Spaceman Premier and Bad Art!

   Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Friday night was the Premier of the Spaceman movie at the Sommerville Theater, located in the heart of Davis Square in Sommerville, Massachusetts. 



     The theater was an incredible place that opened its door for the first time on May 11th, 1914 for a stage play.



          We arrived a bit early at the theater and checked in. If your name was on the list you were given a Spaceman button…


      With the button, you were entitled to free goodies and soft drinks at the concession! The basement of the theater housed the Museum of Bad Art…


     It was quite interesting to say the least…



        When you made a trip to the restroom, you could enjoy the fine art…

bad art

     They had the Mona Lisa painting…


     And a quite interesting painting of President John F. Kennedy…



     Its showtime and Bill “Spaceman” Lee arrives…



        He gives a close up wave…



        Boston Comedian Lenny Clark was there…



     Mike Adams of the former Planet Mikey show shares a laugh with Bill Lee…



       It was time to head inside…



      The Writer and Director Brett Rapkin was very sociable…(Thats him in the black)


    He posed for photos with Lee, Lee’s wife and my good friend and driving partner, on the right, Lou Ledoux.



    Of course Lee had to do some interviews with the media…    


         Lee had a great time on the set with the actors Ernie Hudson and Josh Duhamel, who played Lee.




        It’s showtime! The movie was good, and Bill Lee has had quite an interesting life. He always says proudly, “I will ever stop playing baseball!” Its been quite a journey for the Spaceman. To think he made his Major League debut with the Red Sox in 1969, and is still pitching!


Red Sox Pitcher Bill Lee. OPS

       The PawSox return home tomorrow. The forecast is calling for sunny skies and a game time temp around 75 degrees, a perfect night for a ball game! It’s a four game homestand, so make sure you attend at least one and see we are all……”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you               

   Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros 

They Call Him Meat!


  Greetings PawSox Fans!

     Sports Fans around New England know Jon Meterparel. a.k.a. Meat and Flash Boy from his days at WEEI where one of his jobs was to read the sports flash, always ending with his trade mark, “And that’s the flash!


BC radio


         Meat currently works as the play-by-play broadcaster for Boston College Football and Basketball, and also is the voice of the Boston Cannons Pro Lacrosse Team.




         Meat is a very talented sportscaster. He has a plethora of knowledge on sports with a great sense of humor. He still does some work with WEEI and still considers former Boston College Quarterback Matt Ryan, one of the best. I spoke with Meat earlier this evening via phone, and asked if he still keeps in touch with “Matty Ice.” He told me, “Of course I do, he’s going to have his number retired at Boston College soon. I just talked to him the other day.”


102515 NASHVILLE: -- Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan audibles a play against the Titans at the line of scrimmage during the first half in a football game on Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015, in Nashville.  Curtis Compton /


     Just after the start of the new year, Meat approached PawSox Team President Charles Steinberg and others of the PawSox Leadership about this brainstorm he had. He wanted to provide an inside look into the minor league baseball system. He told me, “I want to provide baseball fans a peek behind the curtain of what its like in the minor leagues. Every fan knows that players on the Boston Red Sox, bur what about the up and coming players?”

    He went on to say, “It opens up somewhat of a new market to all fans on who to keep an eye on. The PawSox have some very good players, but how many Red Sox fans know about Chris Marrero?” Last night on NESN, Jon Meterparel’s idea came full circle as the pilot episode of Catch a Rising Star was broadcast on NESN. 



   If you missed it, don’t worry! It will be airing again on NESN, Sunday at 8:30 pm. It’s a must see! Meat does a great job, and I dont want to give much of it away, but you may want to DVR it so you can watch it again. It will also be airing several more times. Great job Meat, I’m looking forward to the next episode.

   You can follow Meat on Twitter @meatstweets to keep up with everything going on. Thanks Jon for taking time out of your busy schedule. Keep up the great work.

   The PawSox return home on Monday with our Peanut Allergy Friendly Night. No peanuts will be sold, or be allowed into the ballpark. Tuesday and Wednesday there will be some nifty giveaways for the kids heading back to school. Visit for all the details. Come on out to the ballpark during the next homestand, we look forward to saying Hi and being……..”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you            

    Yours in Baseball,

   Rick Medeiros 




The Spaceman Hits the Big Screen!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

If you’re a baseball fan, it’s a pretty good bet you know of Bill “Spaceman” Lee. Throughout all my years, I have not met a funnier baseball player than Lee. His humor and quick wit is something you can never get enough of. However, make no mistake, Lee is quite brilliant and very talented. The stories are endless, his smile and laugh are infectious, and he loves the game of baseball with a deep passion.

