guru Dan Edmonds. He is a fellow New Englander who headed south a couple of years ago, and he is loving life. In chatting with his last night, he told me that he attends some Marlins games, but still represents his beloved Red Sox. Its evident with the gear he is wearing as he gets an autograph from former Red Sox Catcher, Jarrod Saltalamacchia…



        The question Dan posted was..in The Longest Game, who was the only non-pitcher player, that didn’t get in the game?  I was stumped, and still am. If anyone has the answer, please send it to me. It’s a tough one!

  The PawSox have a 7 game winning streak and have one more against the Rochester Red Wings tomorrow before heading home to play Friday at McCoy. Its our first Fireworks Spectacular and good seats are still available.

    Come and check out the tribute to The Longest Game! You never know, you could become part of history if the game goes 34 innings! However, if there was a 34 inning game in one night, I don’t know how many Staff would be………………”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                                      rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

       Rick Medeiros

Rollin’ with Carol, Dan, Joe and Bill!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

If you recall the previous blog, PawSox Officer Manager Carol Krushnowski, headed on the road with the team for an 8 game road trip after the game on Wednesday, the 13th of April. First stop was Lehigh Valley to take on the Iron Pigs. Carol boarded the bus with the team for the 4.5 hour ride.

They arrived at the hotel where Carol got some well deserved rest. The following afternoon, Senior Vice President Dan Rea, along with PawSox Staff Bill Wanless and Joe Bradley headed to Lehigh to join Carol and take in the game.

The weather was a bit better than in Pawtucket, and Dan (L) and Joe were all smiles. They had something to smile about as the PawSox broke their 4 game losing streak, pounding the Iron Pigs 13-1…


Joe and Dan


The following evening it was back to Coca-Cola Park to again watch the PawSox win, this time a close game 6-5. The foursome enjoyed some quality time together…

Gang at Lehigh


After the game, Carol jumped on the bus for the 5 hour ride to Buffalo, New York to play the Bisons. Dan, Bill and Joe made their way back to the hotel and the following day headed back to Rhode Island.

Meanwhile, Carol and the team arrived in Buffalo around 4:30 in the morning. Later that same day, The PawSox beat Buffalo 5-2. It was a quick turnaround, since it was a just a 2 game series, Carol and the team had to check out the next day for a 1:00 o’clock game.

The PawSox were up to the task, and beat the Bisons 7-4. After the game, the bus was loaded up with luggage, equipment, players and Carol for the short trip to Frontier Field, home of the Rochester Red Wings. Carol finally had a chance to take it easy, and went out for dinner with Radio Broadcasters Josh Maurer and Will Flemming. 


Can Carol be that lucky charm the PawSox need on the road?  Can she drive the Penske?  I just spoke with her via phone while she’s at the game. The PawSox are knotted up with the Red Wings at 1-1 in the 5th inning. Carol, use your luck and charm, make it happen!

She is sitting with Kaylyn, the very lovely daughter of PawSox Pitching Coach, Bob Kipper…



       Carol said she did enjoy a couple of she ate at for the first time. She dined at the Red Robin with the endless fries and the wonderful Waffle House! She can now catch her breath a bit and relax with it being a 4 game series. Everyone heads back after the game on Thursday, and on Friday for a 5 game homestand beginning on Friday the 22nd with our first Fireworks Spectacular of the 2016 season after the game!

   On Saturday the 23rd, it’s the first ever PawSox Primary Day! Please check out pawsox.com for all the details. It will be a fun and exciting way to show your support for your candidate, or just come and enjoy not only the game, but also and fun-filled atmosphere. Get you tickets right now for the Fireworks Spectacular and the rest of the homestand.

    Give us a call if you have any question, we will be happy to assist in every way! We always want to be certain that we are always………..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you.                   rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 

Jackie Robinson Day!


   Greetings PawSox Fans!

    All across Major League baseball today, all players are wearing #42 to honor Jackie Robinson. On April 15th 1947, Jackie Robinson made his Major League Debut on Opening Day for the Brooklyn Dodgers wearing #42. He was the first player to cross the “color barrier.”


        On October 23rd, 1945 the Brooklyn Dodgers President and General Manager Branch Rickey signed Jackie to professional baseball contract…



           A couple of months ago, The PawSox celebrated Jackie hosting youth from local schools to learn more about him. Pacific Coast League President Branch Rickey III was on hand to speak with the youth…


            Several years ago during a road trip to Durham, I had the pleasure of meeting many former players of the 1956 Negro League Durham Rams. They spent time chatting with Fans, taking pictures and signing autographs.


          Hearing some of the horrible stories from these guys was awful. I was very honored to spend time with former player John McNeil. I learned he played with Willie Mays and really enjoyed playing baseball from a very young age. He talked about the verbal abuse they would take, but they kept playing the game they loved.