Lee loves people, and loves talking baseball. He cares about people and is running for Governor of Vermont this year on the Liberty Union Party Ticket. With Lee running, there’s very little chance it will be a boring election.

A few years ago I was with my great friend, driving partner and owner of the Axis Sports Bat Factory, Lou Ledoux, in Fall River, and The Spaceman stopped by to make some of his bats with Lou. It just so happens that a few guys were there from the Milford Woodies, a baseball team that plays in an over 62 league.


It didn’t take long before Lee gave some hitting tips to the group, and they loved it…


     After making the bats, he signs to help a charity. Not many people know, how charitable Bill Lee is.



While Lee was in Fall River, Fall River Herald News Sports Writer, Greg Sullivan, has a challenge he offers up to any celebrity that comes to the city. Go to the Fall River Boys & Girls Club and take 10 shots from the foul line on the basketball court. Lou, Lee and I head to the Boys & Girls Club and a short while later, Sullivan arrives.

Bill said he doesn’t need any warm ups, stands at the foul line and drains the first shot with nothing but net! Swish! (Please note his foot was on the line, but still counted. The agreement was in the foul line area.)



He bangs in 6 more shots in a row! He move to the top of the key, takes a jump shot and clangs the rim. He’s 7 for 8. He dribbles around saying the hoop is off a bit, shoots from past three-point land, off the backboard and in! He did however missed the next shot. At the end of it, Lee set the record for celebs, making 8 out of 10 shots!



Last season, during our trip to Charlotte to play the Knights, we learned the Lee was going to be there as part of a promotion. When we arrived, my other driving partner, Kenny, and I went up to the press box where Charlotte Knights Broadcaster Mike Pacheco was interviewing Lee.

Lee radio

Kenny is a Bill Lee fan and was able to take his picture with him.


     We were staying at the same hotel, and Lee asked if we wanted to  go for breakfast in the morning. Again, the more time you get to spend with Lee, the better. The stories and laughter are endless, and breakfast was no different. Bill Lee loves reading the newspaper, dissecting almost every story. He will quickly think of a poem and jot it down on the newspaper. The breakfast was great and the entertainment awesome. Even our server enjoy it and took a picture with Lee.



      We had the opportunity to spend some great quality time with Lee before he had to catch a flight to California for another appearance. 

   On August 23, 2012, Lee pitched a nine-inning complete game for the San Rafael Pacifics in San Rafael, California, beating the Na Koa Ikailka Maui 9–4. Using a homemade bat in the fifth inning, he drove in the first run of the game for the Pacifics. Lee was signed to a one-day contract by Pacifics’ President and General Manager Mike Shapiro. Lee’s bat and uniform were donated to the Baseball Hall of Fame following the game as the start gave him the record for the oldest pitcher to make a starting appearance, pitch a complete game and also to earn a win in a professional baseball game. He broke his own record he set 2 years earlier when he pitched for the Brockton Rox.






     It was a game for the record books. The YouTube video shows Lee knocking in the first run…

    When on the Board of Directors of the Fall River Chamber of Commerce, they were looking for a guest speaker for the Annual Meeting Dinner, and later at their Business Expo. Bill Lee will never disappoint. 

   Lee remains very active, and makes every attempt to attend every Red Sox special event, like this event with Lee and Yaz…



     He really enjoys meeting new people, and seeing long time friends…

BOSTON, MA - APRIL 20:  Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee points to the dugout during ceremonies before the game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees on Friday, April 20, 2012 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Winslow Townson/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

BOSTON, MA – APRIL 20: Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee points to the dugout during ceremonies before the game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees on Friday, April 20, 2012 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Winslow Townson/MLB Photos via Getty Images)


       Bill Lee has authored several books and was hoping some day there would be a movie made about his life and playing days. On Friday, the Movie SPACEMAN will premier! The movie stars Josh Duhamel as Bill “Spaceman” Lee. There is quite a resemblance indeed. 



     Lee had a chance to meet with Josh and Co-Star, Ernie Hudson….




      Bill is very anxious and excited to see the movie, and so am I! Look for some follow up and comments from Bill Lee in the future. 

    I often wonder why is it you are ON TV and IN a Movie? Its one of those Points to Ponder. 

    The PawSox return home on Monday to head down the homestretch of the 2016 season. Thank you to every Fan who attended game(s) during the season, we really do appreciate it, and hope to see you again during some of the fantastic promotions to end the season. You can bet that we will be……….”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you                               

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 

Dog Days of Summer

    Greetings PawSox Fans!

According baseball purists the phrase “dog days of summer” refers to the time between July 3rd and August 11th.  It’s during this 40-day stretch that the temperature and humidity reach their highest points of the season. 

   I somewhat disagree with the above statement. I believe that we are smack dab in the middle of the Dog Days of Summer!

fan dog


        Over the past couple of weeks, the heat has been unbearable at times, with the high humidity and everyone looking for a way to cool off. Of course being the Ocean State, relief is always just a short distance away…



     However, no matter how hot it gets, I stick by my slogan, “You never have to shovel heat!” The heat some times does create problems. Certainly there are health concerns for some when the temp rises into the 90’s, but it’s also the little things that get annoying. 

   The humidity causes garlic powder to stick and clump together making it almost impossible to use. The best remedy, keep it in the fridge for a while. Also annoying is those sweat rings that form around your pits if you don’t use some good deodorant…

sweat pit

        There is the kind of good sweat you get while working out, or the bad sweat when you’re very nervous. Remember that guy Ted Striker in the movie Airplane?  That guy really sweat, it was pouring out…



      For baseball players, this is a tough time of the season. Most of them started sometime in February, and now 7 months later, the feel the grind of the travel, the games and the very rare days off. The players not only to be top condition physically, but also mentally strong. They miss their family, friends and loved ones. Those in the minor league are playing their hearts out in the hopes of getting the “Call Up'”

      Before you know it, we will be watching the weather and tracking a snow storm heading our way. Thats something I am NOT looking forward to at all. A plush green baseball field is a much better sight than that of a snow-covered one. 



         The PawSox have 9 home games left, and are not out of the playoff picture. Take advantage of this great weather, and the breezy nights at a PawSox game. There are some great promotions coming up for the next homestand and we look forward to seeing you at the ballpark. You’ll see the Staff looking nice a tan and always being……..”Here For You!”

     Love hearing from you                 

     Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros


Magic and Marty at McCoy!

Greetings PawSox Fans!

It seems like just last month we were gearing up to start the 2016 season and hoping the weather would be warmer. Now, most are hoping the weather would be cooler. The debate will forever continue as to weather the person prefers hot or cold. There is never any debate of the beautiful sunsets at McCoy. Over the years there have been some great ones…

best_mccoystadium-jpeg (1)

Over the past week we had some great ones here at McCoy for the Jeffery Osborne Celebrity Softball Game. Over the last few year, the softball game has become a part of the Jeffery Osborne Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament:

“The magic for me in delivering much-needed funds to these deserving non-profits is that I’m blessed to be honoring my brother Clay while supporting great organizations and acknowledging caring individuals. I’m truly blessed to have so many close friends and colleagues who have joined me in support of the Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic and its efforts to provide continued support to music and the arts, as well as to non-profits who provide a safe-haven for families in need. We hope that this annual event generates awareness for these charitable initiatives and serves as the beginning of many milestones that will be achieved for so many deserving causes.”


    Like every year one of the headliners in Magic Johnson. Every year Magic has been here, he signs hundreds of autographs.

magic sign

    Magic also throws a mean slider…

magic pitch

     Magic was on the hill for the West with Joe Andruzzi of the East dug into the batters box. Big Druzz, launched one over the fence!


         Of course Jeffrey Osborne signed autographs…



     As did former Patriots Quarterback, Steve Grogan…


      One of the best NBA players of all time Julius “Dr. J” Erving was on hand, playing for the West..


dR j


     Dr. Charles got to meet Smokey Robinson, while wearing his Red Sox World Series Bling…


         After the Celebrity game, when the PawSox returned from a well deserved day off, another celeb showed up at the ballpark. Former PawSox/Red Sox infielder, Marty Barrett. He was part of the Mobil Tour. He threw out the first pitch…



        Marty signed autographs in the Fan Center, and took time to pose with Fans, including, long time Season Ticket Holder Jane…



       I remember watching Marty play for both the PawSox and the Red Sox. He made his Major League debut with the Boston Red Sox in september of 1982. MartyBarrett_1986_734_Black

    He was considered an excellent second baseman, with great skills. He was a very smart player, pulling of the hidden ball trick three times in the Major Leagues!