    He joked about the long bus rides on an old bus trying to get some sleep on the long ride to Florida. He told me, “We used to play at the old Durham Bulls Stadium and there was not hot water, so e would take cold showers under the bleachers.”  It was so awesome spending time with him…


        Jackie persevered and became a Major League Player. Along the way, he had some great quotes:





            He made it all the way to the Hall of Fame!



        Today there is a melting pot of professional baseball players. Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying, “Achievement Has no Color.” That is so true. Thank you Jackie Robinson!

     The PawSox crushed the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs last evening 13-1 and as I write this, they are leading the Iron Pigs 6-2 in the 6th. 

    The PawSox return home on the 22nd to take on the same Iron Pigs. Come out to the ballpark, enjoy the game and all that goes with it. On the 22nd, it will be our first Post Game Fireworks Spectacular. Dont miss it, and count on us being………”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                                            rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 


Women & Baseball Wednesdays!

     Greetings PawSox Fans!

The PawSox came out of the gate a bit slow for the first homestand of the 2016 season, going 2-5, ending with a 1-0 loss for the 12:05 game today against the Yankees Triple A Affiliate, Scranton RailRiders. But like they say, “Baseball is a Marathon, not a Sprint” Good things are expected for the future.

Today the weather was a lot better with sunshine for most of the day. It was also the first Women & Baseball Wednesday, dubbed, “Old Fashioned Ladies Day.” All females, regardless of age, were admitted to the game free! No strings attached, no fine print, they just went to the ticket office and claimed their free ticket.

To help us celebrate Rhode Islands own Wilma Briggs 
Ladies Day

At 85 years young, Wilma may not be as agile as she once was, but her keen wit, great smile and positive attitude she is as spry as ever. Her love of the game is quite clear, and talking about it is her bailiwick. This Rhode Island Legend is indeed a treasure. Here is what Wikipedia has to say:

Wilma Briggs

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wilma Briggs
Left fielder
Born: November 6, 1930 (age 85)
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Career statistics
Batting average .258
Home runs    43
Runs batted in  301
Games played  691
Career highlights and awards
  • Ranks second in the all-time home runs list
  • Ranks 14th in the RBI all-time list
  • Best defensive outfielder (1951)
  • Season-leader in home runs (1953, nine)

Wilma Briggs[Briggsie] (born November 6, 1930) is a former left fielder who played from 1948 through 1954 in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Listed at 5′ 4″, 138 lb., she batted left-handed and threw right-handed.

Baseball historians rank Briggs among the most stellar hitters in AAGPBL history. She led the league in home runs during the 1953 season, ranks second in the all-time home runs list (43) behind Eleanor Callow (55) and over Dorothy Schroeder (42) and Jean Geissinger (41), and was one of only 14 players to collect 300 or more career runs batted in, yet she was never selected to the All-Star team.

Early life

A native of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Briggs is one of eleven children into the family of Fred Briggs, a dairy farmer, and Edythe (née Hathaway) Briggs, a housewife. She grew up in a family farm in East Greenwich where baseball was considered of vital importance, as her father was a semi-professional pitcher, catcher and coach, while one of her six brothers played in the Chicago Cubsminor league system.

At early age, Briggs was interested in participating in baseball, thanks to her older two brothers, and she was never too young to follow in their footsteps. After milking the cows, her father used to hit ground balls in their back yard to Wilma and her brothers, and they would field the ball and pitch it back to him. No matter how poorly the pitch was, he would hit it back. Mr. Briggs managed his own team that came to be known as the Frenchtown Farmers, and by the time Wilma was 13, her father would put she in the Farmers’ games, along with her six brothers, though she never had a starting position. But he would always put her in the game and made sure she took at least a turn at bat. After turning 16, she played on her high school boys squad in a summer league.

Briggs was invited to tryouts for the AAGPBL, but she missed an opportunity in nearby New Jersey because she was graduating from high school on the same day, so her parents drove her from Rhode Island to Fort Wayne, Indiana for a final tryout.

Briggs entered the league in 1948 with the Fort Wayne Daisies, playing for them six years before joining the South Bend Blue Sox in 1954. She started at right field for the Daisies during her rookie season and stayed there until the left fielder broke an ankle while sliding into second base. Then was moved to left field for the rest of her career, with the exception of two weeks at first base in the 1952 season.

During her first two professional baseball seasons, Briggs hit only two home runs, but she increased her output to a league-leading nine in 1953. She ranked second with 25 homers in 1954, in the AAGPBL’s last ever season.

Of the many highlights of her career, Briggs hit the only home run at Indiana’s Playland Park during the 1949 season, a walk-off blast in the ninth inning to defeat the Blue Sox.

In 1954 she hit a grand slam when her parents were there to see the game, and in 1951 she was voted the best defensive outfielder with a .987 fielding average. One of her best defensive plays came in a playoff game, when she crashed through the left-field fence to rob Connie Wisniewski of a potential home run.

Briggs helped Fort Wayne win pennants in both 1952 and 1953, and spent her final season in 1954 as a lonely star for South Bend.