BG Store/print scan **OPS**   Globe photo Bill Brett 6/23/1987. Boston Ma. Red Sox Vs Milwaukee Brewers. Brewers #4 Paul Molitor tagged out at second base by Red Sox #17 Marty Barrett.

 Globe photo Bill Brett 6/23/1987. Boston Ma. Red Sox Vs Milwaukee Brewers. Brewers #4 Paul Molitor tagged out at second base by Red Sox #17 Marty Barrett.

      It was my first time having a chance to meet Barrett and we had some yuks about the hidden-ball trick. We also had a chuckle about his brilliant “short slide” on Billy Ripken. Absolutely brilliant! 

    The PawSox return home on August 22nd with some great promotions! Check out for all the details! We all look forward for their return and being……….”Here For You!”

  Love hearing from you                  

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 

Music and a visit from the RemDawg!

   Greetings PawSox Fans!

    Yesterday (Sunday) was a FANtastic day for a ball game, in the words of Ernie Banks…

banks - Edited


      The PawSox and Buffalo Bisons did just that! They played two…In the first game, the PawSox won shutting out the Bisons 6-0. However, in the second game, the Bison beat the PawSox 6-3. 

    Yesterday former Red Sox Second Baseman and current TV Broadcaster, Jerry Remy was on hand to sign autographs, and pose for pictures. He threw out the first pitch…


    Posed for a photo with Paws and Jose Vinicio…



     Remy also had a chance to catch up with former teammate and PawSox Hitting Coach, Rich Gedman…


        It was another Fun day at McCoy! 

      On Friday, PawSox 60’s night, PawSox Team President took to the Mondor Way stage to entertain with his custom-made Fender guitar…



      Dr. Charles belted out many of the Beatles classics. Can he really sing and play guitar? Yes…   stage

        The front office was treated to a private concert by Charles right in the office as he performed Tessie, Dirty Water and PawSox Baseball, a song he wrote and composed.


        Charles also relayed the story of how the Dropkick Murphys recorded the song Tessie. Furthermore, he divulged the secret of how the guitar player of the Standells who sang Dirty Water accomplished the beginning guitar riff for the song. I have the secret on my phone, so next time you’re at the ballpark, I will be happy to show you.

     In 2012, Charles joined former Red Sox players, Jarrod Saltalamaccia, Daniel Bard and Darnell McDonald at the Hard Rock Cafe…

hard roc doc 

    This evening is our Jeffery Osborne/Magic Johnson Celebrity Softball game. We are gearing up for a fun evening! Tickets are still available and count on us being……..”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you            

    Yours in Baseball,’

     Rick Medeiros



More Fireworks, Memory Lane and Meet the Intern!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

Tomorrow evening (Friday) the PawSox return home to take on the Buffalo Bisons in a 3 game set. We will start the homestand off with a Bang with the first 4,000 Fans entering the gates will get a nice PawSox baseball cap. After the game, hold on to your new cap and enjoy a 1960’s Themed Fireworks Spectacular!

When I think about the 1960’s there is so much that I remember about my pre-teen years. In 1965 it was my first time I went to Fenway Park.


The 60’s were a fun time. It was my first pair of bell-bottom jeans, that remained popular into the 70’s


Lava Lamps were in a lot of houses…



    It was a time when every kid wanted Sea Monkeys to teach them tricks.




   It was when we had Super Balls…

wham-o-original-superball-7 - Copy


         We would work on our slot cars to try to get them to go faster and earn bragging rights…



      One of the biggest fads in the 60’s was the bushy-headed Trolls…



     The 60’s were important to have a bike with Pizzazz! The Banana Seat was a must!


      It was a time when ice-cube trays had a lever, making it very easy to remove the cubes. However, once you yanked the lever, you had to use all the cubes, and then refill the tray.


      For those who were around during the 60’s, it was a fun time. Every season, the PawSox hire a group of interns who aspire to be in the sports, public relations, marketing, communications, etc…Of course they weren’t around during the 1960’s and its fun to explain to them how it was, “back in the day.”