Subsequently, Briggs graduated from Barrington College with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and taught for 23 years at Wickford Elementary School in North Kingstown until 1992. She played softball until age 62, and also enjoys playing bowling and golf. In her spare time she likes reading poetry anthologies, especially Robert Burns, and creative nonfiction genre.

Briggs has won all kinds of honors. The AAGPBL folded in 1954, but there is now a permanent display at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum at Cooperstown, New York since November 5, 1988 that honors those who were part of this unique experience. Briggs, along with the rest of the league’s girls, is now enshrined in the Hall.

In 1990 Briggs became the first woman inducted into East Greenwich’s Athletic Hall of Fame and was elected to the first AAGPBL Players Association Board of Directors. In 1991, she received the first annual Game of Legends Award for her 38 years of contributing to women’s softball in Rhode Island.

Briggs never married and did not have children. But, she imparted wisdom and ethics upon the many children she taught. During the spring time, she could be found on the school ball field at recess. There she would organize and play ball with the school children. She is currently living in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

I first met Ms. Briggs several years ago and had the great opportunity to spend time with her talking baseball. When she arrived at the ballpark today, I met with her and welcomed her and told her that I met her some years ago, to which she replied, “Yeah, I remember you, you gave me a ride in the golf cart.” She is one sharp woman!


Wilma tossed out a great first pitch and posed for a nice photo.


After that, she headed to the Fan Center and greeted Fans, posed for pictures and signed autographs, all the time smiling and talking baseball…



Thank you very much Wilma for joining us today, we really enjoyed you being at the ballpark.

The PawSox now head on the road for an 8 game road trip. The brand new buses await, and one of the bus drivers , Jeff, show me the new side door to the bus…



The bus gets loaded by a couple of the Clubhouse Workers and United States Marine Vets, Matt and Isaiah wrestle the 250+ pound trunk into the belly of the bus.



As always after the game, Fans wait outside the clubhouse entrance to get autographs. Today however is a bit different. Waiting in the Autograph Kids Zone were the Roberts Triplets!



PawSox 2nd Baseman, Sean Coyle, chats with the triplets, and signs autographs as the dad looks on.



The PawSox board the bus for Lehigh Valley, PA to take on the Iron Pigs tomorrow and Friday. After the game on Friday, the bus gets loaded again for a trip to Buffalo, NY to play the Bisons. After playing two games there, they head for Rochester, NY to meet up with the Red Wings for four games and then head back to McCoy to play the Iron Pigs on Friday, April 22nd, and our first Post Game Fireworks Spectacular!

There is one thing different about this road trip from all others. PawSox Office Manager “Travel Carol” Krushnowski is making the trip with the team! One of Carol’s many responsibilities is booking team travel. Her job is to book the many hotel rooms in every city, along with ensuring transportation to and from the field is in place. What better way to fully understand team travel, jump n the bus and take a road trip? Its Women & Baseball Wednesday and Carol certainly fills that role as she packs some luggage into the belly…




She takes her seat and is ready for Rollin’ with Carol….



    Carol will keep in touch with the adventures of her road trip that we be part of a future blog. All the best, and remember to take plenty of pictures.

   There are still good seats available when the team return home for the Fireworks so order on-line at pawsox.com, come to the box office, or give us a call at 401-724-7300 and we will be happy to help. Although Travel Carol will be on the road, the rest of us will be……….”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                         rickm@pawsox.com

     Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros  


Battle Balls and Hurl the Pearl Excitement!


    Greetings PawSox Fans!

      Although the weather hasn’t been ideal for baseball, the season is underway and it was a fun weekend. With 4 games being played in 3 days, the PawSox split the series. Over the weekend it was our chance to showcase two of our new promotions.

     Hurl the Pearl and Battle Balls! It seems the Fans really enjoy both.

      With Hurl the Pearl sponsored by Honda, numbered soft toss baseballs are sold during the game, with proceeds going to charitable organizations. After the 5th inning, a Honda Van drives around the warning track with the sun roof open. If you’re skilled enough to plunk a ball in the sun roof, you win a prize, collected at the Fan Center…Its hilarious to see! It’s like its snowing soft toss baseballs!


     The Battle Balls are awesome! Three members of the PawSox Staff get suited up in the big clear bubble type balls. The object is to kick a soccer ball into a small net.


Bat Balls


       The inside of the balls have straps and handles…

Inside battle

       Todays Battle would be between ticket sale Staff Lucky and Brian

       Lucky Bri BB

           Also to do battle was Nicole, part of the Sales Team…

Bri Nick


       Each Staff had a Fan that they represent. The winning Fan gets a Fan Pack to SkyZone…

Fans Battle



       The battle was on…

      Brian ended up winning the battle. It’s just a small part of all the fun and excitement you’ll see at a PawSox games. Kids love it, adults love it, and everyone loves the very affordable prices. Come check out a game and enjoy the fun-filled atmosphere, we will be………….”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you                           rickm@pawsox.com

        Yours in Baseball,

      Rick Medeiros 


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