    One of the interns for the 2016 season is Lilliana Forti. Lilli, as she is known to everyone here, is one-third of Triplets with two brothers. Her dad is a career Military Man, now retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, after 30 years of service to our Country. We thank you Sir! Lilli has been a great addition to out Team as a Community Relations Intern.


   Lilli, along with her siblings were born at Fort Bragg. Three weeks after being born, the father was sent overseas. Her mom and dad are native Rhode Islanders, and Lilli recalls watching PawSox Fireworks from her Grandma’s house close to the ballpark. Lilli explains that she has lived in many states like so many other military families. 

   She said, “In every state we would make new friends and get to meet a lot of new people. Its was quite an experience.” She is looking very forward to her senior year at Michigan State where she is majoring in Communication with a minor is Public Relations. She stated that she choose Michigan State because she wanted a big school. She played Lacrosse for two seasons and loves sports, with her favorite being hockey.

   When asked what her dream job would be, Lilli states with conviction, “I want to be the first female to be a National Hockey League General Manager. I love the game.” One of her brothers, Maxx attends Elon University and majors in Sports Management, and for two years he interned for U.S. Golf who put on the U.S. Open. Her other brother, Nicholas attends Providence College and is in the ROTC serving as the Battalion Commander in his senior year. Lilli adores her family and boasts that she is the oldest and will lead by example. 

     Whenever help is needed, Lilli will lend a hand. You will find her lugging barricades to set up Mondor Way, helping at the ticket office, chatting with Fans and even using the big sling shot to toss some soft-toss baseballs into the crowd. She sets the soft-toss ball in the sling shot….


     She aims high, and unleashes it with vigor, admiring her placement…


     Here is a little bit more about Lilli:

  Q) What is the best part about working for the PawSox?

  A) Everyone is great here. Its great learning from all the great people who are so friendly and willing to help.

  Q) If you weren’t working for the PawSox, what would you be doing?

  A) Working for a hockey team. I grew up watching hockey with my family and I love it.

  Q) What’s your favorite sport besides baseball? (Like we really need to ask!)

  A) You guessed it. Hockey! I was a rink rat. I was always at my brothers games, the same as my mom was at the games watching her brothers.

  Q) What are your favorite hobbies/pastime?

  A) Love playing lacrosse. I’ve been playing since 3rd grade, and still love it.

  Q) Your favorite music?

  A) I love country! Ever since I started going to Michigan State University, I fell in love with country music.

  Q) Favorite food?

  A) French fries! My dad calls me the french fry queen! 

  Q) If you could attend a PawSox game with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

  A) I would love to come to a game with my whole family.

  Q) Are you a dog or cat person?

  A) A dog, I have a little white Westie, I’m not really that fond of cats.

  Q) Favorite movie?

  A) The Longest Ride. Yes, pretty sad I know.

  Q) Favorite McCoy Moment?

  A) Fireworks! Growing up I always enjoyed coming home to Little Rhody and enjoy watching the PawSox fireworks from my grandmas house across the street.

  Q) If you could choose a super-power, what would it be?

  A) Who needs a super-power? Just be yourself.

  Q) Favorite ice cream?

  A) Coffee Oreo. Thank you Rhode Island, everyone else thinks that flavor is gross.

  Q) If you played for the PawSox, what position would you play?

  A) Pitcher. I would want to control the game.

     Lilli, Thanks for taking time out of your very busy day. I truly appreciate it.

    Lilli is getting ready for the action packed weekend of events and fireworks during the homestand. Please visit for all the promotions and details.

    Lilli wants everyone to head to McCoy Stadium for the homestand! She wants to meet everyone and will be……..”Here For You!”

     Love hearing from you                               

    Yours in Baseball,

     Rick Medeiros 





Back from Columbus and Sweeping the Yankees!


  Greetings PawSox Fans!

     Once again its been quite a while since the last blog. Kenny and I said goodbye to Columbus on August 24 and headed back home. Columbus, Ohio is not only the city of the Columbus Clippers and one of the best ballparks, Huntington Park, it’s a great city.


    I always love a city where you can get a pizza or grinder at 3 in the morning. It’s a fun city with plenty of great restaurants and things to do and see. BD’s Mongolian Grill is always a favorite place to eat. You pick what you want to eat, and “The Griller” grills it for you adding all the spices you want…



      When you tip The Griller, you get to ring the Gong and The Griller whoops it up! Kenny gives the Gong and big whack!



   The city of Columbus has these enormous hanging flower baskets that line the streets. About every two night, once the sun sets, there is a big truck with a water tank on the back…

         Walking alongside the truck is a guy with a water hose with an upside down J sprinkler that waters every plant…


    Columbus is a great city! Always look forward to visiting every season. However, going back home is always nice. We monitored the crane accident on the Tappan Zee Bridge to avoid the traffic that always seems to slow you down over the George Washington Bridge. We learned the Tappan Zee was opened on both sides. Luckily no one was killed when the crane fell across the bridge.



         The ride home was a breeze! We never hit bad weather or traffic, and made it back in just about 12.5 hours. The recent 7 game homestand was awesome, with the PawSox going 6-1, and sweeping the Scranton RailRiders, the Triple A Affiliate of the Yankees the last three games! 

     Also during the homestand was the Inaugural PawSox Hall of Fame Induction. The first inductees was Wade Boggs, Jim Rice and the Late Great PawSox Owner Ben Mondor. It was really a great night. Wade gave an awesome, emotional speech…




    Jim Rice did a great job, and told everyone what an honor it was…



       Mrs. Madeleine Mondor accepted the honor for her husband with such elegance and grace…



      Dwight Evans, Tommy Harper and others attended the special event…



       After a day off on Monday, the PawSox headed to Rochester for a brief 3 games series against the Red Wings. The Team returns home on the 5th to begin an action packed homestand! PawSpx Cap giveaway, back to back fireworks, youth clinics, appearances by Jerry Remy and Marty Barrett and the Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity All-Star Game with Magic Johnson. Please visit for all the details, and check out the promotion schedule! 

    We look forward to seeing you at the ballpark and being……..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you            

   Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 

Another Long Game!


Greetings PawSox Fans!

After the PawSox last game in Toledo, the Penske was loaded and off for Columbus, Ohio, just a shade over 2 hours away. Before leaving Toledo however, I had a great opportunity to met with some lifelong Red Sox Fans who tell me they live 3 seconds over the State Line in Michigan.

Mike & Chris took a nice keepsake photo on the Penske truck…


Their son, Corey, also a passionate Sox Fan, helped with the equipment bags…’



          It was nice chatting with my new friends, and Sox Fans from Michigan. It once again proves that Red Sox Nation is World Wide! I called Clubhouse Extraordinaire Jeff Black. It was agreed that I would drop the equipment off in the morning at 9:00. It was off to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, smack dab in the Arena District, a short distance from the ballpark.



          After a great nights rest, the equipment was delivered on schedule. When I went into the front office to say hi to these fine folks from the Columbus Clippers, I saw there was a human statue there. He was kind enough to strike a pose for me…



      At the ballpark, the Penske truck was swapped for a passenger van that would be used to shuttle the players to and from the ballpark. After a nice lunch, and getting some work done, I headed to Huntington Park to watch the game. I saw that the built an air-conditioned booth for the broadcasters. The broadcaster used to be outside with the Fans,but now they could escape the heat or the cold. PawSox Radio Broadcaster Will Flemming mugs it up for the camera.



     Yesterday, (Thursday) the seesaw battle of a game lasted 14 innings! The last time these two teams played was on July 3rd, in a 16 inning marathon! Meaning, in two games, they played 30 innings. I was a tough loss for the PawSox last night, as they walked in the winning run. The teams are right back at it tonight, and the series continues tomorrow on Sunday before we head back home. 

    I am a bit disappointed that I will miss the wrestling show tomorrow at McCoy. It should be a great time with Sting showing up and a title match. One of the all-time great wrestlers Mick Foley a.k.a. Mankind, posed for a picture with one of the best clubhouse managers in the world, Jeff Black.




       Tickets are still available for the wrestling show. Check out for all the details. The show will be fun and the Staff will be waiting be……..”Here For You!”

   Love hearing from you      

   Yours in baseball,

   Rick Medeiros


Holy Toledo!

    Greetings PawSox Fans!

    After completing the 4 game homestand at McCoy on Sunday, the Penske was loaded once again and Kenny and I headed to Toledo, Ohio. Since it was a 1:05 game on Sunday, it gave us a pretty nice cushion of time for the approximate 12 hour drive. 

   As expected, there was traffic throughout Connecticut, but after that, it was pretty smooth sailing. However, driving from one end of Pennsylvania to the other seems endless. Driving overnight, you do have the advantage of less traffic that makes a huge difference in driving through the construction areas where the highway is reduced to just one lane.

   Our goal is to arrive at Fifth Third Field, home of the Toledo Mud Hens, at between 9:00-10:00am. Due to the time cushion, we were able to stop, relax a bit and have a nice breakfast. At 8:47am, we turned onto Washington Street and arrived at the ballpark…


       We contact Logan, the Visiting Clubhouse Manager, and he was ready with his crew. My driving partner and a member of the PawSox Ushering Team, Kenny Estrella, jumps in the truck to help unload. Using my phone I take photos of Kenny and he objects telling me he doesn’t like his picture taken. Too late! He looked pretty good unloading the truck…



          Kenny was flying back home in a few hours, and the airport is just about an hour away in Detroit, so we had a couple of hours to kill. Kenny worked the game on Sunday, jumped in the Penske with me, drove to Toledo, Ohio, unloaded the Penske and wants to fly home on the same day to tend to his veggie plants and see his wife, his two biggest loves! (Also his kids and grandkids) Thanks Kenny, see you in Columbus when you fly back.

    Although the PawSox lost to the Mud Hens on Monday 7-5, they beat the Hens yesterday evening, (Tuesday) 4-2 with the help of Catcher Christian Vazquez who had a great night with a three run homer giving the PawSox a 3-0 lead that they never lost.

   When I arrived at the ballpark, I saw that my friend and Mud Hens Radio Broadcaster, Jim Weber doing his pre-game TV broadcast…(R) Jim has been the voice of the Mud Hens since 1975! 



       In his 40+ years, Jim hasnt missed a game. In 2014, he was inducted into the International League Hall of Fame. It’s always nice seeing the Mud Hens Legend.

Slug: SPT Hens30p  THE BLADE/JEREMY WADSWORTH  Caption: Jim Weber, center, is the first broadcaster to be inducted into the International League Hall of Fame as International League president Randy Mobley, right, presents him with the "Curtain Call" statue custom designed for Hall of Fame inductees Thursday, 05/29/14, at Fifth Third Field in Toledo, Ohio. At left is Mud Hens general manager Joe Napoli.

THE BLADE/JEREMY WADSWORTH Caption: Jim Weber, center, is the first broadcaster to be inducted into the International League Hall of Fame as International League president Randy Mobley, right, presents him with the “Curtain Call” statue custom designed for Hall of Fame inductees Thursday, 05/29/14, at Fifth Third Field in Toledo, Ohio. At left is Mud Hens general manager Joe Napoli.

      One of the biggest Mud Hens Fan is Jamie Farr who played the role of Maxwell Q. Klinger in the popular TV sitcom M*A*S*H*  Born in Toledo, Farr could often be seen in episodes wearing Mud Hens gear. Klinger-MudHens

          Farr is very proud of his Toledo roots…



    The Mud Hens, like the PawSox, care about their communities. Last evening was Holy Toledo Tuesday. They dedicate the game to something unique to the City of Toledo




          The Mud Hens wore their Holy Toledo Jerseys…



       What used to be a parking lot is now known as Hensville. A revitalized building that now houses Nine restaurant, an expanded Swamp Shop, (The name of the Team Store), Fleetwoods Tap room, rooftop bar and Hensville Park.



     Last evening there was a concert on the beautiful lawn of Hensville Park…


    The rooftop of the Fleetwood building offers a view of the ballpark…


    I took a picture with my phone from inside the ballpark. It is indeed quite a unique view…



      The PawSox play their last game in Toledo at 7:05 this evening. After the game, the Penske gets loaded for the 2 hour drive to Columbus, to take on the Clippers in a 4 game series. After that, we head back home to start a great homestand. 

    Recently, the Xander Bogaerts bobbleheads arrived at McCoy. Staff and Interns built a castle wall in front of Office Manager Carol…



         Words were added to the boxes, and Financial Intern Hunter, points to Carol’s window…



     The Xander Bogaerts bobbleheads will be stashed away until July 30th when they will be taken out of the boxes, and distributed to the first 3,000 Fans! Remember, its one bobblehead per person, not per ticket. Look forward to heading home, where we all are…….”Here For You!”

    Love hearing from you             

    Yours in Baseball,

    Rick Medeiros 




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